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  1. Does anyone have that video of Yuzuru jumping the 3A on the ground (no skates)? I think it's from 18/19 season.
  2. They got it right after 17 questions haha... It asked if my character was a nerd and i was very conflicted for a second there lol Got an Etude picture, truly knows me well!
  3. Oh, i'm so glad! He seems much more relaxed about the 4A and it's made my heart calmer too u-u
  4. I feel like i should print this out and frame it! What absolutely succinct quote that perfectly describes the bigger arc of the wonder that is Yuzuru's life and career c:
  5. I for one am voting for stroking exercises because that would make my heart very very happy. The ones at GPF to the italian song? *swoons* I'm throwing in a second illegal vote for Let's Go Crazy because i've been nothing if not consistent in my pining for the return of that masterpiece these past three years. If i keep predicting it someday it has to become a reality, right?
  6. Well then, someone trying to promo themselves, i see :>
  7. Can we /please/ get Yuzu voguing? I will actually beg
  8. Don Quijote? I'm just gonna jump to conclusions and say it would be a Javi tribute
  9. The schedule is so stupid like ????? How did they think they would be able to get everyone inside again in time?
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