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  1. Not really vibing with yuma's program and music, it's so juniorish
  2. I haven't really paid attention before but Gabriele is really musical, he's nice to watch
  3. Oh wow, they really gave Yudong a reasonable score, that's nice! I'm surprised Paul, paul, paul.... At least he will have the team event
  4. I just saw, i'm devastated for him :(( I hope he keeps safe and recovers well and comes back whenever he feels ready to (if that's jnats, the olympics or even not until next season then it's fine). I hope he looks at the big picture of his own life and career, not about what he feels he owes anyone (be that japan, his juniors, sponsors, the olympic committee, broadcasters or even his fans). He doesn't owe any of them anything. Stay kind to yourself Yuzu, getting injured isn't your fault.
  5. Yuzu sitting in his room at 8 am sucking up all the skate canada triple axel energy i see
  6. I loathe Semenenko's music choice but that sal save was 👌👌👌
  7. Keiji rein that chaos in and deliver like the king i know you are!!! Edit: Oh no....
  8. Simon is such a negative nancy, my god I don't understand why the ISU tortures us with him when so many dislike his commentary
  9. Holy smokes, that's some really fast spinning :0
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