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  1. ): Tomorrow's a new day though, let's fight a bit longer Yuzu :>
  2. Oh i almost missed Yuzu :0 But i'm here now :> I'm going in totally blind as well... I haven't even watched any practice nor have i been on here to catch updates... I hope he looked good c:
  3. We truly do v-v My heart is content just after seeing a tiny blurry Zuzu standing about. What have i become
  4. God i haven't posted here in forever :0 Just like most of you, i also trust that Yuzu (especially) but also Brian will do what's best and if they say he's ready then he is, in whatever way they mean it. It's not necessary to speculate, i trust his judgement.
  5. I feel so lucky to be able to witness Yuzuru's strength and be along for his journey Rest well Yuzu
  6. There hasn't really been any statement as of yet. Apparently it's better than last year, so that's something. He has to withdraw at the latest on the 3rd, so i guess we'll know by then :>
  7. Reading this i immeditely thought of the BTS content index which is a google doc spreadsheet that lists basically every video they've ever appeared in and translations for them if there are any. Pre-debut until now. Trust me when i say it's A LOT of content that has been organized. It would be cool to have something like it that we as a community could build. I know it would take immense work, but it's a really neat fandom driven effort that is quite honestly one of the best resources i've ever seen in any fandom. Super organized. Of course, there would have to be people willing to put a lot of time into it (: I don't know if it's what you had in mind but i thought i would share anyways. It's really cool and might serve as inspiration. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1BVG4gUFvl4Gt-DlEmm1IQLIga3zV1Xb55WMf0gygqF0/edit#gid=0 http://contentindex.bangtanbase.com/
  8. Honestly, the korean ladies costume game is almost always leagues above everyone elses :>
  9. Rather than making me feel like my personal problems are lesser or insignificant, it makes me feel as if i too can overcome the impossible and ultimately continue on. In that way it is inspiring to me, too. I didn't write this to invalidate your feelings, but to share mine. Just making it clear (:
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