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  1. I think this is the right attitude. As a Swede i wouldn't expect the prices to have gone down either. Sweden isn't the most expensive place in Europe by a long shot, but it's above the middle line for sure. Ah, i hate that i'm a poor student and won't even be able to attend a home worlds ; - ;
  2. Well, since you mentioned it... Dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen ooh ooohhh.... hehe
  3. Oh wow, what a treat. Thank you for posting since it's unlisted for now... c:
  4. Yeah i edited my post. I've completely given up on PCS so i'm past the point of even being disappointed now.
  5. I'm happy with that score, it's not as harsh as it was in the beginning of the season or even during europeans. That's honestly all i could've hoped for! PCS were disappointing but honestly i don't even expect them to be fair there so yeah '-'
  6. Katia is without a doubt my favourite ladies skater right now, she's just delightful!
  7. Story of almost every US skater ever eugh I agree though, Alysa is very charming!
  8. Well then that's suspect since the 3A was so much more obvious than the 3T ; - ;
  9. I'm super excited but super worried for Kurakova. Girl please rotate! (although even if she does they might punish her anyway :/// )
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