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  1. tafattsbarn

    Planet Hanyu Banner Competition 2.0 - VOTING

    These are all so pretty :0 Good job designing them everyone!!
  2. tafattsbarn

    General Yuzuru Chat

  3. tafattsbarn

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I guess people can always record their screens and download it that way?
  4. I created a CheapSleep groupchat where people can get to know each other and plan meet ups/hang outs or just discover who are staying there at the time of the event. People are also free to discuss hostel tips and other Helsinki activities (or anything you want really ^-^)! Just shoot me a PM or quote this and i'll add you (: The only requirements are that you're staying at CheapSleep and up for potentionally making new friends If this thing flops then i didn't make it okay
  5. That would be really great actually, should we suggest it to them?
  6. Oh that's great! Yeah, i sent them an email and they said that the lockers should be able to fit a carry on bag and if anyone had a lot of valuables or didn't want their bags in the open they had a room in the back that you could store your luggage in since the keys are only available on reception. That's awesome! If any of you (or why not both) wanted to meet and chat once there we could do that! Just say the word and i'll PM you (: No pressure though, y'all can totally say no if that's not your thing! (:
  7. tafattsbarn

    General Yuzuru Chat

    If that's the case then i guess he knew that me seeing him for the first time live in Helsinki was meant to be What a gentleman!
  8. Yeah, i was considering SweetDreams Hostel but it seems to be completely booked out during the days i'm staying so I think i'll go for CheapSleep. Thank you for the information! Do you know how big the personal lockers are? Like will small luggage fit in them (do you think bags that are 55cm x 40cm x 23cm will fit?). I couldn't find any info and i'm very of not locking my things up overnight (maybe i'm being paranoid). If you don't know that's okay, i'll just have to email them instead! Edit: I booked my nights since everything seemed to be almost fully booked and i didn't want to miss out on a cheap stay, there's free cancellation anyways so it's for the best. I went back and checked the dorm i booked right after and i must've taken the last bed because several of the dates became unavailable. Phew! That was truly a close call
  9. Does anyone know of any good hostels in Helsinki that are relatively close to the arena? I saw that CheapSleep was just 25 minutes away by foot but i don't have any experience with sleeping in hostels so i don't know what else to look for (since cheapsleep is the first option to pop up when googling haha). All suggestions are welcome as long as they're cheap since i'm on a students budget '-' Feel free to PM so that the thread doesn't get clogged!
  10. tafattsbarn

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Oh god, that's terrifying
  11. Does anyone have the seating chart? I don't get where i can find it on the ticketing site Edit: Found one, so don't worry!
  12. Oh, i didn't know we had those kinds of threads, i'll check it out! Thank you so much TT Yeah, there are single event tickets available. I might go for them if i can't find any all events tickets at reasonable prices (people do love to jack prices up when reselling so...). Thank you!
  13. I know that it's pretty unlikely to find all event tickets now, but i had other plans during the event weekend that just fell through so i didn't get any tickets and now i'm all depressed over the fact that i won't be able to go see Yuzu. If i wanted to look for tickets that are being resold, where would be my best bet? I'm pretty desperate right now, not gonna lie, and i know that i most likely won't find any but i wanted to look nonetheless :< So, anyone got any ideas? Edit: Or are there still tickets available on the ticketing site? Why didn't i check that first lol. There most likely is not, but a girl can hope TT
  14. tafattsbarn

    General Yuzuru Chat

    God, this made me cackle like a maniac
  15. tafattsbarn

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Welp, there goes zen zuzu '-' It was nice knowing him while he was still walking amongst us, but i can't say i didn't see this change of heart coming Good to know that the stars have finally aligned themselves again. I'm not going to lie, this zen mode was making me uneasy the longer it went on haha. Glad to have murder face Yuzu back