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  1. Thanks everyone @Fay I am slowly going through the threads lol. I can’t stay online as long as I want like before. Hopefully everything is all gone by a few months and I will be back to normal.
  2. Hi everyone. I don’t know if you remember me I haven’t been here in weeks due to some health issue. Hopefully I can come back fully like before
  3. Just want to say Happy new year everyone. I haven’t been on cus my flu have gotten worst ... I wish everyone with health (my sick ass needs it) and success! thank you for being such a wonderful community
  4. I’m hoping some ig pics will pop up with them. Maybe the exact moment when Yuzu jump on Javi when he walks in the door but I will take anything
  5. Yes my adult ass has a Chopper plushie from One Piece
  6. I was just popping in here to say have a Merry Xmas or a Happy Holidays! Hoping our king resting and healing properly!
  7. This is too cute not to be shared here. Now I’m going to knock out
  8. They both have perfect skin. I still find it hilarious when people asked Shoma about his skin care routine, he says he doesn’t have any but turns out he does waxing and facials all the time. His mother is a hairstylist so I can see him visiting her salon to get things done. I need to know what Yuzu really does
  9. Order of the medal won... Gabby won her gold medal first then Yuzu then Javi bronze.
  10. yeah it was was first shown a lot of ppl complained including me. The esthetic is ruined or something like that. We know the reason why but still
  11. Thank you. I had a hard time opening it. Our baby
  12. They really should. I’m disgusted with this whole scandal BS. Antis are already spreading the news like wildfire using Yuzu name. Nobody is putting a stop to this either. The scandal involve Kozuka and the cosplayer. Nothing to do with Yuzu at all
  13. OT but I had a feeling that cosplayer will be trouble for Yuzu in the end. I just hope that they stopped using Yuzu name for bait
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