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  1. I was advised to bring some sort of throw for my legs, as they can get quite chilled. Same for the feet.
  2. Whee1000

    Team Japan

    So if Mr. Uno doesn't feel up to par by 4CC, do we know who the alternate may be? Was it Mr. Sato?
  3. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Regarding the Origin costume: Not only does the cut show off Mr. H's enviable silhouette, but the subtle patterning of the feather placement really does remind me of some sort of primordial bird-like creature. Or an elegant demon prince. The purple touches are gorgeous. Well done!
  4. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I have a friend who resembles the lady on the left, and I keep imagining my friend doing the exact same thing (look, look away, look back, look HARDER, look away....) LOL I think the position of her hand adds to the whole situation...it's like she's appraising him,. Gotta be honest: I would be, too.
  5. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Ok, dont “@“ me, but sometimes I think Mr Yuzu resembles a Takarazuka character. A kind of idealized handsome, dramatic male full of flair, but noble and (it is suggested) romantic and true. Except Yuzu does it all without pancake foundation and heavy contouring. He does have the eye catching costuming down, though.
  6. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Apparently the reliable big brother Mura has a book out about him and he’s topless on the cover.
  7. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Help me out here, who is going to 4CC? (Women and men) Kazuki? And....
  8. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thought about H&L: When I was a child. I had kind of a vague wistful ideal about water, greenery, wind, wide open spaces. I didn’t see H&L until many years later, but when I saw it I thought “That’s what my dream looks like.” Not necessarily in the form of Yuzu, but the “sense” of the program My favorite part is at about 2 minutes, when the music swells and it always brings those feelings forward the most strongly. It’s a beautiful program, and I hope more people can see it. Darn, YT better let it stay...it brings people peace!
  9. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I know. It's irritating. (The reduced prices, not Yuzu.) Although actually, it's great if more people can experience seeing skating live. I'm starting to hope Yuzu goes just to see how fast those tickets are yanked from Groupon and priced at $200 each.
  10. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzuru was the best looking thing on ice that day - eye-catching, lithe, supremely skillful, with cool choreography and charisma in spades. Aesthetically, he was a dream. No doubt he has matured so much, but when I see this I see I understand how he could become such a heartthrob/ideal. PS: This is just appreciation, don't send me to the Church. lol
  11. $19!!!!??????? Are you kidding me???
  12. No, just people speculating he may go as a warm up to Worlds. And to try for a gold. It will all depend on his condition though.
  13. Whee1000

    Random Thought Theater

    @SombreuilIs that the tree in your home? Looks like a scene out of a Victorian book about Christmas (I am conveniently not seeing the electric lights.) Everyone's baked goods and other food items are making me hungry. I don't do much cooking around Christmas because I do the cooking at Thanksgiving. @Figure_FrenzyAfter reading about all the good food, you probably had mental indigestion. That's why you had that weird dream.
  14. Whee1000

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Awww. I wonder if he feels kind of like the last man standing. He's kind of alone out there now. But he still has POOH!!!!!