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  1. I really enjoy EH Shepard’s illustrations. He also did Wind in the Willows- very charming. Yes, it would be great if Yuzuru could go!
  2. Although I get teary when I hear it, Barber’s Adagio for Strings is beautiful and should it ever be considered for a skating program I could not imagine anyone other than Yuzuru doing it. I know nothing about music but there is a part a few minutes in when the key changes(or maybe tempo?) and the music rises and you can imagine the sun coming out from behind clouds, and I can think only Yuzu would be able to transmit the emotion of that moment. ( ok , and maybe Jason B.) anyhow, happy Friday all!
  3. I think it’s a bit like this. The “going to the ancestral homeland/find your roots” type of theme, which may draw in some viewers. People love this sort of thing ...look at the popularity of DNA kits and family tree sites. (Although Chinese folks may not give a hoot about the skaters’ ancestors! I don’t really know.)
  4. Yep, I don’t doubt he’s got plans within plans, as does Yuzu.
  5. Can you imagine how much more irritating this would all be if Nathan came across as an insufferable, ungracious and arrogant individual? (“Yeah, I know I’m the best, I wiped the floor with Hanyu, he’s overrated and over the hill anyways, he should retire.”) I know I don’t know what he is “really” like but well, his demeanor so far is quite civil and appreciative of the great athletes he competes against.
  6. This blue costume (and the pink robe and the white/ gold frilly jumpsuit thing) kind of remind me of how the Japanese imperial family is dressed - undoubtedly using high quality fabric and technique, but with designs that to me seem so...old fashioned. Like they are the dream fashions of someone who grew up in the 1950s who still thinks this is how “fancy people” should dress. (In Yuzu’s case, someone who grew up on the 1970s and liked Liberace. )
  7. This is fantastic, and I’m so happy you all got to meet each other! Looks like a lot of positive energy there!
  8. I like Yuzus pink shirt! Also, just like to say that it’s so nice to see and be a part of this friendly and cordial group. It’s relaxing to have a pleasant place in which to spend a few minutes (or more). Many thanks to all.
  9. Good for him! He seems to be blessed with a Yuzuesque physique as well!
  10. I read that as "with chocolate hair." I think it's time for lunch! But as long as I'm here: I don't think he'd look good with brown hair, it wouldn't be so dramatic. Now blue or purple hair, that would be extraterrestrial!
  11. People can dismiss FS as "Oh that poofty 'sport' where they just make circles on ice and wear ruffles" but please: look at the strength and balance needed to do THAT. On a thin piece of metal...while moving....backwards. OT: To all the mothers out there (whether of children, fur children, dragons, etc.) wishing you a Happy Mother's Day. (May 12 in the US)
  12. Your consideration sort of reminds me of a title which has always intrigued me :"Prima Ballerina Assoluta." Prima ballerina assoluta is a title awarded to the most notable of female ballet dancers. To be recognised as a prima ballerina assoluta is a rare honour, traditionally reserved only for the most exceptional dancers of their generation.
  13. His figure is just so aesthetically pleasing. I live in the US and in my area the "pumped up" and "burly teddy bear" looks are still popular; to see a figure like Yuzu in his sleek UA gear or Origin costume... you literally cannot take your eyes off of him. It's almost unreal. I hope that doesn't sound creepy.
  14. @micaelis hope all goes well! The planet will be waiting for you!
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