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  1. This site is a life saver. Thanks for all th content and full videos of day 2 and 3
  2. Not knowing his state was hell, the pressure from the media, all the push for his rivals etc. And it was so important for him to achieve!! I have never experienced anything like that! Now with the ease of him being the 2 times olympic chanpion, anythin left is a plus, just to see him still perform once in a year is like a gift so i’m pretty calm and just excitement.
  3. It was such a beautiful program. I used to watch it almost everyday (the legendary 4mil vid *sigh*)
  4. ofcourse toshi was watching as well^^
  5. Hahah i came here to post this tooxD let me add the last part Also this People sure get bored without him, nhk please come soon!!
  6. I haven't seen this one posted so i'll share here. He was the only one doing 4lo last year other than Yuzu right?
  7. I noticed they had one for Yuzuru's gold too through a link from another video but apperently it was taken down (i wonder why). US medi and JPN media, both goes extremes. Can't they be more moderate? However i understand US media more. They push their sportman's achievements while JPN sometimes put theirs down unnecesserily
  8. 2 hours I think he already said he wants it to be shared “I ask that you keep pushing for me, keep sharing..“ part.
  9. Even the ig stories are gone *sigh*
  10. I just checked and all 3 SCI videos are down so not a mistake? Maybe he will reedit and upload or will upload the full versions?
  11. The only thing i can call karma (if you want to call it that since it has nothing to do with shoma) in this is number 2 and 5 because there is ill wish and actions however others are not about skaters but judging. Critisizing juding (within its limits of not being disrespectful to the skaters) does not mean people are blinded by anger
  12. It’s not just the GOE, nathan’s didn’t considered as a fall and did not get a -1 while aliev did. I mean one can say “goe is subjective” (which some skaters also did) but should not to an extant to can’t identify a fall like that idk if i’m being too picky
  13. Is this why fp is double of sp? I didn’t know they were blocked and was wondering why the views were low (in yuzu standarts)
  14. I know i watched it:)) what i meant was they only share a few parts of it (the second page of the Part II) I wonder if they will release the other parts as well
  15. I wonder if olympic channel will post the other parts of the interview. Although they said this is the "full" interview (with the wrong link on top of that). I mean if they have this much they have the other parts as well right?
  16. Beautiful words. Please yuzu you’re the light in this corrupted system
  17. yes i was about to put that too because he usually don't talk about those stuff but this one was absurd and not just one element
  18. As you said they're bitchy and gossipy. Do i need to say more? Its been a while i listened them (i wasn't even a fan back then) yet i get really negative vibe from them. I don't think it is protectiveness and cannot taking valid criticism but them beeing as you said bitchy.
  19. Those phantom calls on toe jumps were bolder. I was shocked at the kiss and cry when he mentioned it but it was well deserved and still in very cute and polite manner
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