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  1. The campaign photos for Citizen deserves He looks so great and really gives you the feel I want that watch.
  2. Maybe Citizen is planning to expand their market to China. I do wonder if this is really an unintentional leak. Or is the PR team trying to gauge how far Yuzu stuff are gonna explode in sns in a matter of seconds.
  3. I love it, he looks so good and happy. Good job on the chinese pronounciation. My delulu self is whacking my brain that this is a sign for Beijing. Keep calm self, there are 2 more seasons to go.
  4. just curious can I view everyones messages? I feel it will be very heartwarming and inspiring
  5. From your satellites all over the world (satellites=Yuzuru Fans) Or Flying with you always, your global Fanyu Satellites Or Whenever and whatever, Satellites Fly with you forever.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys. I am relieved that Japan and South East Asia is on the same boat in Blu Ray. I have nothing to worry.
  7. Guys are blue rays with region codings like normal dvd? The region 1,2,3 and 0 thingy?
  8. Yuzu whatever you are planning just keep your ankles safe. We want you to have 3 OGM, but only if you want it too. (A third gold on WC is not bad too) You have always been working hard to prepare and achieve your goals. Last season did not meet your expectations. But you are the King of comebacks who triumph over adversity. So Ganbatte Hanyu-senshu! We all believe in you.
  9. Yuzu sighting! Such a sweet surprise. He seems all smiley on this one. Happy to see him happy.
  10. Because I really miss him, I want to post this open fan letter. Dear Yuzu, As long as you skate we are fine. No long lines will tire us. Cold weather cannot threathen our enthusiam. We are all well trained for bloody ticket wars now. Despite the crazy ticket prices, we can try to at least save for one just to see you. Or take our chance to volunteer. And if all else fails in the wee hours of the morning, we will crawl out of bed to stream online and cheer you on. Thank you for continuing into season '19-'20, time spent with you is always best cherished. **To all his haters, I hope one day you get two OGM's and double life size monuments to boot.
  11. I am quite surprised about some comments there that the kid is not respecting yuzu's space. Its not like he filmed him secretly while practicing. I can't even see our cryptid in the background. Or my hanyu detective skills just suck?
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