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  1. Thanks everyone @Fay I am slowly going through the threads lol. I can’t stay online as long as I want like before. Hopefully everything is all gone by a few months and I will be back to normal.
  2. Hi everyone. I don’t know if you remember me I haven’t been here in weeks due to some health issue. Hopefully I can come back fully like before
  3. Just want to say Happy new year everyone. I haven’t been on cus my flu have gotten worst ... I wish everyone with health (my sick ass needs it) and success! thank you for being such a wonderful community
  4. I’m hoping some ig pics will pop up with them. Maybe the exact moment when Yuzu jump on Javi when he walks in the door but I will take anything
  5. Yes my adult ass has a Chopper plushie from One Piece
  6. I was just popping in here to say have a Merry Xmas or a Happy Holidays! Hoping our king resting and healing properly!
  7. This is too cute not to be shared here. Now I’m going to knock out
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