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  1. I don’t think that’s new.....there is a lot of image training or trolling by fans. Remember in PC. Fans keep posting old pics of him
  2. I saw the pic but I wanted video on how he end up on Jeremy lap. Fan accounts said he was really playful following Jeremy around like a puppy.
  3. Oh his theme is The Mask. I hope he gets to do the gala
  4. I’m still want that footage of him sitting in Jeremy Abbot lap.
  5. It take time even after he landed. We just have to be patience. so I asked the person with the pic of the lady touching him. It’s from Helsinki
  6. I was wondering why it look familiar. But he alway wear the same clothes so I can’t tell.
  7. why aren’t there news of him landing just those pics which I can’t tell are old or not. .. I need moreeee
  8. I was wondering if this was an old picture when I saw on twitter
  9. Sammie

    General Yuzuru Chat

  10. I really hate that face paint. Can he just do the program without it? It’s a good program already.
  11. The media and fans would wait for him at the airport.Then tweets like “the eagle have landed” will start up and then the pics and video comes afterward