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  1. Honestly with his looks and reputation he could have built an even bigger star power in asia if he does more endorsements not just in Japan but also in china. Tension among east asian countries aside, his looks are universally appealing in asia and he has a fanbase in china willing to spend money on him. he could have attended tv shows or just do ice shows world tour with just talking sessions and im sure he can still get a sellout. but he chooses to compete even when he already met the finish line and im soooo grateful
  2. This cute english moment and his free skate were all i could remember about Saitama
  3. yup he had a very severe injury i really hope he can recover fully bc he is a very great skater btw he went for 4sal and landed it too, right? wow i think he was only doing 3a and 4t last season! baby steps!
  4. @Veveco @Henni147 thank you for all your hardwork! I shared these on my instastories because I really appreciate your work and wanted to share my excitement. I hope you guys dont mind!
  5. my suggestions! International Yuzuru Hanyu Fans International Fanyus International Satellites Fans Who Love You From All Around The World
  6. Wait what is going on? lol it says no video available but i liked it anyway
  7. hopefully Elena can translate it soon if she is aware haha i still cant get over the fact that he said he cried watching helsinki worlds. and i hate that some people think Max is unprofessional just bc he speaks highly of yuzu..
  8. actually it varies from country to country as well. what you guys are referring to happens more to east asian celebrities especially if they are seen as idol celebrities. some other asian countries i know their entertainment is a lot more laxed and some actually became popular through having a lot of scandals and self created dramas. something we do see a lot in hollywood Alot of times these idol images are honestly for the cameras and not very genuine, imo. to me, Yuzu is admirable for being who he is and more than that his personality is loveable. I like to see him as a hero more than anything because not all heroes wear cape
  9. I dont know if this thread has been open or if this is a good place to open, so admins and mods please feel free to take it down if it isnt. --- I have a lot of favorite actors and actresses (mostly east asians) since I grew up watching asian dramas. Some of them purely based on looks, some on acting, and some on both. In no particular order - Leslie Cheung (Hong Kong) both - Zhu Yi Long (China) both - Sun Li (China) Acting - Zhao LiYing (China) Both - Xiao Zhan (China) Looks but will watch his drama to judge..heard he is good - Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (Hong Kong) acting - Julian Cheung (Hong Kong) Both - Louis Koo (Hong Kong) Looks - Selina Lee (Hong Kong) Both - Liu Yi Fei (China) looks - Jiang Qin Qin (China) Both - Erika Sawajiri (Japan) Both but I dont like her personality - Kento Yamazaki (Japan) Looks - Miura Harauma (Japan) Both - Sota Fukushi (Japan) Looks - Kentaro Sataguchi (Japan) Looks - Suzu Hiroshe (Japan) Looks - Tokiwa Takako (Japan) Looks - Keiko Kitagawa (Japan) Looks - Kyoko Fukada (Japan) Looks - Mai Davika (Thailand) Looks - Min Peechaya (Thailand) Looks - Mario Maurer (Thailand) Looks - Won Bin (Korean) Both - Yoo Seung Ho (Korean) Both - Jang Dong Gun (Korean) Both - Ji Jang Wook (Korean) Both - Yeol Jin Goo (Korean) Acting - Park Shin Hye (Korean) Both okay so I can conclude a few things about myself: 1. I like a lot more male actors 2. I am very shallow 3. I am old, look at all these older actors and actresses truth is I have so many more favorites but that would make this list too long. Now I want to know about your list! Please share
  10. Oh yeah thats why he was casted in Kimi Ni Todoke. I also like Kento Yamazaki's smile. But none tops Yuzu's. (keeping it relevant haha)
  11. Miura is one of my favorite japanese actors! His acting was soo great in The Hours of My Life. I love actors who can speak to us through the subtlety of their expressions and also whose eyes are soulful
  12. Reading Yuzu's interview reminds me how much he has sacrificed and dedicated his life to skating. He is always on a quest to produce art in its the highest level and his outlook toward winning is inspiring. He is an example of a true king “While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give.” - Mufasa 2019
  13. Yuzenru is underrated tbh, it was magical. im just proud i was alive in that 3 seconds to witness it
  14. Oh did u mean 300 instead of 340? 340 seems kinda high for total combination score without GOE
  15. I think I will be more optimistic until I see that Yuzu can land 4 to 5 quads clean again this season. I dont want to think he will land 4flip to 4a just because he says he will challenge them. however, what he did at FaOi really encouraged me to believe he still has the fire. I also am just glad that despite losing the world title last season his spirit was never defeated. Yuzu I wish you healthy and happiness and realize all of your goals even tho that means my hair will fall faster than Brian's re Nathan: oh I dont think his team is stupid, raf is esp strategic from what I can tell. I think he hasnt maxed his scores at all. He can do more number of quads, add an underrotated quint? GOE is contingent upon BV now so as long as his bv is the highest, his goe will be the highest. his pcs hasnt been maxed out. those points add up a lot. Nathan has dropped the number of quads over the seasons but he still scored higher because he is now graded on the same level as yuzu. also means he doesnt need to do as much to win against yuzu anymore (not like what he did in the past was but hopefully you know what i mean). With the way judges score him and how much the system is updated in favor of certain skaters, i wont be surprised if he is already the one to beat this 19/20 season. he hasnt revealed alot about his plan so we wont know what kind of layout he is up to. he's a consistent lander and is known to do enough to win so i wouldnt underestimate his international ceiling scores this season. who knows, maybe we'll see his nats scores by skate america. and if he does 5 or 6 quads now like how he did 17/18 even if he didnt do anything differently, he will put up an unbelievable score. its easier to feel inflation when we're in the season after all and if all of my expectations and fesr turn out to be wrong i will be more than happy, though.
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