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  1. I liked all comments i was able to understand. i hope they do something but even if they dont at least we are spreading awareness
  2. exactly and the way yuzu jumps makes his quad lutz (and other jumps) always so natural and easy. this style is soo organic to him. thats why i think yuzu performs his jumps rather than just jump for the sake of it. Boyang jumps near the board too much and tends to look back before jumping.
  3. picture should be censored for its 18+ -ness
  4. Honestly, Yuzu has confirmed to me that he is the best quad lutz performer this season. I dont care what kind of GOE he got for it. To me it's a perfect quad lutz
  5. Selling all event P2 level ticket section 124 Row W seat 11 (original price $1680.75 CAD) selling discounted at $1500 CAD willing to sell ladies event as single tickets please message if you are interested
  6. not sure where his passport was stolen at but if it was at italy then it makes sense. italy is sorta known for a lot of pickpocketing. and to be honest, i dont think the feds would go as far as doing something like this. they could have robbed yuzu in any other way even if he was clean. it's just numbers on paper
  7. We dont want to make sense out if this judging system. it has no sense to begin with
  8. Welp now we know we will win if both go clean. dont underestimate the situation anymore. and when yuzu wasnt he trailed by 45pts, a humiliating gap. this is a joke thats not funny
  9. I expected it but looking at the protocols make my blood boiled. j3 gave him -5 for the 4t3flip and 1 for 4lz and 9.00 for PCS
  10. lost points by doubling a -3toe, low goe on all elements, phantom call on -3flip, lost a sequence, low on pcs. they expect him to do cartwheel in the sky because he is yuzuru hanyu
  11. I dont even care what Nathan does at this point. i dont blame him for what he said at the press. its generic. everything about his skating is generic. even costumes. usually stopped watching as soon as he skates. i already knew what kind of skater he is for a while now. does bare minimum work to get the work done and just very complacent about his growth as a skater. he could say he wants to improve all he wants but his tactic, his skating level and jump level stayed pretty much the same throughout the last seasons and never reflect his boost in goe or pcs or narrative media pushes on him. Nothing interests me about him so i wouldnt bother. i only knew about his scores through feeds. his diplomacy doesnt make me like anything more about his programs or performances. he benefits so much from the system and fed power. i have begun to cut watching anything related about him since last season. but he isnt the only one benefitting from all of this. had vincent zhou qualified and skated and landed his jumps and gained consistency, it would have been worse because his tech skills are hard to stomach. from the beginning yuzu has one real enemy and thats the isu. i feel powerless that yuzu is still in this mess and i just wish we could pull him out of it and he starts his own tour and run his own show. he can land 4a there. his 4loop and 4lutz deserved the highest goe today and twizzle 3a and 4sal in the sp deserved full goe. there is nothing we can do
  12. look i see your points and i get that you guys are in rage about the scores. a part of me is dead inside after the competition. but what nathan said could just be a generic response he could think of since he isnt articulate. i feel like this is too nitpicking at the moment. he did acknowledge yuzu as the goat and that yuzu is better in pcs
  13. well to be fair nathan just gave a generic answer probably. i dont expect him to come into yuzu's defense and blame the system. i mean its okay to be happy with the scores. remember he isnt the root of the issue. it could have been any other skater backed by the isu. he just happened to help them do it by landing his jumps
  14. they will say yuzu missed the sequence and double the 3toe. I understand ur frustration my friend but ppl dont really care to know the truth. they want to believe in what they see
  15. Well this competition makes it easy for me to let go of watching the sport. I have been wanting to quit watching it altogether bc of the clownery. too bad Yuzu is still competing. I still have my worlds ticket but really wish I could sell it. someone help haha
  16. he should drop the backcounter entry for the 3a3aseq. too risky since its the last sequence eventho it might be easy for him. but i mean like he doesnt have to be too perfect lol
  17. its only 16 mins and hes already jumping quads and landing them so nicely. his jumps are dreamlike
  18. I kept getting an error after I logged in to try to vote. Did anyone get this problem?
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