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  1. his hand looks like a final stage of a bruise or a result of being bitten by a poisonous insect. poor Yuzu, wish him a speedy recovery in every area of his body looks like he's leaning toward devil to me from his gaze ETA: Yuzu's layback isn't really good according to many experts. tbf, i haven't seen any other man doing it to compare. but I could see why. My question is he is known for his back flexibility but why does it seem like he doesn't really lay back to his maximum potential when spinning?
  2. im ready for him to take out other signature moves too tbh
  3. Thank you! I can't believe I retweeted this yet didn't read the whole thing
  4. Did he say this in an interview? O.O I must have missed it, can you show me?
  5. Do you mean for him to marry me?
  6. I expected Masquerade not to be Yuzu's official exhibition and Crystal Memories definitely feels more like his style of an exhibition over the past seasons. But Masquerade was definitely a good different. I wonder if it has been decided which one is going to be his official exhibition for next season yet. To be honest, from the snippets of Crystal Memories, it felt typical. I hope I will have a different impression of it once I see the full version. One thing I like about CM is the lyrics. I love that line, "When it is dark enough you can see the stars" I definitely have heard of it before and it seems fitting to Yuzu's situation after Worlds. I really hope that from this point onward he can only rise. By the way, is the costume blue or white? I couldnt tell from the lighting ETA: I dont want Masquerade as a competitive program but would love to have it as an official ex, but is it possible to keep just the instrumental piece?
  7. i wonder when will these brands go out of stock after his interview. haha -- I was so worried when I heard about the earthquake. I hope it didnt stir up any bad experience for Yuzu or those who experienced the 2011 earthquake. anyway the quad lutz! I really wonder if say he landed a clean quad lutz tomorrow he will be going for a quad flip at the next faoi. never believe Brian when he said we will not see a quad lutz any time soon. Brian's hair: hello darkness my old friend
  8. why are we getting too many content? no one was ready! yuzu is soo rude. we didnt even ask for a 4lz!!!! like we didnt ask for it!!!! but THANK YOUUUUU
  9. at this rate i prayed for no injury and then woke up with the news there was an earthquake. now im really nervous. thank God everyone is okay. and i knew masquerade would not be his official ex. i feel proud i got something right for the first time. also so we have y position and spiral? this is why i love faoi ice shows. they bring out the best of mr hanyu. 4lz with a stepout? id take it! as long as no falls or injury
  10. are you telling me we get to go through this madness for another two weeks? ...im not complaining...i wonder if he will attempt 4flip and 4axel next
  11. the isu who? saitama who? all i care is my faoi ice shows. tbh its so much better than all the drama isu created im here for the real drama that is POTO btw those mainichi photos look too good i cant wait to save them down when i get home
  12. i have to say this is my favorite kind of hair on him of all time
  13. i like the color choices for POTO costume..just dislike the collar and length of the sleeves. they dont elongate his lines. the finale would have looked okay without the sleeve collars
  14. and i actually thought he would chill and not attempt a new jump..tech lutz isnt a new jump for him but its been too long. im sure he attempted it all the time in practice at TCC but this is an ice show and ice condition i affected by the audience's body heat. and he did it during the finale too when ur out of energy. not a good choice eta: hair here reminds me of Vertigo from 2015.
  15. omgosh someone tell me pleae that he is okay
  16. wow combo colors sound like the poto 1.0 costume 1.0
  17. japanese sattelitess please before you die. report!!!
  18. I just really hope Yuzu will choose one he feels comfortable and gets least underscored at, and that would be nhk and cor. but most importantly, i just really hope he can be in top forms there as well as that the ice is in the best condition..please no more injury!
  19. unfortunately i feel like it is so tedious to get in contact with the organizations 😭 and we don't really know how to communicate in Japanese. So unless we have Japanese sattelites to volunteer in helping, it is going to be difficult. i have not heard back from sendai icerink. they must think we are joking lol --- @Veveco on top of our book, if we are going to throw the donation project out for now, do you think giving Yuzu a shirt with Planet Hanyu logo is a nice idea? He seems to like wearing tees and it wouldnt be an extravagant gift so maybe he would appreciate it. we can also give brian and ghislain and tracy one too?
  20. yup that was at faoi or another ice show but it was 4 seasons ago haha. what im trying to say is he doesnt really let us know at this point until very late in the off season. he can announce an ex though so we'll see
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