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  1. @ElenaC will add English subtitles soon. I'm curious what he says, I enjoyed reading his interview about Worlds Men competition.
  2. Yes It's a great cover. I'd love to know what Chiddy says about Sochi now.
  3. Annika Hocke and Ruben Blommaert ended their partnership:
  4. Very retro She was known here as well, back in the 1980s. The pictures of her are so pretty. I hope there'll be videos of the performance.
  5. Averbukh will choreograph Samodurova's new FS, and Liza T's short program: https://nevasport.ru/65327-averbuh-postavit-tuktamyshevoj-sleduyushhuyu-korotkuyu-programmu/ It seems that Scali choreographed Wakaba's SP or FS: I totally forgot about this. It suited Roman's softer style, but I don't know if David could choreograph something really powerful for Medvedeva.
  6. Thank you so much for the hard work and translating it, Fay It's fantastic. And many thanks to Julia for the analysis!
  7. Another beautiful spread eagle from Jonathan: cr. figure skaters online
  8. Well the last Europeans in the UK was also in Sheffield. It could be an option imo. Minsk could organize Europeans smoothly but that can be said about Budapest ('14) and Bratislava ('16) too. The city would be better for Russian fans but for others Central Europe would be a better option maybe. I think flight tickets are more expensive to Belarus for example, or Belarus requires visa for most countries while Slovakia or Hungary not. But overall ticket prices would be cheaper in Belarus than in EU countries.
  9. Helsinki/Espoo or Tallinn would be close for Russian fans, the UK hasn't organized Europeans since 2012...or Bulgaria since 1996. Ostrava had Europeans two years ago so I find it a bit unlikely that they'd organize it again. Worlds '22 will be interesting. I would be surprised if Italy organizes it after 2010 and 2018. France also organised Worlds seven years ago. Bratislava has the Nepela Arena, which is big and very comfortable, I think they could organize the event. The city is also easy to access. Minsk could be another option maybe. Budapest doesn't have a big arena yet - they're building a new ice rink complex but it will only be ready in 2022, most likely later in the year. My vote would go to Slovakia.
  10. If we only consider choreographies in the past 15 years then I do agree that Lori Nichol and David Wilson have probably the best body of works. Sasha's Romeo and Juliet, or anything that David choreographed for Yuna (and yes, especially Homage to Korea and The Lark Ascending + Dance Macabre) are amongst the best ladies programs created in the CoP system. Even if his works in the past couple of years seem less creative and innovative, many of his works that he created in the first decade of the new judging system are beautiful and he could really adapt to the new system very well. Lori choreographed fantastic programs, amongst others my favourites are her works for Mao (if I have to choose only a few, then her SP from 2013/14 or her latest programs, both Ritual Fire Dance programs or her Madame Butterfly). She also choreographed beautiful programs for Carolina, like her programs for the 2013/14 season especially Bolero. I also loved many of her programs for Sui/Han or Denis Ten (The Artist, or his 2014/15 LP come to my mind now). It's really hard to compare their works with the newer talents, maybe in a few years it'd be easier to do. But for me, Shae-Lynn or Jeff made such great programs that I'd put them already in Top 5 probably, if not Top 3 There are other choreographers that worked in both system like @anski mentioned Zoueva or Tarasova as well. Tom Dickson is also one of my favourites, or some of Camerlengo's programs are also amongst the bests.
  11. All he said that he might try it out in practice and he also said in his latest blog entry that the focus will be on other jumps. I wouldn't take the quint talk seriously at all, since it doesn't even have a base value now.
  12. Timothy Dolensky has retired from competitive skating http://timdolensky.figureskatersonline.com/2019/04/17/stepping-away/
  13. It's good to hear that part of the first news weren't true. The reconstruction will take years, maybe even decades but I am hopeful that once the cathedral will be nice again - even though it won't be the same again. One of my good friends from Paris told me that her grandmother lives next to the cathedral and they're all very saddened by what happened. They used to go the cathedral often, the atmosphere in it has always been very peaceful and comforting for my friend. I am sure many French people felt the same about it. It was a beautiful building, one of the oldest and nicest cathedrals in Europe and a symbol of France.
  14. Interview with Plushenko: "Boys train differently, they feel sorry for themselves" (I post it here because it is mainly about Team Russia, not himself) This part But I agree what he said about training little children, that they don't need to train 4-6 hours/day.
  15. It could be, too but maybe this time they chose another choreographer. Shae-Lynn and Zhenya are at Ice Fantasia, so if it's her then they could work on the choreo now. Or if it's Jeff then Zhenya can work with him when she's back in Canada.
  16. It's a warhorse but I think it could suit Zhenya's powerful style. I can't see David Wilson choreographing to this type of music so maybe it is Shae-Lynn or Jeff.
  17. From what I understand Nastya tried the 3A several times but she kept popping it, and she cried because of it. Plushenko found it too much because there are many younger girls in this group and they all look up to Nastya. Many skaters cry when they fail to do an element, I think this is normal at this level and for her age. I think Plushenko himself needs more experience how to deal with such young and elite skaters like Tarakanova.
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