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  1. Pheww, the second half was more exciting. Argentina vs Netherlands in the quarterfinals.
  2. I couldn't watch it but the Netherlands won over the USA (3-1). Argentina is playing against Australia now and they're leading with Messi's beautiful goal - it is his 1000th game and it is his first goal in a knockout stage at World Cup + he now has the most goals in the Argentin team at World Cup, even more than Maradona. So many records.
  3. Brazil lost to Cameroon with their B-team but they still finished 1st in the group. The game wasn't really interesting. Serbia vs Switzerland was more exciting because the stakes were higher...both teams had chances to quality and they fought well - at some point it seemed Serbia could win this match. But Switzerland was able to focus more throughout the game and stay more in control. So in the end they won 3-2 and they're the other team that qualified for the next round. Group G: 1. Brazil (6) (3-1) 2. Switzerland (6) (4-3) -------------- 3. Cameroon (4) 4. Serbia (1) Brazil plays against Korea and Portugal against Switzerland. The round of 16 games, two each day will begin tomorrow and the last two ones will be on Tuesday. Then 2 days off.
  4. I didn't have time to watch the matches of group H, only the last 15 minutes or so but it was enough drama I felt sorry for Uruguay that they tried everything to score another goal but it wasn't enough. Portugal didn't seem to care about the end of the second half. Korea's goal in the 91th minute secured them a spot in the round of 16 because even if they had the same points and same goal difference as Uruguay, but they scored more goals (4 vs 2). Group H end result: 1. Portugal (6) 2. South Korea (4) (4-4) ------------------------- 3. Uruguay (4) (2-2) 4. Ghana (3)
  5. It's great that the first show went so well, according to the reports. I can't wait to see Mission Impossible on Monday and perhaps Yuzu will skate to Otonal again. I'm looking forward to the reports tomorrow, too, and maybe there'll be some pictures as well.
  6. Actually, no. In 2002 Japan finished 1st in their group
  7. Great picture of the ball before Japan scored the second goal - the ball was very slightly on the line
  8. The level of drama at these two matches I was switching between the two channels all the time, I could barely keep up what was going on When Costa Rica was leading it was Japan and Costa Rica in 1-2 in the group (that would've been my fav result haha) but in the end, Germany could win the game - it was still not enough to get #2 in the group. Because Japan played really well against Spain and they won 2-1! A lot of congratulations to Japan on winning this match and the group too, they were awesome! Group E end result: 1. Japan (6) 2. Spain (4) (9-3) ------------ 3. Germany (4) (6-5) 4. Costa Rica (3) Japan will play against Croatia and Spain will play with Morocco in the round of 16.
  9. I think there may be some changes, yes. If the shamisen guy isn't in Hachinohe now then probably we won't see Change tomorrow. I'm waiting for the fan reports and then pictures/video snippets
  10. In Group F, Morocco wins the group after they have just won against Canada (2-1). "We're-going-to-f***-Croatia" Canada is out with 0 point. Belgium realised in the last 20 minutes of the game against Croatia that they would need a goal to have any chance to get to the next round. Lukaku put quite a lot of pressure on Croatia in the end but none of the shots resulted in a goal. 0-0 was favorable for the Croats and Belgium is also out. 1. Morocco (7) 2. Croatia (5) -------------- 3. Belgium (4) 4. Canada (0)
  11. I started watching Poland vs Argentina but switched the channel to Mexico vs Saudi Arabia because it looked to be a better game and I didn't mind...Poland's tactics was risky because if Mexico had scored another goal it would have been enough for them to get the second place in the group. I felt sad watching that Mexico tried their best but couldn't score a third goal (well they did but it was offside). Poland lost today and they can be happy - Mexico won and they can be sad... (Props to Szczesny, he did really well again with the penalty!) Group C: 1. Argentina (6) 2. Poland (4) (2-2) --------------- 3. Mexico (4) (2-3) 4. Saudi Arabia (3) Argentina is lucky to be the first in the group because they will play against Australia, while Poland faces France in the round of 16.
  12. France with its team B lost against Tunisia but the 4 points aren't enough for Tunisia because Australia also won against Denmark. So the end resut of group D: 1. France (6) 2. Australia (6) ------------- 3. Tunisia (4) 4. Denmark (1)
  13. The end of 2015 was a very exciting time and I still remember the euphoria I felt. After NHK I went to work on Monday and the first thing to do was that I showed Chopin and Seimei to my coworkers This was something I didn't really do before that I was planning to go the GPF but my friend had a lot of work and we decided not to go in the end. I regretted it after that (but I can't complain now because I saw Yuzu at so many competitions after that).
  14. I'm surprised too - I heard about Yuka but didn't connect the dots that she is the daughter of Shizuko Orihara. The designs of the costumes are stunning, Etude is still on the top of the list of my favourites.
  15. I was watching England vs Wales on the TV while I was following the other match on my laptop with half an eye. Sorry for Wales but they barely tried to attack in the first half and this just wasn't enough. Rashford's first goal was really beautiful and in the second half England played better, too, while Wales just gave it up. Wales can still be proud that they were here, for the first time after 1958. So as expected England wins this group. USA also won so they go 1-2. Group B 1. England (7) 2. USA (5) --------- 3. Iran (3) 4. Wales (1) England vs Senegal and Netherlands vs USA will be in the round of 16.
  16. So the last round of the group matches have started today. Four teams will get eliminated every day. I couldn't watch the A group matches toda, only some parts from the Ecuador-Senegal match. Netherlands vs Qatar was probably less exciting because Qatar is already out and they are by far the weaker team. Ecuador vs Senegal was a decisive match - whoever could win, qualified to the next round. But since Ecuador already had 4 points, and Senegal 3, a draw would have been also enough for Ecuador. In the end Senegal played better from what I could see (especially in the first half) and they are qualified to the round of 16. I felt sorry for the Ecuador players who looked so sad after the game. Group A end result 1. Netherlands 7 2. Senegal (6) ---------------- 3. Ecuador (4) 4. Qatar (0) I'm ready for Iran-USA and Wales-England later tonight.
  17. I guess not this one Cameroon vs Serbia was spectacular, and so was Ghana vs South Korea. Neither Cameroon nor Serbia can be satisfied with the draw though. Serbia has slightly better chances to qualify for the next round because they'll play against Switzerland, while Cameroon plays with Brazil. Casemiro's goal in the Brazil vs Switzerland game was fantastic, with 6 points Brazil is already in the next round. I hope Neymar's ankle will get better soon so that we can see him play. Portugal vs Uruguay wasn't that nice football, but Portugal did what they could and they're also in the round of 16. And yes I was a bit sad for Korea because they fought well today, but Ghana got the 3 points in the end. Well this is football.
  18. Happy 7th anniversary to Seimei at NHK Trophy 2015. Yuzu brought men's skating to a stratospheric level with Seimei and with this skate he became the first ever skater who got over 200 points for a free skate (216.07) and over 300 points for the overall score (322.40). And who would have thought then that he would break his own records in just 2 weeks again at the GPF.
  19. Remembering Jimi Hendrix on what would have been his 80th birthday yesterday. It's one of my favourites from him. The guitar solo is smooth and beautiful. I love it
  20. form -フォーム in Japanese which sounds like foam? It's really cute, very Yuzu
  21. Spain-Germany 1-1. Sigh. The match begins now and Onana is really out:
  22. Croatia vs Canada was a good match. The goal in the second minute was pretty shocking but then with Croatia's better skills and experience they could easily win this game. Group F looks like this now: Morocco (4), Croatia (4), Belgium (3) and Canada (0). Canada is already out of the tournament.
  23. Yes, it's just annoying. Well, Morocco won against Belgium and they're currently leading the group with 4 points. I liked how they played in the second half and they deserved to win. Now, Croatia needs to win against Canada to have any chances to qualify for the round of 16. Go Croatia
  24. What a pity, uh. Costa Rica had one attempt today and it was a goal. Japan did everything but it wasn't enough. Now Japan, Costa Rica and Spain all have 3 points. My fav scenario would be Spain winning over Germany today, and in the last round, Germany winning over Costa Rica then a 0-0 in the Spain vs Japan game.
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