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  1. Yes, that is just very expensive (even though there is the junior competition as well, but still....) I am also considering not going, or maybe buying the cheapest tickets if there is no other chance to see him somewhere in Europe next season. A lot will depend on the flight and accommodation prices too, if I can spare money on those then I try to go.
  2. I wrote about comparing the prices here. With this inflation I don't think gold all-event tickets will cost anything less than 650/700€. And silver (or 2nd most expensive) will likely cost around 500. That's my guess.
  3. That 4Lo is really iso good, he makes it look so easy Beautiful take-off, body position and landing! Yuzu was the only one who had the 4Lo in Saitama. Grassl and Voronov were the other two skaters who jumped it this season. Grassl's jumped it at all senior competitions (+Junior Worlds), he struggles with URs. Voronov jumped it twice in the beginning of the season, one was UR, the other DG (+popped it twice). Shoma's last attempt iirc was at Worlds 2018, Nathan attemped it only twice at competition: 2017 US Classic and Japan Open I think.
  4. We only know so far that the cheapest all-event regular tickets will be from 230€, but no info yet about the prices of other categories, only the VIP packages.
  5. We only have reports so far, no footage. Apparently she tried 4S both Saturday and Sunday. There'll be a broadcast on a local channel on 5 July, but that'll only be a hour long so the chance that they'll show her quad is less. Maybe later there'll also be a broadcast on a national channel, if so, there'd be more chance for a footage too.
  6. Yay. His hair is wild, it looks great There are two of them Elladj Balde in the end of the video, too.
  7. We got a 22 min. long Furusata video without 4F in it Anyway, I am sad that FaOI is over but I really enjoyed the shows this season and thankfully we have many videos that we can watch over and over later in the drought. (if anyone is interested we could make a streaming party later, we can also watch FaOI vids but I was also thinking about watching something else, for example CiONTU!). This FaOI was probably the best I've seen in the past years in terms of Yuzu's programs, cast, programs by others, musicians (I loved Toshi and also the violinist lady) + Flamenco on Ice was also a plus in Makuhari and Sendai. It's so nice that Yuzu skated to Origin today as the encore, in front of Plushenko. I am sure it meant a lot to him. Hopefully we'll see some footage of it, too. And now the season is really over...can't believe that time is flying so fast, I remember when we had media day and we were all so exciting about Otonal and Origin. I hope everything goes well for Yuzu in the summer and that we'll see him in a very good form next season.
  8. Some of you asked how to embed/resize/edit a picture, so this could be useful for everyone: To embed: - use a picture sharing site like for example: https://imgur.com/ - upload your picture there, and copy the link of the picture (link should end in .jpg or .png etc) and post it here - picture will be automatically embedded To edit/resize: - double click on the picture - this will pop up: - you can resize it, set alignment, give title of the image - click on update You can also edit your picture after posting it by clicking on "edit" in the bottom of the post.
  9. Glad it's working again. Not sure what the problem could have been if others didn't have the problem, it was probably your phone.
  10. Hey guys, for general discussion about GP assignments, or if you have questions etc. let's move here:
  11. I'm quoting you here because it's the general discussion about GP assignments. The assignments will come out hopefully the 20th but we don't know for sure. Last year the assignments were decided on 28 June and it was published on the same day.
  12. The decision will be made on 20 June, hopefully the list will be released on the same day. Last year it came out at 21.00 local time (UTC+1), so maybe this year it'll also be released later in the evening.
  13. We don't know why it happened, so it's all just speculation. Please, let's just move on.
  14. Yes, he used to be a lot more upright when he did the Flip, without that low knee, but it seems as if it had changed in the past seasons and his body position is not that upright anymore + his knee looks also lower. Just look at this Flip from this season: But his flip also looked a bit different before, from around 2017. When I first saw the pic I also thought of a Lutz (because of the body position/low knee/arms + the edge) but it's so confusing haha. Hopefully we'll get some info, though a footage would be perfect. That's the question
  15. No, it's from a daily newspaper. It's also possible they got the jump wrong, or it's really the 4Lz from Kobe and those who tweeted it were wrong. We don't know. ETA: Apparently the caption only said it was a quadruple, but no mention which one. Here you go. To me, from this angle it looks more outside. Not just because he's been focusing on the Lutz, but someone who had a lip for years and had to work hard to correct the edge, it wouldn't be surprising that he'd have to work on a lot to have a decent edge when practicing a quad. It would take time.
  16. They have some skaters, Yakau Zenko competed at J Worlds and Europeans this season, an ice dance couple, Kublikova/Hulitski also competed at Europeans, and they have another couple + a lady skater in the juniors now.
  17. The picture is from today's newspaper so it is likely that all pictures in it are from the Toyama shows, but I don't know for sure. The edge definitely looks more outside. This person also tweeted that it's a Flip, but I don't know what's written in the newspaper. Hopefully someone will tell what it was.
  18. Yes, but Sweden is another Western/Northern European country. Bidding cities for 2022 were Marseille, Torino, Minsk, Sofia, Bratislava and Budapest. I thought Italy is out of question because they already organized Worlds last year + they'll have GPF too. And then France + the other Central/Eastern European countries remained.
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