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  1. I can hardly believe the new season is starting already! The first JGP will be interesting with Yuma, Egor, Andrei and Iliya in the men, Valieva, Maia, Nana, Tomoe and Jihun in the ladies! Hopefully I'll be able to watch some the men's SP and the ladies, maybe ID on Friday, but I have to skip it on Saturday...
  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that we have a new moderator in the staff, @WinForPooh! Feel free to ask her questions related to moderation, especially competition/events threads. @Louitunes will help us in the competition threads as well and @faeline will help with archiving videos and streaming related stuff. Many thanks everyone for the help and work on the forum.
  3. Nam's free skate program looks just half ready and he wasn't into it either but I'm curious how it'll develop in the season. I think Come Together and Let it Be don't go together that well, at least not the original versions with Lennon's and then McCartney's singing...(Matteo at least chose an instrumental version of Let it Be in his Beatles FS). But the Get Back remix was good after that, it also has the drumming part from The End. Abbey Road's opening song is Come Together and closing is The End, and Nam will skate to this program on Abbey Road's 50th Anniversary release date (26 Sept. 1969 - Nebelhorn Trophy will be on that weekend in the end of September) - it is a nice nod
  4. This thread also has many short clips: It seems we won't get that 4F attempt for a while...
  5. Men's SP protocol: https://skateontario.org/results/19S2/19S2SeniorMenSPDRO.pdf Nam's Blues for Klook SP: I like this program and his jumps were good today. But then spins....:D Two level 2 and the combo spin is invalidated. I wonder why it got invalidated...the rotations seems okay, can it be that his sit position was not low enough so he didn't hit the required three basic positions? Keegan: Conrad: Michelle Long leading after the SP: https://skateontario.org/results/19S2/19S2SeniorWomenSPDRO.pdf
  6. Shoma's free skate music is Dancing on my own by Robyn and Patrick Berger, music by Calum Scott It's this one: (Krasnozhon skated to this music last year in his SP)
  7. Keegan is a master at getting up so fast after a fall
  8. Everything went good for Conrad...and then he popped the Axel. 67.34 is the score.
  9. I'm watching junior ladies (group 2) now. Amelia Orzel leads with 47 something so far.
  10. Both links are working for me now...but I should go to bed.
  11. Stream isn't working for me... In other news, Gabby has withdrawn.
  12. It should be from PyeongChang, he was there and wore those round glasses then. Maybe after the FS?
  13. Thank you for sharing it! I wasn't able to join the streaming party either but I'll watch the show later. Here's the interview translation with Yuzu after the show:
  14. We have another Sectionals this week in Canada with live streams! Event page: https://skateontario.org/event/sectionals-series-north-york/ Schedule: https://skateontario.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Copy-of-North-York-Summer-Skate-2019-Schedule-August-9.pdf Results page: https://skateontario.org/results/19S2/index.htm Live streams: Rink 1, Rink 2 Conrad, Keegan, Nam, Roman, Gabby she WD, Moore-Towers/Marinaro in the seniors, juniors from TCC: Corey Circelli, Shingo he only does ID, Rio Morita and Bruce Waddell & many ladies as well (there'll also be two ladies from Japan, Akina Miyazaki, and Airi Suzuki). Corey and Shingo will also compete in the junior ice dance competition.
  15. Oh..is he injured or maybe he's retiring? ETA: he had a nose operation and he's still recovering.
  16. I am not familiar with them but I'd like to try it one day. I am sure it tastes great!
  17. Click on "international" to see the Team Canada assignments for JGP events and Challengers (and the senior GP events that we already knew): https://skatecanada.ca/event-schedule/ Roman Sadovsky is not doing any Challengers before the GP season?
  18. And more skaters will be added to the list later so maybe it'll be really worth trying to go!
  19. Is it this one? It looks soo good. Is it chocolate inside or something else? (I am a big fan of chocolates). (x)
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