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  1. Happy healthy successful New Year everyone!
  2. Happy healthy successful New Year everyone!
  3. And the reason is : let’s inflate the a GOE for one person as much as possible !
  4. i filmed his Gala Program at the GPF it’s not the best quality but it’s passable
  5. To fly to Torino directly is not so easy even from germany , yes there are direct flights but only a few from big airports like Frankfurt or Munich but otherwise it’s nearly impossible! Just came back from Torino and I want to go back to see him again and again and again it’s so sad that it’s already over it was such a special, amazing experience to be there and see him live he’s just mesmerizing and after you’re home you can’t let go ! I want to go back now and I want it to never end ! On my flight back from Torino where 7 German people and the rest was a Japanese group and all of us where in Torino to watch Yuzu skate except a guy in front of me who got into a few arguments with other passengers because he was a Nathan Chen fan and he was constantly arguing that Chen is the best skater ever !
  6. I didn’t even see the pie plate lol ! I thought ok now he calls yuzu a chicken pot pie
  7. Technically I would have had to work during the SP as well on Friday but my coworker will cover a part of my shift so that I can go to work after the SP at NHK ! Hopefully both of you’ll have a successful Friday
  8. The video of Alexandra trusova is gone as well so I guess it wasn’t a mistake!
  9. The on ice perspectives video of Yuzu is gorgeous I watched it so many times he’s just wow!
  10. Can’t believe that skate Canada is this week!
  11. I‘m so happy that I’ll be able to watch figureskating on YT this season! But it was kind of obvious that Germany wouldn’t buy figureskating rights because Germany is a wasteland when it comes to figureskating !
  12. I guess that it will be blocked for Japan Canada and the USA because I read somewhere that these countries have the right to stream the gp
  13. now we know what happened to his hand at Faoi
  14. I'm watching ACI on isakura right now and I was looking for Skate America but I don’t know where to look for it
  15. I bought a few things from amazon Japan and I could set the language to English at the top of the page
  16. I hope so ! He must have spend hours at the rink after ACI to give all these interviews!
  17. I wish that I would be able to understand Japanese
  18. No no no no no I don’t want to see it !
  19. LOL this would definitely be up to her alley I thing reminds my of Ron’s cape ! But for real, do they have an hidden attic with scarps from old royal nightgowns somewhere ? And if they need a new costume for him they’ll go and dive into it and select the first item they find ?
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