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  1. lmao shameless and their last tweet was about Yuzu getting the MVS because he's paying ISU bills . They'd sure know the most about this since they'd do anything to drag Yuzu's name or even his fandom in to pay for their bills. i honestly don't get why they're relevant at this point. we should just let them rot in irrelevance.
  2. Charlie and Tanith are some my favorite north american commentators and I could really see their true appreciation for Yuzu shone through every time they talked about him or to him. I feel like ice dancers tend to appreciate Yuzu more bc they understand artistry. and yes, the clownery show was all about popularity and money, that's what it was created for and that's what it wanted to streamline. I think they tried so hard to split the pie. they gave most of the awards to eteri camp and some to the other disciplines, but they didn't forget to nominate the north american skaters in order to attr
  3. I missed the darn isu award show on purpose only to find out Yuzu attended live I almost cried rewatching the videos seeing that cutie patootie better looking than ever before with his oscar worthy speech awards show still sucks but man I do love the fact it gave us yuzu content, i'm soft
  4. So basically Yuzu is being used to bring in the hype for the "award show", which is intended to promote Chen, who is advertised as the one to bring in figure skating popularity
  5. Watch when Yuzu's new program is one of the movies the guy directed
  6. honestly im still bitter about the unpublished quad flip attempt footage lol whats so hard to release it
  7. Both of these programs seem to have a universal appeal to fans. As much as I love all Seimei, HL, and Chopin equally at this point, I always find Seimei to be the big favorite so I went for Chopin. Chopin is like that one program I always go back to watch because its short, its consistent, its one that he often did really well so there are many different excellent performances to watch. With Seimei, because he only skated it clean twice and its a fs, I find myself watching it a lot less. And funny thing is I tend to watch the Olympic version the most despite the mista
  8. @yuzuangel can we please have a chopin vs seimei final bracket?
  9. I think this whole thing reminds me of kpop. SME used to be the top entertainment group of the big three along with JYP and YG. They kept having trainees coming to them because as long as the trainees debut, it's a guarantee success. The groups were almost guaranteed a big fanbase due to the reputation of being under one of the big three. But their groups always ended up having one or two members leaving due to mistreatment, dissatisfaction, and their slave contracts. Over time, many fans got bored of their style due to the company's complacency and mismanagement. On the other hand, Big Hit wa
  10. I actually don't think any of them has that much self awareness to improve artistically. if Kostornaia were to leave, she would have left 2 seasons ago when she kept coming 2nd to Sasha. But last season worked so well for her and i'm sure the team has seen her as a gold contender among the three and will shift their focus to get her up technically. I don't see why she would want to leave.
  11. exactly this! And I think its also because judges/feds know these skaters will only get a few dominating seasons so why not maxed out their scores, which isnt a good logic to go by but its what happenning. and yes, because Yuzu's journey is different from other skaters, he also grows differently in his own ways. And even when the system is as unmotivating to him as it is now, he still finds ways to grow for himself and for us.
  12. btw, on today's topic i woke up feeling so watered. happy that Yuzu is safe and so thankful that he is so thoughtful. I hope he can get much off ice training and rest as possible. Lol he is such a biased patootie toward Seimei. eta: dont we all love to talk lol i remember we hit 5000 pages just like it was yesterday
  13. Even if scoring system was changed, how judges choose to score skaters could basically keep everything similar. if we look at how he was scored with his programs pre 18/19 season and how he was scored now, chopin gets virtually the same scores. Look at Zagitova who got 82 pts at PC under the +3/-3 system back then with only triple ltzloop. the idea still stands. she got 82 at worlds19 with the same layout.
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