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  1. well sochi was...idk a scandal. if russia could inflate that much points for their girl, i think as long as plushenko landed his jumps maybe he could have still won idk. i wasnt following the sport when sochi happened but the way they inflated sotnikova's score was quite bad
  2. believe! no wonder his 4s entry and the way he sweeped his legs looked so inspired
  3. the way he jumped has that attack feel and are also really huge like Yuzu's. His skating also reminds me of little bit of Yuzu's wreckless abandonness when he was younger too. he def needs more control in his skating and jumps but the energy reminds me of little romeo at worlds12.
  4. hey guys, random question for the day between Anna and Kamila, since I feel like they are the most pushed skaters by rusfed at the moment, who will score higher if both skate their sp and fs clean AND Kamila doing 2 quads and 3 triple axels and Anna doing 3 quads and 2 triplelutzloop combo. With how Kamila looked at rusfed, I'm sure she would want to up her tech in order to be competitive against a clean Anna. I was looking at rusnats results and I feel like it is somewhat going to reflect how they are pushed by rusfed. Of course things can change if either one falters
  5. This costume is def giving the illusion that Yuzu is chunkier than usual. sooo cute! I just thought of this pretty randomly. But among his senior shorts, he has done 3 programs that are more upbeat: PW, LGC, and this. But if you have to give an adjective to describe each program, what would they be? Mine would be PW: Rockstar/Heartthrob LGC: Sass LMEY: Punk
  6. yeah to add I think the impression that H&E doesnt have high/need higher bv is given by jsf judging thank you very much. Let's say he was awarded correctly, he could have scored well over 330 for his two clean performances and no one would have thought about the need to up the bv. And I dont think that would be a national inflated score either. He usually scores 110+ internationally with a clean short and a 4 quad 2 triple axel free should put him in the 220+ if fair. The fact that jsf did this to him sends a message to isu that they dont support him and that's what going to push him to do
  7. thats 4 clear full rotations in the air with the most perfect technique right there
  8. My absolute favorite was the landing on the 4t eu 3sal. How the heck was he able to keep the flow going with his next move to the nano second after landing it to meet the music?
  9. I like Jesse, who is obviously holding a Hanyu flag throughout his videos. I enjoy his passion and gushing over Yuzu. here I dont necessarily agree with most of what he said about the rus nats event but im not going to get into that. but regarding what he said about Yuzu here, i also dont agree with. I dont like the assumption that Yuzu is doing less skating skills because he isnt getting rewarded for it and that Nathan isnt doing either and got rewarded. (the youtubers probably meant choreo/transitions) this is just not the essence of his skating at all. He would never want to win that way (a
  10. Thank you I hope so too! it is def hard being a Yuzu fan sometimes but at the same time I feel like I am also the beneficiary of the things he did for us.
  11. I am just soo incredibly jealous of those who had great dreams about Yuzu. All of my dreams about him were literally nightmares. I had recurring dreams about him getting injured, losing to Nathan...etc. I think I had mild anxiety esp after worlds19 and he got injured. For those months when fantasy on ice was going on I kept getting nightmares about the same things..either he lost or he got injured and i would wake up in cold sweats, checking my phone to see if he was still in one piece after FaOI because he was doing quad lutz. It stopped for a while after he hadnt competed for 10 months. But
  12. lmao did H* really say Yuzu is the favorite for Beijing? surely not judges' favorite
  13. I would like to request for ghislain at 7:55 and Yuzu at 8:49
  14. Yeah 😭 His interview after jnats2019 made me cry last year. He was clearly resigned. This was the comeback he needed just like sc19 was. And lol imagine how many versions they had to edit to get the final cut. But he controls everything tho. Even Satomi said she is actually just the assistant.
  15. He is so eloquent I can't. The way he is able to convey his thoughts are exactly how he has been able to convey his programs. The part where he tried to convey Lord Kenshin's dilemma by adding a different part of the music at the end shows he is such a genius and master at his own craft.
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