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  1. pheww I can finally concentrate at work..Felt like I was waiting for my sister to deliver or something earlier
  2. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    wow many big names I know and Boyang will be there too!
  3. thank God he landed safely. Walking at lightning speed. no face mask so hopefully it means he didnt catch a flu
  4. okay thanks for clarifying. hopefully its what you said.
  5. Im so bitter as a petty fanyu lol he seemed surprised by that choreo afterward lol and this one okay not like super butt part but close enough edit: sighs no news yet but i just hope he stays healthy and safe. Just want to see his condition so far. hope for no flu, no nothing bad
  6. im actually also still bitter about other female skaters touching his butt and kissing him on the cheek at galas. talk about opportunists
  7. makebelieveup

    Team Japan

    My fave short program of the ladies' single for this season is Satoko's Song for the little Sparrow and free is Rika's beautiful storm. Cant wait to watch Rika's again in GP France Re: Rika's quads for next season I think she can do it...looking at her technical potential, she has the ability to jump high technical elements and not just that but with correct technique. many ladies lose their technical prowess as they go through puberty or aging but if one has a great foundation to begin with and motivation to continue, then its not impossible for the ladies to improve as they grow. I think Rika has that quality. hopefully, Ghislain can help her with it and Yuzu can inspire her. I think she is the total package. But yes, above everything please stay healthy!
  8. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    awww i wish figure skating is more loved in Spain...actually in any country! I said this to my sis the other day that Figure skating has literally everything I love as a sport and the world should appreciate it more!!
  9. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    lol what is this pooh madness town slow mo of his handsomeness in the first frame
  10. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Since we're on this topic of commentary, I just want to say I wish commentators can praise/comment more on the program components in skaters' programs. In the past when I started watching figure skating because of Yuzu, I loved watching his programs with commentaries especially from B.ESP, CBC, and NBC because they would literally praise Yuzu to the high heavens when he skated clean. But then over time, I've realized there's more to his skating than just those praises. I still like watching with commentary sometimes because it's nice to have others praise him when he skates well. But I also began to realize how sometimes commentary can take away the beauty of his skating when they're being redundant. Also, these mere praises often surround his technical excellence or world records/titles. I wish they can talk more about what makes Yuzu's programs/japanese ladies' so great other than just commenting on his jumps when he executed them flawlessly. Yes, they sometimes talk about how he's a total package but like explain it, go in depth on it. Talk about the speed or positions of their spins, talk about the choreo/composition, the transitions, their turns, their footworks, their interpretation of the music/facial expression, their skating skills, their ice coverage...I wish they'd talk more about this so viewers can learn. Because essentially, I find PCs and TES are codependent in making a program great and balance. That's why we love commentators like Charlie White and Max/Angelo who pretty much dissect the program more accurately and show true appreciation for what the skaters do on the ice. I learn way more over a short span of time listening to their analyses than from all the vague superlatives other commentators say like "beautiful" "the best skater ever". Yes, those are nice to hear when referring to Yuzu as an artist, but talk more about his program itself when he's skating to it.