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  1. yup that was at faoi or another ice show but it was 4 seasons ago haha. what im trying to say is he doesnt really let us know at this point until very late in the off season. he can announce an ex though so we'll see
  2. inman has 0 relevance in the goat or the goat's fans life
  3. i laughed way too hard at work he is the best artist in the world. he can literally tell any story by doing so little
  4. and please get rid of some sig moves as well i want twizzles, spirals, y position, some new spins
  5. yo i like how it takes 1 or 2 footage of our cryptid friend to bring out all our cryptid sattelites
  6. he caculated it...everything
  7. is this why he didnt recylce this at Ciontu and teased us with the small hand gesture at the end?
  8. I think it is for ice shows. Yuzu doesnt usually announce his new programs until media day at this point. he rarely skates his programs at faoi now except for last 2 seasons when he recycled chopin. but we never knowww
  9. I'm not sure I just thought it means it will receive a -5 of the base value of a 2s on top of it being invalidated. so 0 minus the -5 goe on a 2s. idk whatever now lol
  10. I must confess I always thought it was a one leg cantilever haha i never knew what to call it
  11. The -5 on the falls sort of makes sense at first because personally i find that it causes a disruption in a program. its one of those things that audience had questioned before hence, the isu came out with this rule..the idea behind it is to reward a lower bv element done cleanly while penalizing a higher bv element done poorly. this is to incentivize skaters to limit quads so they focus on what they do best i.e. jason brown with a clean skate with triples in his sp was able to top nathan's sp with a serious mistake. but the problem is the way the judges are scoring these elements. triples are often rewarded with lower goes when executed well than a quad when executed poorly. in addition to that, judges will throw in points for every other element for their chosen skaters where casual audience tend not to pay attention to like spins and stsq. the results will show the people with a higher bv even if they made mistakes get a higher tes and that will also mean higher pcs. and honestly, the reason why nathan lost the sp at gp idf to jason was bc he lost spin levels and his jump mistake was serious. yet he was only like 6 points behind a squeaky clean jason. and back to the new rule..so it makes no sense for a popped element to get a -5 bc 1. i dont find it disrupting any flow of the progam 2. its like getting double penalization 3. it is basically saying oh its better if you attempt a quad or quint, fall on it or underrotate it, than pop an element. because not only are you not getting any point for it, your overall score will get a -5 deduction. (if this is what im understanding) that to me is nothing different from the +3/-3 last system
  12. Thank you. i dont think we need to be objective when it comes to the isu. they are known for changing the rules to fit their agenda, its not a surprising thing. its just really sad at this point that i cant even enjoy my off season
  13. thank you so much again I also saw ur retweet🙏🙏🙏 oh I think I know which one you're talking about! I will try my best to look for it. i think i saw it on tumblr. thanks a lot tho!
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