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  1. Hey guys! I made a thread here and just want to drop this here
  2. Hey satellites, 2019 is coming to an end really soon. I thought this could be a place for everyone to share about our year, what we did or did not like. It could be yuzu and/or non yuzu related things. Also, what are some of the resolutions you would like to set for yourself in the coming year? What are you hoping for? --- I feel like 2019 was a very bad year in my real life and for my experience as a figure skating fan. However, it was also very memorable compared to 2018. I experienced many firsts. Even as a fanyu, I feel like I learned to let go of the fear of him losing. I made a lot of stupid decisions but got to learn more about myself. In 2020, I would like to use what I learned from 2019 to make better decisions. I also would like to learn a technical skill since I don't really have one in life.
  3. I think if Alena had put her 3as in the 2nd half she could have won, she doesnt even need quads. if she keeps being this consistent, rus fed might support her since she gets the pcs advantage so she just needs to up her tes arsenal by a little more
  4. This reminds me of aci19 or worlds16. He did so well in the short and bombed in the free. I think sometimes it happens. I do want to say tho that Origin doesnt really work for him. its so packed and the technical difficulty of it is so draining. It has such an ominous factor to the music that makes people hold their breath through each jump and this adds pressure on performer.
  5. from the sp Brian said it was a tough week. and yuzu was pretty tired looking since the sp. he was not very smiley even after the scores. I wonder if there was something going on leading up to this comp. He seemed nervous and tired. and i think regardless of the placement, not being able to put out a good perf would have killed him inside anyway. i just hope it doesnt affect him mentally. 😭
  6. While I would have given this a 112pts, i find the placement of the jumps not as musically in tune as his original layout. he also seems like he lacked a little in perf today, like it felt a little solemn. his expression from cor19 was my favorite, he was really feeling the music. as for the element execution, gpf19 was actually my favorite until that combo. everything else was flawless.
  7. The fact that yuzu got 48 in pcs and 0-2 goes makes me so angry. this could have easily been a 111 to 112pts had they not been stingy with yuzu's scores. then i looked at shoma's protocol and got even madder. imagine if he had done 4t3t instead of 4t2t. the diff would have been nonexistent. congratz of shoma tho for being clean..he needs it for confidence gain but like come on. funny how i find japanese judges are underscoring their skaters (except for 1) more than international judges
  8. With the way scoring works, a clean yuzu will not beat a clean nathan with the same amount of quads. if you think otherwise, ur very optimistic because when the two execute the same elements, yuzu gets higher goe on lower bv elements like the 3a while nathan gets higher on 4lz. And the PCS gap is closing to none. In fact, eventually Nathan will get higher PCS when the two go clean due to consistency. just like how it went between evgenia and alina from 17/18 season to 18/19 season. its a pattern. So the only way yuzu could win when both go clean is upping his tech bv and consistently doing so. but even so the narrative could change to yuzu becoming just a jumper and his performance is affected
  9. Tbh I dont think ppl should keep commenting in the comment section with angry tweets. they may be right but i think its important where they direct it too. at least oc twitter has been favorable of yuzu (for their own benefit i know) and they have come out with good contents for fans. it just makes us appear always angry all the time even if we may be reasonable.
  10. I liked all comments i was able to understand. i hope they do something but even if they dont at least we are spreading awareness
  11. exactly and the way yuzu jumps makes his quad lutz (and other jumps) always so natural and easy. this style is soo organic to him. thats why i think yuzu performs his jumps rather than just jump for the sake of it. Boyang jumps near the board too much and tends to look back before jumping.
  12. picture should be censored for its 18+ -ness
  13. Honestly, Yuzu has confirmed to me that he is the best quad lutz performer this season. I dont care what kind of GOE he got for it. To me it's a perfect quad lutz
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