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  1. Yeah I remember Alysa Liu was also on Jimmy Fallon show after she won nationals at 13. Unfortunately she couldnt survive her the one season wonder curse. If Illia cant keep up the consistency then I think the USfed will try to stop Nathan from retiring. yesterday Nathan was trending on twitter for the first time -- at least first time i noticed. no wonder everyone wants the ogm bc of how much commercial value it brings. idk if this will motivate Nathan to stay for the next few years as well. He probably wont get to Yuzu's star power but the ogm and push from US fed have def helped him reach his new level of stardom for sure. good for him i guess. if Yuzu is retiring then i dont care whether Nathan will retire or not but if Yuzu isnt then obv Nathan is still the biggest threat plus other countrymates who are more pushed like Yuma, Shoma, maybe future Kao (Idk)...etc. the isu already made the podium too crowded for him last quad. If Yuzu keeps competing it will benefit everyone else the most. They have been painting him as a popular guy who has bullying fans to keep him relevant. its hard to be Yuzuru Hanyu or his fan. I know a lot of us dont like doom and gloom comments but I think it is normal for some of us to express our fear. I'd rather see them here because I know we will have other more wise satellites to keep us in check. Otherwise, we would only go on twitter or IG and who knows how much it can escalate. At the end of the day, I think most of our fear stems from wanting to protect Yuzu and all things good for him. The past four years had been really rough for Yuzu (and his fans)- he was treated more unfairly, got people turning their backs on him, injured, couldnt achieve some of the goals. So personally I empathize with a lot of the emotions on this forum. But with that being said I also really encourage is after we vent about the bad and the ugly, that we also try to celebrate the good. For example, if he didnt keep competing after PC, he wouldnt have won another 7 WRs or achieved super slam or come out with new programs or jump beautiful jumps like 4a, 3a3lo,4t3a, 4lz...etc. He also skated better than he ever did before and his jumps got even bigger. He earned more respect from his true fans and came to the realization that there are things beyond winning and things beyond his own control. He seemed more open about these things now. Of course I cannot claim to understand how Yuzu feels in his deepest private moments, but based on his interview responses, his outlook toward competing appear to have evolved in a positive way. He seemed to enjoy training, practicing, challenging, and skating more than before. It's a great silver lining to talk about too. He will always have a group of fans to stay with him through the storm regardless of placements. Easy come easy go --if people are his fans just for his medals then they will leave him once he stop medalling. But thats obviously not the case here, which makes me feel very proud as a fan. Prior to Beijing, Yuzu was afraid his 2 OGM will be affected (sorry cant remember exact quote) but after he finished the competition, he mentioned that he will always be proud that he won 2 ogms and will hold his head high. So I am trying to liken his mindset. There was a fear that if he keeps competiting and losing then his past legacy would be erased. The truth is there will always be those who are quick to erase his legacy regardless. There are those who have never acknowledged in the first place. So its a losing battle to try to prove them wrong. I look forward to all the things that will happen one competition at a time. I am hopeful that whatever decision he chooses for himself, he is strong enough to handle the outcome because he is Hanyu Yuzuru. on another topic
  2. This is the difference between Yuzuru Hanyu and other so called top skaters - class. Yuzu is a world class superstar not only bc of what he has achieved but also because of what he has actually offered for the sport -- his skating, his sportsmanship, his class acts. He doesnt open his mouth unnecessarily and when he does only great things escape from it. His skating speaks for his medals. His actions speak about his class. He doesnt have sns or go on tv to talk trash about anything or anyone. That is why not all who won a medal can be called a champion. Many people can medal but only one is a champion and that champion is Yuzuru Hanyu. Do you see someone with class go on social media to pit fights (the russians) or being two faced hyproctites who suddenly become social activists for justice (usa puppets) or talk trash about ur past teammates (javi)? i used to be so intrigued about commentaries by commentators, the media, professionals, coaches, and other athletes said about Yuzu. But now I have reservation for everyone. I will only support Yuzu from now on. (btw the Javi x Yuzu shipping thing was one of the most cringeworthy things ever for me.) I hope Yuzu would remember every single two faced people in his life and cancel them. But I guess he is too busy doing champion thing so he wont. Lol While these people will stay salty that they can never reach Yuzu's level of stardom no matter how hard they try to tarnish his reputation because how? Yuzu's heart is made of gold and legend never dies.
  3. ty! maybe i should just take a break from twitter for now. so many fake news.
  4. anyone can translate? my heart is scared everytime i hear breaking news
  5. i just hope there isnt any last minute entry issue if he is going to arrive that late. there is jetlag to also consider. i would think he also needs to feel the ice at the mainrink and the atmosphere. idk when he will decide to come but it seems not less dangerous as a choice. sighs
  6. why would they put withdrawal when it wasnt like decided initially that Yuzu would skate the team event right? seems so odd omg wait its so confusing it doesnt say anythinf
  7. https://support.olympics.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new this one!
  8. Dear Satellites -- I know I am beating this to death and I know some of you have already done this so thank you! Seeing how the efforts of many ppl here who emailed IOC about the profile situation and how it got them to change has made me somewhat hopeful. So if you could also take a minute to send them another email to reconsider the judging panel or at least bring to their attention about the corruption that would be really great. There is a site that discusses about the panel notably Martineze from Mexico and Maeda from Japan that will be very problematic. https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/ And I remember many fans here have had come up with our own analyses throughout the past years so def bring those up as well if you dont mind. Lets act sooner than later. worst case scenario is that they dont do anything but best case scenario is they do do something. Thank you all in advance!
  9. I did it too! I just sent an email to ask that they consider replacing Martinez and Maeda hahah lets see if that happens lmao and ask them to let us know if they want to know more about the scoring situation bc we have stats and lot and lots of them --- off topic but I was watching a video of Sasha's 3a attempts and realized she never landed the jump in competition. but the fact she is still trying is bc its worth around the same as a 2a as long as she rotates it and her score doesnt seem to suffer too much. But on the other hand i realized with Yuzu's situation its so different bc if he underrotates the 4a and lands 2 ft his score will be like at nationals which is only 3 to 4 pts, basically less than what one would score with a 2a with positive goe or the same as a fall 3a. But if he falls its gonna be worst bc he will also get a -1. It is so much harder to fall and rotate a 4a than fall and rotate a 3a. And if he is able to rotate the 4a and they dont give him a phantom << or q it then he gets at the most 5.25 pts with a deduction. lol imagine a 4a worth 16 points you will start seeing people trying it risking a fall since it would still worth 7 pts. but 5.25? How can a jump thats harder than a 4-3 combo worth only 12.5. this is a question that still gets you wondering at 4am Some skaters did triple axel with 3 rotations by prerotating so much they took off backward. but they got 8.8 pts +4 and +5 goes so 12ish pts Yuzu did 4 ish rotations got 4.17 pts its time Yuzu learn their twisting technique
  10. Yh i mean at the end of the day we cant help being a fan. Good luck! hopefully it makes a difference and about that. yeah to me the amercan media and reporters are doing their best to deflect the scoring issue by pushing the focus on russian scoring. how ironic and hyprocritical of them! Like if the russians get high 80s that doesnt justify the fact some of ur girls gets high 70s for those performances. and then u have Chenflation and Zhouflation. Two wrongs dont make a right folks.
  11. ahh I see many of us are frustrated about the olympic site. I can def hear you folks. It hurts that they were all acting fanyu ish before until lately. I do feel like they used Yuzu for exposure and have started to drop him and focus on overall fs. But I am hoping maybe we could move away from emailing the minor things like how his achievements are updated on the olympic site? I just feel like we cant really expect them to do everything right all the time. so what if the person updating it isnt his fan or maybe an anti. at the end of the day it doesnt hurt him as much as the judging does. and it might just make us look more like nitpicking fans. Im not saying we are and I am aware that fanyus will always be looked at with prejudice regardless of whether we are voicing the truth or not. just that we have to pick our battles and stuff like this isnt worth our fight Anyway, im hoping if we are going to spend our precious energy it would be more on awaring them about their own panel. Maybe not even mentioning about Yuzu but about the issue of scoring in general. If we send them enough of this same topic i hope there is a 1% they do take notice. Just my two cents. but im gonna def email them about it without exposing im a fanyu bc that shouldnt even matter. All athletes deserve fair judging esp on this stage. but even i doubt it will move a feather
  12. Honestly Yuzu's chance of winning is basically at the mercy of Nathan's failing now with these devil "judges" and "tech specialist". he really cant afford any margin of error. The japanese judge robbed him of 6 pts by invalidating his spin gosh that was horrifying --- My kind chinese satellites would you please bring awareness on the chinese platforms about the judging panel? we have a very corrupted panel here with track of bad judgings. is there any chance beijing ioc will take a look?
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