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  1. The only thing we can do is support support and support Yuzu because its getting helpless
  2. Feeling like at this point Yuzu is really annoyed to the point we could hear his frustration. rightly so. something like javi did after european19. poor bby
  3. rika's speed is insane esp watching her live for the first time..3a seems to be in good condition. sp is growing on me. good luck bby!
  4. This is sooo wonderful to hear! You guys are the best! Thank youuuu
  5. Thank you so much for this! Can I play get a US flag? Thanks @Veveco for reminding me!
  6. Selling: 2019 Skate Canada All Event Ticket Section 111 Row S and Seat 5 DISCOUNTED PRICE! $225 CAD $100 USD
  7. Honestly with his looks and reputation he could have built an even bigger star power in asia if he does more endorsements not just in Japan but also in china. Tension among east asian countries aside, his looks are universally appealing in asia and he has a fanbase in china willing to spend money on him. he could have attended tv shows or just do ice shows world tour with just talking sessions and im sure he can still get a sellout. but he chooses to compete even when he already met the finish line and im soooo grateful
  8. This cute english moment and his free skate were all i could remember about Saitama
  9. yup he had a very severe injury i really hope he can recover fully bc he is a very great skater btw he went for 4sal and landed it too, right? wow i think he was only doing 3a and 4t last season! baby steps!
  10. Nothing to be sorry about! It all works out and thank you for your lovely work!
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