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  1. i wanted to stream the awards but every time I open the link in rabbit it says that i am in the wrong area
  2. hope that the comeback award is announced next
  3. i am trying to stream it on rabbit but it will not work
  4. i could do a rabbit stream as well
  5. my link is a german link and I do not know if it works for you guys
  6. the live stream for laureus says it begins at 7 p.m german time thats in 11 minutes https://sport.sky.de/artikel/laureus-award-live-und-exklusiv-im-stream-auf-skysport-de/11627942/35553
  7. Sabrina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Boris Becker retweeted Yuzus Laureus speech that's something I never thought would happen
  8. Sabrina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    if he is on the picture then he could be the one behind the girl because everybody elses blades are silver and his are not but I can not say it for sure ! Could be him could not be him