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  1. Who knows but I guess that we’ll know more after tomorrow’s performance
  2. I think that the lace for the girls looks ok but the black lace tie around his neck looks interesting
  3. Rika has a photo of herself and Satoko on her instagram where you see a part of the costume! Don’t know how to share it on my tablet
  4. Wow how high is he above the ice ? 1.5m or so ? Awesome
  5. I thought „oh interesting he isn’t at the front and where is he „ didn’t realize that this was filmed from the back
  6. Your Word in gods ear! I will never stop supporting him he deserves all the good thinks in the world !
  7. i Guess that Kenji was the choreographer for the first half of the tour and DW for the the shows in Kobe and after Kobe ! It will be a surprise but it’s a possibility! I am exited for Friday and I hope that there’s a lot of news this week ! I wish that I could be there!
  8. Yes you are right ! I already booked a room in Torino and now I’m waiting for the tickets to come out but I already am exited to visit Torino for the first time because Italy is an gorgeous country and Italy is in Europe! I would like to go to even more GPs but I do not have enough vacation days !
  9. Thats the version where he wears this white red (don’t know how to explain it ) shirt right ? I sadly can’t find it as well the Performance of change that i remembered was the one from 2009 not 2011 lol
  10. Random Post but I would love to see him perform Change once again with his current technique !
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