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  1. I can’t wait so see what he filmed but I bet it will be stunning! Looking forward to Saturday when he starts to release his videos !
  2. Call me crazy but I was also searching for hotels and so on für die olympischen Spiele in Peking
  3. I'm not easily panicking when it’s about me but I can’t stay calm when it is about him !
  4. Who knows what kinds of rules they come up with but I’m super exited to finally be able to attend a figure skating competition ! Took me way to long ! But the idea with the +5 is good!
  5. I love the new costume the colors and all the details on it are gorgeous! but I also liked the old one!
  6. Yes it is admirable ! If I was in his place I would have given up already !
  7. I still don’t know what happened with the scoring at ACI it was just bullshit ! I will support him as long as he decides to keep going,he deserves all the support that he can get ! I guess that he’ll be so fired up at SC next month and that he’ll deliver one Heck of a program that the judges have to score him the way he deserves it !
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