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Though there are 10hrs of 2018 left here, I also wish everyone and Yuzu himself a very happy 2019!!! 

One year ago, my number one New Year's wish was to see Yuzuru's 2nd OGM. Now, my main hope is for him to be healthy enough to keep doing what he loves and achieving every single one of his dreams :snonegai:I wish lots of health and happiness to him and everyone who's part of this community. 

One of my highlights of 2018 was sharing the bliss (and the whole rollercoaster of emotions) of each competition (especially Pyeongchang) with all of you. Let's keep making beautiful memories in 2019 too.:snpeace:

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10 hours ago, KatjaThera said:

then the federation might end up holding him back from truly fulfilling his potential

To my mind, this is what holds back not just figure skaters, but all Chinese athletes in general - the fact that there's way too much political interference in their athletic careers. They have tons of talented athletes who work hard and get nowhere because they don't have the right political connections. My hope for them is that the Chinese government's eagerness for a good medal count in Beijing will for once override their politics and they'll do whatever is best for their athletes. 


I agree with you, no one gets to the Olympics without a long-term plan. And when I see how Yuzuru did it, I'm reminded of someone else: the astronaut Chris Hadfield. After he came back from his term as commander of the International Space Station, he wrote a book about how he achieved such a big goal, and it goes like this: when he was very young, he decided he wanted to be an astronaut. From that point on, every single thing he did in his life was geared towards that goal. Every decision he made, every step he took, he evaluated it to see if it took him closer to or farther away from his goal, and only did what took him closer. It took him 45 years to get to fly in space but he finally did. Yuzuru is exactly like Chris Hadfield - he knew from an early age what he wanted to do and always kept taking steps towards it.


I agree with you about the others - they don't have this quality. Well, maybe Shoma does now. This GP season, it seems as if he's finally woken up and started aiming seriously for something.

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I hope that each and everyone of you will have (or had) a nice New Years Eve and I wish you Health, Luck, Love and Joy for the new Year ! May all your dreams come true for you !:48179197:


:48179197:May your coming year

be filled with





good madness.

I hope you read

some fine books

and kiss someone who

thinks you´re


and don´t forget

to make some

art - -

write or draw

or build or sing

or live as only you can.

And I hope,

somewhere in the next year,

you surprise yourself.:48179197:

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Happy New Year Satellites!!! Healthy New Year to Yuzu!!!


My biggest wish for 2019 is that it be injury-free. Not just for Yuzu, but for all the skaters. I want to watch some 100% healthy, everybody-is-able-to-do-their-best-performance competitions already!


My best moment of 2018? Surprisingly, it wasn't when Yuzu finished Seimei and won Olympic gold. It was when he landed that opening quad in Ballade, and showed us all that he was going to be OK. I had such a sense of relief and joy. It was like watched a caged bird break free...everything after that was just bonus items to me. :) 

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Based on this segment of the translation from EVERY segment, I think Yuzu does mean to return next season.




Then, this season, Hanyu moves toward a new goal.

“For now…”

He wants to jump a 4A, in other words, quad axel; also a quad jump. In addition:

“Well…I want to do a 4T+3A…”

A combination jump that, since the recording of this interview, no one completed successfully in competition.

The first competition was last month. The first jump is the combination 4T+3A. His jump is the recognized as the world’s first completed 4T+3A.

However, after that, Hanyu’s right foot ligament was injured. Withdrawing from all upcoming competitions, Hanyu sent us a message:

“Next year, I will focus on practicing the 4A. I hope I can successfully do it. Right now, I hope that I can start officially practicing my jumps again soon, and I’m waiting for these days to pass quickly.”

Source: http://hanyusan.tumblr.com/post/181541536917/181228-every-eng-translated-transcript

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To all the satellites "shinnen akemashite omedetoo gozaimasu" and may you all have a healthy 2019. Enjoyed meeting some of you at the GPF and "watching" Helsinki and COR with your moral support online (thanks to all). Right now I'm back home in Japan, so it's the new year already. Saw very brief clips of Yuzu at the Olympics (not new but always good to see Zu) on Kohaku Uta Gassen and catching up on satellite showings of the GP series and shows (great way to spend the day). 

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:tumblr_meh76xcNA91qdlkyg: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of the satellites&your loved ones! :smiley-happy093::grouphug:

And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YUZU!!! :tumblr_inline_n18qraikFP1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_n2pjd5WDu71qdlkyg::tumblr_meh76xcNA91qdlkyg::tumblr_inline_n0o1ffHUs91qid2nw::tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

May his 2019 be injury-free and full of light and laughters and joy :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: May he be the best version of himself and accomplish everything he sets out to do :10742289:

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Happy New Year to everyone!! It's still hours away from me yet, but I'll probably fall asleep before it happens, lol!!


I had a funny moment today. I was teaching one of my stretching classes, the first after the Christmas break and one client was saying  " I can't! I can't!" and I automatically replied " Yes, you can!" and she said "NO!"  In that moment I was totally reminded me of that famous clip of Yuzu doing his exercise class where he was talking back to the instructor and she was saying " yes, you can!" It hit me that I was replying the exact same way.  The class was wondering why I started laughing after that exchange, lol!! Made my day... although my client wasn't a teenage figure skater, lol!!

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