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  1. Thanks for the link. I am watching too. At sleepy 5.15am!
  2. I wish this was hours long - it's a few moments/eternal glimpse of dear Prince, and perhaps my favourite video of him. Watching today, I can imagine the collaboration that might have been - beam this Prince + today's Yuzuru, into a space with ice, together. A woman may Dream. I was blessed to see Prince play a few times, live, in London. Good memories! (I share his 7th June birthday, too. The flipside of Yuzuru's December 7th.) I think they would have adored working together. Beyond LGC, I mean. Here's another sweet one - I love this Sometimes It Sno
  3. Thank you for making this visible!
  4. Thank you to everyone here. I don't often post. I so enjoy the 'company' when there are competitions, and am really grateful for the links, the pointers, the laughs, and, in the case of the dreadful commentator today, the communal outrage. It's reassuring, to go from being alone with a screen, snarling at shocking insensitivity, to then find echoes of that expressed here, and then the swiftly-found good alternatives. Such a relief to watch again, and have the magic linger intact, with the other commentators. Planet Hanyu set my world to rights, again. So my turn - just to e
  5. I see that people were experiencing difficulties seeing instagram + twitter embedded content, in March. I was having the same difficulties recently - seeing only text links, which vanished when I clicked on them, or sometimes seeing only a space. I was using Safari, on Mac laptops. I switched to using Firefox, on same Macs, and it's working well again now. So, some Safari issue was causing it. Since I've figured the workaround, I won't bother investigating further re Safari - it's possibly an update issue at my side. I figure it may be useful for someone else to know that using
  6. + I have my answer already! ~
  7. Figuring out how to re-post this question here. May not be exactly the right thread, but I will try here, too - anyone know the music in that last little Insta vid? I think you can click thru to see it quoted in original post, in the top link here? ps - this vid - "Yuzu's and Alina's side by side 3F in Alina's insta stories"
  8. I love these words you wrote, a kind of honouring poem.
  9. Another Happy New Year wish from me, here in the UK. As I took stock, on the last day of 2018, I saw how I appreciate the community I find here - tho I am quite quiet, I am here often, enjoying. And how deeply I've been moved since Yuzuru came into my awareness, just before the Olympics, 2018. What became a very challenging year for me was greatly eased and enlivened by Yuzu-ness, and Planet Hanyu visits. Thanks, everyone. Here's to a Healthy and Peace-Full 2019, 'growing even stronger'. On We Go!
  10. @sallycinnamon ! This is very helpful - for me, and, I hope, for others, too.
  11. I'm not clear where on PH to find where I can watch skating competitions live online - I am in UK. Some of the livestreams links I've found don't work here for me. I understand that's just the way it is! Still, I wonder if I am missing a viewing opportunity because I haven't found the right link. I see people posting about having watched, after the livestreams are over, too, but can't always figure where they have done that. (I realise they may be in other zones, of course.) There are 'videos' posts on some current competition individual threads - but not links there yet.
  12. To Dear Yuzuru ~ for 7 December, 2018. Happy Birthday To You! May your New Year bring you many Joys, Good Health and Love, always. Warm Gratitude, for you, and for all that you bring. x x x ~ Hunny, in England. - - - Thank you for putting this project together! PS - OooH! My 24th post!!!
  13. 152. For honouring the ice, every time. 153. For being someone who embodies the quality of Honouring, in many, many ways, in a time when this is rare. 154. For opening and moving our Hearts, over and over and over. 155. For being able to be in the middle of all the gazes, all the longing and expectation, hope, focus, wonder and intensity, and to keep his exquisite internal equilibrium.
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