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  1. And happy new year! Wish everyone has a healthy 2019! And I hope Yuzu has a healthy and successful 2019 to come!
  2. The amount of likes of this picture...
  3. The avg rating for Men's SP is 14%. The highest instance is 22.8% when Yuzu broke his WR. The avg rating for Men's FS is 16.2%. The highest instance is 26.4% when Yuzu finished his skate and was waiting for his score.
  4. For a non-prime time in JPN and only a GP, this is really high. The overall average was 16.2% (included both Men's and Ladies'), which then it peaked at 20.7% when Yuzu finished his FS and broke WR. Oh, by the way, SP's highest was 21.2%, which was also really high considering there was a JPN baseball competition around that time I think.
  5. Just send in my donation through GoFundMe. Thank you so much for all the administrators and moderators for keeping this forum running!
  6. Just want to drop in and say, what really help me a lot when I need to find information really quickly on Yuzu's skating or layouts in the past are these two threads. These two threads compile all the information on all competitive seasons Yuzuru competed in since Novice level through Senior level. They have information on everything including the results, the layouts, links to ISU protocols and videos of the skate. I can't thank @Gingers and @kaeryth enough to take the time to collect these information in one place and in such organized way so we can have easy access to them. For those who don't know where the threads are located, they are located in "Translations and Media" and under "Compilation" section. This forum is truly full of hidden jews. I still come across threads and posts I've never seen before nowadays. Big thanks to the members and administrators that keep this forum going and keep record of Yuzu's skating career and skating updates in general. Personally, it is hard for me to navigate through sites like Twitter and Tumblr when I want to find a specific detail in the past, but PH has made it easier for me to revisit a piece of information with its threads and search engine.
  7. Haha you beat me to it! I am happy to see how passionate Yuzu is of his two programs this season. There are nothing better than to see a skater skates to the music s/he enjoy and be an integral part of the creative process as well. It really adds to the performing and intepreting aspect of the skate. I think these two programs have a lot of potential. I have no doubt when they are performed as they are envisioned, they will become masterpieces.
  8. Austman is recovering from an injury of her left foot, while Daleman is focusing on mental health recovery.
  9. I thought these fit right in this thread: The last one sums up the attitude Yuzu has that makes him the skater he is today. And keep in mind how young he was at the time. Really impressive and admirable.
  10. Well, considering there are six meal trays and seven people in the picture, I wonder who was not originally part of the group and just popped in to take a picture.
  11. Even though the tweet is from last year, but it is so applicable now lol..
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