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  1. Ladysci

    General Yuzuru chat

    Many of the school uniforms have clip on ties My son's uniform was like that and they'd take them off and stuff them in their school bags before they walked home . Lots of guys don't learn how to tie their own ties until uni.
  2. Ladysci

    General Yuzuru chat

    Actually, I find that making oyakodon is pretty hard---need the right consistency . Tomago kake gohan, on the other hand, if you have eggs that are safe to eat raw and the right soyu, is super easy
  3. Ladysci

    General Yuzuru chat

    Think my nails required only trimming too when I was a student. Then I started to work in the lab and the nails became a "disaster"---got dried out from wearing disposable gloves---and now need nail polish as protection. Of course getting older didn't help either
  4. Ladysci

    General Yuzuru chat

    I also have tickets for Milano, but also hope that Yuzu skips Worlds this year. As we all feel, his health comes first and am cautiously optimistic (or as much as anyone can be reading all the news on this forum) that in time, things should improve. It has all been a rollercoaster, but satellites moral support during this whole competition helped a lot---I was here on the forum all along, but haven't posted much. On the bright side, I probably won't need to get up so early to attend the mens practices during Worlds and finally after a long time, I can watch the competition stress-free. My husband will be happy to hear that I'd also be willing to do some touristy things instead of spending the whole week at the rink.
  5. Does Yuzu ever practice in full costume? I don't think I remember him doing that recently.
  6. It's 4:20 AM here (Friday)
  7. I'm not ready either. Woke up in time without the alarm clock---a symptom of my mental state, since I'm usually a sound sleeper!
  8. I think the last group starts in 3 hours or so, but the SP starts in about an hour (if I'm wrong, please tell me---I'm a bit hyper, wonder why). Will be seeing you guys sooner than I planned. I set to record Eurosport 5, which is starting coverage from about 1:30, just in case I oversleep.
  9. See you guys in 4 or 5 hours, with a big coffee in hand WoW---finally became First Pancake
  10. I can totally feel your pain. Also have a big lecture tomorrow---at least it's in a big room, so you can't really see the audience. Will stay up for this practice and go to sleep---maybe will wake up in time for the last group... I'm a bit of a lurker since I haven't posted much...
  11. It's lunch time here (almost ) and this is making me hungry. Looks healthy though---meat (pork?) looks nice and lean and plenty of veggies! Does team Japan have their own kitchen facilities and team chef?
  12. Yep, Downes is the back-up sports caster for the BBC morning show, but you're right she doesn't have a skating background. Are they freelance and they report for different broadcasters? I did hear her comments during the Helsinki Worlds broadcast (when I got back to the UK), and it was annoying that she didn't know about Yuzu's records, but I was also surprised that Robin didn't do more research since he's a famous ex-competitor.
  13. Ladysci

    General Yuzuru chat

    If I'm watching at home, I'll close my eyes before the jumps, but have to turn down the volume on the TV too, since you know by the reaction of the crowd what has happened. However, if I'm watching live, I force myself to watch the whole thing---feel guilty for spending so much money on tickets and then miss what I've come to see!
  14. Ladysci

    General Yuzuru chat

    Whole jacket looks a bit shrunken but he looks great. Like the no tie look and white shirt!