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  1. @SuzyQ . That means on 9/26, there will be almost 500 min of Yuzu-related TV, since Music With Wings is scheduled to broadcast after this, if I recall correctly . I was at ACI 2019, so never saw the entire broadcast as a whole---so excited !
  2. Have you tried the golden kiwi fruit---inside is a nice golden color. Couldn't find a kiwi emoticon---only peach ones were available, for good reason l. I used to hate kiwi fruit before I discovered these. They are much more mild than the green ones, taste sweeter! The downside is that as a consequence, they have more carbs, but whats 2-3 grams more . I usually buy them at Aeon, the local grocery store, but for those of you near a Costco, you can get a much bigger pack for cheaper per fruit.
  3. Thank you @sweetwater! I'm in the far north-western part of Saga-ken, so may be spared from the worse of typhoon no. 9; it's a bit windy now, but probably will get a bit worse overnight. The news reports are busily discussing the next typhoon, no. 10, which will directly go through Kyushu and expected to be worse ; quite worried about that one. Nonetheless, I've taken precautions for this one, like moving all my plants to my porch and making sure there are no loose things in my miniscule garden that could fly around. Think he high pressure system is preventing typhoons from going towards the Kanto area at the moment. Agree that some of the "gifts" from campaigns are very tempting, but it is definitely the wisest to buy only things that you use. Aside from spending lots of money, soon our homes will be filled with Yuzu memorabilia and I've also tried to curb my habit of buying lots of magazines too!
  4. Thank you @sweetwater for giving us the correct details about the Nishikawa campaign and it is like the clear file campaign they had a while ago. Although the merchandise is still expensive, you have the choice of buying it or not with full knowledge of whether your Yuzu campaign good is available and you can choose to order or not, which is fair enough. For those of you who are curious about the other campaign, the Sekkesei Miyabi Yuzu mirror "give away", I accessed their site to see what the conditions are to get this gift. Basically you need a Yahoo Japan account and you make a reservation at your local department store, which has a Miyabi counter. That means you need a Japanese phone number and be in Japan. You pick a specific time and date to show up at the store to order your qualifying goods with id and reservation number (on your mobile) in tow or the store will call you on the date and time of your reservation so you can order and have it sent out to you. Sounds like when you buy tickets . You can access the price list before you try to make a reservation and they will stop taking them if the gift runs out. Must say the prices are not for the faint of heart : they are about twice (like SKII in case your familiar with that line) that of the their other line MYV, which you can also order instead of Miyabi to get the mirror. After the campaign ends, if there are any mirrors left, they will have another campaign with the remaining. I'm sitting here waiting for the typhoon (no. 9) to skirt my area today, but a much bigger one will head straight through this coming weekend. We definitely don't need anymore rain, but what's a few 100 mm or more . At least it gives me lots of time for desk work and lots of times to watch Masquerade several more times and other Yuzu vids too . Anyone else out there in the typhoon zone?
  5. The attempts to sell expensive merchandise with the chance to win a Yuzu momento is really trying to take advantage of Fanyus. To me, it is a real turn off and would cause me not to want to buy their product. Its even worse since it's not a sure thing whether you will be 'rewarded'. Mattresses are expensive and something you would use for quite a while, so not something I would buy without trying it out. Since these are inexpensive prizes, the least they could do is have a large enough supply so you don't have to gamble on whether you get it or not. To make matters worse, you have to buy an additional Nishikawa product, as if the mattress or pillow wasn't expensive enough. I actually need a pillow at the moment, but this campaign has encouraged me to look into the pillows from other companies instead. As for the Sekkesei Miyabi campaign, if you use their products regularly and know you are not allergic to them, you might want to buy them since they are the same price as many department store sold smetics in Japan, but I wouldn't do so if I didn't try out samples first. I think the Lotte campaign is okay since you only need to buy something inexpensive, like chocolates which you could eat , and you do get the clear files when you purchase the choco or gum. What's not okay is when these files are sold later on Amazon for lots of money As for Elizabeth Peyton's paintings, my cynical self tells me she is using Yuzu to promote her own career. And as paintings, they are not really a style that I like and I really don't think they capture Yuzu's likeness or essence very well. Guess, I will get off my soapbox now and
  6. I agree that you can be a big fan of one skater and rational fans would not hate on others, in an ideal world. Seiko H is still around and has political power. She is in the cabinet and is the Minister for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and also minister in charge of Womens Empowerment and gender equality, which I find ironic. Unfortunately, the JSF, like other organizations, is very political, so they do have their favorites. As mentioned before, Yuzu doesn't come from a powerful (like in lots of influence) skating club, which puts him at a disadvantage already, and he is true to his convictions. He's so outstanding that he was able to rise to his position without much help from the JSF and Japanese judges. That's all I better say, because the Planet is a nice and non-political place .
  7. It’s the other way around, but you might be joking . You buy 11000 ¥ (about 100 USD) worth of Miyabi product and get a Yuzu mirror. and prordering starts on Sep 2. Each full size bottle of lotion or emulsion probably cost at least 5000 ¥, typical of Japanese high end cosmetics, so you might easily qualify for the mirror
  8. Thank you @IceWings Yes, that works on my PC, but couldn’t get it to work on my mobile—- thought my “smart phone” was much smarter than me . Are mobiles only called ‘smart phones’ in Japan?
  9. Today's C-chan question answer, translated by the Tweeter, not me. Guess he really loves his earbuds and audio equipment, a very expected answer! Hope this works. Hope some kind Sat will teach how to easily embed videos, please.... "Today’s question appears to be about what he’d want to do if he wasn’t an athlete Yuzu: if I were to be in a profession unrelated to sports... I think a job (involving) making and adjusting speakers [laughs] and earbuds/phones. Yuzu: Also, if not involving training, or I couldn’t take time exceeding what I can in my day to day life, I think I’d like to do research in various fields, researching about a variety of things." https://twitter.com/i/status/1297750639938805762
  10. Little late in answering. I'm in a STEM field and so are my kids, so my experiences relate to that. At the Japanese med school I worked at and from the experience of my kids, they presented their thesis/report for their bachelor's degree at a meeting with members of their department or school (e.g., medical sciences, biological sciences) with a brief talk (about 30 min) and they were asked questions from the audience, but were usually not harshly questioned. For some students, they picked easy topics and others, harder, more challenging ones. Yuzu's thesis looks pretty intense to me! For Masters (1-2 years) and PhD 3-5 years), the thesis and dissertation, respectively, contained much more original data and the candidates presented their work to a committee of 4-6 faculty members and were "grilled" with much harsher questions; it's designed to determine if you really know your stuff and can explain your data, even negative results. My defense from a US university lasted about 3.5 hours after I presented my work----traumatic experience, but I survived! From my experience as a faculty member in the UK, Masters and PhDs also wrote dissertations and presented and defended their work in front of a committee, similar to Japan and the US, and some of the committees I was on were very rigorous, to put it kindly . No crying allowed, even if you feel like it The undergrad course at my uni was a condensed one, three years, with very competitive students; and the fourth was really doing research for a Masters, so the system is different from that in Japan and the US. Portions of graduate theses/dissertations are published in peer reviewed journals, and maybe even some undergraduate theses, but usually as part of a bigger paper. Copies of theses and dissertations are usually kept in the school library, or maybe online now. My old theses/dissertations are gathering dust at three different universities in the US !
  11. Japanese universities still require a thesis for a bachelor’s degree.
  12. In Japan, many bachelor degree grads wear kimono, at least my kids did when they graduated from national universities, but maybe Waseda has other traditions. Happy that he is finishing his thesis and will graduate soon. May not want to read his thesis though, I have enough equations in real life ( just joking you guys).
  13. Today’s C-chan question/ answer is posted . Here’s a link and good translation on twitter. I could actually understand what he said mostly, but couldn’t understand the question since I can’t read Chinese. That smile at the end. lae (@axelsandwich) Tweeted: Q: But at times when I don't feel like doing that or I'm stressed...I… just stay like that (laughs). I think it can't be helped, so I try to admit that to myself instead of forcing myself to work hard/pointlessly https://twitter.com/axelsandwich/status/1297392714661519360?s=20 A copy of her tweet: "Q: How do you adjust when your mood is low? What do you do when you're feeling a lot of pressure or lack of motivation? A: When I'm feeling down, let's see...I listen to music I like & try to lift my mood through getting into the rhythm & humming along. But at times when I don't feel like doing that or I'm stressed...I… just stay like that (laughs). I think it can't be helped, so I try to admit that to myself instead of forcing myself to work hard/pointlessly"
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