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  1. Thanks for telling me this. Guess I'll have to be glued to the Planet and refresh like crazy
  2. Since Moscow is ahead of my time here by 2 hours, and Yuzu is in the first group, I might be able to hear news about it before I leave for work. Sorry if I've missed this, but is there a live stream somewhere?
  3. I think it's going to hit the western side of the UK again. I'm on the eastern side, but have been through quite a few typhoons when I lived in Japan. Did you see the weird red sky and sun last week---it was a bit creepy!
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Practice group 1 looks like a good one for Yuzu... Looking forward to live reports---I'll be at a meeting at that time, but can rush upstairs right after and stare at my computer screen (stealth viewing), which I hope no one sees me doing.
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes, he looks relaxed but determined at the same time. Can't drink alcohol and ice cream is too fattening, but I do have lots of popcorn and San Pelligrino
  6. Wow, hope you can get some sleep on the way over, and have a nice flight! Cheer for all of us at home fans
  7. Just discovered that Eurosport UK will cover the mens SP live on Friday (12-13:30) (should I come home from work at lunchtime to watch or chicken out like I usually do ), with several repeats later, but will only show 30 min of the mens FS on Sunday night at 22:00, before showing the Gala. Only other coverage is the womens FS. Guess I should be grateful that they'll show the most important parts as far as I'm concerned, and relieved, but I was hoping to see more coverage. Lots of snooker though ---sorry any snooker fans out there!
  8. Very sad to hear that none of you got tickets to the GPF this year. I'll be joining all of you on the other side of the computer screen, but I'll be doing it in Japan, which makes it even worse Looking on the bright side of things---at least it will be in prime time for me and maybe I can see the coverage on Japanese TV
  9. Looks different---big gold embroidered motif on the front?
  10. Wow--- thanks for showing me the banner ! Looks really great and bilingual too ! Need a phone case like that--- like how it' s a profile and not too conspicuous
  11. Will need to look harder---maybe I'm too sleepy
  12. They're showing some of the banners--- does the planet have a banner and have you seen it?
  13. Maybe later in the season, since this year, it's a long season indeed.