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  1. Thanks for the news @sweetwater I'm going there next Tuesday to pick up my Yuzu keitai (mobile phone) stand from the Sekkisei campaign (need foundation, sunscreen, etc. anyway ) and would love to see this, even if it is a new pair, but like the ones he actually used! Hope they are still there, since not being in Tokyo, things rarely appear here.
  2. After waiting patiently (well, not so patiently... ) for the post today, I received my copy of Yuzu'll Be Back III today. This A4 book is a beautifully done photobook that truly reflects how the photographers respect and empathize with Yuzu and understand his different moods as reflected in the photos. There is a jacket and on the reverse side of the jacket is a full body shot of H&E. The cover itself has Nats photos (SP, awards) of Yuzu in black and white. Speaking as someone who probably has purchased too many photobooks already this season, this is the best one so far---covering Nationa
  3. @SuzyQ , you've done a thorough job for explaining the vaccination situation in Japan---thank you! I fortunately live in a prefecture with a relatively low population that had started vaccinating seniors as soon as they could and are now making it available to people under 65. My son's university has also made it available to all staff and students. In my opinion, the Japanese government did not have enough foresight to buy enough doses and not soon enough, when a number of other countries did. I also think that insisting on my clinical trials was unnecessary since the Pfizer vaccine had
  4. [NEWS] There will be another new photobook to be released in July 20 ! It's 150 pages and over-sized! Wonder if it will contain all new photos, already published photos, or a mixture. Has this been posted? Descriptions from Amazon.co.jp (Google translation is pretty rough, but you can get an idea and its probably better than me translating ) "Yuzuru Hanyu Photo Collection Reproduction REGROWTH (tentative title) - Full of latest photos! JP Oversized – July 20, 2021 The official latest photo collection of Yuzuru Hanyu, "Prince on ice". It completely covers the
  5. I received the same thing from Golden Skate. It is really odd since I haven't posted there since before the Planet was started. Wonder what's up---they are losing their readership?
  6. In academic papers, you never identify the subject by their real name, so it is ridiculous how these foreign "media" are spinning it. Those actually guilty of poor technique are actually identifying themselves this way ---how stupid and ironic.
  7. Here's something UA practice clothes enthusiasts may look forward to : There will be a new photobook focusing on Yuzu's practice clothes, to be published in May 2021. It's called 羽生結弦写真集: The Real (Yuzuru Hanyu Photobook: The Real ) by photographers Noto-san and Taguchi-san. It's 2860 JPY (in Japan, which includes tax) at CD Japan, but not yet listed at Amazon.co.jp and will be published/released in mid May 2021. The description at the Rakuten site, translated into English by Google (so there might be some errors) about the book and the photographers.
  8. Many Japanese ladies carry small hand towels or packets of tissues just for that purpose- so washing hands should not be a problem. Guys have hankies and tissue. That’s why those little hand towels are such popular Yuzu merchandise. Nowadays, i always have my little Origin hand towel, mini bottle of hand sanitizer, and extra masks in my bag.
  9. Wakaba san. it will be her new SP
  10. News (?) TV schedule for SOI 2021 On TBS 2 [a CS (Communication's Satellite) channel of SkyPerfect TV in Japan, but can be accessed by iSakura and other services that allow viewers to watch Japanese TV outside of Japan]. Times listed are Japan time. 23 Apr (Fri) Yokohama (live) CS TBS 2: 1:55-5:00 pm Will be repeated as a taped show: 8 May (9 pm - 12 am) 24 Apr (Sat) Yokohama (live) CS TBS 2: 12:55 - 4:00 Will be repeated as a taped show: 8 May (12-3 am) 30 Apr (Fri) Hachinoe (live) Special broadcast
  11. These are repeats of WTT, but don't know if they are longer versions or not. On regular TV, they only showed 4-5 skaters, but on the paid channel, they showed all of them.
  12. There are 3 tv cameras at the venue: 1 from ISU and 2 from TV Asahi. There better be footage or I will throw a tantrum
  13. There will be two gala practices today: 9:55 and 11:55 am, Japan time. Since the audience is allowed into the venue 2 hours before, there is plenty of time for 4 A practice ...
  14. Nothing exciting, just the usual: Skated to the side, put on his skate guards, put on his mask and left with the lady who usually helps him out. Does anyone know who she is---works for ANA?
  15. He added a Tano to his combo— do you think it will be there in the actual competition? BTW, NC’s jumps looked pretty good too, well good for his style anyway
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