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  1. Yes, everyone thinks I'm a Japanese fan, even if I am not carrying a Pooh---until I open my mouth to speak !
  2. I just logged on to the Online Exhibition store and bought some more Yuzu-related goods ! Ordered clear files and some towels, which comes in handy in humid Japan. The site is easy to navigate and it can be translated to English through Google translater. However, I had some problems when checking out: you have to put your name in katakana (required) before you could go on to the buy dialogue and I was unable to use the pull-down list for prefecture (even though I live in Japan). I could type my name in katakana, but I think it might be difficult for people without a Japanese keyboard. I wrote them an e-mail about fixing this situation, since gaijin fans who don't speak Japanese may want to order. Site also has stuff from the 2018 exhibition, but I couldn't find the Sendai pamphlet (maybe it's somewhere else). Good luck you guys, but since its made to order, maybe it's not any rush---thank goodness, even though the goods will take longer to arrive. I was just sitting at my desk and shopping was more fun than reviewing a bunch of papers
  3. Agree with @Geo1 that having them shipped directly to you might be the cheapest and most efficient option. Tax is 10% in Japan, so that would be deducted from your price and shipping by a friend in Japan is expensive if you use FedEx or even DHL, since Japan post may not be accepting packages to be sent to the US. I tried to ship my daughter in the US a package and the post office said they weren't accepting packages until further notice; there are very few planes flying to the US from Japan now and some packages had been stuck at the origin post office in Japan for a long time. Maybe, you can all have them shipped by Amazon as one package. I did manage to get all 3 photobooks and I liked the Yuzu'll be Back 2 and the third photobook (such nice photos that I wished it had a hard cover like an art book) by Yaguchi-san the best. I splurged because I knew it would be unlikely to attend any comps this year and thought I'd make the best of being "stuck" in Japan for a while. Just joking though, really enjoy living in Japan and fortunately my prefecture has had no new cases of the virus for a long time.
  4. Salted cherry blossoms are a great taste accent for sweets, kind of like the idea of salt in caramel. It looks pretty and spring-like. For example, in sweet bean paste buns (like anpan) and once I had it as an accent in flan with kuromitsu ( brown sugar syrup), yummy!
  5. I couldn't access the video again, so not sure, but looks like pork with ginger (low fat) and miso soup with white fish and scallops. Looks like home cooking to me and very healthy. If it was for me though, I could never handle such a big bowl of rice or I would gain weight just by looking at it
  6. From my TV schedule, this broadcast of NHK Trophy 10-year Yuzu special will be on 29 April (Wed) 10-11:20 pm, NHK general (NHKG) , Japan time . I’ll be watching again, since I can never get enough of his programs.
  7. Fortunately, it’s not a typical Japanese food! It says ringo no risotto (apple risotto) Bacon looks good though if you are not a vegetarian and the broccoli is healthy .
  8. I'm a bit late to the alcohol discussion, but many East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) have a variant form of the enzyme (alcohol dehydrogenase) that converts alcohol (ethanol) to acetaldehyde (which is toxic); it is more efficient, so more acetaldehyde is accumulated in a shorter time, which causes flushing, etc. The acetaldehyde is then broken down by another enzyme (acetaldehyde dehydrogenase), so if this enzyme is also the less active genetic variant, you have a "double whammy", and can't drink much if any alcohol at all. Okay, enough biochemistry. Back to practical real life, neither my Japanese husband nor my son and daughter (Japanese/Chinese) can drink much alcohol at all---it's not a pleasant experience! Fortunately, even though there is a lot of pressure to drink with your co-workers, there is less stigma to refusing to do so now and you can always drink one of the zero alcohol beers (actually about 0.5%) or volunteer to be the designated driver! And for me, who has asthma, if I drink anything, I start to have a wheezing attack , in addition to turning super red! Don't know if this affects Yuzu this way, but it is a possibility.
  9. Does anyone know if and when Japanese TV will be showing Worlds? I am trying to program my recorder to record the events before I leave for Montreal, but can't seem to find it in the Japanese TV listings. J-Sports may have it? As of now I'm still planning to go, but things are very up in the air now Would be grateful for any info from the Satellites in Japan and elsewhere.
  10. I'll post on this thread my badge preferences . I would like the green Seimei, with sparkly crystals, with my name as Stephanie/Ladysci; following Umebachi's good example!
  11. Thank you for doing this ---should we post our preferences on the Worlds message thread or here?
  12. Unless you have a friend in Japan who can purchase them and send them to you, I think ordering them from Amazon.co.jp (which has the option of viewing in English) or CD Japan for books and magazines would be the most convenient. Unfortunately, the postage will be expensive with any option, even if a friend helps you out, but it helps if you have them shipped all together instead of when each become available, but of course you might have to wait longer to get them.
  13. Is this Tenjin station? Understandably, the usually very crowded station looks emptier than usual, but the pics could also been taken during a non-rush hour. So the campaign has started and not only these beautiful ads, but the products themselves are available in Kyushu it seems ----although they are still expensive as cosmetics go!
  14. From my perspective Jpn officials are good with schmoozing among themselves but not so good with exerting their influence outside Japan. At least that’s what I’ve noticed in my field.
  15. Yes I want that too! It's called Figure Skating Art Costumes and costs 4620 Yen on amazon.co.jp It's an oversized book, so maybe not that bad for an "art book"---you know the type you put on your coffee table to impress your guests . Just use amazon.co.jp in English and type in the English version of the title.
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