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  1. It seems like there will be a one-to-one interview with Yuzu by Nakayama Mika (an announcer?) on Mon, June 24, at 8-10:25 Jpn time, or maybe recorded before and will show tomorrow. Hope someone who can understand Japanese better than me will give a full translation of the above. Is this going to be live somewhere? Another middle of the night event for me to watch
  2. Harder than getting tickets to WC. Well, I need to be unrealistically optimistic---at least I can watch it on TV from far away.
  3. I'll be in Japan around that time too, but have never attempted to get tickets to Japan Nationals. Is there a lottery like for the other events in Japan and if so, when is it held? Think with it being in Tokyo, it will be very hard to get tickets this year. I'll asked by son to give it a try, although I'm not optimistic!
  4. I also probably won't book flights until I find out if Yuzu is going, although I've reserved a cancelable hotel. Hope we'll know before September though.
  5. When I was going through the checkout process, it said that you have a certain amount of time to finish the transaction or the tickets will go back to the sale. So I had plenty of time to put in my credit card info, even though I accidentally selected the wrong country from the pull-down menu because I was stressed. I didn't use PayPal directly (i.e., did not have an account), but I think PayPal manages the purchase even if you use a credit card. Think the hurdle is getting into your cart fast enough and pressing the make payment button. Good luck everyone!
  6. Got my tickets, for once I'm lucky! Clicked on the dot of 10 AM using the details button and put in the code. After putting in the code, the ticket selection menu came up immediately and I selected right away and checked out. Thanks for the moral support and instructions on this thread!
  7. They sure are---since the type of fabric really determines how comfortable they are. I've been wearing toe socks for years and they do help to prevent blisters, etc.! They are very popular in Japan, but now that I'm living in Europe, it takes more effort to find them and must try hard to find ones that look like an adult would wear them!
  8. I watched COC live on TV (from Japanese TV that showed much more about the accident) and would not watch it again until I knew he had recovered. Could not bring myself to watch Boston again, since I was there and that was traumatic enough. I can watch Rostelecom okay. And I definitely watch Saitama Origin again and again, but only his performance. Why are there pics of everyone except for Yuzu
  9. Next Friday, another ticket crisis---maybe I should take the day off (good idea)
  10. Thank you, I'll give it a try a bit later---need 3 tickets for each, but 2 will do (trying to convert my daughter to a satellite)
  11. Thanks Thanks! Yes, this works now, but I'm too late for the single tickets for Fri and Sat.
  12. This might be just be, but how do you access the pre-sale by clicking on the link posted by Rachel. Do you need another code to enter the pre-sale. Thanks for any info. Does this only work in Canada and the US?
  13. Perhaps all those facets of this personality were always there. As you mature, you become less reluctant to let those previously unexhibited facets come out. Since I'm the mom of kids that grew up in Japan, I noticed that when they truly knew who they are and what they wanted out of life, like in their mid-twenties, hidden positive aspects of their personality came out, but because they were always considerate and polite, they still remained so. Also, if you live outside Japan for some time, you develop more outgoing characteristics. As for all those pheromones, it's just part of being an adult man with charisma!
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