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  1. I'm probably attracted to the Origin watch because not only does it remind me of Origin 1, the colors remind me of Masquerade ! However, as much as I like it, I might not want to spend so much on a watch that I would only wear occasionally, since most of the time I'm attached to my Apple Watch, which records data on my activity etc. A Ten to Chi to watch would be beautiful, just as long as it's not too dainty.
  2. Seems like it's 5,680 RMB, so about 94, 961 Japanese yen, about $868. Okay, that makes sense. Was freaking out when I thought it was yen.
  3. 800 something dollars sounds like a more reasonable actually and the exchange rate is not that dire. So the mystery remains.
  4. Could someone verify the actual price of the Origin watch, the price listed on the linked site, 5680 Yen, seems unreasonably low for a watch and most of the Citizen watches cost more? Yu Zu Ru collection cosmetics: I received a set for Christmas and I can say that they have been very compatible with my skin type (Asian), whereas the regular Sekkisei products (the blue bottles) were a bit too harsh for me. If used sparingly, twice a day, they last quite a long time. And the box was very beautiful, as expected!
  5. I would totally wear the new one. Love large watches and the red minute markers, the gold markers, and the black case, which would go with most of my clothes. Unfortunately, there is no way to get one
  6. Thanks @shanshani, upon closer inspection, you're right, so I changed my post. I also seem to remember that SOI Yokohama was also the only one they didn't cancel.
  7. NEWS: Yuzu is scheduled to be in SOI Yokohama (4/25, 4/24, 4/22, 4/23) This will only be Japanese skaters: Men (Yuzu, Shoma, Yuma, Mura, Keiji, Sato, Tomono, Yamamoto) and women (Higuchi, Kihira, Sakamoto, Mihara...), dance (KoKo). Sorry for the mixture of first and last names. A bit surprised he is doing this (please stay healthy and safe) because of the Covid cases rising in Tokyo, but perhaps he was contracted to do this, from last year when it was postponed. Sadly, not being vaccinated, I don't feel safe to go there, sigh, even if it is only a 2-3 hour plane
  8. A bit more information about WTT: In Japan at least, you apparently have to pay TV Asahi (something like Fuji on demand, I guess) to have live viewing of the practices, competition, and some extra video footage. By doing this, they are trying to force people to buy tickets to the real event; ticket sales begin this coming Saturday. At least Fuji On Demand had a free 2-week trial period during Worlds. This does not include the Gala, which will be shown in movie theaters, and of course you have to pay for this. Having people in a movie theater during an epidemic is incredibly irresponsible an
  9. Probably want to protect him from getting the virus and maximize profits at the same time. I am becoming very cynical indeed
  10. Totally agree that they want to make as much money as possible and they don't care at all about the risk they are putting their own skaters in. Considering the price of the tickets, they would lose loads of profit if the event doesn't take place or takes place without an audience. Hoping that the Osaka government will put a stop to this; they have already started a semi-state of emergency where bars and restaurants have to close before 8 pm. They are making an exception for those international teams, because France, Russia, USA, and Canada are still not allowed to enter Japan, and
  11. Seems like Yuzu will have to go to WTT . And Shoma too, not Yuma ! I'm really worried about him since Osaka is having a major spike in the number of Covid cases, about 50% with the UK variant! Wonder if he was given no choice. I thought he was "safe" from going when he landed in Tokyo, rather than Kansai. I live close enough to Osaka to try for tickets, but since most Japanese have not been vaccinated, I think it's much to dangerous to hold an event that size and is totally irresponsible. 公益財団法人日本スケート連盟 (@skatingjapan) Tweeted: 世界フィギュアスケート国別対抗戦2021の日本代表選手が発表されました。 詳細
  12. They just showed Yuzu’s SP practice on FOD and now showing backstage before the first group Guess we all saw it at the same time
  13. @sweetwater, I have a question about Fuji FOD Premium. I was able to watch ladies sp on FOD premium using their two week free trial, but can you also watch the same thing when the live broadcast is over or is this only available with a real subscription. There is a list of previous skating covered by Fuji, like Japanese Nats 2020, but not the latest Worlds broadcasts. Depending on the results, I might subscribe to J Sports, but not if I can’t bear watching it again .
  14. Is anyone out there watching on Fuji FOD Premium. No commentary but very clear. They currently have a free 2 week trial in case you are in Japan.
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