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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Love the banner too-waiting for my plane at the Incheon International Airport and just logged on to the Planet and saw it. Like how the outlines match the colors on Yuzu’s costumes! Should be back home in time to see the GPF men’s.
  2. Think with this GPF, for once I can watch with no stress , and even watch it on TV in prime time while eating tonkatsu (since I'll be in Japan). Am cheering for Uncle Sergei though, who I have a sentimental spot for.
  3. You said of course that you never noticed his looks because his skating was so fantastic you were already too dazzled.
  4. Wow-where were you at the time and what did they ask?
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    A frivolous question: what's the gold pin (?) on Yuzu's shirt collar? I'm sitting at my desk trying hard to avoid doing work...
  6. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Gala

    If he needed help, I'm sure he can get lots of volunteers from the Planet
  7. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Gala

    In Japan, lots of the school uniforms have clip-on ties, so being tie tying challenged is not so serious Now in the old days when my husband went to school, they had to actually do up their own ties... High school guys usually take their ties off immediately when the leave the campus, and stuff them in their bags, so they have to be non-wrinkle too
  8. Late with answering---I got zero tickets for the GPF in Nagoya also, although I entered the lottery .
  9. It's on Sunday night at 10-11 pm, and right after that, the Gala on British Eurosport 2HD. So better late than never and we can watch calmly now that we know the results. Love the new Seimei costume---it looked beautiful on the Japanese broadcast.
  10. Thanks for telling me this. Guess I'll have to be glued to the Planet and refresh like crazy
  11. Since Moscow is ahead of my time here by 2 hours, and Yuzu is in the first group, I might be able to hear news about it before I leave for work. Sorry if I've missed this, but is there a live stream somewhere?
  12. I think it's going to hit the western side of the UK again. I'm on the eastern side, but have been through quite a few typhoons when I lived in Japan. Did you see the weird red sky and sun last week---it was a bit creepy!
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    Practice group 1 looks like a good one for Yuzu... Looking forward to live reports---I'll be at a meeting at that time, but can rush upstairs right after and stare at my computer screen (stealth viewing), which I hope no one sees me doing.
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes, he looks relaxed but determined at the same time. Can't drink alcohol and ice cream is too fattening, but I do have lots of popcorn and San Pelligrino
  15. Wow, hope you can get some sleep on the way over, and have a nice flight! Cheer for all of us at home fans