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  1. Gosh I keep telling myself I only want Yuzuru to be happy, but deep inside I want him to win because he deserves it for all the shit ISU has put him through. So dreadful, this feeling of wishing and wanting something that seems so impossible.
  2. I'm close to finishing half my bottle of wine, but my anxiety just grows stronger each second that passes. UNIVERSE PLS BE KIND TO YUZU
  3. I have the same thoughts. I thought he'd change it, but it seems like he's intent on keeping it.
  4. I don't know why, but I have this weird sense of calmness/peace with regards to Yuzu's performance in this WC. This is so unlike Saitama where all I felt is dread.
  5. I am not one to get all mushy but the things you put out to the world have their own way of paying you back and that my friends is Yuzu's life
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