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  1. I don't get the part where Yuzu and Mao are mentioned by Raf? Something about falling on jumps and trajectories?
  2. MeowZu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I've never been more tired of this sport than I was the last few days. I guess what truly breaks my heart is the fact that so many people are ready to pounce on Yuzu once he shows vulnerability. Suddenly, everything he has worked for is tainted. So many criticisms against him are so unwarranted. Yesterday, I got into an argument with a Nathan Chen fan because I called out how some of his fans disrespect Yuzu. The fan told me that they are not obligated to praise Yuzu to feed his narcissistic self and that Nathan is the better skater. I was so confused how that escalated quickly. Then you have Raf basically supporting robotic skating where you just jump jump jump, calling Pooh a weapon of psychological warfare. Where did that come from? Lol. This sport is so unforgiving towards Yuzu. To be quite honest, I just want him to retire and live his best life with all his money,earphones,and Pooh plushies. I dream of the day when he could just eat his favorite Sendai beef tongue, play games, drink hot chocolate, without having to worry about 'catching up' with this opponents (YOU DON'T NEED TO CATCH UP TO ANYONE YUZU MY GOSH). But we all know that's not what he wants. He wants to reclaim his title. He wants to be better. And that leaves us with no choice but to support him. Such is the life of a Yuzu fan. We go through everything with him no matter how difficult because we know he's worth it.
  3. If anything, this should be a motivation for him. He cannot always win, but he can always make us so proud of everything he puts out there for us. Go forth, Zu, reach for that 4A. Go for quints, if you want. We will always be here. We will always have your back.
  4. I love Nate, but boy, American media will be insufferable.
  5. Ahhhhhh first man to break 200 in the free
  6. Ahhh to stan Yuzuru Hanyu is the greatest decision I have ever made what a champion
  8. I wanna rip my heart off my chest have mercy on me
  9. The PCS is very low among those who performed already should I be worried omg
  10. Still laughing at his several attempts to make a heart with his fingers lol
  11. Today is the day Phil Hersh should give me his promised homecooking hahahahahahaha GIMME GIMME GIMME Kidding aside, may Yuzu win gold. I'm putting it out there, with the hope that the universe will hear me.