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  1. I am not one to get all mushy but the things you put out to the world have their own way of paying you back and that my friends is Yuzu's life
  2. Being a fanyu can be difficult at times, but it is in these moments that tell us that HE IS WORTH IT EVERY SINGLE TIME
  3. I don't know. 'Regressing' is such a strong word to use in this situation. I'd say her SP is not everyone's cup of tea and that's okay.
  4. Just passing by (after a bit of inactivity) to say thank you to this forum for keeping me sane during my Bar Exams review. I passed! I am now a lawyer!
  5. I won't conclude that Zhenya is a bad person for what she has done, but she is irresponsible and hard-headed. It's bad enough that she is not observing government advice, but to actually act like she is not doing anything wrong is very disappointing. I wish people around her can give her advice on how to handle this because it's turning into a PR nightmare.
  6. There are masks available from Indoplas in Lazada. They've spiked the prices so much, but there are no other available options.
  7. To those who are going to Montreal, do you have masks? I am not going but I can buy online for you guys. This is my little way of helping everyone out for Yuzu. In this regard, are there any Filipino Fanyus going? Can I send the masks through you?
  8. A little OT, but am I the only one who's scared of what's gonna happen at Worlds? I'm excited to see Yuzu, of course, but there is this overwhelming feeling of uneasiness and dread. This is probably because of what happened in the last few competitions. I just genuinely want Yuzu to be happy.
  9. I will never understand how people, especially his own countrymen, can hate Yuzu. He has always been so kind, even to those who are nasty to him. My heart breaks for him.
  10. All these modern programs are meh if they can't be performed well. Lol. This trend is gonna die down soon, believe me. I personally can only take so much of break dancing and bad vocals. Where can I buy this chocolate dispenser? Hahaha
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