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    Yuzuru News and Updates

    The purpose of this thread is to collect important news and media updates related to Yuzuru Hanyu that are posted in the General Yuzuru Chat (and sometimes on various Event threads) starting with August 2017. This will help in making it easier to catch up with Yuzuru news and the (hands down) busiest thread of Planet Hanyu. We want to keep things organized so only assigned Administrators and Members will update this thread.
  2. robin

    Planet Streaming Parties

    Let's bring them back to counter-act the withdrawal syndromes! Here a list of our previous party threads for those who are new to the planet and this concept: LWOFYPP (fave programs) 09/10 10/11 11/12 12/13 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17 Exhibitions On this thread: Happy Sappy So we were thinking of doing a favorite prgrams streaming party first and then doing a few more season streaming parties in random order. (I am craving the 11/12 season personally!!) @cirelle suggested WR programs which I think could very well be incorporated in to a fave programs streaming party.
  3. robin


    I love cats alot and since Yuzu himself is a cat (from space but nevertheless a cat) we need a cat thread for sure. Feel free to introduce your own cats, share random cat videos or random cat stories. Help this cat-starving soul out that can't have a cat of her own.
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    General Yuzuru Chat

    Happy new year guys! Thanks for sticking around and helping us form this great community. Today I was asked the uncomfortable question what my personal highlight of 2018 was and I really couldn’t think of anything but the moment I did the math and realized Yuzu was going to win gold in PC. Last year my personal life has been on the spectrum between underwhelming to shitty lol and Yuzu was one of the few things that gave me genuine joy Hope the best for Yuzu in the coming years, whatever that means to him.
  5. Her pure joy brings tears to my eyes her choreo sequence, as well.
  6. robin


    Thank you everyone for your contributions so far!! We are accepting donations for the maintenance of the forum, such as our servers and the forum software licence and so on. If you're interested in how exactly we've spent the donations so far we've released a few financial reports. You just have to PM me for the password of the files. Donation methods: Paypal: [email protected] (Euros preferred) GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/planet-hanyu Please post below or PM me if you need confirmation that I have received your donation.
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    Thank you loads, we did receive it
  8. Kaori hits some nerves with me that the other ladies can't. I am soooo so happy for her omgggggg
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she's champpsdhjygsfsgkv
  10. That sprial sequence. gets me. every. single. time.
  11. I guess the third worlds spot is going to be decided between Kaori and Mai....
  12. I could swear that Eu was a step out lol
  13. That was unexpected!! my mouth literally dropped open
  14. Panda guy is streaming the Japanese ladies now http://live.qq.com/10012776 eta: It's a bit behind but smooth.
  15. I don't have sound on chrome but I do on firefox, if that helps...
  16. They have the ok.ru stream embedded for some reason?