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  1. URGH i need to see the whole thing rn
  2. I‘m only getting glimpses at work but urgh his skating is so beautiful and I feel full
  3. Oh I‘ve been doing that for a while, also doing lots of prep with my waltz jumps Well this is how they‘ve been looking lol. Not tight enough and landed forward but could be worse
  4. I just want to add that the first session on sharpened blades (after 5 months of no sharpening) I realized I wasn't actually regressing and that I am not such a terrible skater after all. my jumps got better, my turns got better, everything was good in the world. (Now I would love to get them sharpened once a week but good thing I am lazy.) Also have I mentioned I am working on axels because I have no fear and don't love my body enough?
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    @Old Cat Lady, @Whee1000 We‘ll make sure to post something up when it’s time for us to renew/change our server plans and keep you guys updated Forever thankful to you guys for supporting us in keeping the planet afloat
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    Hi! We didn’t actually have bandwidth issues but it turned out to be a small mistake that led to our database to be currupted which put the whole site down. We haven’t actually had any bandwidth issues ever since we switched to our current server plan and we have more than a year left on it. :) Really, don’t worry about it! There is no obligation to donate. What we’re collecting now is for the future when it’s time to renew our server plan. Thank you a lot for your contributions so far!
  7. Yes, skates are quite a commitment and as an adult skater my recommendation is not to loose any time with lower level skates and be ready to invest 300 eur/usd (?) and upwards (probably more.) My first skates were half that price but also only really served me for 2-3 months, the rest of the time was pain and torture and then injury and more pain. Rentals are usually ok to measure if you’re ready to commit? But they are nothing like a good pair of figure skating skates and can be a waste of time So if you know you want to go for it, go all in. That‘ll save you money and time in the long run!
  8. Scream was probably about Yuzu's arigatou! It feels really weird ending a gala not focused on Yuzu lol
  9. Something is happening but not on cam
  10. Watching Yuzu compete is always so draining but his exhibition programs always give me this sense of emotional closure and tranquility at the end of it all. Thank you Yuzu for sticking around and continuing on giving us glimpses of true beauty.
  11. Hope they use pink lights and sakuras for Yuzu's ex now
  12. So today it's either full black or a couple in red dress/black suit LOL
  13. Deja vu? Didn't we already have a lady in red with a champagne glass?
  14. I don't actually mind the gloomy programs today
  15. Black costumes and melancholic music continues This really is a funeral, rip FS
  16. This was a really good program for Boyang
  17. I have so many questions but it's fun
  18. I woke up just un time to catch the opening. Yuzu's hair looks soft and yet unstyled lol
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