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  1. And happy new year! Wish everyone has a healthy 2019! And I hope Yuzu has a healthy and successful 2019 to come!
  2. The avg rating for Men's SP is 14%. The highest instance is 22.8% when Yuzu broke his WR. The avg rating for Men's FS is 16.2%. The highest instance is 26.4% when Yuzu finished his skate and was waiting for his score.
  3. Rostelecom Cup 2018 Yuzuru Hanyu SP Spanish Commentary Video: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/patinaje-sobre-hielo/patinaje-artistico-rostelecom-cup-2018-programa-corto-masculino/4843127/ (requires a VPN) https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?74832-Yuzuru-Hanyu-2018-2019/page205#4081
  4. Rostelecom Cup 2018 Yuzuru Hanyu SP Polish Commentary (Eng Sub in the video)
  5. Rostelecom Cup 2018 Yuzuru Hanyu SP ITA Commentary
  6. For a non-prime time in JPN and only a GP, this is really high. The overall average was 16.2% (included both Men's and Ladies'), which then it peaked at 20.7% when Yuzu finished his FS and broke WR. Oh, by the way, SP's highest was 21.2%, which was also really high considering there was a JPN baseball competition around that time I think.
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