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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I just enjoyed watching the motion of it, and not what he is eating haha. He takes such big bites that it is like watching chipmunk eating lol. (source)
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Here is a video to lift everyone's spirit up! I think all of you will be smiling throughout the entire video. http://t.cn/R0kP660?m=4159022858368203&u=3037417180 P.S.: Don't watch if you are hungry or on a diet!
  3. Media Link Requests

    Hi, here you go! If you are interested in more of them, you will find more success if you search "Rostelecom Cup" instead of "CoR" P.S.: Do you have trouble viewing them as in they are not available in your country? Tell me if this one doesn't work.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Now, in hindsight, I am so glad there were so many fan projects organized for Yuzu these past months. At first, I thought we were getting a little out of hands with showing our support, with so many projects and whatnot, but now I am so grateful to all the fans who took the time to initiate and organize them. Arguably, this may be the hardest period of time for Yuzu (and his fans) in his senior career with what is at stake this season (I am sure this season is up there along with the 2014-15 season and the Tohoku earthquake), so I am so happy we took the opportunity to show our support to him. Hopefully he will gain strength from all the fan messages he received. I am sure he knows he has quite a large fan following in Japan, but all the projects this season would make it extra clear to him the support he has from all over the world, not just in Japan. If nothing else, I hope they at least lifted his spirit up for a while.
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Sorry, I can't help myself
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Can you imagine this: Commentator: And last up is... Yuzuru Hanyu.... the space kitten, the swan, the ice fairy, space pooh, the living national treasure, the GOAT!!!! Audience: ??? kitty? swan? pooh? national treasure? goat? Are we in a zoo? Oh, I just remembered another iconic one: the Alien!
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    Haha, how can I forget this! (and uppercases do make or break this title lol)
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Just out of curiosity, does Yuzu have a title from figure skating fans in general? Like I have seen skaters being referred to as King (Plushenko, Takahashi (in Japan))... Queen (Yuna)... Tiny Queen (Satoko)... but does Yuzu have one? I haven't commonly heard him being referred to as something else other than Mushroom, Yuzu, Zuzu etc., which are more like affectionate nicknames. If he doesn't have one, Yuzu needs to have something intimidating. Zuzu is not scary enough lol. (Granted, all he needs is his glare)
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    This is a post @xeyra had posted back in November explaining how world standing is calculated.
  10. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    As salty (and bitter) as I am of the judging and scores, a win is a win, and no one can take it away (Just like I still see people saying Yuzu's Olympic title was undeserved because Plushenko withdrew, like really?). Nathan won this season's GPF, just like Shoma did at last year's nationals. Even if their scores are lower than Yuzu's both times, their wins should still be recognized. Now, if people go around saying they beat Yuzu though... that's a different matter as it's untrue since he was not competing.
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    I am so happy to hear that, that I immediately went and look for it. Here is the video if anyone else missed it like I did. And thank you for sharing your thoughts on my question! It is definitely one way to interpret it. Perhaps I was being too literal in his words. I will have to read the article again with fresh set of eyes after getting some sleep.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Once again, I am very impressed with his incredible self-awareness, on his performances, mistakes, expressions, season (slow start), and even his anxiety and fears. It is always nice to see him acknowledge how it is needed for him to change his mentality on his training methods in order to better suit his body at this point in time, instead of "jumping and falling and jumping and falling" method he used when he was 16-17 years old. (Which makes me incredibly sad for him to get injured in NHK despite the extra care he took; I pray he will come back from it). It is very insightful to read his thoughts on his jumps and how body types factor into the jumps one can do (It never occurred to me to contribute his "lack of stability" to his body build. Maybe that is something to think about, but probably it goes beyond that). I always had a fun time reading up the discussions fans had on jumping techniques in the skating thread despite not knowing much myself. I also like how he described his performances: they are like "pieces of glass" which become very beautiful once they fit together successfully, but can be very dangerous and risky when they don't (which is similar to his jumps, beautiful once "everything falls into place"). As a fan, I am glad he didn't end up changing his build much in order to gain more stability in his jumps, because his lightness and effortless look when jumping are what make me enthralled with his skating. His pondering on his roots in his expression is also fascinating and something I have to keep an eye out for when watching performances from skaters with different backgrounds. Now I really wondered what exactly is entailed in North American way of expression, same as Russian way and Japanese way? I especially like it when he credits his "fundamentals of expression" to Bestemianova and Bobrien's "way of thinking" specifically, not just simply Russian ways (because I think there are many schools of expressions in Russia- just look at Eteri for example). Lastly, when I thought I couldn't be more impressed with him, I became even more so when he started crediting the people who had helped him in the past, however brief the encounter was. I really hope Tarasova, Bestemianova and Bobrien know how much Yuzu holds them in high esteem, to the point of skating in front of them was the most happy aspect of skating in CoR. Too bad he didn't get to meet them during CoR, but I am sure they were as happy as he was to see him skate in Russia. Personally, I am really grateful he brought back Notte Stellata in Russia; I was completely entrapped by his performance despite the pink lighting.
  13. Media Link Requests

    Hi, it's me again! This video has the "unreleased" footage of the moment where they forgot their certificates on the podium, which is not part of the victory ceremony clip. If you looking for the actual victory ceremony though, there is a clip here: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av1882944/ I hope that helps!
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    It had formally past midnight here (albeit a little late), so happy birthday Yuzu! I wish you all the best (and health) in the upcoming year. I hope there will be less rocks in your path to gold in the upcoming year and season! And even if there are challenges ahead, I hope you know your fans will be behind you supporting you every inch of the way! Lastly, I thank you for being such an inspiration, both as a person and a skater. Also, I am really grateful to all your family members and friends for shaping you into the admirable and strong person you are.
  15. General Yuzuru chat