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  1. Eteri would retire earlier than expected if she coached Yuzu hahahahahahhahahahaha the boi gets his way
  2. I really hope Brian arrives already. Speculations, albeit probably untrue and unneccessary, are already brewing. I don't want them to reach Yuzu and affect him in any way.
  3. I cant tell you enough how emotional I am right now. Life threw stones at Yuzu and he made diamonds out of them. So proud of our boy! That 4Lz! Ahhhhhhh!
  4. I dont like how Alina is always overscored but I also always want her to get good scores because my heart just breaks for her when doesn't do well. She always looks like she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.
  5. He has to be absolutely perfect in Turin. Otherwise, they'd give it to Nathan. Heck, they'd give it to Samarin if he goes clean. What a sad world we live in.
  6. Remember Nathan got a 108 with a subpar performance. Let that sink in. Then compare it to what happened here.
  7. Yuzuru is the child who will never be enough for his parents aka the ISU and judges
  8. Today is another proof that when Yuzu is less than perfect, no candies shall be given. 2x OGM who?
  9. Download Opera. Then use private tab. Go to youtube then search for skating isu.
  10. I HOPE YUZU DOESN'T GET A WR *this is to get all the jinx and bad juju out
  11. These Japanese kids are all fighters. Shame JSF doesn't have the guts to fight for them.
  12. Use Opera guys. It works so well as it has a built in VPN.
  13. All these modern programs are meh if they can't be performed well. Lol. This trend is gonna die down soon, believe me. I personally can only take so much of break dancing and bad vocals. Where can I buy this chocolate dispenser? Hahaha
  14. Imagine if Yuzu had the same mistake. Lol. They'd give him 30 pcs if they can. Hahahahaha sad
  15. Hahahahahahaha that score is a preview of what's gonna happen when Yuzu and Nate face each other lol the clownery
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