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  1. Just passing by (after a bit of inactivity) to say thank you to this forum for keeping me sane during my Bar Exams review. I passed! I am now a lawyer!
  2. I won't conclude that Zhenya is a bad person for what she has done, but she is irresponsible and hard-headed. It's bad enough that she is not observing government advice, but to actually act like she is not doing anything wrong is very disappointing. I wish people around her can give her advice on how to handle this because it's turning into a PR nightmare.
  3. There are masks available from Indoplas in Lazada. They've spiked the prices so much, but there are no other available options.
  4. To those who are going to Montreal, do you have masks? I am not going but I can buy online for you guys. This is my little way of helping everyone out for Yuzu. In this regard, are there any Filipino Fanyus going? Can I send the masks through you?
  5. A little OT, but am I the only one who's scared of what's gonna happen at Worlds? I'm excited to see Yuzu, of course, but there is this overwhelming feeling of uneasiness and dread. This is probably because of what happened in the last few competitions. I just genuinely want Yuzu to be happy.
  6. I will never understand how people, especially his own countrymen, can hate Yuzu. He has always been so kind, even to those who are nasty to him. My heart breaks for him.
  7. All these modern programs are meh if they can't be performed well. Lol. This trend is gonna die down soon, believe me. I personally can only take so much of break dancing and bad vocals. Where can I buy this chocolate dispenser? Hahaha
  8. The reality is his life will never be the same again. It's very sad because the celebrities (though he's not one but he's treated as such) in Asia are subjected to crazy standards. Imagine having to be upright your whole life. No room for mistakes or else, everyone will crucify you for being a little less perfect.
  9. I bought a pooh water container instead hahahahahahahhaha
  10. Tell Hanyu there is a Pooh bear tissue case like his at Disneyland. Lol.
  11. I saw a Pooh bear at Disneyland today and all I can remember is Yuzu. I saw a Yuzu citrus fruit drink at Starbucks and all I can remember is Yuzu. Being a Fanyu is hard, I guess. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha my life is never the same
  12. I was able to buy Yuzuru II at a random bookstore here in Fukuoka. So happy! I don't speak Japanese but when I said 'Hanyu' to the granpa owner, he took out copies of different Yuzu mags. Bound for Tokyo today and I hope I can find more Yuzu merch there.
  13. Hello, everyone! I have not posted here for a while. I just want to say I've finally graduated from law school. I really want to thank Yuzu and everyone here for helping me pull through. This has been such a safe space for me. In other news, I'll be going to Tokyo. Where can I find Yuzu merch there?
  14. Happy anniversary!!! Thank you for providing a safe space for fans who just want to enjoy Yuzu and his skating.
  15. Scott Hamilton has always been nasty to Yuzu lol I remember his interview with Nate after PC saying he beat Yuzu in the long by 10 points and Nate was like nah Yuzu is great hahahahahaha Americans are so obsessed with Yuzu lol
  16. You know that song called Glorious by Macklemore and Skylar Grey? I always imagine Yuzu when I hear it. I don't know why. I guess it really just fits him. "I feel glorious, glorious Got a chance to start again I was born for this, born for this It's who I am, how could I forget? I made it through the darkest part of the night And now I see the sunrise Now I feel glorious, glorious I feel glorious, glorious"
  17. When Yuzuru retires, the state of FS is gonna be in shambles. Half the people who go to competitions where Yuzu skates are his fans. I therefore conclude that the greatest rivals of Yuzuru are ISU and JSF. Lol.
  18. I don't get the part where Yuzu and Mao are mentioned by Raf? Something about falling on jumps and trajectories?
  19. I've never been more tired of this sport than I was the last few days. I guess what truly breaks my heart is the fact that so many people are ready to pounce on Yuzu once he shows vulnerability. Suddenly, everything he has worked for is tainted. So many criticisms against him are so unwarranted. Yesterday, I got into an argument with a Nathan Chen fan because I called out how some of his fans disrespect Yuzu. The fan told me that they are not obligated to praise Yuzu to feed his narcissistic self and that Nathan is the better skater. I was so confused how that escalated quickly. Then you have Raf basically supporting robotic skating where you just jump jump jump, calling Pooh a weapon of psychological warfare. Where did that come from? Lol. This sport is so unforgiving towards Yuzu. To be quite honest, I just want him to retire and live his best life with all his money,earphones,and Pooh plushies. I dream of the day when he could just eat his favorite Sendai beef tongue, play games, drink hot chocolate, without having to worry about 'catching up' with this opponents (YOU DON'T NEED TO CATCH UP TO ANYONE YUZU MY GOSH). But we all know that's not what he wants. He wants to reclaim his title. He wants to be better. And that leaves us with no choice but to support him. Such is the life of a Yuzu fan. We go through everything with him no matter how difficult because we know he's worth it.
  20. I wish other skaters would stop involving themselves especially Ashley. She just wouldn't stop talking. Also, many of them are missing the point. It's not an isolated incident as Eunsoo is coming from a place of patterned bullying. They have been separated in their training rink. If that isn't telling, then I don't know what is.
  21. I dreamt of Jackie Wong tweeting 3X WORLD CHAMPION YUZURU HANYU Is this a good omen?
  22. I'm in a coffee shop and I'm trying to stop myself from crying when I saw this. My heart breaks so bad for Yuzu, but with him, there's always a glimmer of hope. So grateful that he has people around him like the ones from TCC.
  23. What Adam said left a bad impression. He called the news just a clickbait.
  24. And they say he's inconsistent. I'd like to be as inconsistent as Yuzu too, pls.
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