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2 hours ago, ICeleste said:

thank you so much for sharing... :sadPooh: that was such a lovely story and it made me smile  :tumblr_inline_nhkezmeBaq1qid2nw:


2 hours ago, LeadenMyr said:

Ah, please, making me cry first thing in the morning.

Lovely! Loved it! That was beautiful! :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:


2 hours ago, LadyLou said:

that was so sweet and heartwarming:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: thank you!



1 minute ago, Summer said:


Thank you for this image. I will keep it in my heart over the long winter.


Thank you, guys! I am happy I could express some feelings with this story and that you liked it. Really happy. :img_21:

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6 hours ago, Xen said:

I know. If it were me, I'd make the decision in a heartbeat that I'll stick with such a layout and only toy with 4Lo occassionally (maybe only 1 GP event and 1 GPF and 1 worlds). But I'm not an ambitious person like him. And of course, he would consider it not challenging enough, perhaps even cowardly, since he could do more.


But to me, this is the compromise and a decision he would have to make and he is loathe to make.


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I think the problem is he hasn't made up his mind yet what his long term goal is-even though I'm sure there is one. Is it health+4A or is it health+Beijing or is it health+Beijing+4A? It's like that saying, between fast, cheap and good, you can pick 2 but don't try to be greedy and demand all three (well as project management goes).  He needs to, even if he doesn't want to, make a decision of what his 2 priorities are. And then his team can formulate a plan around it. If his goal was 4A, it's possible he could even take a season off to just heal up and train; if his goal is beijing, then he needs to heal up but not train 4A for the time being. It cannot be as simple as "I just want to win." And personally, it's possible that he could have health+Beijing+4A, just that perhaps the solution would not appear until he agrees that he can compromise on something, it's an issue of timing (in my opinion).


But we are where we are, and it won't be him to be any less driven and demanding. And of course, this is all arm-chair speculation, from a person who is highly unqualified to speculate. I'm not on his team, and I'm not him. And all of this is with the benefit of hindsight, which is not always available.

In short, sometimes I want to take him by the shoulders and shake him. :13877886:


But alas, life of a Fanyu. When in years down the road I can remind my daughter/neice/granddaughter about this.

"Remember dear, never fall for boys like these! They will drive you nuts, make you crazy, break your heart and inspire you all at once!"

"But auntie Xen/mom/granny Xen, did you succeed?"

"...No! Which is why I have these clear files and magazines of him that you are holding in your hands."


I think he’s getting to where he knows for certain what he wants. It’s only 9 months since he fulfilled his life-long dream, it’s only 2 months since ACI when he realized he can’t be Chillzuru, and now directly after he was injured he said he still wants 4A, so that’s one part given. ACI to GPS seems to indicate he still wants to win win — I love how much clearer Otonal became when he moved the combo to the second half, showing the judges and everyone else what he’s aiming for and what he’s made of. And like, again, it hasn’t even been a year, since his dream came true. Every comp, every new experience is showing him where he is and what he wants.  

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2 hours ago, yuzuangel said:

I don't have any medical knowledge by any means, but I wonder if Yuzu has considered some of the more cutting edge ligament/tendon regeneration methods. Because I remember him saying that there's not much ligament left on his right foot? Does anyone with any medical knowledge know if this is possible.




Made a quick search and guess that such methods might took a long time and he might need to skip one season or more. My guess is that he will want to postpone such methods unless they became an absolute necessity.

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32 minutes ago, Frenchkiss70 said:


Please Yuzu, stop beating yourself. What you did was amazing and no one but you could have done it.


Yes!!! I've seen skaters compete on sprained ankles before. But I don't think I've ever seen anyone give a glorious performance on a sprained ankle before. Yuzuru is unreal!


That being said, I don't want this type of performances to become the norm, to be expected of athletes, to be expected of Yuzuru... :( He made a decision to skate, and it was probably the right one for him. I support him, I understand, but excessive praise by media makes me uncomfortable. No one should be pressured to risk it all the way Yuzu does--including Yuzu, although I refuse to believe he'll ever have to face such choices again.. :59227c768286a__s: So I don't really know how to talk about this performance. "It was amazing, but, please, PLEASE, don't do it again!"? I want him to be proud of and happy with it, but I don't want him or anyone else to ever attempt something like that again. How do you convey such a message?

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8 minutes ago, MagicFS said:

So I don't really know how to talk about this performance. "It was amazing, but, please, PLEASE, don't do it again!"? I want him to be proud of and happy with it, but I don't want him or anyone else to ever attempt something like that again. How do you convey such a message?

I totally agree. What I meant was he shouldn’t be sorry, he skated beautifully on a busted ankle, which was his choice, probably not reasonable, but his to make nonetheless. He gave everything he had and shouldn’t be ashamed.



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I'm finally back at home... what an emotional rollercoaster in Moscow... I also had some words to get out of my mind, so under spoiler because it is a little bit long! 


On 18/11/2018 at 18:50, paminess said:

Planet Hanyu is also extra <3<3<3

amazing :clapping-smiley:



On 19/11/2018 at 0:44, LadyLou said:

aw, thank you fellow satellites:10742289:

when I saw it on screen I though 'what a beautiful message, it could be from the Planet':10636614: and it was!:tumblr_inline_mzx8t1Yuvn1r8msi5:

thank you thank you:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:


On 19/11/2018 at 3:47, freeyafanfan said:

Oh my, I saw this in the VC broadcast yesterday cause the camera showed it a few times :tumblr_inline_nhkezsTB3v1qid2nw: I didn't know it was from the planet! Thank you to you guys, it was very beautiful :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:



I'm sitting in the plane after three heavy emotional days at CoR. I thought it might be the right moment to write a little bit about this experience... 


First of all, I want to say thank you to all satellites who were at CoR, without you guys, I don't know how I would have possibly make it through, and I'm not only speaking about the sorrow on Saturday but about the Friday as well, when we meet after the SP and hugged and laughed and screamed together. What a blessing to have you all to share these emotions!!! Thank you for being so kind and welcoming:10742289:


I planned this trip with so much love, joy and care...alone fighting for tickets was an experience it self and I will always have a trauma thanks to parter.ru... it felt sooo not real getting to the airport and then taking off to Moscow...I had organized two goats (thank you  @sallycinnamon!!) and had in my luggage two Winnie the Pooh and three banners for Yuzu. I just wanted to contribute to show how beloved he is, not only in Japan but also in other countries. Therefore I choose my two country flags (I have two nationalities) and let print his name and a heart on them. 


I arrived on Friday at 2:30 am to Moscow and it was already 4:30 when I checked in at the hotel. I knew I would not sleep because I had to leave early for the practice, so I didn't even try to. All nervous I made it later to the arena and to my surprise the security asked me to display my banners to control them. So I did it and suddenly someone asked me: are you Yuzu_legend? Hahaha...not even 5 minutes and @yuzuangel had already found me!!! What a joy not to be alone!! :68556365:


The practice started and to see him for the very first time was incredible:13877886:. He moves so fast and smooth, elegant and strong at the same time...and his jumps are so beautiful...:tumblr_inline_ncmif7esGm1rpglid:.... I LOVED it but the minutes felt like seconds to me...and way too soon the practice was over. In the afternoon, when the competition started with the first group I was so happy. I tried to recognize the jumps and was really able to enjoy and wasn't nervous at all. For the second group I was nervous but not in a negative way, more like I couldn’t wait for to see him again and to see his costume...and then he was there, looking just as gorgeous as he sees on TV...and Otonal's costume is really a thing of beauty...so incredible shiny with the blue in contrast to his skin and black hair. And then he skated :2011112318014775d::11135030:and it feels now like I don't have any memory of it, so dreamlike, beautiful and bright it was...and he smiled again, he was really happy and it meant the world to me!! It was a real privilege to be there!

Meeting the other satellites after the SP was such a beautiful moment for me. It felt so good to share the same love and happiness!!  Then I watched the pairs, went for some food and got back for the ladies. Back at the hotel I could not fell sleep despite being wake up for almost 36 hours...and then I did and suddenly I woke up with a strange feeling since the room was pretty bright ...and to my horror I discovered that I had overslept :10640793: and Yuzu's practice just had finished...and then it all started...


First thought was "I must be the worst fan ever":14066882:...I mean, seriously, who oversleeps a Yuzu's practice:animated-smileys-cheeky-041:??!!! Then I thought, ok, maybe better, otherwise I would have collapsed before the FS...and then I opened the forum and I could not believe what I was reading ...I felt like fate decided to spare me from seeing Yuzuru falling...:sadPooh:

Thus worried but still trusting it would be ok (silly me), I joined the others in the arena and when he stepped into the rink like the most powerful Emperor Overlord he is and Origin started, I truly did not realize at all his ankle was injured and I was so happy!!. Though I got a little bit confused because of the layout but figured out, he had changed it due to the fall. Then he failed the triple Axel I knew he was not ok, yet never imagined it was that bad. I just can say that I did enjoy his performance, of course not the falls but the passion and determination I saw in his eyes...he is strong guys, stronger than anyone of us or probably all together. He was not afraid or did hesitate and I have so much respect for him!

As many persons did, we also felt the urge to let him know that he's so beloved and that we support him no matter what. And there you had us on Sunday morning (thank you @Mastyaeva and @sallycinnamon!!) writing the message for him and I am so glad it was showed during the VC!! To me it felt like a therapy for my heart, because we put so much love in those words and while making it, I was really thinking about how many persons from so many countries we are in this forum and the love we share. Those words truly carried the love and best wishes from each one of the satellites here on the Planet!!   


So let's stay positive and send him all the good vibe he needs to recover!!!!






On 19/11/2018 at 3:12, Paskud said:

No. Nononono. We can't cry. Now is the most important moment, when we have to be strong and believe in him. He doesnt't need our worries, because when we are worried he is worried because of us and I don't want to be burden to him. In this hard time he doesn't need our tears but our prays and support, and love, and positive vibes. Because that gives him strength. He is experienced. He knows what to do. He will come back. He always comes back.



and now i'll go sleep...night guys! :bed:


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