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  1. So, a quad-quad combo is not valid for SP according to the rules? Just saying...
  2. Just to say that I also love the new costume, it is so regal and mythical! I didn’t like the white feathers on Origin 1.0 and would rather all the feathers be black (or gold) I love how Yuzu is (politely) calling the judging out, and declaring that he is not going anywhere and is prepared to fight all evils! Smart move to drop a hint about Beijing 2022 too. This is one of Yuzu’s quote (sorry I don’t know how to embed a tweet): “(I want to think about ) how to approach competitions, and there are new matters that must be contemplated. I shall analyze them properly, then response in my own manner” I wonder if the “new matters”’he is thinking of = the judging robbery and ISU’s blatant push to show him the door. LOL at “I shall analyze them properly then response in my own manner”. Oh, I want to be a fly on the TTC skating rink’s wall!
  3. Just wondering, what would Yuzu’s FS score have been, if those phantom URs were not called? Just want to have an idea of what score he actually deserved for this performance. would anyone here be able to calculate?
  4. So, will it be 4Luz or 4Sal for the free tomorrow? And will he put in the 4T-eu-3F? With kuyashii Zu, I don’t know what to think.... I am sad that 4S didn’t behave today; otherwise he could be close to 110 in the score? However I am happy that it made him realize his weakness (thinking too much about his mistake at Worlds) so hopefully he will be more able to be in “automatic mode” in the future — the best sport performance happens when you just 100% trust in muscle memory so that the movement comes automatically.
  5. Actually it would be so funny if Yuzu can troll ISU and land 5T in competition before BV has been assigned. The ultimate mic drop. Just look at this troll face, this sounds totally like something he wants to do! https://twitter.com/tsubakindy/status/1172288650207383552?s=21
  6. Wait, so this means he is landing 4Fs too, and wanted to incorporate it into competition but just hesitating because he cannot be sure of positive GOE and doesn’t want to risk it being called unclear edge?! So, he basically has all the quads now, and potentially 5T?
  7. What this probably means: yuzu: I have been landing 4As beautifully in a harness harness guy: I didn’t do anything.... yuzu: I have been landing 5Ts in a harness harness guy: I didn’t do anything.... ISU: Urgent meeting to assign BVs to 5T and 5S, not sure when Mr. Trollzuru will bring them out Thinking about it though, Yuzu’s 4Ts have been so consistent and easy during this summer’s FAOI. No wonder!
  8. Last year there was Wifi inside the building, but not inside the rink. If inside the rink, you may get a really really weak and sketchy Wifi signal if you sit (or stand) really really close to the door. But it is very unstable and you get disconnected a lot. But outside the rink, the signal was fine. Hopefully the same this year.
  9. I can think of Rafa, Roger and Serena in tennis but they are GOAT-status legends who have been around for a long time (similar to Yuzu!)
  10. Hong Kong and Canada!! Thanks so much! Hope Yuzu will be happy seeing he has support from all over the world.
  11. I just got an email from Skate Canada saying that single session tickets pre-sale will start on August 20: Single session tickets for the 2019 Skate Canada International in Kelowna, British Columbia, will be available by pre-sale from August 20, 2019 at 10 am PT through August 21, 2019 at 10 pm PT by clicking on the link below (no password is required). Link to buy: https://selectyourtickets.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetGroupList?prc=SKATEFANS&caller=PR&linkID=rgp&RDAT=&RSRC=
  12. Wow, thanks a lot for this step by step guide with screenshots! Is it possible to move the instruction post to somewhere easy to find, for example in the first post of this thread? (Or, another place?). Just so it won’t be buried in this thread and I won’t remember where / which page to find it later on
  13. Besides buying products that Yuzu promotes, I have also tried a bunch of yuzu-infused products just because they make me think of him! Lululun yuzu sheet mask: https://www.amazon.com/Lululun-Plus-Yuzu-1fl-oz-Sheets/dp/B07115H4YR These are actually quite nice MUJI Yuzu candies: https://www.muji.com/sg/products/cmdty/detail/4547315322909 These are quite cheap and tasty as well MUJI Yuzu green tea: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuXCrc8lDy5/ This is just so-so Shiseido Waso Yuzu citrus infused sleeping mask: https://m.sephora.com/ca/en/product/waso-beauty-sleeping-mask-P445460 I quite like this one as well. Yuzu hair mist: https://www.yesstyle.com/en/tcuc.CAD/coc.CA/info.html/pid.1050844108?googtrans=en&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7YTAoo274wIVk8DACh2dZgycEAQYAiABEgK5dvD_BwE i got most of these products in Hong Kong! When I was in Japan earlier this year, I also got some Sekkisei products and the Phiten mirror ball necklace! I have never used Sekkisei before and I am now a fan of the products. I used to use more expensive products (SK-II facial treatment essence) and I find Sekkisei enriched lotion and emulsion are both quite nice (I live in Canada and so it is quite dry here). I have also bought the CC cream but I haven’t used it yet! I also saw Ghana chocolate once in a Chinese supermarket in Canada and so I tried it (and I like it) but I haven’t seen it again.
  14. Thank you I agree that Rostelecom is the best version of Origin in terms of performance and emotional connection. I have a small suggestion - I really love the right arm movement in this clip around 3:27 to 3:29 (it’s so cool!). https://youtu.be/InElIZxD50Q Any chance to edit it in?
  15. Oh my god, I work in Canada and in Hem Onc too! Where are you from? (We can probably chat offline....sorry for off topic since this is General Yuzu Chat)
  16. Ganbatte! It will be worth it! So, Joseph Phan is training quad loop?
  17. Yes I am thinking of the same because basic economy fare have no points awarded....the WestJet direct flight going from Toronto to Kelowna does leave a little bit later (09:00) than Air Canada (08:15) so I would prefer the WestJet one. For leaving Kelowna though I think the Air Canada one has a better time (11:50) since the WestJet one leaves really early (07:15)! I already booked the 11:50 one using my Aeroplan points, so just thinking about the “to” flight....I am a bit hesitant to book so early as I am not 100% sure if I will still go if god forbid Yuzu gets injured or something during practice between now and then (I know I should not be thinking negative thoughts though...)
  18. I asked my Airbnb host who has bikes available to lend me which I am planning to use to go to Prospera place. She said that during that it will likely be “cool but not snow” and so biking will probably still be fine. (My Airbnb is about 25 minutes walk or 10 min biking to Prospera place).
  19. I am debating whether I should get flight tickets now or wait till later, since both Air Canada and WestJet are having a Canada Day sale. Any suggestions? Anyone else struggling with this too?
  20. Please add me as well! Not sure how much free time I will have but I am interested to know what are the options!
  21. Hi there! I live in Toronto now but I am originally from Hong Kong! see you there!
  22. The 4T is the difficult entry for the 3A which is not awarded the full amount of points it is worth just because Yuzu wants to be extra
  23. It’s totally ridiculous that Skate Canada is moving people’s already purchased seats without proper reasoning and/or provide compensation (assuming the seats further back are the same price?). At least offer a coupon for a free meal or something! If they are using those seats for a tour then I am sure they are making much more money from those seats. Tips for solo travel: print out your flight tickets, hotel /Airbnb reservation and address, event tickets in advance in case for some reason you cannot use your phone (battery died, dropped phone, SIM card not working, no Wifi, etc...). I use google maps for public transport routes and schedules but perhaps your accommodation (when you get one) may be walkable to the venue. I booked an Airbnb about 20-25 minutes walk from the venue. It’s a loft with one bed only so I can’t share....The host offers to lend me a bike too but I am not sure if the weather will still be okay for biking by then? I have read that Kelowna is a very bike-friendly city.
  24. Yes! I am hoping for a sale on Canada Day? Labour Day? Thanksgiving sale maybe cutting too close. I am arriving on Wednesday. I wonder when will Team Brian and Yuzu arrive and leave coz most likely they will fly Air Canada too?
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