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  1. I probably would go with train or flight, don’t like bus at all. I would wait till later though, there may be special sales later (for example, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales).
  2. Ohhhhh, I need someone who can edit the B.ESP uncles commentary into this line, any takers? That would be so hilarious! I am desperately looking up my medical insurance coverage to see if wigs are covered, coz I am now too bankrupt to pay for a wig after my credit card statement came this week with my Worlds ticket charge on it
  3. For anyone who needs to book flights, just FYI Air Canada is having a 15% off sale for all flights today only! It is to celebrate the Toronto Raptors sinning the NBA finals last night. Not sure if you would want to buy flight ticket this early though!
  4. For anyone who needs to book flights, just FYI Air Canada is having a 15% off sale for all flights today only! It is to celebrate the Toronto Raptors sinning the NBA finals last night.
  5. Vincent’s is like 180 degrees pre-rotated
  6. Last year he practiced on Thursday. I think it was Origin run-through if I remember correctly.
  7. Quick question: Do you think if Yuzu will practice in the Monday practice? He didn’t practice until Tuesday this year at Worlds, if I remember right. Not sure what the pattern (if any) was like in other earlier years? just wondering whether I should arrive on Sunday night, or if it will be okay to arrive on a Monday (and save money on one night accommodation).
  8. Wow, thanks for such an awesome analysis of the likely possibilities! It all makes so much sense.....but can I really trust ISU to make such informed and logical decisions? I do think Yuzu would want to revenge all those Skate Canada silvers though, so I think he will choose SCI. (also, selfishly I want to go because I’ve got a ticket).
  9. Hi there! Welcome to Canada! I am from Toronto but I have been to Montreal quite a number of times. I was initially also looking for accommodation near Bell Centre but not many were left. So I decided to look a bit farther (like, a few subway stops). The Montreal subway is quite easy to use and cheap as well (the one week pass is less than $30 CAD and you can also take the airport bus with it! Also handy to have it during the times when you want to go sightseeing instead of figure skating). You can just google Montreal metro prices and you can find it, also take a look at the subway map. I ended up booking a place near the Place d’Armes stop. So I would recommend to look a bit farther and not just immediately near the Bell Centre. Good luck!
  10. Thank you for the reminder! Yes, we are truly blessed!! It will be amazing no matter where our seat will be if Yuzu will be there (pray to God to keep Yuzu safe and healthy and happy!)
  11. I have 1 all-event ticket Section 102 Row T Seat 5 $1680.75 Please message me if interested!
  12. But then I got a middle seat (section 102) row T while others who got their tickets later than me got a middle seat in a lower row. I guess I am not madly unsatisfied with myseat (probably can get a good view of skaters entrance, and a good overall view of the skating programs). But my seat could have been a bit better considering the amount of money I paid! Wondering whether it is worth the gamble to buy another ticket if better seats come up....But it’s $1680....surely the more times people rewatch Masquerade and Crystal Memories, the more likely the demand will increase? (At least this is what’s happening to my desire to gamble for a better ticket)
  13. Hi! the schedule for last year is here: https://skatecanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/2018-ACI-Block-Schedule-Sept-18.pdf lets hope Skate Canada won’t jack up the price this year
  14. Well maybe my 102 row T is not too bad? Looking at pictures of the Bell Centre, it is not really that far (it’s near the top of the bottom audience exit). And my seat is in the middle opposite judges so that should give a good view of the entire programs? (trying to comfort myself here, I still need to get through the rest of my work day)
  15. I got P2 section 102 row T which is so far away....that was before we could choose sections....but I really needed to get back to work so I didn’t have time to play around with it for more than 15 minutes. But at least I got a ticket, I guess. Kinda disappointed with the whole process though, I am paying so much money for a suboptimal ticket!
  16. Um...I just noticed that some seats behind the judges are blocked off....maybe for volunteers/skaters/people with credentials? So, if getting P2 tickets then it may be closer opposite of the judges? Or should I get P3 in the corner instead? Why is 106 blocked off too? Why are 300 and 400 levels not for sale, are those for individual tickets? Surely they can fill up the stadium... so many questions....
  17. I am debating whether to get P2 (behind judges) or P3 (corner) ticket....I mean, it’s only $300 difference, right? It’s a once in a lifetime thing, right?
  18. Very interesting discussions! Warning: Unpopular opinion, but I don’t think Masquerade is suitable for competition program. Because it is just too emotionally intense all the way through. And it has to be intense all the way through for it to work, otherwise it kind of loses its purpose. Now imagine adding a quad and a quad-triple combo to it. I just don’t think it is doable, even for Yuzu.... just way too draining. LGC is intense too, but it is more light-hearted and playful. My guess is that Crystal Memories will be his EX because the costume is just too well-made for it to be only for FaOI. Which is fine for me because it is also a great program. It also carries a similar message as his previous programs (sort of “be strong after adversity” theme). Although the Masquerade costume is also pretty good and so I hope he will perhaps bring it back as an EX sometimes (maybe have 2 EX programs for next season?) ETA: just saw the last 2 posts. LOL I guess we all have such diverse opinion on what’s suitable for his competition programs! Makes for some interesting discussions for sure!
  19. I just signed up as well. Try this link? https://login.evenko.ca/create_account?lang=en&return_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.evenko.ca%2Fen
  20. I also haven’t got the email and would really appreciate if someone can post the link here, thanks so much!
  21. I haven’t got a presale notification email either! And I am working the whole week....not sure what to expect really (time of sale and whether it will be crazy or not? I can’t really tell whether ticket sales will be a bloodbath or not...)
  22. The first page of this thread has the times! I think in about 2 hours?
  23. Just caught up with this thread and twitter (thanks everyone so much for posting!). And another night of FAOI is starting soon and I get to die again! (Am I ready for it? Hell yeah!!)
  24. Yuzu does look more buff to me I guess he has trained hard for the extra muscles to do all those quads
  25. So I just got an offer to work over time for one night from 1am to 8 am on a Saturday for some sort of computer system merge (after working my normal 9-5pm on the Friday). Overtime rate is 1.5x my regular pay. So I guess I am signing up for it
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