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  1. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I wasn’t really for these attacks so early in the day. How is this even legal? He is a criminal! I really like the teal outfit though! The colour looks great on him. I hope he will have a chance skating in this outfit but it is unlikely?
  2. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    About first impression. I also saw Yuzu for the first time in this ACI. He actually looks more “buff” (or “built”?) than I thought. Maybe it’s because I have been reading other fans say he is small, skinny, small face and therefore I was expecting that. His waist is really small though and so perhaps his shoulders looks wide in comparison. You can tell it is all muscles under his UA training gear, and so it is not just “skinny” or “noodly arms”. He skates so fast and smooth and it is really distinctive from other skaters. His movements are so beautiful and graceful down to the fingertips. His face is just so beautiful, his features are delicate and his skin is pale. All of these give off an ethereal feeling. This feeling is really highlighted when he performed Otonal - I didn’t cry but I had that feeling of “wanting to cry” after watching that step sequence. The venue doesn’t have good lighting (photos turn out a but yellowish, I think). Both of his costumes are much more beautiful in person. Much more sparkly. The icy blue colour on Otonal is gorgeous and it really suits Yuzu’s ethereal look if you forget about “it’s supposed to look like autumn” because of the song title.
  3. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    That’s where I think he will put the 4A too. He pretty much skates along the entire length of the rink before that jump (the first jump in Origin) and that would be his prep. He just needs to skate faster than in ACI Origin!
  4. holina

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Short Program

    I wonder if it is a temporary thing that he is not putting the combo jump I n the second half? I know he said that he doesn’t care about marks anymore, but strategy-wise it just does not make any sense at all. I think he would still like to break records to show himself as the “absolute king”? Perhaps he will move the combo jump to the back when he feels he has gained enough stamina later in the season? In the meantime, maybe he wants to get the feel of getting these jumps perfect (which he cannot do as of yet if they are in the second half, coz it is early in the season, just recovering from injury, not enough time to build his stamina to its peak)? Just a thought.... Same thing with the free program, maybe he will move the quad-triple combo to the second half later in the season? In any case, the 3A getting +1 and performance score below 9 were absolutely ridiculous. The 3A is worth +5 and the performance is so moving - I was there and the audience was either roaring after the jumps and during step sequence, or so quiet that you could hear a pin drop during the tender moments. i wonder if he will forgo the twizzle sandwich and just jump a regular entry 4A in the future, seems like the twizzle is not being rewarded! (Even though it is so pretty!)
  5. Just a general question: With the Thursday practice for men starting around 1pm, and Friday and Saturday practice starting around 8:15am, what time are people planning to arrive? i am thinking around 12:30 on Thursday and 8:00 on Friday/Saturday? (Unless meeting up for breakfast on Thursday?) Just trying to get as much sleep as I can...I know that one would need to arrive early for front row seats but then all the seats are pretty close in this small venue. Traffic might be bad for rush hour on Thursday and Friday too.
  6. holina

    Media Day 2018

    As long as we keep our organs within Planet Hanyu (as in, we only buy-sell from each other), we should be okay so that we can take turns to see our Overlord!
  7. holina

    Media Day 2018

    Oh man, it is going to be WILD this year! How am I supposed to catch up with the threads during ACI? I will be there all day as well so it’s not like I will have free time! I guess there won’t be much happening after ACI because Helsinki will be more than a month away, so perhaps we can catch up then? I am a new Fanyu....I didn’t know I signed up for so much added stress in my life!
  8. holina

    Media Day 2018

    How could he even not fall on his butt in that photo!! Thigh and core muscles
  9. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Suddenly I had this thought that he will reveal his 4A at COR.....landing his dream jump while skating to his idol’s iconic program/music in front of his idol’s home crowd....the roof will be totally blown off! It’s all in his calculations
  10. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yes, this is making me crave pancakes at the moment! Perhaps those of us who are going to ACI can organize a pancake breakfast meet-up?
  11. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Wow, $60 for the VIP ticket is a pretty good deal if you get to meet and greet Javi and Brian, as well as wine and hors d’oeuvres!!
  12. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sing Sing Sing 2.0 Mission Impossible 2.0
  13. Maybe potentially we can also do lunch if the practice is early (in the morning)? Then lunch, and then go back for the men’s competition in the afternoon? Although people may not want to miss the other discipline’s competitions.
  14. Is there open practice on the Friday and Saturday as well? Or is the practice just only open to public on Thursday? Thanks!
  15. I was thinking to drive there (I live north of downtown, near Richmond Hill). It shouldn’t be that bad outside rush hour, right?