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  1. holina

    Guess Everyone's layouts

    I think his FS layout may depend on the results of the SP, as well as other competitor’s FS score (if Yuzu is skating after them). Remember he is a guy who would calculate the points for all the possibilities and even change layout on the spot. The 4T3A he performed in Helsinki didn’t get a good GOE and so he may be kuyashii about it Of course it will also depend on how he feels about his ankle. I hope he doesn’t do anything too crazy and think about his long term health rather than the short term result of this one (although important) competition
  2. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I know it’s a long shot but I really hope Yuzu will show up at Laureus wearing a Hakama! Wonder if Brian would advise him to go; it is a really good opportunity to promote figure skating and Japanese culture!
  3. I decided not to do it....since I will be traveling with my parents who are meeting me in Japan (from Hong Kong), they would also have to go to Fukuoka with me (From Tokyo) and I also don’t want to leave them hanging while I would be at the arena. Probably if there was more certainty that Yuzu would be there then I might have done it, I will wait for ACI 2019 (much cheaper and closer to me) and Worlds 2020 (more certain Yuzu will attend and also closer to me, more certain to be able to get tickets for all days) Good luck to you if you have entered the lottery!!
  4. holina

    "Must Sees" for new Yuzu fans

    The Asaichi interview he did in ?2015 is so funny as well! He was so charming in it. The one in which he told young kids to “just submit the homework when it’s due even if it’s not completed” https://youtu.be/CG7MBGx9zeM There are more parts to the interview but I am just posting one of them; they should all be in the same channel by yuzufairy.
  5. Thanks everyone for your insights regarding WTT and sorry for hijacking the Worlds thread! The WTT tickets for foreigners are not transferable because they are on the EMTG app. (That is, if I enter the lottery and win). So this is making me very hesitant. They are not cheap! (20000 yen per day). Also I am traveling with my parents so I don’t know if I should drag them along to Fukuoka and leave them to do their own things while I go to watch the competition...doesn’t seem like a nice thing to do to them! Perhaps I will just wait for ACI and Worlds 2020.... I haven’t thought about Yuzu being present and cheering when other disciplines are competing though, sounds like lots of fun to watch him doing that!
  6. Hi all! I am new to watching live FS (although I had the good fortune of attending ACI 2018 and seeing Yuzu was a magical experience which got me hooked ). I am just wondering why there isn’t more interest in the WTT Fukuoka tickets (foreign lottery opened yesterday till February 11). There are only 2 pages in the WTT tickets thread....Do people think Yuzu won’t be there? Just wondering if I am missing something? I will be visiting Tokyo in April and so I am thinking of swinging by Fukuoka for WTT. The flights are pretty cheap (Tokyo-Fukuoka), like under 30000 yen for return! Although the more rational side of me is telling me to wait for ACI 2019 and Worlds Montreal (I am from Toronto). Any insights will be really appreciated! Thank you so much!
  7. The website now has more details regarding the tickets and schedule: http://emtg.jp/feature/wtt2019_en/ Men’s SP on Thursday, Men’s FS on Friday, Victory ceremony on Saturday and Gala on Sunday. Looks like it’s a draw for the tickets. Anyone going to apply? I am still not sure if I am going....I will be in Japan Fromm April 5-15 but visiting Tokyo (traveling with my family), not sure if I should make the trip to Fukuoka. If I apply and win tickets, I can still decide if I am going or not, is that correct? (If I don’t pay before the deadline for payment then I won’t be charged, right?). And the tickets are not transferable?
  8. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I watched Nathan’s skates last night on YouTube and to be honest, the skates are pretty good? I know the scores are quite inflated (LOL at the 10s in PCS) but it was definitely worth 200+ for the free and 100+ for the short, given that he skated the high technial content clean and the jumps are actually quite good? (Not worth +5 GOEs but I think more like +3 and +4). So, in my opinion, his SP is not better than Yuzu’s COR performance but his FS is better than Yuzu’s Helsinki performance. However to put things into perspective it would be expected because Helsinki was Yuzu’s first GP this season. If Yuzu had not been injured and had been able to practice properly, I am sure his programs would also be almost perfect by now. Even at COR, his FS was looking pretty good (performance-wise) and if he wasn’t injured there, he probably would have gotten a 210+ FS there. I don’t know what Johnny said though...maybe people are over-reacting a bit though? At the end of the day, there is no need to be bitter coz, who’s the one who’s got 2 OGMs
  9. So this website is not available any more?
  10. Hello, Holina:


    I looked at ACI and noticed that over the last few years...it is held twice at the same place.

    If that holds true, it will be Oakville again

  11. holina

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Random question: when will the next ACI be held? Do we know location? (need to plan for time off) Thanks!!
  12. Thanks a lot, @SparkleSalad!! I have never tried buying tickets in Japan so I haven’t downloaded the EMTG app or know anything about it . I happen to be going to Tokyo with my family around the time of WTT so I am thinking of swinging by for a side trip....but I am not sure if I can ditch my family for a few days or if I can drag all of them to come to Fukuoka with me....too bad it is not held in Tokyo this time! With the expensive tickets and uncertainty of Yuzu being there, and not sure if tickets are going to be transferable, I might just wait for ACI which is so cheap and like an hour drive from where I live (if it is the same venue as this year). Or even Worlds Montreal is so much closer to me and I won’t have to drag my family with me....decisions, decisions.....but WTT sounds like a fun and more relaxed atmosphere for the skaters and I may be able to see Origin in it’s most polished form by then. I feel like he may reuse Origin next season if he still doesn’t manage to perfect it this season though. I have already booked a hotel room (for one person) in Fukuoka free cancelation just in case.
  13. Thanks! just to make sure I have my math right, Feb 3 at 10:00am JST time equals to Feb 2 at 8:00pm EST? and when they say only eticket, do I need to download anything on my phone first or register for anything before trying to buy a ticket? (e.g. the Lawson thing for Worlds, does it apply to WTT as well?) wow, just realized that the tickets are super expensive....20000 yen per day is like 250 Canadian dollars per day and so 4 days is like a thousand bucks I am not sure if I can afford this, ACI is sooo cheap! Even Worlds 2019 in Montreal might be cheaper?!
  14. Are WTT tickets also lottery with only one round for foreigners? I am going to Japan during that time and it would be so great if I can see some figure skating there! someone also said that the next ACI will still be in Oakville? Is this true?
  15. holina

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    I didn’t mean to make you x so many!! (Hug!) But once again watching a competition without Yuzu when he was supposed to be there makes me miss him more, especially knowing that he would have wiped the competition. I guess we can together and go watch some more of Yuzu’s performances on YouTube....I watched GPF Seimei last night. Sorry for going off topic....this is supposed to he GPF 2018 Men’s thread which I have turned into a “I miss Yuzu” thread!