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  1. I am a bit worried that he will be extra nervous skating to Chopin when it’s actually time for the real SP, like he may feel extra pressure not to “ruin” it from last time he skated it which was perfect
  2. So if Yuzu is on the plane now (from Toronto), it is estimated to arrive at 5pm local time, that is, in about 5.5 hours I think! Oh god, the madness, sleepless nights, exploding Twitter timeline....just normal fanyu life
  3. Imagine if it’s a mistake by incompetent ISU, Yuzu is probably laughing his butt off right now while lurking around and reading people’s (freaking out) reactions I am sure he is aware of what’s happening right now. Personally though, I really wouldn’t mind if he change to Chopin and Seimei for 4CC. How many points deduction would he get if he keeps Seimei as 4:30? If not much then given that Nathan and Shoma are not going to 4CC, he can afford it. It can let him show the true mastery of combining technique and artistry, create so much chaos in FS world, basically saying Fxxx the ISU, I don’t care and I am 2 times OGM I can do whatever I want. It would be interesting to see how the judges score it, if he skates it clean, to see if they dare give him low PCS for something that scored almost perfect in the old system. I am reading that quite a lot of Chinese fans are deciding not to go due to the virus, hope the seats won’t be too empty.
  4. Going back to talk about retixxxxxx, when will Yuma and Shun become senior? Do you think Yuzu may think that by taking up a senior spot he would be preventing them to go to important combos? Just a thought.
  5. Selling one P2 all event ticket in 102, row T. Selling at $1500 (Original price $1680.75) Please DM me if interested!
  6. This is amazing How can he be so lovable
  7. hey everyone, is anyone still waiting for confirmation of when the awards show will end on March 22 before booking flights? On the official website it still says that it is from 4 pm to 6:30 pm, can we trust that? There is flight ticket sales going on for both Air Canada and Westjet now and so I am thinking to book a Westjet flight for 22:15 going back to Toronto. I think that should be fine with lots of time to spare....potentially can have a leisurely dinner at the airport as well? just want to see if others are in the same boat, waiting to book flights. I don’t want to take a day off work for the Monday.
  8. Ahhhh the clear files are so nice!! Does anyone know when they will be available? I will be in Tokyo from January 1 to 6!!
  9. I choose to believe that all these hardships and difficulties, these “walls” that he is now facing, are meant to be there so that his next happiness will be so much bigger! With Yuzu, nothing is impossible. He is a Super hero that can fly!! As Javi said, he will rest and recover, analyze everything, learn from them and become much stronger. As Tracy said, we haven’t seen the best Yuzuru yet!!
  10. Quoting myself but I just realized again how lucky I was to be at Skate Canada and watch Yuzu live close to his very best (I know he is capable of even better i.e. perfection) AND a quad and 3A-high kick containing PW as his gala
  11. I wish he can skip the gala tomorrow but I know he won’t. Which one is his “easiest” gala routine? I want him to do that one. Or just some stroking and cool down spirals will do
  12. I think based on what he has said, he sort of expected himself to not do well at this comp due to exhaustion and whatever illness he may have (with Brian saying it was a tough week last week, and Yuzu saying he couldn’t properly train, it sounds like he may have gotten sick last week?). I know Yuzu must be a bit disappointed but probably not too much and it makes he feel relieved. I wonder if this may be a blessing in disguise - it’s like he’s got the monkey off his back now (all the unreal expectations) and now he can feel more free and just work his way back up from ground zero so to speak, it may be a “refreshing” feeling. Also he may feel relieved that he can sort of pass the burden of Japanese men’s skating to Shoma somewhat? (At least that was the sense I got when he congratulated Shoma right before the VC)
  13. I wonder if he knows how to do 3A without transitions anymore, it may make him even more confused with the 4A I agree that Origin as a program doesn’t really work in his favour; it is too intense. With a jam-packed 4 min FS, something slow and flowy will be better. On the other hand, maybe he can do an intense Masquerade-like SP next season (although, if he lands 4A this year, he may decide to call it quits)
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