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  1. I wonder if all the fanyus all around the world can somehow collectively agree to NOT buy the tickets when they are released? Can we start a “movement” or something on Twitter? Maybe this can force Skate Canada to lower the price when this causes the tickets to not sell? I don’t think I can justify to myself to pay that much money, even if I can. For example, I can go on a Japan trip and spend money in Sendai instead, which is probably what Yuzu would prefer anyway? I am sure he does not want his fans to be robbed by the skating feds because of him, same as the way he isn’t happy that his Sendai metro pass package is being sold by scalpers online.
  2. Wow the tickets are crazy expensive. I didn’t think they would be more expensive than Rogers Cup all-event! (a Masters 1000 tennis tournament held in Montreal/Toronto which is also one week long, in August). Considering the fact that one can watch Federer, Nadal and each tennis match is about 2 hours long, compared to Yuzu’s skate which is like 4 minutes.... I am in Toronto so it’s relatively inexpensive to travel to Montreal but I didn’t expect to need to shell out $5000 for Worlds (tickets plus accommodation plus flights plus miscellaneous spending)...now I am torn... And the tickets go on sale before the GP assignments are announced, so if I wait to see if Yuzu will be in Skate Canada this year then I may run the risk of Worlds tickets selling out!
  3. According to this article: https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2018/11/1c20c652a9c7-olympic-figure-skater-hanyus-parade-brings-16-mil-benefits.html “The committee has around 22 million yen left after the cost of running the parade was deducted from its total revenue generated from sales of T-shirts and other goods as well as donations and sponsorship fees. The money will be donated to a local skating federation in Miyagi in line with Hanyu's wishes and is expected to be used to train future skaters.”
  4. Quick question - what time is the broadcast for Yuzu’s monument reveal in Sendai?
  5. I am going to Tokyo too (actually I am now at the airport! Taking the same Air Canada flight that Yuzu takes from Toronto to Tokyo, makes me feel some kind of connection to him....I know that’s a stupid thought...like “Oh, he was here waiting for the same flight”). I have been using the SKII facial treatment essence for many years but perhaps I will try the travel size Sekkisei while in Japan. Has anyone used the Sekkisei MYV line, which I think is a lot more expensive? Wondering if it’s worth the splurge...
  6. I jumped the gun and bought an all-event ticket already! 😃 I am in section 111 row R, price was $225 (including taxes and fees) so I think it’s pretty cheap. Judges are in section 108-110 (seats are all gone for those sections already, unless there are more to be released with the public sale?). Kiss &Cry in 114. according to a tweet from Skate Canada when someone asked.
  7. I am hoping that Nathan will have the self awareness and will get some sort of kuyashii over people saying that he doesn’t have transition and skating skills, and decide on his own that he will work on these things. I hope that he has his own goal of becoming a complete skater regardless of what RAF and USFSA tells him. He seems to be a nice and smart kid. Otherwise I don’t want to imagine what the sport of figure skating will become. Maybe we were right when we said that many years later, figure skating will be described as “pre-Hanyu” (skating skills still matters) vs “post-Hanyu” era (just ice jumping).
  8. I just finished catching up with this thread, it was such a great read but I am so tired now!I agree with a lot of the posts. In the past I wanted him to repeat Origin for next season but after this competition I have changed my mind. Yuzu was so spent after he finished the program because there was just too much choreo which I think might have affected the quality of his jumps (since he was tired while doing the jumps). While Nathan was just more relaxed and energetic going into his jumps because there was literally nothing in between, and he was not even sweating after the 4 minutes was over! What I am trying to say is that Origin is not a score-friendly program if this is what Yuzu wants to aim for next season. I know he wants to be the complete skater and he wants to do everything, but his body just hasn’t been allowing him to do so (I hope his health will get better next season). I am not being salty by saying Nathan’s skate has nothing in between, but this is just the plain truth. I wasn’t watching his program properly when watching it live (I was kind of just being upset about the tech score that kept increasing which crushed any hope of Yuzu winning gold). So I watched the video which cut out the jumps of the 3 top men and I really had an open and objective mind going into the video, but boy it was shocking to see how Nathan’s program was all cross-overs and gliding and arm movements. I feel like Yuzu should do a free program that has a more calming music (similar to H&L) next year which perhaps may help to calm his mind down and perhaps transcend him to that unconscious “in the zone” place that he was talking about. And do less transitions which will allow him to have better speed going into his (various!) types of quad jumps which should improve the success rate. By success here I mean the +4 and +5 GOEs that he always aims for. He can always perform his “perfect package” skates full of transitions in ice shows after he retires but not with quads.
  9. I am just so proud of Yuzu, he overcame so so much. Heart and mind of a true champion. I don’t want to put myself into a negative mood (Nathan’s score inflation, whatever! RAF was like “they give it to you!” LOL) Yuzu the King is back!! just remind ourselves that Yuzu got the biggest gold medals - 2x OGM. Worlds happen every year. If Yuzu is still competing next year, then he will be halfway through the Olympics cycle already....I have a feeling that he will stay for the Beijing Olympics?
  10. I don’t really follow Vincent closely, wondering if he is a good kid personality-wise? Getting overscored is not really his fault (it should be the judges) so we shouldn’t be blaming him...yes it’s unfair I get it, but still.
  11. Shoma please rest now and be healthy for next season. I feel so bad for him
  12. Maybe he can just drop the steps and transitions before that jump, since his ++ transitions do not seem to matter to the judges
  13. If he pops the 4Lo to 3Lo in competition, would he yolo the later 3Lo into a 4Lo? Would that be too difficult? seems like the first 4Lo-4S will be crucial, he is going through them so many times
  14. I booked a “deeping cleansing and detoxifying facial treatment” on Sunday, figured that after this week my skin will be in terrible condition due to lack of sleep Also it should be pretty relaxing and I can catch some sleep during the treatment. Maybe this is Yuzu’s way of driving us to go buy some Sekkisei
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