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  1. Definitely JNats with the excitement of revealing 2 new programs and costumes! Plus all of us getting trolled by Trollzuru again! Is it Robbie Williams or Queen’s version of LMEY? Music already was playing at FS practice but nobody knew what music it is! At SP competition during costume reveal the camera was so far away so all we saw was a tiny black dot on the screen
  2. holina


    Surely he won’t be able to fit in the purple pants of sin now though? edit: oh just saw there is another SOI thread, I will go there!
  3. I was so sure that Yuzu will get a new WR after his 4T-3T combo because I thought he got the 3A in the bag....it was too bad! 3A snaked him, who would have thought! But he got less than 48 for PCS which is too low.
  4. I actually found myself rocking from side to side today sitting at my computer (working from home). It was very relaxing! And it made me feel less stiff from sitting all day!
  5. I agree. He can do LMEY as an Ex, the fully loaded version with 4S and 4T-3T and 3A - it would be such a flex About Yuzu’s training base. Can’t he arrange something with TCC so that he can skate there alone at night time? I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s doing at Ice Rink Sendai now when there’s nobody else at night. TCC just needs to let him lock up the place after. This way he can get both the physio and the ideal training setting in terms of space for his 4A (flying across the ice) and music rotation? I am sure TCC would want to have Yuzu back so maybe they
  6. Um....better bring a stash of aspirin to comps next season (if we get to go) 😅 This makes me think of how Yuzu’s life story is so “destiny-like”. For example he got the 1000th Winter Olympics gold medal. Perhaps he’s destined to land a perfect 4A and win a history making 3rd Olympic gold skating to another Japanese themed FS. How perfect would that be? I wouldn’t write him off for Beijing yet, because anything can happen. The pressure on Nathan to win in Beijing would be soooo much bigger than in 2018 because basically it would be his last shot at Olympic gold
  7. Actually I was having fun imagining Yuzu at home frantically trying on all his costumes that may fit the theme of HWS to see which one he can still fit in
  8. I just suddenly thought of the (likely) possibility that next time we see Yuzu after Worlds, he will be even more bulked up
  9. That video of Yuzu yanking off the mask and breathing heavily has me pretty much convinced that he was having some kind of breathing problem (possibly asthma), especially given the timing of it, as it was during the announcement of Keegan’s name. Put it together with his low energy skate today it makes sense. Just why is he so unlucky all the time I hope he recovers quickly. I wonder if he was close to putting 4A in competition (as he was training it 3 days before this event), would he try it at WTT? (I don’t remember if WTT is an official ISU event in which the scores count
  10. What time is the press conference? I have to leave soon
  11. Just hope he gets out of this clown event safe and healthy
  12. I thought Yuzu looked pissed when he walked off the kiss and cry though
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