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  1. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it never gets old
  2. BrightonDogwoods

    A right foot and me: My road to the GPF

    Autumn Classic 2019 maybe?? I know I'll be buying tickets the moment they go on sale, then wait and wait and wait to hear if he's going. But at least the tickets are SO cheap, it's not much of a loss if he doesn't go! I loved your post, I too had GPF tickets but I'm fortunate to have seen him live a few times already (I won't say specifically how many, really it's embarrassing how fortunate I have been, but greedily I still hope for more opportunities!). I hope you enjoyed the competition in Vancouver and better luck next time!
  3. BrightonDogwoods


    I just have to profess my love and adoration of this program and costume! TBH I pretty much love (or strongly like!) all Yuzu's programs, and it almost killed me when he brought back his Etude, Zigeunerweisen and R&J1 costumes and skated in them in his current form. But Otonal has quickly taken over the #1 position for me. I think part of it might be it reminds me a bit of Johnny Weir (appropriately enough) in terms of overall 'look' (not a specific costume of Johnny's) and Johnny brought me back to the figure skating world in 2010 after Vancouver. Look at the way Johnny wore his hair in 2010, it's not much different from Yuzu and the way he poufs it on top a bit for Otonal (Chopin, H&L, etc). And I see echoes between Otonal and some of the design points in Johnny's 'I Love You/I Hate You' from Vancouver- the low cut front, ruffle around the neck. And I've always loved the music, when Johnny skated to it is was not my fave program of his (because I think his later stuff was better) but the piece is very romantic and dramatic, which is a style for skating that very much appeals to me. I also think Otonal is the most perfect program he has ever skated (Origin is a close 2nd, can't wait to see it at Worlds!), and the way he skated it at COR was breathtakingly beautiful because of his joy at being in Russia and skating it for Tarasova and everyone else. He is the perfect Prince in this costume, and he moves to the music like he is MAKING the music. He always looks amazing in blue costumes and there is SO MUCH sparkle to this one. The blue gloves are a perfect added touch. Thinking about him in this costume and re-watching the program for the 10,000th time always brings me peace and joy. THANK YOU, YUZURU for bringing this absolute perfection into our lives!
  4. BrightonDogwoods

    100 (and counting!) Reasons To Love Yuzuru Hanyu

    29. His sportsmanship, he truly wants most to win when everyone else in the field did their best. Love this story about Yuzu and Jun!
  5. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm sure there were many many Japanese people doing the same thing, they do have access to some of this memorabilia (clear files, newspapers, magazines) that the rest of us can't get to, so it's soooooo thoughtful that they do this. But I know there are also many people from all over the world making their own crafts and passing them out to as many fans as they can. As if Yuzu needs anyone to help promote his fan base, LOL!!!
  6. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Actually, the line went fast, there wasn't really any wait. I think I got there just as they opened the doors
  7. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    LOVE the new themes, especially the default! WOW, Helsinki sure lived up to the hype, and MORE! I sure didn't hope to see him set new high scores, I barely dared to hope that he would WIN given his track record, but that didn't deter me from going at all. The highlight for me (aside from his skating) was right before the SP I put on my Pooh ears and I was hugging a big Pooh plushie on my lap, preparing to throw him to the ice. Within minutes, I was approached by a very nice Japanese lady who asked me, "Are you a Yuzuru Hanyu fan?" (ROFLMAO I was sure I hadn't heard correctly, "eh, no, I just love Pooh and I followed all these other Pooh lovers in here...what is this, skating???") and when I admitted that yes, I AM a Yuzuru Hanyu fan, she handed me one of the celebratory newspapers printed after the Olys- the one with the fold out full length poster of Yuzu!!!!! GAAAHHH! I had seen pics of this mythic artifact but seeing it in person and now having one, WOW! Major score! https://imgur.com/49I3ohX Practice sessions with Yuzu have become COMPLETELY ridiculous now, better attended than most of the other competitions. I think even Yuzu's eyes got a little bigger when he first saw the stands before the first practice. Lower tribunes were about 80-90% occupied. I used to be able to squat in a rink-side seat for practice to get REALLY close to Yuzu, back in the day when only about 10-20% of the ticket holders attended practice. I had small hopes that the 7am Saturday practice crowd would be more sparse, with a full day of competitions ahead, but NOPE! This was the scene when I arrived a few mins before 7 https://imgur.com/XTx2109 And after he skated the SP the clouds in Helsinki finally broke and I saw blue sky for the first time since I arrived. I guess aliens from his planet can control the weather! https://imgur.com/G1deUSv
  8. BrightonDogwoods

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Gala

    Who lifted him, I can't figure it out!!
  9. Of course I'm delusional, I'm in Helsinki!
  10. This thing with the gloves...it's fascinating. He knows practice is almost over, he's doing his cool downs, why would he take the gloves off then? Why not put them in his pockets?? Instead he uses his teeth to take them off (he knows we like that) and stuffs them in his pants FORCING a sliver of skin to show. Is he flirting w us??? Or else maybe he just likes to feel the wind, all the way to his fingertips. Either way, it's awfully sensual for a figure skating practice. I love it! Clearly the 'secret' is out about the beauty of his practices, the stands were nearly half full when he came out. I think even he was a little surprised at the turnout. And I think he was looking for 'his' banners too, don't worry Yuzu, they were putting them up later
  11. I believe he's reminding Brian to put the tape on his belly, so he doesn't fall off the side of the rink
  12. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Before Pyeongchang, 2017? Or this past summer?
  13. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Does anyone know when and to who he gave this interview?? (It goes with this) https://twitter.com/Iron_Klaus/status/1051362584228696064/photo/1
  14. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I can't believe he said it, he's no where near ready to r****!!!!! RIP my retirement account
  15. BrightonDogwoods

    Four Continents 2019 Anaheim

    My guess is, if Yuzu is in good condition he will go to 4CC. I'm hopeful he will be there, but in FS of course there are no guarantees!! But worst case scenario, it should still be a really good competition with top skaters or skaters who may just be breaking through (future stars to watch). And the single session tickets are not a bad deal. Good luck and Have Fun!!