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  1. Oh, I wish I could Like your post 10,000 times, I agree with it all and you said it so much better than I could! I immediately read it to my husband (he also loves Yuzu and agrees about his genius) and I was practically sobbing while reading it out loud. (Just following Hanyu-senshu's advice about 'crying it out' ) The part about Nathan really touched me, I do think he is a decent and respectful young man, and I think Yuzu asking (with a gesture) Nathan for a hug out on the ice during the gala finale, is his signal to the public that their relationship is respectful and CARING. That was no 'pat-pat' bro-hug, that was from the heart. I think Nathan is the catalyst Yuzu needs right now, like Javi was earlier. I don't blame people who feel bitter, but I think it's important to try to get past it, and be as positive as you can! In this case, I think we have alot to be hopeful for, I do think Yuzu has the motivation and the growing strength to achieve his greatest dreams. I believe that in some 'undetectable' way, all human life has a connection, so that in some way Yuzu has a 'sense' of the various feelings of his fans (heh heh, or, just lurking twitter, line, weibo etc), and I would much rather be emanating a positive, happy vibe in his direction than negativity. And then I naturally find myself being a nicer person to the rest of the world, and hopefully the cycle just keeps going!
  2. I haven't kept up with this thread but just have to pop in to say, thank GOD I watched the press conference!! I feel so much better now. I woke up right after the skating and saw the scores, was instantly crushed. But the press con started before I could watch any performances, and the part where Yuzu and Nathan was asked about being each other's greatest allies- I started crying when Nathan got all nostalgic about all the years he has idolized Yuzu and still does. Nathan is a really great (if overscored- but that's not his fault) guy, and Yuzu deserved every word. I do think Nathan is aware of the inflation so hopefully he will continue to improve his skating skills, and I think he's really doing quite well this season, and really he's never looked this good at GPF before, imo. But none of that touches what Yuzu did in that free skate today HOLY F*CK WHAT A WARRIOR!!!! He really gave that everything he had and he almost pulled it off. I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite performances. I am in awe of the beautiful landings of all the quads. He didn't fall on anything and I think his performance level throughout was superb. I don't care about medals, I don't care about scores. It would be nice if he got what he deserved, and clearly Nathan deserved the gold this time. But as long aa Yuzu is happy to skate, that's all I need to hear!!!! Just got to say again, WOW that 4Lo, WOW that 4Lz!! WOW those 4A attempts!!! Thank you Yuzu for those wonderful gifts to all of us. Good luck at Nationals! See you at 4CC??????
  3. I can't resist getting into the costume-love discussion!!! I LOVE all his costumes, some passionately, some ehhh less so? But still Love! Origin 1.0 was probably my favourite of all time and I really couldn't imagine how it could get better, then Origin 2.0 happened. I truly lost a part of my mind, it was visceral, it connected with me in a way I could not control and cannot explain. That PURPLE, so regal, and vampiric. Suddenly I'm hoping we see a Dracula program someday. A sexy/scary one, which he clearly has down with Masquerade! After awhile i realized the sheer color was part of the appeal. You think you can almost see his skin, he's almost naked (but of course you know there is a flesh tone layer under the purple). But I also get the impression of it being an Aura around him, not actual clothes. And the butterflies and flowers add to that feeling, they are just naturally emerging from him. Like the life force is just seeping out of him as he skates along. And the over all shape of the costume, love the high neckline, the opening on his chest, the way it shows his growing muscles...ugh... is almost too much. And yet PERFECT!!!! This is the thing about Yuzu, you know he's always working to improve himself, go beyond the ideal... and yet I'm so surprised and DELIGHTED that it keeps happening. I don't WANT to keep expecting MORE, it's so greedy. So I'm just going to keep letting myself be surprised.. like, he cannot possibly improve Origin 2.0, or 1.0 for that matter, or Swanyu, or Seimei 2.0, etc etc etc. But, I'll bet he does anyway
  4. I think at the end of practice makes the most sense, it's way more informal
  5. Yep, that makes alot of sense. I love rewatching his Origin at SCI for that line, SO CHEEKY! Plus the way he 'drags' himself when he celebrates Brian's prediction of winning SCI, cracks me up every time.
  6. I think something to consider about things Yuzuru says (about his plans, his performances, his motivations, etc), I believe he says things that maybe are not exactly true, but suit his purposes at the moment. Not that he LIES, exactly, but none of would dispute he thinks DEEPLY about figure skating, he probably knows damn well what impact every word he says has, and he has strategies and long term goals that we will only know bout when he WANTS us to know. I think it was recent commentary by Ambessi on the subject of Yuzu not being scored adequately for his transitions and complexity. After Skate Canada Yuzu said he was relieved to finally get scores that did reward his efforts, otherwise he was considering reducing transitions to make it easier to cleanly land jumps. Ambessi more or less said that Yuzu was bluffing, he CANNOT reduce complexity in his skating because he is not built that way. It would not be HIM if he tried to 'skate like Nathan'. I agree with Ambessi, Yuzu was just taking the opportunity to discuss it and 'threaten' to change his style if he doesn't get rewarded. And I think it was good of Yuzu to talk about it like that. The Powers That Be deserve to be 'scared' he would actually downgrade himself, subconsciously at least they must know that is NOT the direction figure skating should go.
  7. Ugh, I am such an awful person, I was on his flight in the way out but still insanely jealous of you sitting just one row behind!! Trying to remember proper gratitude, Yuzu teaches us to be better than that. Also, Evgenia M was on my flight out of Kelowna this morning, and in Toronto we were both waiting at baggage claim, so I told her congrats on her FS and I really enjoy her performances, best of luck. She said thanks 😁. Up at the crack of dawn and with no make up, she was just beautiful 😊
  8. So, I was on Yuzu's flight to Kelowna too. He was in row 1 with his mom and, as @Veveco said, in his own world, eyes closed and probably listening to music. I was in the last group to board and the line stopped moving for what seemed liked FOREVER with Yuzu just in front of me. I happened to look down, his feet were bare! He took his shoes off, they were next to him on floor. I was so surprised he didn't keep socks on! His feet are (not surprisingly) small and 'elegant' like his hands and (surprisingly) not battered or bruised or calloused in any way I could notice. I didn't think a skater can really avoid that kind of constant 'injury', skating IS a tough sport after all! I was 19 rows back so could only glimpse his head now and then, but no one at all bothered him, he never got out of his seat and I would guess he slept the whole way. When we arrived it was barely noon back in Toronto, closer to what time he normally sleeps till I guess :-) After leaving the plane (Yuzu was out first of course) we went through a long hallway to get to baggage claim that didn't seem to have any other exits, but when we got there the first thing I saw was a phalanx of press. I assume they were there for him but I was puzzled because they looked like they hadn't seen him yet. I do think he went out some 'secret passage' if we don't end up seeing anything published!
  9. I had to vote for Masquerade (In Case Of Lurkers) because I would die of happiness to see it at Skate Canada!! But to be more realistic, I expect Crystal Memories, possibly HYK. Aaaahhh but so happy to see how many people still feel the same about Masquerade!!! I really think it's a break through program for him, maybe the new Strongest Yuzuru Hanyu Ever could pull it off!
  10. I was at ACI last year and I know a number of fans camped out overnight (some had agreements to take shifts a few hours at a time so probably fewer people were outside all night) but my poor old bones would not tolerate that, so I arrived sometime within the first hour they were open- and I got a seat in the 3rd row. So, really, there is no need to fret about the unassigned seats. Plus, the best seats are not always the closest at this venue, because of the glass barrier. I think I mostly preferred to sit about 5-10 rows back where you were higher than the glass. Binoculars are also good, just in case Yuzu has another pantomime performance with his Mom about missing gloves
  11. Of course, I realized the experience of the earthquake will always be with him, but your words bring home the ENORMITY of his future responsibility, year after year, to comfort survivors, feeling fresher pain. And he is such an empathetic guy, he takes on that pain and I'm sure it awakens his own pain that might otherwise recede more in the background over time (perhaps). Things like the People's Honor award just makes it more inevitable that this particular kind of public service will always be his responsibility. He is such an amazing young man! So incredibly strong!
  12. I'm going to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU YUZU FOR MASQUERADE, even if we never see another performance of it, wow, such a gift! I 'regularly' get completely entranced and obsessed by his programs, mostly the competitive ones but then came Swanyu... but the level of obsession for Masquerade feels different somehow. I can only hope that now that he's tried this style on he can find a way to give us MOAR (in competition or exhibition). By what I've seen in fan art and tribute videos, I am apparently not the only one! This is an absolutely brilliant fan edit and helps me learn a little Japanese :-) This one also is beautiful and quite touching, I like all the old POTO footage- he sure had to work hard that year, poor guy! Even if I was in the SLIGHTEST disappointed by the (potential) return of Origin and Otonal (and I'm NOT), he gave us Crystal Memories and Masquerade... in a year where he is still recovering from injury, and I'm sure doing everything he can to take back his World Champion crown in Montreal, along with attempting to master the MONSTER quad axel (and maybe throw in the odd 4Lz and 4F along the way). He is magical, he is a miracle, we are so blessed! Ganbatte Yuzu!!!!
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