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  1. I'm going to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU YUZU FOR MASQUERADE, even if we never see another performance of it, wow, such a gift! I 'regularly' get completely entranced and obsessed by his programs, mostly the competitive ones but then came Swanyu... but the level of obsession for Masquerade feels different somehow. I can only hope that now that he's tried this style on he can find a way to give us MOAR (in competition or exhibition). By what I've seen in fan art and tribute videos, I am apparently not the only one! This is an absolutely brilliant fan edit and helps me learn a little Japanese :-) This one also is beautiful and quite touching, I like all the old POTO footage- he sure had to work hard that year, poor guy! Even if I was in the SLIGHTEST disappointed by the (potential) return of Origin and Otonal (and I'm NOT), he gave us Crystal Memories and Masquerade... in a year where he is still recovering from injury, and I'm sure doing everything he can to take back his World Champion crown in Montreal, along with attempting to master the MONSTER quad axel (and maybe throw in the odd 4Lz and 4F along the way). He is magical, he is a miracle, we are so blessed! Ganbatte Yuzu!!!!
  2. I LOVE this idea (ok not the Roxanne part!) that Yuzu would deliberately troll us, playing the music knowing what conclusion we'd draw! WOW the reaction at ACI!!! I only rule it out because I think he would anticipate the kid posting the videos would get some backlash, and I don't think he could ever put someone in that position, even voluntarily. Yuzu is too honorable! But still it's really fun to imagine what if he did...
  3. One thing about Yuzu's program choices that I hardly see discussed is that in his senior years, he always has a 'feminine/soft/flowy' program and a 'masculine/hard/fierce' program each season. They are a balance! And this summer he talked about the pairing of Masquerade and Crystal Memories that have a balance and belong together. I'm quite sure he is very deliberate about this. So, if he's keeping Origin then I think its very very unlikely he won't keep Otonal. Yes, he's had a couple of nearly perfect skates with Otonal but I have no doubt he can do even better (a la Chopin). Maybe he'd like to do it with a 4Lz? But if he does something new, I think the replacement will be another soft, flowy number (I LOVE LGC, but I don't see it happening). I think all this outrage about the 'unauthorized reveal' is a bit much. I would guess skipping media day has more to do with it just not being convenient (he needs his game time with Fire Emblem, after all) instead of it being 'necessary' that it be kept a secret. In terms of what his competition wants to know, how does this help them? It doesn't. If there is anything worth keeping under wraps it's more specifically, HOWZ THAT 4A COMING ALONG???? For that, I believe he would cancel media day. And we DIDN'T get a sneak peak at his jumps in that instagram, so that's fine, but I think the fact that his music was in the rotation means he is THERE, he is TRAINING, he is NOT INJURED and that's all I really need to know!
  4. ACI is going to be a riot this year, SO MUCH SUSPENSE! And so thrilled I get to be there!!! I'm going to throw out my GUESS, I think we're getting some more Otonal/Origin (which would be great, I am deeply in love with both programs) but only if we also get TWO of the 4Lz-Fl-A babies (such as Lz, F or Lz, A). Costumes: I can't imagine how anyone could improve either costume but look what happened w Seimei and Chopin, so I think at most there will be minor tweaks. And of course I am just SO grateful we have another season to look forward to, we can't possibly hope for more than a couple after this. I know that the support he gets from us audibly and visibly at competitions is part of what gives him the strength to keep going, and I certainly intend to do my part, losing my voice with screaming, and throwing Poohs as hard as I can
  5. There are 2 practices Thursday and there should be one Fri and Saturday morning
  6. Yeah, there must be more tickets avail tomorrow. I can't believe they did such a small presale!
  7. Why Prince Oreo? I don't get it
  8. Why Prince Oreo? I missed a translation...?
  9. So, listen, once we get over the unfairness of the seat offering system we need to make sure we have thanked God, our Lucky Stars, Fate, Flying Spaghetti Monster or Whoever is in charge of this Universe that WE are among the lucky few who have purchased the right to see the Legendary Yuzuru Hanyu LIVE (skating gods willing) at such a monumental event as the World Figure Skating Championships! Out of the billions who have ever lived on this planet, we are part of the tiny tiny sliver of a percentage of humanity that will be there and will scream our bloody lungs out in adoration at whatever performance that he gives, win or lose. I think Yuzuru has taught us that one of the most important attitudes to maintain is GRATITUDE!! I have been blessed to see him skate live 8 times already! Worlds will be #10 if ACI works out!! It's a glorious time, when I have a ticket 'in hand' to see him skate, to know that I will be sighing and drooling over his practices in just a few (okay, almost 10) months. Because someday soon his participation will end and all we'll have is memories (and hopefully ice shows all over the WORLD).
  10. Has anyone found a detailed seat map, that shows exactly where the row and seats are located? I got sec 103, row C, pretty happy with it but would like to look on a map
  11. WOW!!! I really don't know if there's any chance he'll do some version of Masquerade in competition but WE JUST HAVE TO HOPE FOR MERCY!! (meaning, he'll keep it and kill us all) It would be such a waste to end this performance at ice shows, already SO MUCH FAN ART, surely he has to use it! Has Jeffrey Buttle ever choreographed anything BUT a SP for Yuzu?? Didn't Yuzu say he had to get the choreo from Jeff remotely due to Jeff's (?) injury? Seems a tad odd to go to that much trouble for a program Yuzu only plans to skate for a couple shows? Surely Yuzu could've choreo'd it himself, in that case? You see, I am very talented at self-delusion, especially in matters regarding Our Prince!!! I'll be in the corner praying for Mercy and watching this video, until August(?) Media day... p.s. I ordered one of those Toshi Pooh shirts p.p.s it was my husband's idea swear to god!
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