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  1. Speaking of watching Yuzu videos... I spent a couple hours yesterday watching all Yuzu's Origin performances, in order, w the exception of those not broadcast on TV (so, no ACI or JPN Nats). It was quite remarkable how many variants we ended up with, I think no two were alike?? I think Skate Canada is my fave, was the highest scoring one, LOVE that 4T-eu-3F-high kick, right in from of the section I was sitting in. But I can see how he got so discouraged in the end, the scores were not trending in the right direction, for Reasons... I couldn't end it w GPF Origin so had to watch 4CC Seimei as a palate cleanser, shame about that 4T fall (dang holy ice) but otherwise a nice performance considering he had to make many layout and music changes. 4CC was a good ending to the season and I havta say that as much as it HURTS to miss Worlds I'm kinda glad he didn't go in there bringing back the Oly programs because I know he didn't really want to but it was a better option than sticking with the Otonal/Origin set. Still, he was risking a 2nd place finish w those programs and I'd prefer those Kids get to rest, and Yuzu get to throw a couple of new programs at Nate ...programs I'm sure he will DESIGN with the intention of kicking his butt to 2nd where Nate should be. Bring it Yuzu!!! Can't wait for ACI, I wonder if Satomi can POSSIBLY make us lose our minds as much as we did over Origin 2.0????? I was sure she could NOT best Origin 1.0 but then we see what happened! Man that was fun!
  2. I would love to have one!! I will DM my address, thanks
  3. It's beautiful, thank you!! (tears)
  4. This little story is so heartwarming but also heartbreaking! We know of course how focused he is in training, everyone says it, but this really brings home how THICK that wall is that he puts up. For everyone to be shocked at a mere hug... I mean, I know it's his choice to be this way but it must be so painful sometimes! But so HEARTWARMING that he has so many warm, loving people around him who do what they can to support him!! What a great thing that he ended up at TCC, it's so reassuring to read these comments about skaters interactions with him that he seems to really appreciate and be cheered by. AND I've been crying over this for about half an hour now, I think it's crying I needed to do, to get out the tension over this sudden change in his strategy. I sorta can't believe how shocked I was/am. I support it, I just wasn't expecting it!!! Ugh this man!
  5. Ahhhhhh very insightful, and I think it makes alot of sense!!
  6. If anyone finds a translation for this clip, please post it here!
  7. I think everyone has their own perspective, based on their own experiences and the culture they grew up in, but maybe your thoughts are more negative than the reality warrants, taking into account a broader perspective. Self-criticism: seems to me that the vast majority of skaters don't brag about themselves in press conferences, as others have said. If things went well a skater will say they're happy with their performance and hope to continue to do better. If there were mistakes, they talk about how they plan to work on it so it doesn't happen again. At GPF Nathan said something to the effect that he is still trying to reach Yuzu's level of artistry (which I thought threw a bit of shade at the judges giving Joke Marks in PCS for Nathan higher than Yuzu). Do I think judges will take a cue from that and increase Yuzu's PCS and decrease Nathan's?? Hahaha, No! Repeating programs: we've talked alot about how good or bad this is, how the judge's may or may not like it. Everyone has their own opinion, and maybe judges care or maybe they don't, we can't really know. But I think if 3 different skaters all skate to the same music (what is it about Schindler's List this year??) during the same competition it is MUCH more tiresome than one skater using the same music for 2 years straight. For one thing, you then have a comparison in one afternoon/evening between the 3 skaters with the same music- who did it better? Compared to a skater repeating last year's program- if you are a judge, did you see it at all last year? If you did judge a competition Yuzu was at, it was probably just one, since he only did 4 competitions last year. If you only saw it once last year, how much of it are you going to remember? I doubt judges spend a lot of time rewatching performances on Youtube (like we do :-) ). As I said, this is all a matter of personal opinion, there are no right or wrong answers. But I hate to see someone so down on Yuzu's future, thinking he is shooting himself in the foot/ankle (*sorry, bad joke, LOL, knock on wood and all that!) with his own 'poor choices', when from HIS perspective- this is the path he wants to take. He has thought about ALL of this 10,000 times more than we have, and whenever I have doubts I always fall back to... TRUST YUZURU!!!
  8. Dearest Yuzuru, I rediscovered my love for this sport through Johnny Weir and his 2010 Olympic performances, which led me to go see him compete in Finland in 2012, and to my surprise and awe I discovered there a young Japanese skater just starting to catch fire. I could tell immediately, you would be an Olympic champion. It was a rough but beautiful performance and when you fell on the ice after the FS it was clear you had just given everything you had to pull that off. That was the first time I attended a competition, and such a privilege to be at the only event you and Johnny competed together during his career. I was also amazed to see after the Victory ceremony when you were patching the ice with the volunteers, still wearing your costume and without even a jacket on. Such a thoughtful and humble action by the champion, and after all these years it is clearly just a typical 'Yuzuru Hanyu' thing to do. Since then I've been to as many of your competitions as I can manage (10 so far!!! Bringing the whole family to Montreal!) and it is always an immense pleasure and a privilege. Gold or Silver (how amazing it is always one of those 2?!), I am never disappointed. It's hard not to be sad when you bring home silver, because I know you are disappointed in yourself, but your performances are ALWAYS GOLDEN!! Always a treasure! Thank you so much for continuing to compete, for continuing to grow and improve. I hope you can continue to get stronger, land that Quad Axel, and be happy in your skating life. You deserve ONLY the best, you have always given us ONLY your best. When people say to you, 'it's okay if you don't win, you are already double Oly champion, it is enough to try'- it's not because your past glories make you worth watching. It's because (win or lose) you are still improving, still perfecting, still getting stronger, still a pleasure to watch. I hope someday when you are done competing I can see you skate in Continues With Wings, in Japan, or maybe even in North America??? Praying for your health and happiness, along with your hundreds of thousands (millions??) of fans. We Love You Forever!!!!!
  9. Oh, I wish I could Like your post 10,000 times, I agree with it all and you said it so much better than I could! I immediately read it to my husband (he also loves Yuzu and agrees about his genius) and I was practically sobbing while reading it out loud. (Just following Hanyu-senshu's advice about 'crying it out' ) The part about Nathan really touched me, I do think he is a decent and respectful young man, and I think Yuzu asking (with a gesture) Nathan for a hug out on the ice during the gala finale, is his signal to the public that their relationship is respectful and CARING. That was no 'pat-pat' bro-hug, that was from the heart. I think Nathan is the catalyst Yuzu needs right now, like Javi was earlier. I don't blame people who feel bitter, but I think it's important to try to get past it, and be as positive as you can! In this case, I think we have alot to be hopeful for, I do think Yuzu has the motivation and the growing strength to achieve his greatest dreams. I believe that in some 'undetectable' way, all human life has a connection, so that in some way Yuzu has a 'sense' of the various feelings of his fans (heh heh, or, just lurking twitter, line, weibo etc), and I would much rather be emanating a positive, happy vibe in his direction than negativity. And then I naturally find myself being a nicer person to the rest of the world, and hopefully the cycle just keeps going!
  10. I haven't kept up with this thread but just have to pop in to say, thank GOD I watched the press conference!! I feel so much better now. I woke up right after the skating and saw the scores, was instantly crushed. But the press con started before I could watch any performances, and the part where Yuzu and Nathan was asked about being each other's greatest allies- I started crying when Nathan got all nostalgic about all the years he has idolized Yuzu and still does. Nathan is a really great (if overscored- but that's not his fault) guy, and Yuzu deserved every word. I do think Nathan is aware of the inflation so hopefully he will continue to improve his skating skills, and I think he's really doing quite well this season, and really he's never looked this good at GPF before, imo. But none of that touches what Yuzu did in that free skate today HOLY F*CK WHAT A WARRIOR!!!! He really gave that everything he had and he almost pulled it off. I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite performances. I am in awe of the beautiful landings of all the quads. He didn't fall on anything and I think his performance level throughout was superb. I don't care about medals, I don't care about scores. It would be nice if he got what he deserved, and clearly Nathan deserved the gold this time. But as long aa Yuzu is happy to skate, that's all I need to hear!!!! Just got to say again, WOW that 4Lo, WOW that 4Lz!! WOW those 4A attempts!!! Thank you Yuzu for those wonderful gifts to all of us. Good luck at Nationals! See you at 4CC??????
  11. I can't resist getting into the costume-love discussion!!! I LOVE all his costumes, some passionately, some ehhh less so? But still Love! Origin 1.0 was probably my favourite of all time and I really couldn't imagine how it could get better, then Origin 2.0 happened. I truly lost a part of my mind, it was visceral, it connected with me in a way I could not control and cannot explain. That PURPLE, so regal, and vampiric. Suddenly I'm hoping we see a Dracula program someday. A sexy/scary one, which he clearly has down with Masquerade! After awhile i realized the sheer color was part of the appeal. You think you can almost see his skin, he's almost naked (but of course you know there is a flesh tone layer under the purple). But I also get the impression of it being an Aura around him, not actual clothes. And the butterflies and flowers add to that feeling, they are just naturally emerging from him. Like the life force is just seeping out of him as he skates along. And the over all shape of the costume, love the high neckline, the opening on his chest, the way it shows his growing muscles...ugh... is almost too much. And yet PERFECT!!!! This is the thing about Yuzu, you know he's always working to improve himself, go beyond the ideal... and yet I'm so surprised and DELIGHTED that it keeps happening. I don't WANT to keep expecting MORE, it's so greedy. So I'm just going to keep letting myself be surprised.. like, he cannot possibly improve Origin 2.0, or 1.0 for that matter, or Swanyu, or Seimei 2.0, etc etc etc. But, I'll bet he does anyway
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