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  1. Yeah, there must be more tickets avail tomorrow. I can't believe they did such a small presale!
  2. Why Prince Oreo? I don't get it
  3. Why Prince Oreo? I missed a translation...?
  4. So, listen, once we get over the unfairness of the seat offering system we need to make sure we have thanked God, our Lucky Stars, Fate, Flying Spaghetti Monster or Whoever is in charge of this Universe that WE are among the lucky few who have purchased the right to see the Legendary Yuzuru Hanyu LIVE (skating gods willing) at such a monumental event as the World Figure Skating Championships! Out of the billions who have ever lived on this planet, we are part of the tiny tiny sliver of a percentage of humanity that will be there and will scream our bloody lungs out in adoration at whatever performance that he gives, win or lose. I think Yuzuru has taught us that one of the most important attitudes to maintain is GRATITUDE!! I have been blessed to see him skate live 8 times already! Worlds will be #10 if ACI works out!! It's a glorious time, when I have a ticket 'in hand' to see him skate, to know that I will be sighing and drooling over his practices in just a few (okay, almost 10) months. Because someday soon his participation will end and all we'll have is memories (and hopefully ice shows all over the WORLD).
  5. Has anyone found a detailed seat map, that shows exactly where the row and seats are located? I got sec 103, row C, pretty happy with it but would like to look on a map
  6. WOW!!! I really don't know if there's any chance he'll do some version of Masquerade in competition but WE JUST HAVE TO HOPE FOR MERCY!! (meaning, he'll keep it and kill us all) It would be such a waste to end this performance at ice shows, already SO MUCH FAN ART, surely he has to use it! Has Jeffrey Buttle ever choreographed anything BUT a SP for Yuzu?? Didn't Yuzu say he had to get the choreo from Jeff remotely due to Jeff's (?) injury? Seems a tad odd to go to that much trouble for a program Yuzu only plans to skate for a couple shows? Surely Yuzu could've choreo'd it himself, in that case? You see, I am very talented at self-delusion, especially in matters regarding Our Prince!!! I'll be in the corner praying for Mercy and watching this video, until August(?) Media day... p.s. I ordered one of those Toshi Pooh shirts p.p.s it was my husband's idea swear to god!
  7. Thank you so much! He IS always brilliant, I appreciate translations, especially when he has a message for his fans. You should also put the link to your video in the Planet Hanyu video section, so everyone can find it more easily!
  8. Last year, I believe the tickets sold out in the first few days, Saturday in particular. That was mid-June, JSF announced Yuzu would be there in mid-July, about 2 months before the event (so pretty good notice for planning travel). But I believe the tickets will sell out just as fast this year, if not faster! He has been to ACI four years in a row, and now that he's in for the ice shows I would be very VERY surprised if he doesn't do ACI. There's always a chance he does Finlandia or some other Challenger series, so no doubt it's a risk... Gosh, I can't believe we're this close to tickets going on sale, announcements of whose going where!!! For all the competitions, all the skaters, the new season is almost upon us
  9. Oh gosh, I have to tell you my husband's idea, you should sew some ballet slippers on Pooh before you give it to him! Include a little note and your Pooh could end up being one of the (mythical) chosen keepsakes! Now, we're not actually supposed to throw gifts on the ice at ACI (they dont usually have sweeper kids there) buuuuuut it's been happening more and more, last year there were so many he picked some up himself on his way off the ice. It was adorable! They do have boxes for collecting gifts for the skaters so either way you can definitely get it to him
  10. Ahhhh, this made me think if I might have recorded some of Yuzu's practice sessions in Helsinki, and whaddyaknow, I found this!! He only skipped one spin, right before the step sequence, but all 3 jumps are purrrrrrfect, including a very nice twizzle 3A that I think is different from the JWB post. It's rare for him to do THIS much of a performance in practice, and I was pretty close to the rink!! It was very glorious in person
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