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  1. Actually, in the past, he has Not taken a new SP to the Olympics! 2014 Olys was Parisienne Walkway's 2nd season and at 2018 Olys it was Chopin's THIRD season! I honestly feel pretty sure he is keeping LMEY for next year, if only because it never had an outing with a proper audience. It's been SO WELL received by fans, even a pretty high PCS score for a brand new program. It pairs perfectly with TenChi, so as a backup prediction I'll say I think he'll do something 'cool and fun' like LMEY or PW or LGC if he doesn't keep LMEY. The brilliant success of the Blin
  2. @WyellWHERE IS THE 18 MINUTE BLINDING LIGHTS VIDEO? Thankfully good ol' 11 minute is there, but I'm gonna need the big one too... hopefully just some maintenance issue??
  3. 103,000 views and going strong! I am lost in the world of Blinding Lights!
  4. Well, hell! The first one is over 173K views, now I've got to apply the same diligence to this new one so it can overtake on the view count, yet its going to take soooo much longer... Oh! The horrors! ;-) This takes me back to the Yuzu 'planned' edit after his FS in Pyeongchang, when he knelt on the ice and put his hand down, confessing during Continues With Wings that he had the thought in that moment that maybe a fan would make an edit of that image with the Sochi image with his hand down... WHICH, had ALREADY been done when he spoke of it. I wonder if he expected @Wyell to come along an
  5. Happy Birthday Planet! Who could have thought it would become what it is, with countless threads discussing all aspects of Yuzu, other skaters, and any other interests Fanyus may have! And the VIDEOS being compiled, especially Yonkaiten Pixels, what a treasure! If I ever had a chance to ask Yuzuru a question, I would ask when (haha, I don't think it's 'IF') did he find out about Planet Hanyu and what is his impressions of it? I remember seeing that beautiful Planet Hanyu banner, directly behind where Brian and Ghislain (I think) were standing at the boards during a pra
  6. I just have to ask @Wyell about this video Sooooo, did you think that almost 11 minutes was too long to show the same footage over and over again? Because you would have been WRONG, nothing could ever make this too long! As I'm watching it (I don't know, somewhere between a dozen and 2 dozen times by now) I'll get to a point where, "Oh, I've seen enough... wait! This part is really good.... oh, this part too, my favorite... no, THIS is the BEST angle of that choreo move..." KUDOS, this is just Brilliant! And I noticed Yonkaiten Pixel has its own folder here on the Plane
  7. OMG THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MESMERIZING!!! And dangerous, and should come with a warning label OH WOW OH WOW I AM SOOOOO DEAD Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
  8. Oh he's keeping it, I'll stake my 9 years of Fanyu experience on it. I will give ANYTHING to see him live in competition next season !!! I've enjoyed a ton of figure skating programs over the years, I've LOVED every single one of Yuzu's programs over the years, LMEY is the most exciting, ENTERTAINING program ever! I am always dancing and smiling by the end of it. Can't wait to see how he KILLS the audiance with it, when they're free to yell and SCREAM!
  9. I just have to chime in on the LMEY discourse, with or without proper arse shaking... I've always been a BIG fan of his fun, upbeat programs- PW, LGC, Masquarade and now LMEY, and they just keep getting better and better. I think LMEY is the perfect vehicle for an Olympic short program, for Yuzuru. He got excellent international media coverage for it at Worlds. If it goes well at WTT it will contribute to it being well received next season. And so far it's being THIS well received (and well skated) without the benefit of a proper ROARING audience! I predict he's keeping both pr
  10. During this past seemingly ENDLESS period of IHYS I've been watering myself by watching his programs from Skate Canada 2019 quite a bit, and also the 2020 4CC programs. Since his Nationals performance I've been watching LMEY and H&E exclusively, they are such MASTERPIECES! But then when I went back to SCI performances it was suddenly clear HOW MUCH his jump technique has improved since SCI, and I thought it was pretty darn good back then! It's really quite shocking that he got so much better, with no direct coaching and all the stresses going along with the pandemic. Maybe part
  11. I have to admit, I have very high expectations of Yuzu's performances, like a lot of us do- because he soooooooooo reliably delivers. And he's never disappointed me, even when it's not his best skate, even when he comes in second. Because he always puts his EVERYTHING into the performance. After 10 months training alone, new programs, total lack of support resources, inadequate rink time (presumably), what could we expect this time? Well, he gave us 2 of the MOST MARVELOUS PERFORMANCES ever seen!!! The artistry, the dichotomy, the SOLID technique! I died when I heard h
  12. Here is my message (hope this works) https://imgur.com/gallery/vDQCfUo
  13. so, is it just me, or is anyone else compulsively rewatching Yuzu's appearance on the I$U [email protected] video daily??? I just cannot get over how WONDERFUL his English is! I know he had prepared his answers and undoubtedly rehearsed (something we don't get during a post-comp press conference), but still the phrases he uses and the 'tonality'(? I'm no linguist)- you can tell he understands and is emulating how English speaking people talk. My favorite parts (during Costume nominee segment) is talking about 'Figure skating LOVERS' (its so cute how he says lovers lol) and when he
  14. Impossible! (he has alien skin, after all) I've never put much effort into skincare (blessed genetically with youthful skin) but the products ARE very good and my skin has never felt better when I do us them. I spent maybe $100 around a year ago and I am nowhere near to using them up...
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