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  1. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I don't know what the Japanese words are but I think it was something like, `Did you see that!` Or `Did you see what I did!` Someone here on the planet pointed out recently how similar Yuzu's situation was from Worlds 2016 to Olys 2018, with hidden injuries yet nailing the SP, leading everyone to believe he's in good shape, only he knows the disaster that lurks. Even down to the same 2 programs!! Thank god my brain wouldn't let me see the pattern, I surely would have exploded with anxiety! Once again I am in awe of his mental strength, it's super-human
  2. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    sorry, I just have to let this out... Yuzuru, why you do this to us??? Please, at least a date when you're going to announce new programs, we've been good, patient fanyus, have we not??? HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. It's a happy day when a planet full of people gets to buy tickets to see Yuzuru skate in competition, and so many for the first time!
  4. I bring binoculars, especially when I'm in a corner or on the short side, I think they really help
  5. A5, row 11! Wow that was way worse than I was expecting, those gold and silver were gone in a flash!
  6. BrightonDogwoods

    2018 ACI - Tickets and Discussion :)

    YES, this is currently one of my faves, watch it multi-times a day
  7. BrightonDogwoods

    2018 ACI - Tickets and Discussion :)

    I posted the schedule from last year, see here
  8. BrightonDogwoods

    2018 ACI - Tickets and Discussion :)

    Practices are typically 40min. Compare that to competition, which is a 6 min warmup and 6 or 7 min to perform etc, so less than 15 min overall. Of course, competitions are also fun to watch... I would also say, usually competition has better costumes than practice but in Yuzu's case... under armour!!!! And so this is why I would never miss a Yuzu practice session, I guess you have to be there to understand, I just can't find the words
  9. BrightonDogwoods

    2018 ACI - Tickets and Discussion :)

    Hey, I happened to find last year's schedule!
  10. BrightonDogwoods

    2018 ACI - Tickets and Discussion :)

    I went to ACI last year (and have been to a number of other 'regular' FS competitions- GPs and Worlds) I'm sure there was a schedule for practices but it may have been released close to the event. The practices at ACI were GREAT, since it is a small venue all the seats are good. The talk about waiting overnight to get the best seats is a little wacky, as long as you're happy with 3rd row or so and maybe off center a bit. Then again if you want to live the Full Fanyu experience, feel free to wait all night online and visit with the nice Japanese aunties (mixed with a generous number of Chinese and Korean younger folk). That won't be necessary for Thursday at ACI tho. Since there are no assigned seats, you will want to bring something like a blanket to mark your spot in case you're going to restroom or for food. Or, you don't have to do that if you're not picky about your seats. Practices are HALF the reason I go to competitions, the quality time with Yuzu (and other skaters... assuming there are any other skaters, I Only Have Eyes For Yuzu) is SO WORTH IT!!!!!! If you live locally and can only get a Thursday ticket- do it! You'll get to see him practice and also see the ladies and Pairs SP.
  11. I'd say for this event it's completely unpredictable. It surely will not be as bad as NHK or Nationals in Japan. I would be a little surprised if this GP sells out the first day...but I do expect the good seats to go VERY quickly.
  12. BrightonDogwoods

    General Yuzuru Chat

    My #CiONTUs merchandise finally arrived!! The tote bag is beautiful, and I also got the memorial book and WOW it's stunning! The beautiful hard cover, the thick glossy pages. And the content perfectly portrays what the show is all about- a tribute to the people who helped make him who he is today but also a show of love, to him and from him. I've watched the show several times already, I've never seen any ice show that is so moving and so beautifully done. So I was surprised to find myself in TEARS, looking through the book (unable to read any of it of course), just being overwhelmed with the level of skating TALENT that was represented. And all those people doing whatever they can do to help Yuzu be the best he can be!!! It is an awesome thought...with all that behind him, his own natural talent and an unstoppable drive to exceed his own limits...how can we possibly survive exposure to the next level of skating genius he ascends to?? I dunno, but I guess I'm going to have to risk it! SO EXCITED FOR THIS COMING SEASON and 2 new competition programs please and thank you skating gods
  13. For Worlds in Helsinki I bought tickets here and it was very easy and worked very well. I had the e-tickets on my phone and never needed to use the ones I printed on paper. I guess thanks to Yuzu, Helsinki is imprinted on me as an irresistible and magical place! This year I hoped to go see him skate anywhere he's appearing in North America, so I've got ACI, Grand Prix final and 4CC tickets already. I planned to bail on ACI if he got either SC or SA, but I had no intention of going to IdF (due to budget). So, as soon as I saw his assignments to CoR and GP Helsinki, I'm like- ok, let's see what happens w ACI, I'm not going to Europe for skating this year... Then I made the mistake of checking the map for the location of the Helsinki Ice Hall, to see where it was in relation to Hartwall Arena. Immediately I see the hotel I stayed at for Worlds is only 3 mi away from Helsinki Ice Hall, and there is a tram that goes directly there and takes only 15-20 mins!! I SO enjoyed my stay there before- quiet hotel, beautiful sea views and fresh breezes, wonderful food including a spectacular breakfast buffet that you could spend hours eating at. Of course, being the hopeless Fanyu that I am, I promptly booked a room at the hotel and am looking for any way possible to get an alert about any upcoming ticket sales. If I can get Helsinki tickets, I'm not even considering going to ACI, I'd so rather have assigned seats and a GALA! I just can't tell my husband about it just yet...I feel a little bad because he was going to come with me for Worlds in 2017 but he got sick and couldn't come. And he's still too sick to travel and do that much walking around. He'll be ok with it eventually but for now I have to keep up the pretense that I'm sticking with ACI