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  1. I'm so sick of my own nose, I can't stop sneezing and it makes me so tired just a small ranting here for my sensitive nose
  2. I can feel you I guess almost everyone has experienced this (this happened on me for plant design project in my final semester for degree when there was 6 members there but only me and the group leader contributed,almost like a zombie at that moment)
  3. oh you are the most welcome! good things must be shared it's one of my all time favourite fanmade video too and for this video I'm pretty sure it was shared on the previous post, but it's alright, this video deserves to be shared at its own again it is one of the first fanmade videos I've came across too, I literally had goosebumps during the whole video but the CoC parts killed me everytime (surely this video deserves to receive an award, I've downloaded it and rewatch n times)
  4. Sharing another one here in this special day! Happy 520 to yuzu and everyone 【羽生结弦】520 ♥ 遇见你的时候所有星星都落到我头上 ♥ by 蓝心心KAKASHI http://www.bilibili.com/video/av10686224/ 520 is "I love you" in Chinese, so it's quite a special day, this video is newly made by a fan, watch it to get infected by yuzu smile
  5. haha yes! I enjoy using matlab sometimes, but when something goes wrong it kind of drives me crazy but it is all over for me though and I think I have returned most of the knowledge and skills of matlab to my lecturer (I have not touched matlab since I have graduated, I am better at CAD now )
  6. oh matlab I'm glad that I don't have to see it anymore
  7. 过来这里说一声晚安 愿柚子有美梦
  8. Yes! I love the slow-mo of the Seimei part really matches well with the bgm
  9. I'm here again to share another fanmade video ^^ 【羽生结弦MAD】—victory 纯白战场,年轻的王 by 小鹤鹤鹤鹤 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av7901577/ i really like the editing and the bgm
  10. 日常打卡! 换了新版棒棒哒 顿时觉得焕然一新~
  11. Max and Angelo definitely! as for Japanese commentator I guess I only fond of Nobu (as he really fanboy yuzu very hard ) and he often explains the steps to the jumps ::
  12. 打卡~ 休赛期只能天天看柚子的视频过日子了~ 不知柚子训练得如何了?加油加油 :space:
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