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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Well, half of me is pissed. Though both of these are by far my favorite programs of his, repeating them both (especially if there is no 4Lz)?? I understand it...but at the same time don't. Mostly disappointed because I'm just thinking of what a new program could have been.
  2. Since in most cases, it's not a "one-hit-wonder," World gold is superior to Olympic bronze and silver. If you're a one-hit-wonder, no one will care or remember if you got Olympic bronze or silver anyway.
  3. Yes, I recently went back and looked at the old Worlds 2016 site and Boston VIP tickets were even more expensive than this! As mentioned above, something like $2300! Mid-level regular all-event were $697 I think (something like that), so was Helsinki, so I imagine similar tickets for Milan will be around $700 also.
  4. Other Sports

    The first sport I was HUGE into and followed intensively for 10 years is short track speed skating. Also gymnastics (Japanese men, mostly). Also, diving because the Chinese are just perfect. Chen Aisen is my current fave! Tennis also, but very casually. Nadal fan.
  5. Poll - Favorite Costume!!!

    In no particular order: Notte Stellata Seimei Chopin 1.0 Hana ni Nare The Final Time Traveler: this one
  6. Music talk

    I'm afraid Prokofiev is too heavy. I think the lighter instrumental pieces fit his skating better. But I'd like to hear Prokofiev suggestions also!
  7. Introductions

    I was previously on GS until I got banned for arguing with 4eversalty about Duhamel and Radford. Lol Same username. I am also on FSU. Max is not my real name and is a sort of...homage to Trankov. I slightly knew of Yuzu back in 2011-2012 but didn't follow that closely until 2012-2013 season.
  8. I know. There's so many hotels that could be it's impossible to know. I've been thinking about how I could sneak that information. Haha.
  9. That's why I'm wanting to put in a reservation (with free cancellation) asap. Lol
  10. I wonder what the skater hotel will be. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. I agree. I can't see him skipping. He will feel obligated, and Shoma alone cannot get 3 spots. I guess Keiji (or whoever makes it) could scrape 13 spots it good to risk that? NO.
  12. LOL I remember in Boston a GLASS of Barefoot wine was $8...and I'm pretty sure a whole bottle of Barefoot wine doesn't even cost that much. Lol
  13. I will wait until September/October when the regular all-event packages come out (or whenever). I waited that long for Helsinki and still got good, mid-level seats in the lower part. This arena is actually the smallest of the last three. TD Garden = 17,500 Hartwall = 13,400 Mediolanum = 12,700 @beki We might actually need that open bar as stress-relief.