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  1. Well..I believe I'll spontaneously cheering for skater that did amazing skating in the end. Like clapping for them. That's how I respect skaters.
  2. If this is real I'll only cheer for yuzu. I'm not sorry .. I'm not obligated to cheer for everyone
  3. now everything will be revealed at ACI? Costumes, programs, and layout.... Is he doing 4A or not... The condition of his 4Lz? We won't know until September? Fine.. I'm... Fine....
  4. Plushenko's Tribute to Nijinski →Yuzu Origin tribute to Plushenko's Nijinski →tribute to Yuzuru's Origin We got two tributes : Notte Stella and Origin. What's next? I love it
  5. The music cut is the same for her SP. Oh no. I hope it turns out to be a good program. I love her SP this season. And not so for her FS music cut, at least her beautiful skating convinced me. But I'm still hoping for a good music cut.
  6. You said "It's great, but it's not exactly legendary" first and then comment "Of course he's a legendary athlete. But do you think for Yuzuru Hanyu that it's enough" I just... Confused here.... imo yuzu is already a legendary. People wouldn't forget him, at least he had 2 monuments built for him in Sendai.
  7. Is the meaning 'not exactly legendary ' and 'ofc he's legendary' have the same meaning? 🤔 Sorry English is not my first language. If you mean for yuzuru. Who knows? You're not yuzuru and me too. So we don't know, right? Or do u know? 4A is the beast because no one ever landed it and knowing the difficulty of that jump no wonder people must be excited to see someone landed it. Same with years ago with 3A being first landed by skater or by female, midori ito. Now many female skaters could landed the 3A but it doesn't mean Midori ito isn't a legendary skater. Because to
  8. I'm not agree with this one. I think he's already one of the legendary skater in history. Many first done by him. ◆ First Asian skater to win Olympic in Men single Figure Skating ◆ First Japanese to win Olympic Gold including back to back OGM (and first double Olympic champion since Dick Button) ◆ First to breaks 100, 200, 300 pts ◆ First to land 4Lo in competition ◆ etc (just check his Wikipedia) And to compare the gold medals he got with other sport isn't fair. For example swimming, someone could win and got many gold medals in one Summer Olympic co
  9. I admit that until yesterday I didn't know that yuzu was number 1 since 2013-14 season (?) even after I'm following him for years. I mean I don't care about ISU world standing because someday he will retired and not in the list anymore. But his performances and achievements will never be forgotten. I will never forget his amazing performances and all the medals he got. Also he's two time Olympic champion.
  10. The "what if" comments makes me roll my eyes, every time. I remember when yuzu was asked about "what if" shoma landed 4Lo in his free ...lol that question
  11. I see they put yuzu's pict twice...
  12. Really weird dream and very interesting. The clock thing and the meaning behind it surprised me.
  13. I see... At least they tried to make an improvement by applying the high tech. human will always be involved in the competition because they're the one who compete and they also the one who decided who wins eventho some sport judged by who's the one gets the finish first or the one who jumps higher or further, etc. Still human will be the one who decides the winner. I still hope ISU applied some high tech in FS to minimalize the biases and accepts critiques if they still want people to see this sport as a fair sport. If there are so many people voicing their frustrations about the biased in j
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