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  1. and here I am still watching even with no sound...
  2. The "what if" comments makes me roll my eyes, every time. I remember when yuzu was asked about "what if" shoma landed 4Lo in his free ...lol that question
  3. I hope Yuzu got SC and COR .... NHK can get Shoma.. I just hate how JSF treated Yuzu
  4. I will happy if yuzu won World at Montreal with perfect skates and landing the holy 4A and 4F! Lol Yuzu can YOLO his way to Gold and retires. say good bye to ISU😎
  5. He's smart. It's all in his calculation.. He just didn't know his fate (Injury).... *sigh*😔 But his other fate was amazing (back-to-back OGM) 😎
  6. I think this is what Eric talking about.. GOEs and PCS are subjective 🙃 I don't know if I would keep watching this sport in the future.
  7. Really weird dream and very interesting. The clock thing and the meaning behind it surprised me.
  8. I see... At least they tried to make an improvement by applying the high tech. human will always be involved in the competition because they're the one who compete and they also the one who decided who wins eventho some sport judged by who's the one gets the finish first or the one who jumps higher or further, etc. Still human will be the one who decides the winner. I still hope ISU applied some high tech in FS to minimalize the biases and accepts critiques if they still want people to see this sport as a fair sport. If there are so many people voicing their frustrations about the biased in judgment so there are something really wrong with the judges or probably the rules and they should consider to make an improvements and corrections.
  9. When there's high technology these days I think they could minimalize the subjectivity and make it more objective. But the judges and ISU just being old fashioned and refuse the technology i guess 🙃
  10. Can't we have all nice things at the same time? He's been injured many times. now give him all the nice things please God. Anyway I still can't forget how he reacts to imaginary flags and plastic medal at GPF'16 Oh yes pleasee God, Yuzu at GPF Turin!!!
  11. But IDF... The medal ⭐, the imaginary flags, the disco podium, the ice condition...
  12. But yuzu, you said next season you will try 4A ... So which one is the truth..? 4Lz or 4A. whatever you pick I'll died worrying
  13. I still remember his words before ACI about skating for himself and not care about the score.
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