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  1. Well..I believe I'll spontaneously cheering for skater that did amazing skating in the end. Like clapping for them. That's how I respect skaters.
  2. If this is real I'll only cheer for yuzu. I'm not sorry .. I'm not obligated to cheer for everyone
  3. Don't put your hopes high..last time he recycled Chopin he didn't wear new costume at ACI
  4. now everything will be revealed at ACI? Costumes, programs, and layout.... Is he doing 4A or not... The condition of his 4Lz? We won't know until September? Fine.. I'm... Fine....
  5. If he does 3turn, it must be flip. 4F(e) ...?
  6. Please be better than Dory
  7. Eh!? She looks pretty!❤ Indeed it looks like yuzu 's xylitol costumes
  8. I'm waiting for yuzu's new costume.. Will it be worse than Dory or better...
  9. Lol the costumes don't tell me the white with the black "hairy" looking bib costumes for the finale
  10. Plushenko's Tribute to Nijinski →Yuzu Origin tribute to Plushenko's Nijinski →tribute to Yuzuru's Origin We got two tributes : Notte Stella and Origin. What's next? I love it
  11. The music cut is the same for her SP. Oh no. I hope it turns out to be a good program. I love her SP this season. And not so for her FS music cut, at least her beautiful skating convinced me. But I'm still hoping for a good music cut.
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