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  1. Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    Old but I do not remember this kiritoru. I would be happy if anyone wanted to help me understand .
  2. Media Link Requests

    Video Yuzuru Hanyu National 2015 FS?
  3. Media Link Requests

    Video Yuzuru Hanyu Skate Canada 2016 SP? I cant find it.
  4. Yuzu gif thread...?

    gif made by me
  5. This or That

    4A. or?
  6. Media Link Requests

    Is this video?
  7. Random Thought Theater

    Sorry I feel like I'm messing up a conversation but I really want to tell a little bit about my day. Today I went out with my family to do some shopping . We went to a bookstore, I knew there were books, magazines and other things in Japanese. I just did not think I was going to find anything related to Yuzu . The first thing I saw was a book called Yuzuru Method and I was already getting the book, my mother and my grandmother saw it and told me to think it over . I returned the book to the shelf and saw that it had some magazines with several photos of Yuzu. My first thought was "I want to buy all" but I can not buy all and chose three and after seeing the prices I had to choose one. I did not know magazines were so expensive . Was a difficult choice had to leave behind the book, a magazine that had pictures of faoi, another one that had photos of wtt and a few others . I chose one that had several photos of Yuzu from Worlds 2017. This competition is special to me and I really wanted something from last season, it's the first season I followed as a fan of Yuzu. Having this magazine with me really makes me very happy . See Yuzu happy and smiling is my favorite Yuzu . After we went to a market and nothing happened, I just had a silly smile after seeing that they were going to buy a Yuzu spice and other things.
  8. Random Thought Theater

    I never realized but today I noticed that when I see someone use ellipsis in an exaggerated or repetitive way I start to get a little annoyed . There ...really ...is... no... need... to... use... ellipsis... several... times...
  9. General Yuzuru chat

  10. Yuzu will wear UA blue / black for Chopin and UA red / black for Seimei. Patrick will have a reliable 3A.
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    I think was referring to last season.