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  1. kitsune

    Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    Old but I do not remember this kiritoru. I would be happy if anyone wanted to help me understand .
  2. kitsune

    Media Link Requests

    Video Yuzuru Hanyu National 2015 FS?
  3. kitsune

    Media Link Requests

    Video Yuzuru Hanyu Skate Canada 2016 SP? I cant find it.
  4. kitsune

    Yuzu gif thread...?

    gif made by me
  5. kitsune

    This or That

    4A. or?
  6. kitsune

    Media Link Requests

    Is this video?
  7. kitsune

    Random Thought Theater

    Sorry I feel like I'm messing up a conversation but I really want to tell a little bit about my day. Today I went out with my family to do some shopping . We went to a bookstore, I knew there were books, magazines and other things in Japanese. I just did not think I was going to find anything related to Yuzu . The first thing I saw was a book called Yuzuru Method and I was already getting the book, my mother and my grandmother saw it and told me to think it over . I returned the book to the shelf and saw that it had some magazines with several photos of Yuzu. My first thought was "I want to buy all" but I can not buy all and chose three and after seeing the prices I had to choose one. I did not know magazines were so expensive . Was a difficult choice had to leave behind the book, a magazine that had pictures of faoi, another one that had photos of wtt and a few others . I chose one that had several photos of Yuzu from Worlds 2017. This competition is special to me and I really wanted something from last season, it's the first season I followed as a fan of Yuzu. Having this magazine with me really makes me very happy . See Yuzu happy and smiling is my favorite Yuzu . After we went to a market and nothing happened, I just had a silly smile after seeing that they were going to buy a Yuzu spice and other things.
  8. kitsune

    Random Thought Theater

    I never realized but today I noticed that when I see someone use ellipsis in an exaggerated or repetitive way I start to get a little annoyed . There ...really ...is... no... need... to... use... ellipsis... several... times...
  9. kitsune

    General Yuzuru Chat

  10. Yuzu will wear UA blue / black for Chopin and UA red / black for Seimei. Patrick will have a reliable 3A.
  11. kitsune

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think was referring to last season.