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  1. Another YT channel going stream of part 1
  2. This YT channel stream 24H TV on YT , now is part 1, I dont know if this channel will do part 2 or not ,hope they will
  3. 🤔because this is highlight and they put crystal memory there , I think its day 1 and 2 highlight,mybe
  4. From Pino post on Twitter 1. Yuzu cut 2. Satoko, Rika, Zagi, Liza, Zhenya Source
  5. Hello can we made sticker emoji for this https://t.co/516iP4Ggsn?amp=1 The sakura pooh ...super cute
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    Hello just send this month donation thank you for all hardwork that mods and admins do, Ganba!!
  7. Hello I owuld like to send massage To Yuzuru and Zhenya: To Yuzuru Hanyu: Hello Yuzu ,Happy 24th Birthday. Get Well soon and recover well, we all here cheering for you ^O^. Don't think to much, just focus on yourself, moreover I hope all your dreams will come true ^O^. Fighting Yuzu, Ganba!! To Zhenya: Dear Evgenia Medvedeva, thank you for your hardwork, stay strong and believe in yourself. Ganba Zhenya !! and Happy 19th Birthday, may your new age brings new experience and joy, GO GO ZHENYA
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    Hello just send this month donation , thank you so much for all admins and moderator for always maintain this place, fighting all
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    Hello just send donation for this month thank you for all staff, admins and mods hard work...fighting😁
  10. waduh makin rame nih....banyak juga ya Fanyu Indo salam kenal semua nya
  11. For sure I will always come to this forum, this is special forum for me to keep update and kudos to all members and admins who work hard to maintain this place
  12. hmmm, been thinking about this lately, and I came to my own thought: answer: 1. When he retire, I will be feel mixed of emotion for sure, in one side, I'm happy with whatever he decide for himself, it is his life his career, in the other hand I would feel sad because figure skating competition wouldn't feel the same anymore at least for me. Lately I try to focus on what I had this time, which is Yuzu intention to compete more and land 4A. Furthermore, I know I will always follow his journey on or off ice as long as I can, because Yuzu is very special to me. My regret is that I just found him in 2016, so from now on until he retired , I willcheer on him more and more. 2. I'm not sure about the impact, I think the skating world will be like it used too, but when he retire there will be impact at least in term of viewers in arena, I don't know what will happen in the future, looking at ISU lately they tried to hype and create another stars to maintain the level of interest onto to the sport, but I'm not sure we will see another star like Yuzu, but who knows. Yuzu is very special for many people, he is the star of the sport, he is the role model, the one that people look up to, but in the other hand I hope he can live his life fully after his competitive career.
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    Hello I've just send donation for this month through PayPal Thank you so much for all admins and moderator of this forum
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