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  1. I'm a new FS fan and I was looking up things about Javier and found that he's dating Miki Ando? Does anyone know if they're still dating or not? Because on his instagram I see him being cozy with another girl that's not Miki, (I know he has a sister but I don't know if that's her? And I'm also not too familiar with Spanish culture and if brothers and sisters have this kind of very close relationship.) Also, I know a lot of people don't like to discuss the personal lives of figure skaters, but since Javi and Miki seem to be pretty open about their relationship (their interviews together are sooo cute!) I thought it was okay to ask? If you guys feel like I'm prying then feel free to ignore this, hopefully I don't upset anyone with this question, I have no bad intentions at all
  2. Sorry, my question is completely unrelated to your response that I'm quoting but, your signature(?) the gif with Yuzu and Javi is soooo cute may I know what performance it's from?
  3. Isn't Eteri her coach? Why would she do that to her skater? (I'm a new FS fan and I don't know much about Eteri, just that she coaches Zhenya and Alina).
  4. I feel so bad for Alina after her FS, it must be so emotionally taxing on a 15 year old to have all that pressure to win gold at worlds right after you won gold at the olympics. I just hope she gets the emotional support she needs...
  5. If he's healthy and wishes to compete then I say heck yeah! We'll see him in Beijing. Can you imagine 3 back to back golds? Now that would be insane.
  6. Ahaha, yeah I'm definitely a Hanyu fan. I really had no idea that the way I worded my response came off as defending Chen, I was honestly just trying to reaffirm what she was saying to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding anything. I'll be more careful with my wording next time to avoid any more misunderstandings.
  7. Erm, sorry if I came off as being snarky or sarcastic? That wasn't my intention at all, I was just trying to summarize your points to make sure that I was understanding everything correctly.
  8. Thanks so much for the response. I'm sorry if I came off as criticizing her, (she is a precious bean ) that wasn't my intention at all, I was just confused as to why her jumps looked so different from others. I'll definitely check out YT to figure out more!
  9. I think my question should be put here (sorry to moderators if it goes somewhere else), but I'm a new figure skating fan and still haven't really gotten the hang of how all the jumps work yet but I did notice something, odd maybe? About Zhenya's jumps. Before she enters a jump she has this really long lead up to it, like she sticks her leg out and turns forwards and backwards etc. and then jumps, whereas with other skaters they don't do all of that and just kind of, jump? The way Zhenya does It looks a bit awkward and not as smooth? So, is this just her thing or is it a specific kind of technique? Sorry I don't have a gif as an example, hopefully you guys know what I mean.
  10. Random question: I hear people say that Yuzu has beautiful lines and beautiful edges, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean he skates on his edges well? And that his body, er, extends well?
  11. Wow, this was so in-depth and really puts a lot of things into perspective. You must've watched a whole lot of skating to be able to pick out the qualities in all of these skaters. So you're saying that Chen is complacent right now? Referring to his number of quads and unwillingness to marry them with artistry? Which is opposed to Hanyu who continues to try to improve himself?
  12. Is the title of Quad King a good thing? To me, it seems to just emphasize that you can do a lot of quads, but a program is a lot more than just jumps, right? I suppose one could win just by doing a lot of jumps worth many points, but then the performance would be lacking? Nathan did 6 quads in his Pyeongchang FS, but I was sorta meh to the choreo of the actual program.
  13. Ah I had no idea that this topic was sensitive, I'll try to be more careful in the future. Though thank you for all of this insight, I can definitely see where all the tension came from now. I had no idea that Patrick was such a big star before Yuzu came along. And I had no idea that Daisuke Takahashi was such a prominent force in figure skating as well
  14. As much as I love seeing Yuzu dance to classical pieces (Chopin is a MASTERPIECE) I love it when he gets playful and sassy in his programs, like in PW and LGC. I think I'd love seeing him perform to more playful pieces like those. I also love him skating to Japanese music, it really brought something unique and refreshing to his programs. As for suggestions for specific music pieces,....I'll get back to you on that one
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