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  1. Archived Calendar: 2019 Date Key Events Links 03.18 - 03.24 2019 World Figure Skating Championship (Saitama, Japan) 05.24 - 05.26 Ice Show - Fantasy on Ice in Makuhari (3 shows) 05.31 - 06.03 Ice Show - Fantasy on Ice in Sendai (3 shows) 06.07 - 06.09 Ice Show - Fantasy on Ice in Kobe (3 shows) 06.12
  2. Update: just tried I can save the edited post now. Thanks
  3. Just tried again and still getting the same EX126 error message.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes I got the error every time I try to edit that post, haven't tried on any other topic as this is the only one that I have started. I will wait for the updates Monday, just thought I notify the team in case anyone else is having the same issue.
  5. I've been having issues trying to edit the content of the Topic Post of this thread, keeps getting the error code EX126. Is there a new restrictions on editing a post? Or a limitation on how many times we can edit a post?
  6. Archived Calendar: 2018 Date Key Events Links 02.11 - 02.25 2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang, Korea ▶vid post 02.26 Returned to Japan, Medalists press [email protected] airport ▶vid 02.27 09:30-10:10 JOC 解団式 & medalist recognition ▶vid 10:25-11:30 Olympic Representatives @ Midtown Roppongi ▶vid 12:15-12:45 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Visit
  7. Thanks, it's fixed now and Polina Edmunds will be skating to Time to Say Goodbye also! She is keeping both her SP & FS from last season since she never got to compete with them. SP: “Palladio” by Karl Jenkins FS: “Bilitis – Générique” and “Time to Say Goodbye” performed by Sarah Brightman both choreo by Rudy Galindo (program info per Polina's site, icenetwork confirmed she is keeping both programs from last season)
  8. Saw the new options for table now, awesome! I'm replying this from firefox now and seems to have no issue.
  9. Thanks for the quick fix I can insert in the ice show links easily. Can you please also fix the competition result table for the bio post? Many thanks! For future references, is there a quick way for the regular users to update the table (i.e. inserting extra lines...etc) I might need to do some edits for the archived calendar and it would be great if I can just easily add a line without troubling the staff team to help on this.
  10. Are there any quick ways to fix the table coding in this platform? It seems the BBCodes from the old forum are not being carried over. Here is where I'm having trouble with the feature. I see there is a table feature in the new setup however it seems I'll have to start to construct the tables from scratch with this feature. Is there anyways to get around from doing that? Thanks :)
  11. Hi Pamigena , I'm new to the forum and I would like to get some magazines too. Would you recommend some good ones ? Thank you so much ! Hi ruruzest, here is also a thread with some magazine talks, there are some nice recommendations from other posters too :yes: I've also ordered a bunch of magazines after Worlds and will be collecting them from my friend this weekend, excited to finally get to check them out! Coincidentally all the covers I ordered are graced by Mr. H&L and as a result of that I ended up double ordering one of the magazines :crazy: --- Aww I read this
  12. Archived Calendar: 2017 Date Event Links 01.07 Returned to Toronto, interview w/ FujiTV at Haneda 01.13 TV Asahi - 51st Big Sports Awards (VTR appearance) 02.14 – 02.19 2017 Four Continents Championships - Gangneung, Korea 03.29 – 04.02 2017 World Championships - Helsinki, Finland 04.04 World Champion Victory press con at Narita airport
  13. Archived Calendar: 2016 Date Event Links 01.07 Otsuchi, Iwate visit (Tohoku Earthquake affected area) 01.08 NHK Trophy Special Exhibition press con 01.09 NHK Trophy Special Exhibition (2 shows) x 01.15 TV Asahi - 50th Big Sports Awards 01.16–01.17 New Year on Ice in Osaka (2 shows) x 02.04 Announcement
  14. Archived Calendar: 2015 Date Event Links 01.16 TV Asahi - 49th Big Sports Awards (VTR appearance) 03.23 - 03.30 2015 World Championships - Shanghai, China 03.31 2015 WTT - Team Japan press con 04.14 - 04.19 2015 World Team Trophy - Tokyo, Japan 05.23 - 05.31 Fantasy on Ice in Makuhari (3 shows) 06.01
  15. Archived Calendar: 2014 Date Event Links 02.03 - 02.24 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi, Russia 02.25 Olympics medalists press con at Narita, ANA Gold Medal celebration 02.26 Sendai City Hall & Miyagi Prefecture Hall visit 02.27 Returned to Toronto 03.23 - 03.30 2014 World Championships - Saitama, Japan 04.03
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