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  1. I am getting the mails, but they keep appearing as "Promo" tagged instead of a regular mail. Maybe try to check your spams.
  2. Yes, I didn't buy them and I try to patiently wait. But some people buy for those prices "in case..." and I am not surprised. The sale next Friday is going to be a bloodbath. Everyone is going to try to buy the tix as soon as they come out, so imho, many issues can occur (server down or overloaded, issues with someone holding respective seats - and I really hope they solved the extra Gala tickets problem, as they say,...). In the end of the day, not everyone is going to have their tickets. So taking this into account, I understand, why people rather invest in VIP tickets, that are less affordable. At least they can be sure the sale is going to last few more minutes until the tickets are sold out... Just saying, it would be much better, if we knew those prices beforhand and could prepare accordingly...
  3. They are even mentioning the "record" sale of VIP tickets, like it was something to celebrate. You are forcing us to buy those tickets because we don't know, if we will have a chance later!!! This kind of unorganization and lack of info is not helping at all!!!
  4. Anyone who is still looking for accommodation and would use Booking.com? Edit: canceled
  5. Well, I've heard about a certain white-haired queen, that collected titles quite well.... so why not? And it could make a cute list for a future fan project probably...
  6. Great! 800 is quite a lot. I am basically still at 150. Way to go...
  7. I am now torn between "The Quad God", which someone mentioned here some time ago, and "The Quad Emperor", wich I find pleasantly suitable...
  8. Good luck! How many are you supposed to know?
  9. O M G !!!! I need this! I need super huge Nessie, that could be packed into a small bag, then thrown on the ice and automatically inflated when it touches the surface! Any creative inventors here? That can't be so hard, right? We have life vests... Just imagine an ice rink showered with slowly inflating LochNess monsters. That would be something to remember!
  10. I will probably post my findings here, as more people are curious about it in various threads. This is from the Periscope website:
  11. After opening the link again, it worked well the whole time. I tried not to touch the site too much. And still, no one else had the costume so short... I am curious if it was his idea, or someone else's, or if it just doesn't fit... Edit: And thank you @faeline for the Periscope.
  12. Also, why is Yuzu the only one with the shirt so short, we can see his skin every time he lifts his hands...? I wonder... (not that I would complain)
  13. I am really curious what Yuzu brings us in the next season. Recycling, not recycling... I need to know, like right now!
  14. And not only commercials. Some of the shows...
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