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  1. Yay! I am YOLOing Montreal! Torino was not at all healthy for a decision making part of my brain. It was Hanyued and Quaxeled at the same time, so it is hard to resist now.
  2. I can't believe I woke up for the practice at 4:30. On my vacation. In Turin. Heading to the chaos event...
  3. Honestly though, whole ladies practice was a mess today. I was freaking out for the most of it. There were several dangerous situations and not only with her. Are the ladies so careless?
  4. How does Yuzu look younger than Boyang? How does Yuzu look younger than all the other guys?
  5. If I didn't see it wrong, in the NHK footage he was clearly touching the ice - looking at it - putting it in his mouth. No pause. It was the first time I really thought he might be doing this on purpose. So I assume he was intentionaly tasting it. Edit: I really want to see the skaters all going for the taste at some point. That would be a thing to remember.
  6. (I don't want to talk about what Worlds are going to deliver though. Is there going to be a room for any lift? With the third of ice rink reserved for officials and all that.... that?)
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