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  1. Looks like the vote is even right now. So we should probably just do both and let the satellites make their own choice. Just do somewhat organized donation, so it would be clear we donated because of Yuzu.
  2. That's the first thought that occurred to me when I saw that. How polite he is... unbelievable. (Of course, his perfectionism was in play too. )
  3. So, I missed it. But at least I had a brilliant morning. And now I am dead from all that content. Guess he is trained by all the not-so-fair-judging-score reveals during competitions...? THE SUIT!!!! OMG, THE SUIT!!!! Okay... just.... breathe... Yeah, that's the moment I died. And they thought that Dior jacket is not enough, so they just HAD to put there the Hakama photo? You want to kill the fanyus? All that said.... Yuzu, I love all the moments you bring us. Happy, scrunchy, shy, even the always-present stress. Don't change, boy! You are a gem!
  4. After Worlds 2019, we decided, we should do something like a cheer project for Yuzu. One of the ideas is making a donation in his name. All important info is here: Here are the charity options researched by @Veveco: In the end, we've picked Sendai Ice Rink and Playground for Hope as the best candidates. Edit: (here is a nice article about Playground for Hope project: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2013/09/06/our-lives/playground-of-hope-project-builds-communities-benefits-affected-kids/#.XLX4mOgzbIU ) Which one do you think, we should choose to donate to?
  5. I will look into it, but I think, the poll has to be created as a new topic. Edit: So, I can create the poll, probably tomorrow. Just tell me, if I should create a new topic, or change this one. I would probably prefer to create a separate thread for the poll, so this one won't become flooded with donation discussions only. What dou you all think? And everyone agree with two options - Sendai ice rink / Playgrounds ?
  6. I think a poll would be the best option. And if we decide to vote only for these two options, we will come up with a clear result soon, I hope. Where do you think, we should do the poll? I don't know, how many people follow this thread, so maybe we should advertise it a bit in the General thread and then do the poll? Edit: Do we need to decide on the best payment approach first, or just introduce the options and then work on the process?
  7. Thank you, @Veveco! Beautiful work! I agree with the strategy and as @Yuzu_legend said, things can be adjusted, when we need, during the process. As for the fandom, I think the book should be focused on PH content mainly, otherwise, we could get overwhelmed with content and we won't have a chance to get through all that. On the other hand, the research, art and memes parts, would surely require a non-PH content at some point, because I doubt all those funny memes and art were done by PH fanyus... So in the end, I don't know, how to approach this. The donation can be of course done by more people. I think there won't be any problem (but it depends on the final form of donation).
  8. Sendai ice rink is a good choice. My only concern would be, that it is recieving relatively good amount of funding from Yuzu already. How much money do they need? Wouldn't it be better to choose something smaller, but meaningful as well? For example the playground foundation, or something else?
  9. I agree that we need to assign people to the work, otherwise nothing will be done in the end. And we would need to set a date when we want the project to be finished, if we don't want it to drag for long. This can be only tentative, but the work won't start, until we have some final decisions. I would gladly volunteer to set up the project and be the one to organize this, but I am leaving for vacation soon and I wouldn't be able to offer help in a reasonable time, so it would be better for someone else to do it. I still want to participate and help as much as I can, but I can't promise a stable internet connection for few weeks. Doing the photobook as a short-term project is probably not wise, as it would result in an imperfect work and we surely don't want to give something imperfect to our ninja perfectionist, do we? So, we should work on that for some time, do some polls probably through the wider fandom, as someone said before, connect more people to do the input. Imho, it would be quite impressive, if we could do it as a little bit of research work and add some statistics and graphs (someone said that before as well). However, this is going to take more time and workload. Short-term, this is a window for that donation idea. I love that very much and if we can come up with a proper charity and gather enough people, we could do something meaningful, make Yuzu happy, and probably, if we are lucky, it could have a positive impact on other people and on top of that, maybe, show other people, that fans of Yuzuru Hanyu are trying to do their best too. Now I hope I don't sound bossy. It is not my project, it is ours, so, please, don't think I want to order someone to do something.
  10. Well, I have only three pictures of Yuzu saved and mainly because of those hands (Yuzu too, of course) Remember this? Source http://pamigena.tumblr.com/post/180039957542/yuzuru-hanyu-scanedit-lotte-clear-files If you are a weirdo, I am weirdo too!
  11. I got it as an android app, but it is from this website:
  12. Sorry, but honestly, this is just an irresistible opportunity. And the beard goes quite well together with the HYK chesthair spot... I know, I know. I haven't been here all day. It's only your wild imagination... I would never post something like that... for sure...
  13. Yeah, right, what is sanity? I am sorry, but it had to come one day, right? Since you don't want to discuss the sexbomb version...
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