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  1. Thanks! I was so anxious about the flight I missed this one. Edit: And now I need to figure out how am I going to watch it at work.
  2. Yes, that is bothering me a little bit. Is the airport security too tough in Russia? I mean, someone would surely post they are on the same flight as ... (insert your skater), right?
  3. Now it is working. If he is on board, he should be landing right about now.
  4. Well, the security may be prepared, but the airport website is apparently not. I tried to check arrivals but the site is overloaded and I am not able to get through.
  5. 4Nessie

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    (Btw, does that mean he plans to attempt it at Rostelecom too?)
  6. Next flight should be landing in about 20 minutes I think. But no one posted anything so I guess, Yuzu is not on this one.