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  1. Guys, I need to thank you! Really!!! You are amazing! I didn't know about Wanikani before, so I had to check it out after your posts. That website is AMAZING!!! Those crazy mnemonics are the right method for me and after few days I've learned much more than after a year of Japanese classes. I don't have much will to find and learn new vocabulary alone, so I was a bit lost in my progress, but mnemonics are making everything so much easier and so much fun! I am still at the second level, so I know, it will get difficult really quick, but even so I am learning tons of stuff every day. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Yes, count me in as well! I am terrible with names up to the point it is frustrating for the others. Like I hear someone introduce himself and when we shake hands I don't remember the name already. I will probably prefer the PH nickname, because pronouncing my name is a little nightmare for many languages and it is longer than needed in everyday conversation, but I don't mind showing both. I am just happy I can join the Poohrino party.
  3. Soooo, I thought I would check, how the event went. Now I wish I would have stayed blissfully unaware today ever happened. I am doing a rollback to Sunday. Immediately.
  4. Wow, finally someone that doesn't need to offend anyone to feel important! I loved those guys talking. Funny, without hurting anyone's feelings. Thanks for that!
  5. Wow, I have to say, good job! I am proud fanyus like you exist, honestly. I wish all people would be like that. It is for sure difficult to pretend like there is nothing unusual happening around you, when the GOAT is sitting in the row ahead!!! so I can only imagine many people would at least try to talk to him. But Yuzu really deserves a break. But of course I am a tiny bit jealous. My geographic position is so bad I have practically a 0% chance to ever be anywhere near his plane. And I second the PH stealth mode idea. I would certainly need it in some situations.
  6. I love how he improves his English, even though he hates it. True determination. (The only thing - I am convinced, he said he wants to practice more, not impress. I am not sure, who did the interview and the subtitles, but Yuzu is always saying that sentence, so I can't imagine, why he would say, he wants to impress suddently. Not his style.) Edit: And actually, I am a bit annoyed they used that word for the video title. It is so not Yuzu...
  7. Nah, guys, NHK has to be reserved for a ToshI live fanboying event!
  8. I actually want him to go to Eteri boot camp one summer. We would have a lot to laugh about and Eteri would probably need a wig after that experience. I think this all might be true.
  9. I want to rewatch PW like 100 times, but I know I would not sleep after another one, so good night all!
  10. Hey, you grabbed the wrong guy for that lift.
  11. That Canadian silver curse must've really bothered him. That was intense!!! Beautiful!!!
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