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  1. A bit OT, but not so much. This thread is funny! ISU made a big mistake with this post. Beware ISU, now skating fans are coming! Like, really what are they thinking, asking this stupid questions at this time? I am not a big fan of stating my own opinion on sns, but I am probably going to spend my first likes and comments on this thread... ISU neads new glasses, like yesterday.
  2. Ummm... I want to say something, but then again, it is not worth it. But WTF is happening in the skating world? Why, WHY people prefer never-ending crossovers to actual skating? WHY? I wish, they would see. I wish, they would at least look.
  3. I love this! The black an white border is great and it will probably suit most of the flags. Also, I wanted to know how our flag will look, so I've done Poland and Slovakia as well. But I don't have the source images, so this is only a quick paste, to have some visuals:
  4. Ummm... okay, I am really sorry, but I can't help it. I have to bring the mainstream comparison. Yuzu really does look like a vampire prince here. Oh, no, actually THE only vampire prince.
  5. It IS captivating. I've watched this like "how-many-times?" on the loop. There is this meaningful gracefulness and elegance that radiates from every move as soon as he put the skates on... It can't be described with words, but you know immediately he is something else. No other skater I've seen had this. Not even the women, except maybe Shizuka Arakawa. (Is it really the Sendai air doing this? How is it possible for two so ethereal people to be born there?) And don't worry, I am here, melting, with all of you.
  6. Try The Czech Republic... I know, we have a short version (Czechia), but I refuse to use it, because for me personally it sounds rude. So I think I can beat Philippines.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but for me this is the most LGC-like non-LGC costume he's ever had... It looks like LGC's little cousin.
  8. Wow, did the Earth rotate the wrong direction, or travel to a weird unknown dimension?
  9. No, I didn't mean he did not research that enough. I meant he did not hold the position in that actual skate. So when he released the arrow, he was not holding the bow anymore. That's all I was saying. No criticism in that. I adore that move.
  10. Talking about his violin hands, did anyone else notice his bow-shooting move? I think it is new as well. It is not held very long, therefore it won't be so accurate, but imo it was kind of cute.
  11. ISU: "Quickly, let him jump that damn 4A, so he can retire!" Q.: "Will you stop after you jump the 4A?" Yuzu: "Ah, I don't know, maybe I'll go after the 4F..." ISU: Oh boy, I love this challange!
  12. I like the original design. We can make the heart border thicker if necessary, but that's it. I don't care if it is not much visible from afar, because we are not aiming to show it to space satellites, but to Yuzu and the cameras in the arena. Recognizing the flag, again, is not important. Important is to see "hey, they have MANY different colored flags! and this one is different too!". If someone really wants to know, he can search for it. It is not impossible. I grew up searching for flags in the book atlas, no google available. If you want to know, you will find a way to find out. If we put country names there, it is a nice touch, but with longer names (and I mean longer than probably 5 characters), it starts looking like a licence plate and it is really difficult to get the main info out of it. WE YUZU is the best one, because it can convey the most important thing in an easy-to-read way. I don't think visibility is a problem.
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