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Found 3 results

  1. Dear fellow satellites and friends Yuzu’s Birthday is approaching and we would like to prepare a video with birthday messages for him! There is not so much time left (we all were busy with RE_PRAY ) but now it's time to speed up. So please do participate and let us send a strong message of love together! This year we'll also upload the video on Planet Hanyu's YT channel. Here the instructions to participate: Send your birthday wish via email ([email protected]) OR Post your wish in this thread Your wish can be text-only, but we greatly encourage everyone to get creative and add pics, gifts, fan videos, own fan art etc. Please don’t forget to add your (Nick)name and country! Deadline for sending the wishes in is Wednesday, November 22. We are also looking for people who could help us edit the video. If you'd like to join and help, please send me a dm!!
  2. Dear fellow satellites and friends Yuzu’s Birthday is approaching and we would like to start preparing the celebration! This year is so special because Yuzu turned pro athlete and his birthday will be few days after his second show Prologue at Hachinohe. It's definitely a new chapter and so far one filled with much joy and happiness. So please do participate and let us send a strong message of love together! For this year we have planned three parts/steps: 1) Send in & Collection of "Happy birthday wishes" From Saturday, Oct. 22 until Nov. 19, 23:59 JST you can send your birthday wish for Yuzu via: Planet Hanyu by posting your wish in this special thread (maximal text length: 100 words). It would be nice if you could include a photo, video or fanart too, however it's not mandatory. OR E-mail by sending us a birthday wish for Yuzu on [email protected] including a photo, video or fanart to go with it. Please remember to: Refrain from using/sending fanart and fan photography if not yours! If your video has BGM, please take into account that we might have to replace it for the streaming on YT as music copyrights are strict. However we'll restream your original version on Twitch and also repost the full version later on Planet Hanyu's video archive. Add your (nick-)name and country! GIVEAWAYS: We love a good party and many presents!! If you'd like to enter our giveaway, please just add 🎁 emoji in your email or at the end of your wish in PH's thread. 2) YouTube livestream: Happy Birthday Yuzu! Planet Hanyu has now a YouTube channel (please subscribe here!) and this year we will celebrate by streaming our wishes via YouTube! We'll go live on December 7th at 0.00 JST (December 6th at 16:00 CET) and invite you to join us, chat and celebrate together Yuzu's birthday! We have also prepared giveaways for people who comments in the chat during the streaming (winners will be randomly selected). 3) Celebrating the 7th of December in Twitter Starting on December 7th at 0.00 JST and during 24 hours, we invite you to tweet your birthday wishes to Yuzu using the hashtag #Happy28thBirthdayYuzu (please use the hashtag only on that day!). 4) Special YuzuSkatingParty On Saturday 10th of December at 5pm CET we'll restream the birthday wishes in a special edition of our YuzuSkatingParty! Join us via twitch.tv/planethanyu or planethanyu.com/tv Please help us by sending as soon as possible your wish, do not wait till the deadline! This will allow our team to have time to work on a nice edit. Let’s get our wishes ready and celebrate Yuzu’s birthday together! YuzuSkatingParty team
  3. Dear Satellites Time flies and on the 29th of April our International Forum Planet Hanyu will celebrate its 5th anniversary !!! It’s been five years full of love, excitement and emotions, each passing day truly an honor to be fans of Yuzuru Hanyu and to be able to follow him. We feel so proud and grateful for every single time he stepped on the ice and gifted us with his unique skating! This Forum is our Fanyu home and we would like to celebrate together and share our experiences ! For this special occasion we have prepared a questionnaire and also some giveaways! Please reply to this thread and answer the following questions or just share your thoughts with us! The giveaway entries close on Sunday, 01.05.2022 at 5pm CET, and we will randomly select and announce the winners the same day at 9 pm CET among the people posting in the thread! When did you become a fan of Yuzu? When and why did you sign up for Planet Hanyu? Did you make any irl friends through Planet Hanyu? Have you participated in any group projects on Planet Hanyu? Did you attend any meetups with other satellites at competitions? What do you like the most about this forum? Would you like to participate in the giveaway? Let’s share the Fanyu love and keep wholeheartedly supporting Yuzu!! Planet Hanyu
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