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  1. Thank you, I actually managed to get my calendar via amazon :)
  2. To me it's just so blatantly (cruel) and obvious how ISU is in for the money, but their level of disrespect has just reached a new apex. I wish the Olympic committee was in charge of organizing figure skating events, maybe they'd be better. Or even Yuzu i bet could organize a competition and drive ISU bankrupt.
  3. Everyone, I love Yuzu and think he's amazing, but he's also 25. He should be able to start learning to live on his own by now xD
  4. Do we know what the deal is with amazon Japan not shipping some items to the US? Some PhotoBooks will ship just fine and othters won't... O.o?
  5. Thank you! I tried pre-ordering but apparently they don't ship to the US, so I'll wait :)
  6. UA is an AMAZING brand. I have some short sleeves and long sleeves and they're saviors for winter here in Chicago - but they're still very expensive.
  7. Thank you for these reviews! I liked the Ice Jewels photo book, but did find Yuzu will be back II more uplifting. I am trying to find Hochi's Photobook but on amazon.jp it's only buyable by third parties (at 4.100¥)?
  8. Hello everyone! I hope it's ok to ask this here - if not, Admins please delete the post. I was looking for the new wall / paper calendar for this year / next year, does anyone know if or when it will come out? Thank you!
  9. Do we know if there will be / when it will come out - a paper or wall calendar for 2020 / 2021?
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