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Planet Streaming Parties

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I’ll try to make it! I’ll be checking into a hotel at about then so it depends on wifi etc. 



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22 hours ago, LadyLou said:

(Imagine if in the end rabbit survives LOL awkward holdings farewell party... but it would be so nice. I'm still ???? that they aren't bothering telling us when it will shut down)


Haha if it survives then at least we'll have a fun streaming party anyway :laughing:

So far the playlist looks like this (I tried to add youtube videos as much as possible because it's so much easier to compile a playlist on YT then to navigate between many links on rabbit:13877886:):



1. 4CC 2011 SP - Japanese commentary

2. 4CC 2011 FS - Japanese commentary

3. 4CC 2011 EX Vertigo - NC

4. CoR 2011 SP - Japanese commentary

5. Worlds 2012 FS - B.ESP

6. Worlds 2012 EX - Czech commentary

7. SA 2012 SP - CBC

8. Finlandia Trophy 2012 FS - fancam!

9. NHK Trophy 2012 EX - Hana Ni Nare - NC

10. Olympics 2014 SP - NC

11. GPF 2013 FS - NC

12. Worlds 2014 EX - RJ1 - B.ESP

13. Worlds 2015 SP - B. ESP

14. GPF 2014 FS - Spanish commentary

15. GPF 2014 EX - The Final Time Traveler - B.ESP

16. GPF 2015 SP - ITA ESP

17. NHK Trophy 2015 FS - ITA ESP

18. Skate Canada 2015 EX - Requiem - NC

19. GPF 2016 SP - B.ESP

20. 2017 Worlds FS - NC

21. Olympics 2018 SP - NC

22. Olympics 2018 FS - NC

23. Olympics 2018 EX - NC

24. CoR 2018 SP - Russian commentary

25. Worlds 2019 FS - BBC 

26. Worlds 2019 EX Haru Yo Koi - Russian commentary

27. FaOI Kobe 2019 Crystal Memories

28. FaOI Toyama 2019 Masquerade


Streaming link will be: https://www.rabb.it/sallycinnamon 

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Haah, what an amazing streaming party we've had!!!! Thank you everybody for the company and Sally for hosting! It was great! :dancingpooh::tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid::tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw::Vishenka_04:

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thank you so much @sallycinnamon it was an amazing (farewell)party:tumblr_m9gcvqToXY1qzckow:

and thank you everyone for all the collective fun/crying/screaming:10742289:

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Thank you everyone for joining! :thanks: It was amazing to watch some of Yuzu's programs and performances over the past nine seasons, how he evolved as a skater, matured as a performer over the years. :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: It was fun to watch all of it with you! Hope we'll have many more opportunities to organize such parties on a different streaming site as well. 

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For me it was also a first time but it was very very nice! It was a lovely way to spend evening ;)

I hope we find other ways to have streaming parties in the future! 

And thanks @sallycinnamon for organising!

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I just realized how little I actually know about figure skating before Sochi 2014 and especially before Vancouver 2010. When it comes to debates like 'Which skater had the best ever Lutz or Carmen program or Camel spin etc.', I cannot really say anything, because I mostly know skaters of the Hanyu-era. I think, many of you can relate.


I think it would be great to rewatch some old skating competitions in future streaming parties together (like Olympics or Worlds). Thank God, there are still many channels with good quality videos on YouTube that weren't affected by the latest deletion waves.

For newbies like me it would be a good opportunity to catch up with FS history and for long-time-skating followers a bit of nostalgia. It would be interesting to discuss the evolution of figure skating over the decades and how the judging evolved, too.


What do you think?

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