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@Fay  Sorry I missed this thread earlier in the week.  Been busy dealing with the lock-down and preparing webinars in lieu of meetings...  

I can give it a try with my Zoom.  I will DM you to set up a convenient time and other details.  

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anyway I've been streaming with my sister with Kast this past couple of weeks and for the two of us it works, tho I'm not sure how often stream freezes for her, but she didn't complain much). Only issue is that in the chat she doesn't get to see my comments, but I solved that creating another account and using the kast app for android on my phone to chat while I watch the vid on laptop :laughing::laughing::laughing:

with wifi my android phone apparently streams mostly fine with the Kast app (tho I mostly watch the video on my own laptop)

Btw I've been streaming from my own video player, not from browser and I really enjoy that such an option is available

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