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  1. I am suprised that Boyang 4Lz got lower GOE than Dimitriev. It looked really impressive, so high and fast. Recorded a slow-mo (will share later). Boyang had also a very nice costume and the music is interesting with space to work on choreo. For Dimitriev I think I liked the dramatic feeling of free more.
  2. Bad day for Andrei again. Pity about the jumps and the fall during spin. Loud support from the crowd and cheering even more during falls.
  3. I really enjoyed ladies free skate and I am happy with the podium. The score gap between Evgenia and Rika could be bigger, and I hope for WR for Rika soon. In terms of program I found Rika’s the most interesting, many music cuts but somehow it worked. And of course 2 3A were amazing. For Zhenya, I could feel she was so determined to land all the jumps. For me program is not telling the story of MoG, but it is still enjoyable. And I’ve even liked the dress,esp. the flowing skirt. now time for bed
  4. Kazuki looked stress already during warm up, still really sad for the jumps. The program feels really unique and avangarde last skater Peter from UK was energetic and a lot of clapping for his music. To to sum up the day, I am happy for Boyang scores and great jumps. And very strong from Young You.
  5. Boyang’s jumps looked really solid and 4Lz looked very impressive. Not big fan of costume but indeed it is matching the blades!
  6. Hard skate for Andrei Lazukin - fall on 3A and pop earlier. It felt like funny program was intended but you could feel he was tense after mistake. For Moris it was better, but also not not error free.
  7. I’ve really enjoyed Young You skate. Didn’t know much about her before but it was very nice, great to see 3A and huge plus for the dress
  8. Poor Wakaba ;( the fall looked terrible. But the skating skills and all choreo was great.
  9. After the first group I have to say I have really liked Anna program and I am surprised with how much her score is lower vs Liza. As for Liza, jumps were great but apart from that it felt empty. Also good performance of Starr. Very nice surprise with Swedish lady - never saw her before but it was a good skate.
  10. Wow, great that we know the music, but indeed the way is not very dramatic comparing to all the waiting & discussions in the meantime. On one hand I am happy because it gives space for perfect execution and probably new quads, but personally I want to see his new programs more (esp. that I have seen only Otonal & Origin live And yes, the new costume would be lovely!
  11. I will be there on Friday and Sunday (still mentally also splitting with ACI to check the most important person :)) so I will try to share some pictures and videos! Sad to miss Saturday - no Wakaba FS
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