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  1. Yuzu looks great! I have arranged my meetings at work to start after the men SP so I hope to watch live! Also I am so happy that I woke up in time to see the stream! Rika looked good though not sure whether I like the colour of new dress.
  2. I am very happy for Shoma’s skate, there was one fall but the rest was brilliant and he was just marvellous to watch. Among other skater I have also enjoyed Nam and Dennis (finally landed all the jumps!). Looking forward for tomorrow and I hope Shoma will be on podium!
  3. I feel the same! Had a tiny bit of hope that he wouldn’t pop & medal here but it seems impossible now
  4. Jun was really fighting. about the costume though, I get chilly looking at Jun’s shirt ...
  5. Wow so many calls for UR and wrong edge. Another big surprise from this event.
  6. Very surprising event. Happy for Satoko, I hope she will also do great at Rostelcom Cup (I would really prefer to see her in GPF than Bradie). Sad that I won’t be able to see Elizaveta, her program was on fire.
  7. What a lovely program form Alina! It was magical and I never thought she could skate to M83 song!
  8. It was so impressive. The 3A looks really light same as all her skating.
  9. ID gave me a bit of chill and relief after the mens, but now I am again stressed for Japanese ladies and Alina&Alena. Keeping my fingers crossed for all the skaters and special heart for Wakaba and Kaori!
  10. I really liked Charlene and Marco program! I love the song and their performance was marvellous!
  11. I again feel even sadder after looking at protocols and seeing how many points Shoma lost on spins and StSq. So so sad.
  12. I couldn’t concentrate on the programs of skaters after Shoma. It is a sad day.
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