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  1. I agree, It looked like he couldn’t catch his breath. I am not fan but it felt bit sad that he couldn’t redeem after SP.
  2. The costume is terrible. And I can’t help thinking about Samarin.
  3. I am watching and working at the same time, so not enough attention to comment here. I liked the British guy
  4. Thanks a lot for detailed answer! I will try with Lawson and then with Twitter, but I am not active there so I am afraid it can be a barrier. But I won’t give up!
  5. Hi, does anyone know how to get tickets? Is there any safe & effective way for foreigners? Do you have a proxy agency that you could recommend?
  6. I also wanted to go and I tried to buy tickets but no luck. And irritating thing is that I still see that there are 3 tickets available in theory but there are not there when you go to seat selection 😔
  7. Happy New Year to all fellow satellites and of course for Yuzuru! 🎊🎉💖🎉🎊 It’s morning here already and I’ve started it with watching old Yuzu’s programs - great sign for 2020!🌟
  8. Pity about the Voronow’s jumps but I have soft spot for his skating and step sequence was great.
  9. Really liked the last skater and great score! Now waiting for Voronow - I hope he will have skate of his life and will be on podium!
  10. I would say that results are interesting, but event wasn’t so exciting as I expected it to be.
  11. I have very similar feelings, for sure much less spectacular than Japanese nationals. I cheered for Voronow and I will be cheering for Aliev, but apart from that not too much emotions.
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