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  1. LOL the guy is not that impressed ,his face is priceless....she's adorable in her honest reaction...you go girl (I want a beautiful kimono too btw)
  2. This is great,especially the last 3 ....the beauty and perfection of H&L,the poetry of Notte Stellata and the darkness and passion of Masquerade...we all died but what a way to
  3. yes he is LOL sometimes i think Yuzuru's hair has a life on its own LOL The hairdo is a little too much but he's still cute in a post show kind of way !
  4. Well here in Italy we have Francesco Totti very very famous footballer doing CM for a washing machine soap 😂
  5. Well olaz belongs to P&G also if I’m not wrong they have head&shoulders shampoos as well as some toothpaste brand....not exactly high cosmetics like Kose appears to me but hen who knows?I’m sorry to see the P&G days gone because they were a nice relaxed inside into Yuzuru life without being intrusive or disrespectful but again whatever is better for him 😊 Kose is delivering like there’s no tomorrow so it’s not like I can complain Lol
  6. wow where was I??? thank you thank you thank you
  7. it seems live,or so they say...also saturday morning,early saturday morning but who needs sleep?
  8. lovely story EVA looks so cool and Yuzuru clearly loves it (and from those few pics the rest of the cast is equally into it as well) but darn I need the full video!
  9. It seems the video is gone...anyhow for whoever was curious like me to know what they were doing,this is very interesting...the things I'm learning thanks to Yuzu...
  10. The last video I clearly rember the camera angle was right in front of him(because I marvelled at those small steps and at his attention to little things like this)so it would look something different. Is it from a backstage monitor?
  11. ah yes I remeber that program...I hope Tatsuki changes his mind and does a come back,Ive always had a soft spot for him! I almost choked on my icecream LOL that was me...if it helps spreading the idea of Yuzuru+sword I'm all for it! there was Eurovision contest too @Tabby welcome on the Planet
  12. he was a tiny baby...and if google translation is right it was only 10 days after the earthquake and still they all have big smiles on their faces and are doing their best. I have the utmost respect not only for Yuzuru but for them all,thank you for sharing it! Edit:it seems it was something called courage dance?is it something classic from the Japanese tradion?
  13. ah my brain said clips but it was probably wishfull thinking(And I also dreamt of the whole TJ being there I'm hopeless)...but yep this was it thank you....i'd love to know what this was too.
  14. that's going to be a very long version of Continues....not that I mind LOL Also I'd love to see him skate with Brian !
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