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  1. well cats(animals in general actually)loves me and I double love them back!i'm fine with kids ...I moved to UK for 2 years alone ,i did ballet(and I still do my bar when i can)for almost 20 years even if I knew since I was a child i was never going to be a ballerina but i'm stubborn LOL If I know the lyrics i'll sing and dance ...very embaressing when I sing along in the car ...also I am the worst singer ever! I hate paprikas too btw with all my heart LOL also great close up of his beautiful hands!
  2. no really H&L against Seimei?? i can't .... Not that choosing between LGC and Baby romeo was any easier!
  3. my fave reaction is still in Sochi,his 'Am I first?' from behind the camera and the crew around him telling him yes you won!what a way to find out you just won your (1ST) OGM!
  4. G-Drive for MOI 2019 for everyone without a VPN.....I love Yuzuru's energy and happyness in this video....also the amazing way he feels the music! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_CsLT1kZTgM-EnJRJRyuTJ_eLKClirkq/view?usp=sharing
  5. wow i'm impressed the all event ticktes are surely going to be very very expensive and are out of reach....but if i'll have some leave from work(and who knows now)I'd like to try a couple of days and maybe see the FS and the gala.....Sweden is a very expensive country that's true but my life has changed dramatically (on a personal level,Coronavirus apart)and the more i think about the more i believe i got to do it,i've never seen a FS competition live in my life ,time to check on item of my bucket list:D.
  6. I'm thinking about going too,Montreal was out of my league(too expensive to fly over Canada)but Sweden could be doable....sure the virus situation is bad but I need to be positive. Hopefully the situation will be better and we'll get a new season!
  7. this is like picking your fave child,you just can't LOL I love PW and Seimei both,it's the hardest choice ever....I went with Seimei at the end but it was soo hard...sorry PW I still love you tho. And baby Romeo for the win,as much as I appreciate Otonal I can't get past the music sorry.
  8. I immagined they must have tons of requests.....i got like 10 mails but it's too late....I did join the room and got the same message as SitTwizzle so i guess it works?
  9. it's his award period....no matter if he won it or not there's his name on it and we all know it ;-P
  10. my work collegue basically stay in the same room with her 2 children while they follow school trough google classroom ,if not go figure how two 13/15 y.o. boys would follow it LOL I work from home and a couple of days a week Ii go to work because I need medical documents that we decided not to carry outside the office so it's strange ...and scary very scary. they are talking about keeping things this way until july and i honestly don't know how our economy will survive this.
  11. same time here,I'll try and see what happens...thank you @Fay ETA : I don't know why but I don't receive the confirmation email from zoom(nothing in the spam folder....strangely enough I got their help mail) so right now I'm stuck ...we'll se if they'll solve the issue
  12. I'll never stop lovinig etude and the passion Yuzuru puts in it...truly impressive! and i see Tracy had already a lovefest for him ! also hello Brian and Javi
  13. and yet it is scary if you think about it,the pressure and responsabiluty on the shoulders of a young man now(although when this unique relationship between Yuzuru and his country started he was really a child)and i don't know how fair it is to him,but on the other side he soldiered and accepted it,his strenght always amazes me.
  14. LOL this made me laugh a lot! thank you @fyere0for sharing and thank you @glilikoifor translating the japanese bit before to the both of you!
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