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  1. hi all,real life is giving me lemons so i'm busy making lots of lemonade but i was able to sort of watch Yuzu FS and Seiemei still holds a huge piece of my heart! Ballade as well....it was like a dream I'm so so so happy and proud for him,a truly deserved gold medal for our fave boy
  2. I've been working all day long and i didn't notice PH was down...but i'm glad you guys are all here thank you Mods and Admins for your hard work Also i cannot wait for Music with Wings,I really wished I knew japanese becasu i'm sure Yuzuru's thoughts on the music must be very interesting.
  3. again thank you!I really love your videos,you have a way to keep with the flow of the music even when jumping from a program to another!
  4. when he takes way the hand at her head,so so scary...Medo you really have guts!
  5. thank you...I shamelessy added it to my gdrive...can one fall in love again and again with a Step Seq?Also how light and effertless he is?it looks like the easiest thing ever!
  6. yep of course it's illegal here and in France too...but really my jaw hit the floor with this one!
  7. very late as usual but that's exactly what Ondrej said
  8. still another 5 hrs before 2020 but happy new one fanyus,may this year bring you all(and Yuzuru)lots of happy things
  9. stroking exercises are always welcome,tho I went for H&L because I'd love to see it again....even if it would be fun to watch Vertigo again.
  10. I agree ,also great choice of music,it highlight a certain softness in Shoma that usually it's not there to see.
  11. I already loved Seimei Step seq but to have Otonal's too,one right after the other...simply fantastic! Rika now,she has such a presence on ice.
  12. Wow I was so focused on yuzuru skating last week i didn't notice they had a whole live orchestra playing...how cool is that?
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