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  1. thank you @Fay ,it was such a pleasure to read it! Very interesting for little ignorant me that they built the program around the jumps,I thought coreo for FS was a completely different process but then it makes a lot of sense to do that.How I wish Yuzuru didn't hurt himself ,immagine Origin sakted when he is fully healthy
  2. @micaelis welcome back🤗 Like our ninja favourite boy you are a fighter! Looking forward to read your posts more often now ❤️
  3. I didn't follow completely but i was under the impression that orange colored sky was her choice....she had problems it's true and with the current field she couldn't (and still can't)probably afford to lose time or points but i really liked it,it's a pity she dropped it. On the other end,just thinking about her EX-programmes it seems to me this is what she feels confortable with,not very innovative that's true but we'll see.
  4. I agree with everything you both said but I think most of all he has that quality that makes you want to watch him ...he's just so pleasing when he moves,so elegant that you simply cannot stop.(And I'm not talking about a sexual attraction here he's too young for me,just he's so aesthetically pleasing when he skates that I love just to watch him cooling down after practice for example). Last but not least he has a wonderful high working complex brain,really I'm old enough to be his mom but sometimes I read what he says and I'm like "look at this kid teaching me a lesson"LOL there are many sportmen and women ,many medals won but so few of them have something to say,Yuzuru has a lot instead and it's very interesting.
  5. this just came up in my youtube suggestions...baby Javi
  6. this is the best happy birthday chorus i have ever heard...honestly thet were so in tune it's pretty impressive....Happy birthday Javi,we miss you
  7. and we'll be here waiting for you!Sending all my positive thoughts to you Micaelis please take care and let us know as soon as you can how you are doing
  8. yep me too,but I went for my second cup of coffe to be honest Maybe it's me but Nathan always looks like he has somewhere else to be,like le's do this becuase I'm busy later kind of attitude. It's a bit of a pity because he's good.
  9. just in time to see Team Japan and it was worth it...the tango bit was priceless
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