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  1. indeed....i'm listening to see how accurate the tranlsation is but yep it's america-inflated score...if Nathan or Alysa were of Mexican/Italian /whatever origins it would have been the same.
  2. aahah These two Also the beauty of that open air icerink!
  3. I'm sure they'll post the translation,they usually do...listening to it . Max just said Nathan won and it's fine but of course GOE are nonsense ....basically what we have been saying since last weekend. He laso agrees about Kamila and Alysa...this is a the bit about it....keep an eye on this account for translation. not sure what having Chinese ancestors got to do with it frankly.
  4. We all appreciate clean programs Raf,I personally don't like to see these guys and girls having a splatfest(I'm not a fan of Zagitova but her performance really was tough and i'm truly sorry). This said it is of course claer you cannot give those marks just for this,I understand interpretation may be subjective but TR and SS and bullets during jumps are surely not. this said USFed put Nate in a difficult position too.
  5. ehhe because Yuzuru is of course Japanese but he belongs to the whole planet earth....I like to think when you're such a huge champion like him ,you cross those boundaries.
  6. I'm sorry but as far as I know there's no evidence it was a fanyu....that was somebody on twitter claiming it. LOL I love his body language in this....clearly teasing Ghislain LOL yes that's what he said,he said also he has no doubt Yuzuru is way better then Nathan in things like SS and TR...PCS are not correctly scored. mmmmm can we trust what it's been reported here?how do we know words aren't twisted?just the titlle of it it's ridicolous "Troubles in Paradise"??LOL And what if yuzuru had won?They'd write Brian off because clearly he doesn't need his coach anylonger?
  7. I had a moment of glory for IDF it seems LOL thank you for doing this,it was really fun!
  8. thank you thank you This is great to watch too,even if on one side it highlights the terrible terrible camera work that there was in Torino,on the other side it's pretty clear how more mature he is even after less then 2 years!
  9. and it makes you wonder what he could have done if he had run that for more times! and Amen to every single words you wrote! but they make you wonder if they do tho as other have said -Torino is a rather small town(small compared to huge metropolis ,for our italian standard town it's not of course LOL),not many flights connect it to out of Europe countries really....the other option is Milan ,pretty heavy international air traffic airport and then it's about 1h 30 min by car ,which someone like Yuzu can rent(us we take the train...but I wouldn't wish the absolute nightmare of our train rides to my worst enemy) About the Russian ban,it's said really....it's true if you do ban,you do that and do't try to make the ban irrelevant by allowing those people to take part...on the other side doping is a world problem(not just in Russia)but also there are many who didn't do a thing and pay the price.
  10. At the moment I am not very optimistic about Montreal especially because there will be US nationals and Nathan’s score will be beyond overscoring. Bejing you all know many things can happen in two years so maybe. And I agree unfortunately for us Yuzuru won’t keep going if things don’t change.it saddens me deeply because there’s no one like him ,no matter the narrative he’s on his own category and the sport will be poorer. also you cannot creat a champion so loved by the people ,it’s a natural thing that happens because Yuzuru is unique and again the audience respond to him. Nathan doesn’t have it no matter how much his country and fed try. I work with a majority of men,needless to say Monday morning is for football discussions,they know I love FS and this morning every single one of them told me wow that Japanese kid was something else : this kind of respect you cannot invent sorry. this said Nathan is a very good skater he deserved to win but he’s over scored so much that it’s ridiculous and it’s not helping him at all.
  11. are they inside the national Egptyan museum...that place is amazing i hope they get the to enjoy it,it's truly worth it!
  12. that would be the dayI'd start learning japanese....although I'd misshis shu-pa while explaining the jumping LOL thank you:) That post is hilarious...imagine these 3 petit girls getting lost among the poohs LOL
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