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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AZf-6nUD1RbLqelyQgHJvVobkHpptIui/view?usp=sharing Gdrive for safekeeping! and multiple watching of course
  2. and that's why I'll never be able to follow someone like Nathan....Yuzu my god ,I was crying like a baby,such a beautiful breathtaking performance! also that this ignorant people who needs western music and lyrics to love a song and a program.I don't know japanese but this song deeply thouches my hart.
  3. ok let me know if it works https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iY7uhZ5ZutdY3dssIb1CNsRwjciT4UMs/view?usp=sharing I'm still so so happy for him!also i missed watching press conferences without understanding a word LOL This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  4. 2020 has been hard for me,long time not been here but I missed this place.....Yuzuru was amazing today,I'm crying like a fool! yuzu well done,show them who the real champ is!
  5. oh yes he's a cutie and ,like every cat,he knows it ....thank you!
  6. thank you for passing the news,frankly i don't know how many people will buy tickets right now ,I hope I can make it next year but I'm surely not buying them now!
  7. LOL it's brilliant...I also wants to see the whole cat,judging from the tail he/she must be huge and a real beauty!
  8. we wouldn't survive Carmen,but it'd be worth the sacrifice not my business of course,but I've always noticed a lot of passion and sensuality in his skating but again whatever makes him happy of course! asian grandparents are like italians(moms,aunts and the whole family too),either you settle down and start having kids or there's something wrong with you LOL almost impossible...but look what a small mushroom he was !
  9. completely useless with a everything related to sewing and ect(tho I'm a proud granddaughter of an amazing woman who used to cut and sew men's formal suits)but i love the color and i'm pretty speechless about the ombre effect, is it sorcery? I clearly rememberrSatomi using an airbrushes so maybe that's the secret!
  10. welcome here,what an interesting way to discover Yuzuru!I'm about to read what you wrote thanks to google translator btw! Henny I'm sending you a big hug and i'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts
  11. the jusry is still out,nut @Sombreuil you guess it....any chance for some lottery number? it's all in his calculation LOL oh yep one get dizzy watching it but still so so worthy white legend is one of my fave! heart arsonist rocks LOL and who knows?you're locked up or you are working long hours so maybe you are watching FS.
  12. can you imagine it? anyhow I don't get it,if they keep COC how many skaters will go considering the quarantine?Japanese athletes won't go of course as per JSF decision,so? color me very very confused.
  13. well looking fine Mr Hanyu I knew he was a true class act but his words today proved once again what a smart,classy and respectful person he is! I have a huge rant coming about the I*U award but I'm trying to keep it inside,but it's so so hard
  14. No sorry just no....this woman clearly is not well no one like her should be even remotely near a child . I hope somebody does something to help this young girl .
  15. Oh she is very good with interpretation so who knows? I really didn’t like her twilight program but that’s my taste . I honestly was hoping for something more upbeat for her but again I don’t want to judge now it’s too early .
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