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  1. The Yuzuru model appeals to the ladies just fine 😂seriously I feel sorry for the poor person who leaked the video but it’s so worth it ...hopefully tho this person will still have a job at the end of the day Our lord is coming ISU is better to hold on tight on those seats😂😂
  2. I love how both Brain and Ghislain understand him even when Yuzuru can barely put a sentence together becuase of course he's exhausted after that unbelievable performance. And Brian laughing at his own 'jump' and forgetting about Jason is the best bit!
  3. I was not sure it was him,but i guess I read in some tweet that he has bolt in his ankle so watching him skating it's even more special and moving!
  4. Sota hurt his ankle badly right?because wow kid well done in recovering!hopefully he'll stay safe ,I really like his style of skating so i'm looking forward to watch his performances!
  5. mercedes

    Fan project

    @Henni147 what a lovely job you did and wow your calligraphy makes my OCD brain so happy right now...and of course Pooh paper letter:Yuzuru will love this and the book too I'm sure! Thank you guys for your amazing work,you all are truly special people
  6. what a beautiful rink ...but pleae please somebody teaches David how to film LOL I don't know what it is but I love the sleeping cat poster behind Shoma in the 1st pic.
  7. it's really well done...once again I find myself thinking how Yuzuru can go from murder face to the sweetest smile ever seen on a human face,he really is so expressive.
  8. I was able to dl it from Isakura,here the google drive link...please let me know if it works https://drive.google.com/file/d/180ECyVgirrnzOxFIx8HGaXIBnF4hkM6R/view?usp=sharing BTW watch it until the very end,we got a lovely Yuzuru interview and also 2 Yuzu-encore,well worth the wait if you ask me Edit :it's still processing because it's a huge file but well it should be fine in a while.
  9. Not only he clearly respect Yuzuru,he clearly respect and understand Prince artistic view and what his family management is doing :truly touching words (I felt tears while reading it)from a humble wonderful man👏
  10. Edit: I just noticed it says Kobe 2018 ,but it's the right from today
  11. It Seems to work a little bit better ,if you still see a black screen try to leave and get back ,ill leave it streaming hopefully we’ll get lucky
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