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  1. maybe there still hope....but just in case we must go FS-less until next year maybe some silly thing like your fave FS moment?with video or pic?it's nice because I always discover new programs this way.
  2. how scary to feel sick and nobody around you knows your language....also how scary having a asthma attack on plane,cannot think of a worst place honeslty. Yuzu is a pretty tough guy but his mom is too! your sig is very distracting....among other I love @LadyLou and @Fay profile pics,they show off Yuzuru so well! @sweetwater thank you for translating and reporting every bits of news from your country. And @SuzyQ wow those files....I cannot stop wondering how the heck he reach that position without opening his hips. And Masquerade wins everything of course! I had a bad day but as usual PH improved my mood!
  3. if I'm not wrong Grafstrom 1st medal was during the summer games...winter games weren't a thing yet.Still pretty impressive of course. ah lovely day indeed!
  4. I lost it at Camden's reaction,priceless really LOL
  5. link? it would be a dream,wouldn't it?
  6. yeah no chance for media today this year so we'll have to wait for the 1st competion....it's going to be a long dry summer ! thanks we have this forum and tons of Yuzuru's performances to watch!
  7. I agree just look at his reaction LOL he's all of us basically
  8. I don't know if it is something lost in translation(or lost to google since i went and read the original article in Japanese)but I feel a sense of melancholy in her words,like she feels she hasn't got a lot of time left to be a competitive skater....it's pretty sad .
  9. aww Javi that was beautiful....my spanish is very poor butI think he says something like this country cannot take more dead? anyhow very effective! And i'm curious to see Sasha again! and of course good lck to Nobu and his knee!
  10. 1.mmm maybe?but what can you do?as you cannot force people to support more skaters as you said ,you cannot do the opposite. 2.of course,live competition apart I was more on the general way. 4.stalking is a crime,you get no argument from me for sure! I agree to be respectful inside the rink and to always think twice before writing stuff online (or to harass skaters on their Social media accounts for example)but I just resent the idea that somebody has to tell me the right way to follow FS.Yuzuru will always be my fave no matter what,but I still enjoy watching other skaters,but if other people cannot what can you do?as long as they behave nicely during live competition it's fine by me.
  11. I understand that perfectly and you are right but I fear this idea of supporting every single skater is seen as putting up banners for everybody,and sort of regulating the number of stuffed animals you can throw because otherwise other 'poor' skaters have to wait to skate or are under pressure,it seems to me like moral police at work and I resent that.I've seen people claiming they are in FS for Yuzuru alone and other people telling them it's wrong,you are not a real FS fan and you should support more then one skater,sorry i cannot agree with this kind of behaviour.
  12. LOL this makes you human ....I said i try not to hope that but I'm not always succesfull
  13. ahaha that would go down so well! Last world championship many of my friends were rooting for Japan because Italy wasn't there,see it we were competing how many of them would have support another team! FS is a sport,I have my faves and then i have Yuzuru,I try not to hope for other skaters to skate bad or to hurt themselves but I cannot like them all,I'm a person with my own tastes and opinion(right or wrong of course)not a computer! When I read this things I smell a certain kind of politically correct M.O. and frankly I don't like it.
  14. I missed it too,was away fo the weekend but reading the cht it was fun as usual,so next time guys!!
  15. he really can sing....but boy oh boy what are you wearing?
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