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  1. I honestly have no idea how things work but I surely wouldn't be happy to pay just because I live in a certain country....I don't remember if I read it here or on some other places but people were pretty upset and trying to get their money back. And about archiving,latest JGP comps are all there so I assume it will be the same with Seniors?In any case one can always record and share later
  2. I trolled and voted for Bohemian Rapsody ...but a girl can dream right? If I could,i'd beg him to skate one last time Masquerade (Maybe at NHK so there won't be problems with the japanese lyrics?)but it will probably be CM(y spiral and sparkles )or HYK ....Teo Torriatte is very tempting too as it is LGC....can i vote more then once?LOL
  3. yep it was really cheap(this is year is 7,99 per month but still)....viasat sounds like sky ,way too much especially for someone like me who only watch FS...I'd rather invest in a good vpn. But oh well we'll see....I hopethey'll archive tho,like for JGP. and Max has indeed found other ways to talk about FS(and winter sports in general)
  4. I was checking italian tv and there's no trace of FS so hopefully youtube wonìt be geoblockerd....(if it is well there's always VPN.) I hope it's free but even if it's not i'm ready to pay the fee if it's reasonable....4,99€ for eurosport player were really good so if it's something affordable why not? Ted come on you know we need you! I wonder why they still didn't say the list of countries with no tv rights tho,it sounds like a last minute thing.
  5. I think this is the 1st time I see him wearing not training shoes(with the exclusion of men-shoes when he goes formal),the whole thing is not that bad and it's saved by his lovely smile. The green/gold monster is still ugly but those poses are so beautiful I'll take them too....he would probably make a potato sack look like an original Armani LOL (sorry Re Giorgio)
  6. Let's see if i can get apaper medal here too 1.List the top 3 of each discipline. (+ extra in case someone withdraws) Bonus Questions 2. In ladies, will there be more clean (positive GOE) 3 axels or quads? 3. Who will have the highest PCS before factoring? 4. Who will receive the highest GOE on a single element? 5. In ice dance, will anyone who was not top 3 after the rhythm dance end up with a medal? 6. Which disciplines will have a new season’s best? Grand Prix Finals Qualification - to be scored after NHK 1.Who will qualify for the finals. *Optional - list alternates in case of withdrawal 2.Who will be the top qualifier in each discipline? If there is a tie in points for placement, I will use highest total score as a tie breaker. 3. Which disciplines will have a new world record by the end of the series?
  7. the things you guys know...I'm kinda speechless but thank you for explaining it in such easy terms. I think Otonal costume doesn't flatter him around the waist area but if you look at him in his UA gear it's pretty clear he's has wider shoulders and more defined arms and pecs and hopefully as you said this will help.
  8. this girl could skate to elevator music and make it work,I hope one day she gets a coreoghrapher at her level but yet she's a pleasure to watch.
  9. Kosto does everything effortless,like it's the easiest thing in the world but the music cuts and the choreo in general are kinda meh...she 's saving the porgram thanks to her amazing tech really.
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