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  1. cirelle

    Hey, remember us?

    This is part of it too
  2. Oh wow. I’m so sad for Gabby and I sure hope they have a plan for this too. But congrats to Alaine, she skated the best today!
  3. Wait what, I thought everything started in like an hour.
  4. Oh I thought it was just me. I was hoping for a rabbit...
  5. Yay skating! And yay, dailymotion stream at least for a while!
  6. cirelle

    Planet Streaming Parties

    This weekend maybe?
  7. This was amazing in it’s complete crazyness
  8. cirelle

    Team Russia

    Yikes. But I agree, for me the best Orange Colored Sky was ACI, I think, or even test skates, and it has regressed a lot since. I’m a bit sad bc I think it could have been good. Brave to change midseason, I hope it pays off.
  9. 5th!! I’m so happy! But it is hilarious that my best results were in ID, which I follow the least. And I’m also amused I did well in the warm-up round that I thought I was bombing really hard. Thank you, @Joey this has been really fun!
  10. That’s weird, I used my debit card (Master) and had no problems at all.