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  1. Heh, I think I was able to edit mine again.
  2. cirelle

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yahoo Auctions you say... Edit: Anything in particular I should look for, for example in regards to shipping abroad?
  3. cirelle

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I use clear files all the time? To gather papers that belong together (of different sizes) and to have them easily available to take out (in contrast to a binder). Usually they’re just plain yellow or blue tho, not pretty pictures. I use my CiONTU clear files for my Japanese class, obviously.
  4. I uh edited my predictions bc I forgot to write my name — hopefully it worked! Otherwise timestamp 23:38 CET.
  5. cirelle

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I want them all. Now. Especially the one on the right oml.
  6. Time to get that Eurosport player subscription going again! This season with added Chromecast, which has already been a godsend during the JGP and Challengers.
  7. I’ve only been to Milan, and they didn’t check at the gate, but I had to show them my passport to pick up my tickets (when I ordered there was no print at home option).
  8. cirelle

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    Gabby is taking a mental health break, Larkyn has a sprain.
  9. cirelle

    [2018] JGP Yerevan (10.10-13.10)

    Lol, three jacket changes.
  10. cirelle

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    I’m quite worried now tbh.
  11. Oh yeah, I’m just trying to figure out what placements skaters need to get to the GPF - looking at the standings from previous (2-3) years, men seem to be able to get there with 22 points or more, ladies need 24 points at least, dance can require 26 (!) and pairs too (but can be around 22). https://www.isu.org/figure-skating/figure-skating-events/grand-prix-of-figure-skating