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  1. I was so hoping for Medvedeva.
  2. She did so well! Such a lovely skate! Wow!!!
  3. Really. Bad. Juju. Bless it, Satton!
  4. Okay, I’m here for the last groups - how’s it been so far?
  5. General Skating Chat

    This i’s so cool, cause usually someone has one (1) specialty, like Gaby’s 3T3T or Satton’s Layback or Misha’s ChSq, and Yuzu’s 3A is that, but then he also loads of other +3’s. I just love how INFORMATIVE this is. Huh. Medvedeva has a lot of different +3’s, but not really one specialty?
  6. I like the sparkly pattern on her dress tho. Oh dear, that’s not good.
  7. I seem to have made a miscalculation to put Caro in third for my predictions. But we’ll see.
  8. I hate Zagi’s attitudes with a burning passion. I just want her to do a non-ballet program so that I can find out if I enjoy her skating. Which is also not The Tiger. But well done!
  9. Oh Satton! (Also, Swe commentators fangirling Satton and upset about her low SS score. For once their bias is reasonable. )
  10. The Swe commentators have been kinda salty about how suddenly most ladies have StSq4 while before the panel was much harsher, too.
  11. I actually liked her new programs better, the ones from last season just put me to sleep.