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  1. We did! No email (edit: as in, I hvaen’t got one either yet), but the site’s been up since Saitama tho. The url is on the card I took and I remember checking it out there abouts.
  2. The Italian delegation in Saitama said the homepage was supposed to be done by the end of April but mid-May was more likely (I realize now I don’t remember if it was just info about tickets or ticket sale in mid-May, do you remember @axelnojutsu?). But if Milan WC in 2017 is anything to go by, I would guess it might be delayed a bit more, a week or two.
  3. So many Sia programs this season! Good luck, Wakababy, I hope the new season treats you kinder than last!
  4. I’m gonna be basic and suggest Yuzu focused streaming parties — fancams sounds great! The whole season ones we did a couple of years ago were great and it was so cool seeing the programs evolve during the season. I’m worried most of those videos are gone now in the yt purge tho. But yeah, wouldn’t mind doing them again, like from first year of senior or something?
  5. Yes sleep Um, please stop talking about 4A while I’m trying to stop updating SNS, Mr Hanyu?
  6. Thank you, Sendai for giving us this feed of the boy.
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