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  1. cirelle

    Team China

    You know, before coming here and reading about the face-saving etc I assumed Brian and Tracy went there to get that sweet Chinese money. Like so many A-list movie stars do on the regular. Tho if the economic situation is more ’we got the money for Boyang, now we gotta use it’ the A-list analogy is really not a good one.
  2. cirelle

    Team Japan

    So that’s why. That so little would have such an impact.
  3. cirelle

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Which is probably why he’s waiting, the troll that he is.
  4. Well, I had an hour and then my flight to Frankfurt was delayed bc summer and thunder, so we landed 10 minutes before the connecting flight was supposed to depart, so we got off and RAN like 10 gates or so, and then the next flight was delayed as well so it was fine (the luggage didn’t make it tho). But that could have been any airport, it was summer and the whole aiport had delays? On the outbound flight we also had an hour and no problems whatsoever. I’m usually fine with just an hour for changing flights and so far that was the only time I’ve had trouble. YMMV tho.
  5. Many times, they’re usually fine. The snacks and drinks are overpriced, but were aren’t they. Edit: Oh yeah, if you have a carry on, get in line at the gate early. They can be a bit rude bc of the many carry ons, I was quite upset with how they were shaming the passengers for having too many carry ons for the space when it’s their own pricing system that makes ppl not check luggage.
  6. cirelle

    Team Russia

    Yeah, yeah, I didn’t say it was likely, but if it were to happen I’d be giggling for days.. WEEKS.
  7. cirelle

    Team Russia

  8. cirelle

    Team Russia

    That would seriously be hilarious if the first to land the 4A was a junior lady.
  9. cirelle

    Team Russia

    Sasha Trusova, kicking ass and taking names. I am just astounded by her.
  10. At Skate America last year both Dance and Ladies were same day as Gala. They did have a short Gala practice in the schedule between comp and Gala for those skaters tho.
  11. But like, if the Men’s free starts at 2 pm and then the ceremony, and the gala is at 5.30 pm - are they gonna have the gala practice inbetween?? That seems impossible, so it must be before. Would they then have it before the Men’s practice or let ppl in and then throw out for gala practice? Weird ass schedule. I am sooo hoping that the Men’s practice will be after 10 am on Thurday so I have time to go to the darn ice hall.
  12. I thought I image trained enough for Helsinki and then I got confused anyway during the sale — I am most definitively taking a look at this.
  13. It doesn’t fit in at all, but I like the second spin to the music box music with the Biellmann. Completely obvious and campy and my taste is questionable obvi. I don’t like the rest tho and why are they trying to age her so much?? That hair. THIS. I hate how she has no time to hold positions and it’s exactly the same as last season.