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  1. Me too Why do I have the feeling someone somewhere said April or May for tickets?
  2. Russian spilt jump DIRECTLY into jump?
  3. His flexibility is insane. Also like 4 loops? I loved Mary Poppins, hoping for many Mary Poppins numbers next season in ID.
  4. cirelle

    [2019] Winter Universiade 2019 (01.03-12.03)

    The Japanese field is insane. She’s so good here and was 16th at JNats.
  5. I went with the sim anyway in the end since it was 1) so much cheaper and 2) I'll hopefully only have to use my usual sim one day for picking up the pass. And if I need it more it costs about as much getting a JPN data sim for my entire stay and just switching to roaming charges for five days. Like they want us to make sure to download the tickets before hand in the app, but how will it work? I just wished we could get the tickets earlier to see how it works and plan accordingly. Edit: And plz add me to the group!
  6. Oh crap, I had forgot I was planning to get a data sim, maybe I should get pocket wifi instead. Gah!
  7. cirelle

    [2019] Challenge Cup (21-24.02)

    Jealous! Getting to see two Skyfalls in one day!
  8. cirelle

    [2019] Challenge Cup (21-24.02)

    The sound quality and the bg music is kinda killing my head.
  9. cirelle

    [2019] Challenge Cup (21-24.02)

    Omg Wakababy podiums! I’m so happy for her!
  10. cirelle

    [2019] Challenge Cup (21-24.02)

    Another storm seems like.
  11. Sooooo I finally got myself together and looked through the rest of my pictures. Added about 35 to the album, mostly of Yuzu being cute. They're tagged with 'new' and uh file names are between 600-ish and 1540. Enjoy!