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  1. Also, that looks like Edea Piano’s with the white heel...
  2. Then I hope Yuzu isn't affected.
  3. Well yeah, but there is always stuff like the shape of the foot etc to consider with skating boots.
  4. Oooh, I thought going down in stiffness didn’t make sense for quad but then I saw that the Ice Fly is the lightest boot. Wonder which Risport model she’s in.
  5. Interesting! First changing firmness during competitive season then brand? Has she talked about why?
  6. Oh, that’s too bad. I hope she’ll recover. Thanks tho!
  7. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is something and that something was already there during GPF. After her SP runthru in Turin she immediatly touched her leg and retied her boots and then skated very carefully the rest of the session. She killed it at GPF tho, so I assume she’s going to power through here too.
  8. What happened to Laurine Lecavalier? Is she not competing this season?
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