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  1. I’ll try to make it! I’ll be checking into a hotel at about then so it depends on wifi etc.
  2. Yes, let's do that! Also this is so wtf I don't know what to set on fire first. Edit: @Yuzu_legend do you want help setting it up?
  3. Exactly! That was what I was trying to express but forgot to actually type.
  4. Gold and P1 are tho - P2 too? So I'm just talking about the best seats, ie Gold.
  5. Will there be any left tho? With the tours and how quickly WC 2020 sold out.
  6. Do you remember how upset ppl were about Helsinki GP prices last season? This season has really done the most to make going to a competition impossible for so many fans.
  7. This is what I'm worried about too. And all of Platinum and Gold sold out before the AE sale. I just can't pay that much for Gold, even if I want to. Does anyone remember if there are balconies with more seats?
  8. I guess we should just start the Planet Hanyu travel agency and get in on that pre-pre-sale action.
  9. Wasn’t Brian asked in an interview about what the 4A looked like and he said ”like a fully rotated 4A” or something? I think last fall.
  10. I really want to go, ofc, but I’m moving in September so I won’t know if it’s possible until all that is take care of, but I’ll be on the lookout for a resell ticket — keep me in mind! Already regretting not getting a ticket. I do have a room booked at a hotel, but I would be interested in you place @Maya (if I can go)!
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