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7 hours ago, SuzyQ said:

王子の共演   Co-starring of princes

銀盤を熱狂で溶かせ  Melt the silver rink with excitement

凛々しく鮮やかに  Valiantly and vividly

希望は着氷する  Hopes land on the ice

舞人うるわし  Graceful dancer

あまねく響け  Resound far and wide

やまとの音   Sound of Yamato (ancient name of Japan) 

奏でるように  As it plays music

氷上に刻む  Carved on the ice

一夜限りの譜面  A score for the night only

伝説は続く  The legend continues

新章の扉よ、開け  Open the door to a new chapter

羽ばたくたびに  Every time wings flap

星が降る夜  Stars fall in the night

翔如春雷 (This seems to be Chinese)
(春雷の如く翔べ)Soar like spring thunder

(春の光の如く昇れ) Rise like spring light

この戦いで、世界はまた進化する  In this battle, the world will evolve again


@SuzyQ  Thank you so much for the translation   :thanks:

Lovely inspired and inspiring phrases   :flowers:

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1 hour ago, Soleil88 said:

I voted for origin! :loveshower::heartpound:


** I have a question. Does Yuzuru's photo exhibition occur every year without fail and at the same standard period? Am thinking since I won't be able to get tickets to his ICE shows in Japan, at least I can attend the photo exhibitions.  :YuzuPoohSad:Thank you in advance. 

Previous exhibitions have been late summer/ early autumn but they were not every year. They start in Tokyo and then move to other parts of the country, often finishing in Sendai. There was definitely one after PC Olys and another more recently, after FaOI 2019, which was the year Yuzu had the collaboration with Toshl.

Toshl tried to visit the exhibition, but he had to abandon his visit because he had been spotted and was worried about causing a commotion and overshadowing the Yuzu exhibition. He finally managed to see the exhibition kind of in disguise. 

During COVID pandemic was not practical to host an exhibition, whether it will become an annual event is dependent how commercially successful it is thought to be.

Fans would ideally like to see a new Ice rink with permanent Yuzu museum and gift shop

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Just now, Henni147 said:

Share this news here too:



Another good news: My condition is getting better, and I'm slowly returning to work life.

Wish you all a good start into the new week


Good news indeed 

Well done about the wiki pages and the new sub page. That sounds very exciting


Great news about your health. Such a relief to hear that your condition is improving

Wishing you good health and a smooth recovery

Sending caring thoughts


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