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  1. Thanks so much for the update Henni! This is wonderful, you have done such a great job. I hope the rehab keeps going well and you stay in good spirits. Sending you lots of energy, good vibes, and love!
  2. And it's not only for FaOI. It's for a weekend where TV Asahi is going all out with Yuzu content, including a porgram with photographer taking about their work photographing Yuzu, and the special program that TV Asahi broadcast after Yuzu's press conference. That special program was already long and this time they will add 30 extra minutes of content. The photos on the pillars are from FaOI and SharePractice so its a huge way of displaying sand suppirting pro athlete Yuzu, me think 😉✨
  3. The time difference makes me dizzy! So, FaOI Nagoya on August 27th is at 1:34 AM -4:40 AM but it will be broadcast on TV Nagoya local channel, so we don't have streaming (channel not available on Japan TV and other Japanese streaming services). However, the same broadcast will be shown on September 4th, 2 PM-5 PM, CS Entermeitele. This channel is available in different Japanese TV streaming services so there will be links to watch it
  4. The Brazilian fan account Yuzuru Hanyu Brazil (@HanyuBr) started #FanyuDay on Fridays. Every Friday has a different theme, this Friday was about sharing 2 favourite photos of Yuzu (I know, it's impossible to choose). Next Friday (Aug 26) is about sharing your favorite edit, Friday Sep 2 will be fanart, and Friday Sep 9 will be to share a song you would like Yuzu to skate. Then they are planning to do a poll to select the themes for the next Fridays. It was fun seeing posts from fans from different countries, even some Japanese fans became aware close to the end of Friday in Japan and posted some photos. Full disclosure about this. I am pep_on on Twitter but @HanyuBr added my name to the campaign because I came up with a random suggestion while commenting under a post about songs and Yuzu. Just for fun, I decided to tag them in case they wanted to do something with the idea and, as expected of Brazilian enthusiasm, they picked up the ball and ran with it I leave the info here in case some of you are interested in joining the next Fridays.
  5. Has any one shared this version of the 27 photos taken by Kaizuka-san? This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. I am totally lost! Can I still send my message and a drawing?
  7. It seems that it's more a news announcement? The community tab is a feature that appears automatically once you reach 500 subscribers and it appears up to one week from the date that happened. So, it's not as if Yuzu put the community tab there... or how to use it. Though, he is very data driven so I would love form him to conduct some polls to inform the content he wants to upload on his channel... we can only dream.
  8. As always, admiring the mind, the heart and the motivation of Yuzu. The fact that he decided to do "hellish interviews" to give the chance to the media to ask him questions individually, wow! And that after an out of this world display of talent and stamina.
  9. Yes, I think you can share clips of up to 1 minute. And if someone is sharing something longer or an edit, please add the link to the original source, meaning Hanyu Yuzuru Youtube channel videos
  10. Yes, available and truly open to the deal I offered of selling them 2x1 under the commitment of displaying an ISU needs reforms banner.
  11. The translation of Axel with Wings is amazing. The link they added to their post will take you directly to the comment with the full translation of Yuzu's message. Remember to give a like to Yuzu's video and to AwW comment so that it stays on top!!
  12. Translation of Yuzuru's message
  13. Just for the sake of language and the complexity of translation and interpretation Marika had to correct her original post because of the different shades of meaning of the word :-)
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