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  1. https://www.facebook.com/IceLabBergamo/photos/a.530016550490074/1944280025730379/ Javi was coaching in Bergamo... nice to see him with skates on I wonder if he'll stay over for the lombardia trophy... or if he'll come and watch the "turin cup of china"...
  2. he looks good in... everything! morover when he skates he really could wear anything: I guess he could skate in a pooh-san costume (I'd love to see that ) and still we would all be mesmerized. "you're jut too good to be true, can't take my eyes out of you...."
  3. first short recording from today's broadcast This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  4. more (fake) yuzu NEWS. (thanks to pifeathers on twitter who shared the video and realized the fluffy mattress thing looked like a tribble)
  5. ohhhh the final countdown. I was a big fan of europe in my teen. so many memories! I'd love that All the songs you mentioned would be great for the reasons you explained I'd like to add to your list 4. David Bowie: Heroes. I, I will be king.....we can beat them forever and ever, we can be heroes etc ect anywai, we just have to wait and see what's on his sharp trolling mind. surely it's going to be epic
  6. wow! yuzu rulez XD anyway, in my opinion, seimei needs to be watched at least once a day energy boost every single time!
  7. breaking (fake) news straight from my edited files
  8. good mornig-afternoon-evening everyone here's the direct link to google form for the updated fanyu's map for those who don't have twitter ( @Yuzuwinnie I hope this works for you) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKh66oovLAEA4afRz-N8o7zmkPG-4xZTJIS_2wE2SUHDrS6w/viewform
  9. @yuzu-san-fanyu she's made many more of them. all of them so interesting. just search for #balleticyuzu
  10. which one next? so many beautiful programs with too little views need our attention and worldwide love...
  11. balleticyuzu new post by alessandra montrucchio https://www.facebook.com/groups/1610393525875114/permalink/2970972083150578/ I'll put the text part of the post under spoilers for those who are not on fb (no videos though)
  12. ouch, this is hurtful to read. anyway: thanks god in italy medias don't ehm, care about fs. this all nc vs yuzu thing will not hurt my poor heart (and morover we will probably have the "fanyu honoris causa" MAx Ambesi commenting on winter olys).I guess I'll have just to stay away from social media for a while and I'll be ok. cannot stay away from questionable scores though :'(
  13. this probably is not really art. but here's a swanyu's picture I've recently edited. hope you enjoy it
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