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  1. his hydroes are not only textbook but pure poetry ❤
  2. yes, the fb version I posted it's the complete chat but it has no subs:( I didn't know about ElenaC uploads (luckly I can listen to max in italian). thanks
  3. @Yuzuwinnie massimiliano ambesi is an italian journalist specialized into winter sports commentary. his commentary gave its name to planet hanyu for he stated " welcome to planet hanyu, inhabitants one: him only" :)
  4. https://fb.watch/6fD4mJzhfv/ this is the link to a long video with max ambesi commenting on stockholm (unfortunately in italian with no subs) he is basically stating how "wrong" and not correclty applied the new judgment system is , pushing FS to become more a (quad) jump competition than anything else Towards the end of the live show, however, while discussing the male competition, he gives us some "gems". "hanyu teaches us that a jump must be loved" (talking about the 4a and the quality that yuzu surely wishes to deliver) " if i have to tell you what i will
  5. well, he has always great respect of traditions so I wouldn't expect a LMEY style yukata but... god only knows what's in that sharp restless evil mind trying to leave us all more and more breathless
  6. the tweet is new but how about theoriginal interview? does anybody Know? I thought he was still 1/8 rotation short apparently he isn't anymore <3 This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  7. she really has a beautiful voice that goes straight to your heart
  8. and we would never ever disappoint him (even if we could I mean ) I belive we have a sort of love and hatred relashionship with that white wall... bless it anyway XD that sounds awful, I'm sorry. but don't surrender, you can make it. :* wow. god job!
  9. minute 00:02:17 of the amazing 18 minutues blinding lights cut. I've just noticed the smirk he gaves while making the "masquerade hand pose" . it doesn't look like part of the coreo but more as a "gotch ya, I knew this would make you scream" look of satisfaction. he really knows what he's doing at any time. absolute master playing with our poor hearts and minds please have mercy (and drop us some crumbs) LOL
  10. https://youtu.be/Vg-0DFNTBm0 ludovico einaudi le onde much appropriate for this starry italian summer night
  11. that's really too much cuteness to handle. so loveley to see him laughing hahahaha, well we are used to wonders of any kind on planet yuzu so... autotranslation? why not ! XD when I was younger swearwords have always been in my top ten words to learn in a foreing language
  12. got to go to work now. enjoy the rest of the evenig/afternoon/morning/night depending on your time zone once again bless yuzu (and the fanyus too )
  13. I'm not sure I've understood it all (no translate option at the moment) but please don't get upset. I belive other fanyus were just wondering how come they saw posts in french wich was unlikely to have happened before
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