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5 minutes ago, Lunna said:

That too, but I mostly was talking about that in Japan top-3 from Nats can skip local comps if they want to compete at Nats, others can't, in Russia (as of now at least), nobody can skip local comps if they want go to Nats. No Nats = skipping whole season for sure and big chance of ending a career, especially if you don't have big enough name.


At least I can be happy about the fact that Yuzu can afford to do what he thinks is best, he sacrificed enough for the sport already.


I wish federations & sponsors would fully support their athletes (not just the top ones) in these trying times so they could take the decision without being coerced but it's not really going to happen, is it? :sigh:

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I applaud Yuzu's caution and the leadership he's showing in making this decision, and some of the things he's said about the pandemic have left me a little concerned for him.  I hope he's not letting this situation prey on his mind too much. It's a scary time, especially for someone with asthma, but it will end eventually and in the meantime, it does no good to worry too much. 



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For someone who loves skating and competing more than anything, who still wants to compete even when he is injured, this must have been such a difficult, difficult decision for him, since he knows this decision won’t affect just himself, but also that of so many others. Yuzu and all of us are surely upset that we can’t see him but this is for the best. I wonder when, and how, everything will go back to normal again...


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2 hours ago, fyere0 said:

Can't believe the most powerful man in Japan announced he was stepping away for health reasons.....AND THEN Shinzo Abe announced his resignation on the same day :surprised_pikachu:


That's SEIMEI effect. (Abe no Seimei being chiefly remembered, if I understood well, for his — maybe self-fulfilling — prophecy that the Emperor would resign.)


Yuzuru Hanyu (sorry, my awe may seem strange, I can joke about him but I don't feel equal to call him by his sole given name, not to speak of a nickname, though I don't mind reading him being called Yuzu or even Zuzu by others) is really, such a kind, considerate fans gardener/keeper.

He gave us the happy news of his having finished his thesis, and a serious one it seems to be, along with many crumbs/watering, just before announcing he will not go to GP, a thoughtful and somehow relieving decision, but nevertheless sad to learn. :thanks:

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It's a wise decision from a very wise man. I respect and support 100%. The 24hr TV segment and the way he concluded, I'm feeling now that we won't be able to see him skating in public for a quite long time... He knows he draws massive crowds of people everywhere he goes. His fans, camera men, media, etc. He cannot afford to make a wrong move in terms of the pandemic. His influence is just so huge in Japan (and worldwide within fs world) and he has to set an example by choosing the best possible way for "stop the spread".

Also, we don't really know the long term effect of COVID but as an athlete, if your stamina or lung capacity could be impacted by the long-lasting implications of the virus, you really don't want to get that.  


I really want someone to live stream Yuzu's practice on YT channel from "unknown" location. They can put "white walls" around the ice rink to disguise the identity. If they can live stream once a month for the next 6 month, I may just be able to survive this long long drought. As long as Yuzu is safe and healthy and is skating, I can take almost anything...:13877886:

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I totally support his decision. It’s the wise, responsible and right thing to do overall. But I mourn the loss of his skating. He’s the most sublime skater in fs and will be sorely missed. I really really hope this isn’t him preparing to take a step back - Yuzu, don’t get too comfy off the ice, m’kay? I’m not sure if we’ll see him at Nats either. If the Covid situation remains as it is, with no vaccine yet, it’s unlikely Brian will be able to come to Japan then. 


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Just now, FlyingCamel said:

I highly doubt this, he still has a certain jump to land and just a few days ago said it’s his priority...

From your mouth to the ears of someone in Japan. I’ve been low key living with this fear since Olys.


im sad cactus





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After everyone else’s comprehensive and sometimes eloquent comments regarding Yuzu’s well reasoned and wise decision to withdraw from the GP series this season, the only thing I can add is that he has proven once again that he is not just a pretty face and history’s greatest figure skater.

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