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  1. Henni, So beautiful! I think Yuzuru himself would love to watch your videos!
  2. I watch 2012 Worlds in Nice Romeo and Juliet no.1 and POTO GPF 2014 alot. Plus the 2018 Olympics because it always makes me happy.
  3. Yes! Thank you so much! I knew someone on here would find it
  4. Hey quick question, Does anyone have a link to the Yuzuru MAD that has Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson as the song? It used to be on YouTube but they might have taken it down I'm not sure...
  5. I really hope so! I enjoyed worlds 2017 so much! I somehow missed it in 2017...I think my dvr didn't record or something...I never knew when figure skating was coming on back then as I wasn't a Yuzuru fan yet.
  6. I became a fan of Yuzuru right before the 2018 Olympics, but after he got injured so that my first comp to watch as a fan. I was so nervous!!! I talked about it for weeks afterwards to my family saying over and over "I'm so glad Yuzuru won!".
  7. How could you possibly eat it?? It's too beautiful.
  8. Nice costume matching bottle cover in the 4th picture 😀
  9. It doesn't help that they are all still out of breath from skating lol I didn't even hear one that sounded like Yuzuru...
  10. He could practice outside. Or I'd move the car out of the garage for him. Or buy another house just for him to practice in 😁
  11. I got the same. Nathan's outfits, all of them, should be on there.
  12. That was great! Just like seeing him on the ice! Now I'll be too excited to sleep
  13. Phantom too!! So happy to see him!
  14. Love your profile pic Azelais 😁
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