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  1. Glory

    Music talk

    So beautiful!! Really loved the ending. Sounds like a song from a Ghibli movie.
  2. Saw this on Asahi News today http://www.asahi.com/sp/ajw/articles/AJ201904240058.html
  3. Yes!! I mean no it's no weird! Me too! I wrote a song of Psalm 19 and sang it at church. I talked beforehand about Yuzuru and how God showed him the stars the night of the earthquake. I always remember how joyful Yuzuru is and how he's a champion. My version says Like a Champion the sun rejoices to run his course. I love how Psalm 19 says the skies proclaim the work of God's hands. Day after day they pour forth speech, night after night they reveal knowledge. Sorry I'm so excited somebody saw the same thing!!
  4. Yeah many people can't seem to understand when people have medical issues. I have many medical problems so I know where you're coming from. I push myself all the time just to do something I like. It's so hard when you can't do it very long cause you feel worse. I knit and practice Japanese but can't for very long due to leg and head pain. And if it's an ongoing issue for a long time people soon forget and you have to remind them that no I can't go out for coffee cause I only have so much energy. Yes Yuzuru's murderface could come in handy lol!
  5. Could that be the side of his head and part of his hand on the left???
  6. Hello! I've been learning Japanese for about a year now but only 5 months with a teacher. I really enjoy it! I haven't mentioned Yuzuru in my lessons but I do have his doll sitting behind me on my dresser Yuzuru talks so fast in interviews! I can only pick up a few words.
  7. Don't forget hearing Toronto and thinking of Yuzuru! My church was going on a mission trip to Toronto last year and all I could think about was being in the same city as him I didn't go. it's not the right reason to go on a mission trip lol
  8. My favorite program of all! Actually it made me watch the POTO movie that I never thought about watching before. Not as good as watching Yuzuru though I love the dramatic music! I get angry though when other skaters perform to Phantom just because they can't compare to Yuzuru's version lol. It's silly I know. Also I love how the music is put together so perfectly and seamlessly.
  9. I don't know if I'm in the right place but was wondering if someone could translate the first 2 1/2 mins or so of this vid. Yuzuru talks about why he chose Phantom for his music.
  10. Yeah it looks like he got beat up or has a weird sunburn or reaction to some face cream. These are my guesses but we will probably never know.
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