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  1. Eteri can move mountains and they prob have things all planned up to Beijing Btw ISU has prob set more WRs than any skaters, even Yuzu. I think they set some today, and one of them is WR for the best UR that isn't called : I don't know if I can call it "UR"
  2. On Ice Perspective video: Origin 2.0's costume looks amazing here. All the glittering completely blind me thou . They have so much fun with the big flags. I hope next comps they'll give medalists big flags to carry too
  3. VM retiring is such big (thou not surprising) news. I'm not an ID fan but they're like among biggest names in the history of the sport so you can't help feeling smt. They've been there for 22 years and now it's over, I can't help thinking how it would feel the day of Yuzu's retirement comes. I'm so used to him being there all the times and anticipating each FS season, I don't know how to cope with the disappearance of all of that. I mean he might still go on shows, but no show will give you shiver thru your spines like a competition, and even if competition seasons will always come, without him there will be no anticipation from me, really. With his current burning desire, I can be at ease at least for a while now. But no matter how long he stays, I don't think I can ever be truly ready for that destiny day
  4. I don't want to be shallow but whenever watching his interview, while I know I need to focus on what he says but in general, I just get distracted by his gorgeous face and cute expression His pretty face is so distracting ahhhhhh
  5. Yup, that's what I mean by "invincible faith others don't understand". You will work incredibly hard if your goal is BIG and you have an unshakable faith on it. Most of us just have ordinary dreams, thus no need to trade all our lives for it. But well, Yuzu BELIEVED he would be 2 time OGM with incredible faith so he did everything to realize it. Hard work is just an inevitable part of his way.
  6. Designed by Satomi Ito. She also congratz Boyang on Insta. I wonder how many skaters she designed costumes this year? SLB of costume world?
  7. It doesn't matter how long I've known it, it's still unbelievable how he had thought about 2 OGMs and even when to get them since kindergarten. Damn it KINDERGARTEN . And not only Olympic champ but DOUBLE olympic champ . I mean little Yuzu prob didn't even know how unreasonable it was as no one had ever done it since 1952. He just KNEW he would do it, like some supernatural power told him to? The only thing I could explain with his case is everyone has their own fate, and some ppl just KNOW by instinct why they were born and live true to their fate with invincible faith that sometimes doesn't make sense to others. If I heard some kindergarten kid said "I will win 2 Olympics" I would just take it as a child's dream, just like "I want to be Superman" or "I want to be President" lol. But well, that's why some ppl are one-in-a-million and I am not Btw "Since I'm not retiring yet, NOT YET" is basically "Screw you ISU, I'm HERE, existing longer than your collapsing system" "
  8. ACI 2019, Yuzuru Hanyu FS, 4T (called UR) (not sure about frame rate): Here is the 4K fancam of his FS!
  9. Your annual Karaoke session I feel he would be a phenomenal youtuber if he made lip-syncing MVs
  10. I wonder how many skaters have been buried by ISU "mistakes", like Yuzu is an unusual superstar of the sport, hence nothing can escape eagle eyes and HD fancams of fans. Others can't have the same privilege I suppose ISU would rob them even more blatantly at their convenience. I've no longer talked about overscored GOE/PCs, even neglect of wrong edge/UR, at least it gives (some) skaters benefits. But imposing WRONG calls on well landed jumps, and not only ONE in the same skate, is a new low and very alarming. ISU need to understand that this situation is not like any "abc is overscored, xyz is underscored" narrative before and would make them at least more cautious in their way of robbing some or favoring others lol.
  11. This is a TREASURE: https://www.kishimoto.com/search?q=オータムクラシックインターナショナル2019+羽生結弦&pds=&pde= My life is flooded with God Yuzu's amazing beauty in every angle!
  12. I don't know anyone posted but ORIGIN 4K FANCAM!!! This looks so real, his upper body movements are so expressive and well controlled, and his knee bend is softer than my pillow Btw, the ice looks so clear and from this fancam's angle, you can easily see the 4T and 3A3T are fully rotated by slow-mo as he landed right at your face lol. Here my screenshots of where the tip of his blade landed by 0.25 slow mo: Fancams are so convenient
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