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  1. Anya has landed all her jumps quite well in recent comps, even more consistently than sasha and alyona, despite having the WORST prerotation among them. I wonder if the more u prerotate, the easier to land jump. Cuz I suppose it will be easier to land a triple when u only need to rotate 2.5 revs on air? Same thing applied for quads. Btw i like her sp best among 3A. The 18+ movie ost isn't my thing but at least the edit isnt messy and Anya has lovely interpretation of music.
  2. ORANGE???? WHY LOTTE???? This series will never end, Lotte is SO obsessed with it. Pls Lotte I have a trauma
  3. No, only SEKKISEI stores (East Asia, SEA and USA), or duty-free shops at the airport, and only if they import this new line. But apparently KOSE's plan is to expand this line overseas, esp in Asia, I suppose we'll see his poster together with these series in SEKKISEI stores around Asia soon. Product statement of SEKKISEI MYV in KOSE's official website: SEKKISEI MYV The aesthetics of traditional Japan. Advanced formula. SEKKISEI was born out of Japanese unique concept of aesthetics, “MIYAVI.” The goal is to achieve brighter and clearer skin tone that creates an elegant atmosphere. With the advanced formula to maximize the beneficial effect of Japanese and Chinese plants, SEKKISEI brings out the maximum brightness of your skin. "The aesthetics of traditional Japan", "brighter and clearer skin tone that creates an elegant atmosphere", danggg like this product is the perfect embodiment of Yuzu! No doubt they call him a "muse" lol
  4. It only takes ONE year to be upgraded to global muse lol. Apparently Hanyueconomy works for KOSE. Btw this line (SEKKISEI MYV, just changed to SEKKISEI Miyabi) is one of the high-prestige lines of KOSE (their skincare lines divided into High-prestige and Prestige). And the only other global ambassador for high-prestige lines is Kate Moss. So Yuzu can be proud. Prestige lines are mostly endorsed by Japanese actresses: Yui Aragaki, Keiko Kitagawa etc.
  5. I REALLYYYY WANT TO SEE HIM DO ETUDE!!! But it seems unlikely, he might skate to smt more recent. I'm good with H&L, LGC or Requiem! I just rmb he also had Masquerade and Crystal Memories at the beginning of the ss and ppl were so sure he would choose 1 of 2 as new ex, but now it's not even an option lol poor ToshI . Hope to see ToshI again in FaOI next year
  6. SAKURA Pooh tissue box (new Disney goods) Seems like Disney won't let it go: Yuzu Pooh => Strawberry Pooh => Sakura Pooh Not ONE series, but MANY, not surprised we get Bee Pooh and Swan Pooh next lol
  7. This is sooooo great. Thank you! Btw ppl can see he has improved sooooo much throughout 10 seasons. My ultimate favorite StSq should be Chopin for SP and H&L for FS, but his power and control of upper body movement EXCEL in Otonal and Origin.
  8. This can only apply to ordinary ppl who do sports to improve health w no bad impact to their bodies, and can rest at will to heal when they are injured or tired. Athletes are forced to compete even under injuries (minor or major, visible or invisible) and fatigue. They cant wait to heal properly even if in theory they can heal faster than others. So i dont think its comparable and we need specific research on athletes to examine age and stamina. It will even vary in different sports too. One thing i see thou is many elite athletes suffer bad post-injury illness at their old age and dont live as well as ordinary ppl who got healthy diet and lifestyle.
  9. Their ways are easy to figure out. Nathan's is to do little TR and Russian girls' is to do LOTS of RT, that's it. But one thing I have to emphasize first is, they are YOUNG. Name ONE skater that lands quads consistently at Yuzu's age, there's no one, ever. What Yuzu has to figure out, is not only some "tricks" to land the jumps, but more importantly, he also has to fight against his stamina (decreasing with age) and risk of injuries (increasing with age) to do smt no one has ever done. I don't think he can find answer on those young skaters, yet he still needs to watch everyone to figure out his own path.
  10. 4-->1 13-->2 8-->3 I didn't manage to watch Men's but what is this TURBULENCE like wtf can someone explain Thou this mess seems to reflect pretty accurately the current scene of Russian Men lol
  11. The result surprised..... ABSOLUTELY NOBODY . RusNats has been so "thrilling" so far the only thing I expect now is if Liza would land her quad and prove that adult female can land quad too. Alyona pulled off the best version of that SP, and I don't think she can improve it further in anyway (so new SP next ss plsssss) Great fight from Zhenya to land all her jumps with bad boots, boot problem at worst timing, she did very well. It is ABSOLUTE NUTS when you think in top 4, 3 HAVE QUADS AND 2 HAVE 3A (Suppose Liza can land 4T too). How many quads will there be in FS? I'm sure it's impossible to think of this situation just 2 years ago I root for Liza to pull off quads and 3As in the FS and get into the battle of Eteri girls
  12. Btw Google showing his ads at Time Square right on Christmas day (and ofc above Disney store as it should be) is the perfect Xmas present for Yuzu . That's what a global star deserves
  13. Does anyone have clip of 'Otonal' encore? Wanna see Otonal stsq in SEIMEI costume
  14. I unsubscribe/unfollow ALL ISU related media, and decide NOT to watch anything from their channel from now on. Ofc NO voting for their stupid awards. From now I'll only see Yuzu, not the sport or other skaters anymore. The skaters are innocent and I feel bad for them to endure this system throughout their whole skating career. But I'm so f*cking cringe at the corrupted organization and feel guilty to still watch them do dirty things under the sun like this. So yeah, only cheer for Yuzu's very own career milestones in the future.
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