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  1. Idk if it happens in different countries but the internet here has been really sh*tty since mass social distancing. I can barely get into fb and youtube is lagging which never happens to me be4:((. Idk if I will go crazy if it gets worse and worse. 2 more weeks at home with nothing but a sloppy internet
  2. This is the last time he looked overwhelmingly happy in K&C. Since then, there's only relieved/assured expression when he received the score, even with new WRs or winning or clean skate. I wonder if we can see this childlike happiness in K&C again. Prob when he finally lands 4A?. And a score that makes him happy? Screw it, I can't imagine a day when the judge will give him a deserved score anymore It's more unrealistic than 4A really
  3. When will Ice Jewels Season Photobook this year get released i wonder? I forgot the time it was out previous years...
  4. NICE! I'll post some. 1. Evgenia Medvedeva's SP (Muse - Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3) Source 2. Tomoe Kawabata FS (In the mood of love OST) Source 3. Rika Kihira's SP 1st dress (Breakfast in Baghdad) source source 4. Mae-berenice Meite SP (What I love about this dress is the stand-out accessories on her neck and arms that make a very simple dress look special. I swear you should check out her previous costumes too, they're so cool and creative!) source source
  5. I suppose so (I'm not sure about LGC, but given all his other costumes post-Sochi are made by her it should be no exception). My most fav must be SEIMEI, all versions! Others are PC Chopin, Origin (both are fine) and Requiem. My most hated are Zigeunerweisen and R&J2.0 boob skirt, and coincidentally (but not surprisingly) both are made by Johnny Weir. Thanks God he didn't make any comeback as Yuzu's designer Love Satomi's costumes, but I still hope Yuzu works with other designers in the future too to get more creative designs (bar Johnny Weir, Vera Wang, and Satoko Schindler's list dress designer ofc )
  6. Stepanova is like "I'm fabulous and I know it" https://www.instagram.com/p/B-ZgAUbBfJt/
  7. Have you tried CDJapan? In Asia, it's also available in Korea's Aladdin and Singapore's Kinokuniya bookstores.
  8. FIGURE SKATING ART COSTUMES book by Satomi is released today and sold as both hardcopy and soft copy (ebook). Some beautiful preview of ebook ver (that motivates you to buy the book ): Source: https://bookwalker.jp/def3a343e8-b3fc-4271-8375-7890cb552397/ Edit: more from amazon The rest here:
  9. No one is exception. Wish him quick recovery
  10. Love this straightforward angle. It's like he's staring right into my soul
  11. Irina Rodnina, 3 OGMs, unbeatable for 10 seasons, never off podium: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irina_Rodnina#Results Shen/Zhao also got OGM at their 3rd Olympic, they got 2 bronzes for their 1st and 2nd Olympic and many other titles just like Savchenko. What I mean is it's completely different in pair skating. Up to PC, the previous consecutive 2 OGMs for ladies was 30 years before, for pair and ice dance was 20 years, men's was 66 years. It's not the same difficulty for all discipline to stay consistently at the top.
  12. This set is so cool. Classy black. From Bathclin:
  13. Kurakova. Little sweet kids together. Invent new element for pair skating pinterest
  14. I feel privileged just to exist in the same era w him
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