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  1. Elan Vital did an amazing blog series analyzing stuff related to H&E 1. Music choice and editing 2. UESUGI Kenshin's story 3. Program title 4. Kenshin's speech before the battle in the NHK Taiga Drama What resonated with me was the closing narration of ep 50 of the Taiga Drama, which truly reflected on his costume cr I don't know if Ito-san did it based on this narration, she probably did
  2. For those interested in CLEVER mask that Yuzu is using
  3. I think if you watch FS long enough the only thing CERTAIN about this sport is ...nothing's certain. Fans can be so hype when he's done good for one comp and conveniently forget the rollercoaster before PC: he won Worlds pre PC (with 2 superb programs that are somewhat similar to the combo we're having)=> at his BEST condition during the summer => new SP record => land 4Lz. And what happened later? Broke his ankle=>WD 3 consecutive comps =>went to PC with painkiller. It was bottom of hell I think even the most confident Fanyu can't be confident about his chance of winning
  4. His phiten necklace is customized with 'YUZU' engraved on the ball This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. New magazine The sky blue costume stands out so well on dark blue background. List of coming magazines/books [NEWS]
  6. How Russian always top themselves
  7. He also explained why 3F instead of 3Lo for his H&L ex It's amazing how Yuzu always creates the performance based on not only BV but also his feeling of the music and the choreography. His sensitivity and intuition as a performer is exceptional.
  8. Tokyojournal is holding a poll of top favorite Jpn male and female athletes. Vote for Yuzu here: This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  9. [NEWS] Explanation on no F/Lz in his FS
  10. [NEWS] The warm rls between Tsuzuki sensei and Yuzu is always so precious
  11. [NEWS] Satoh Takeru is a famous Jpn actor, known for his role in Kamen Rider, and ofc Kenshin in Rurouni Kenshin live action. Fun fact: His agency (Amuse) also manages One Ok Rock
  12. I'm pretty sure it must be in the FS. He only did 4Lz in his FS, prob the same for 4A. He did 4Lo in LGC and never skated it clean:))
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