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  1. Everyone has a piece of Shae-lynn this ss. I hope she has enough time for Yuzu to build a great FS for him. Thinking that Mr.Hanyu is probably practicing his new programs but we literally have not a single idea makes me impatient. AAAAA
  2. Wow this is amazing: Check this yt channel, they have really beautiful edits.
  3. I watched Alena's Twilight program twice (Champions on Ice and Dream on Ice). And the more I watched it the worse I felt? It should only be an ex, sigh. Now it has moved from ex -> sp -> fs, I'm not sure if there will any improvement? But knowing Daniil I shouldn't expect anything, lol. I think Rika's sp is getting better in DoI. And with all the Egyptian hands it's still wayyyyy more well-choreographed than Daniil's cheap Twilight.
  4. Wow best suit ever worn by him? From S-Style magazine: https://junjunjun2112.com/?p=5056
  5. Tomoe's and Yokoi's programs are my favorites so far. The programs really suit them.
  6. Her jumps are so worrying. Is she going junior this ss?
  7. "Origin" posture in Masquerade costume?
  8. I know OC is all about RTs and likes abusing Yuzu like a $$$ cow.... but it's good content, in 1080p so I can't help taking that bait
  9. Bless who lives in Canada. You'll see Yuzu 3 TIMES this year
  10. Is Zigeunerweisen the ONLY true classical music he ever had for a senior FS? It was his first senior ss, and next is 10th anniversary, nothing better than another classical piece to celebrate. It sounds old and typical, but given that he didn't have a classic FS since forever and how no one can do it better than him, he should consider. Plsss Yuzu (well I just encountered V/M's FD of Symphony no.5 in Vancouver and it was INCREDIBLY beautiful so it came up in my head.....)
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