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  1. I SAID ITTTTT 1.5 YEARS AGO MY GOSSSSH. Thou it might not be a piano piece (who knows) but rondo capriccioso is in my daily playlist tooo! And the post was in April. It's not a lie anymoreeeee
  2. Just feel like I need extra post to pour out my frustration. These 2 days I opened twitter more often than ever only cuz I can see news up to NHK, his new SP, new costume, 4A, I don't fucking care FS anymore but only want to see him. But all those things seem too good to be true. Too good that I didn't expect to see this right on my face out of no where. This sounds allll familiar and I can't help recalling the anxious feeling I've been thru up to PC. I finally realize the cruel reality that if we want to see the spectacular scene of his 4A, the process will be long and bloody and painful and tearful, and we don't even know how long it will take.
  3. It feels like history repeats itself. I should've been prepared for this. This injury is like a ghost that will forever haunt Fanyu; we must face the reality and always keep this in mind. The fact it hasn't showed up for a while doesn't mean it disappears. It's just waiting for the fucking right time to slap us on the face. I can only hope this devil is kind to him this time and there's enough time for it to fuck off.
  4. Yep, destined This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. Not gonna lie. Axel news made my day. I am buried in deadlines. I've been at home for 6 months due to social distancing and buried with online work everyday. I'm running out of energy and I don't know how long I can hold it. But Yuzu is still here persistent with his unimaginable goal, and says he'll SHOW the result of his quiet work now. Whatever the result becomes, I feel like I can do it too, so I can show smt when this pandemic shit ends.
  6. I just catch up. Only manage to watch Sasha and Alyona's skates so far. Sasha is impressive, although I don't really enjoy her programs or her skating skills/spins/etc and she seems like only trying to hit the quads, I can feel her competitive spirit and how determined she goes for the quads. Alyona was tentative with both her programs, and to be honest, subpar programs. I enjoy her skating skills as usual but programs were average and her soul wasn't here today. I think she's under lots of pressure to pull off the jumps esp 3A. Hope she can land it later, and show some spirit, at least like her Twilight FS.
  7. White Legend is spectacular. Didn't expect he'd bring it back. I loved it then and think love it even more now.
  8. Didn't think he'd bring back White Legend OMG! Def a treat. It was a spectacular performance, I feel like seeing the little Yuzu within him.
  9. I don't think anything can beat Chopin's StSq. Like liquid gold
  10. Anyone immediately recalls her heartbroken image in K&C of PC after hearing the news like me? It still feels like yesterday that I'm suddenly sad. She was soooo determined then to move on with BO. It's been tough 4 yrs for her and nothing went as she wished. Yuzu has taken pictures with top female skaters from Mao, Yulia, Adelina, Alina, Evgenia and one by one gradually disappeared from the scene and he's still here trying his best... I feel like even when his rivals like Shoma and Nate go their own way, he might still be here conquering 4A, while skating community still stuck w the same old debate of Yuzu vs skater X to keep the sport relevant
  11. Did he say smt about new SP next ss? I'm not sure just see some tweet in my timeline. OMG I feel like I lost track of FS for forever. COVID made me quite disinterested with almost anything. I hope the new (safe) skating season can intrigue me somehow. Watching Yuzu skating again might revive my interest, hopefully.
  12. Whenever I watch LMEY I still feel much regret it wasn't performed in front of a big cheering crowd. Like it is supposed to be so. Imagine how fun and exciting it would be...
  13. This perfectly represents the moral standard of the sport
  14. His conviction is admiring. That's why he's GOAT, unfazed even during adversity
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