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  1. The withdrawal might not have anything to do with ISU's shit on Yuzu. But I still find hilarious how they desperately sell NON-REFUNDABLE tickets in a pandemic to save their ass as the sponsors are not there anymore . The well deserved karma With lesson learned from Montreal 2020 and all the sh*t from ISU awards, who wants to lose money so early lol
  2. Btw for those who want Ice Jewels photobooks without shipping fee or any waiting:
  3. Looks... delicious Btw this acc is gold mine. They just catch the BEST moments I can't
  4. The only reliable economy that COVID can't stop:)
  5. I CAN'T WITH RUSSIAN BEEF! Too strong for my taste
  6. Wow this is eargasm! So innovative. I heard it in HBO's Euphoria and the full song is even more mesmerizing
  7. And the hanyuconomy continues... 3400USD for an autograph... They sure know how to make money
  8. They've alr been sold in Jpn bookstores nationwide for quite a few days. June 1st is only released day for online buying.
  9. I LOVE Etude so much that I'm having it as my ringtone . There's no other ringtone I've kept for so long except the default one
  10. Can we expect he'll be back to Canada soon? I wonder which "high level" skaters are alr there.
  11. 3 photobooks in a month..... How can my wallet survive . I've expected ICE JEWELS photobook and YUZU'LL BE BACK II this ss and alr decide on the former, but Yaguchi-san suddenly releases a new photobook? Thanks God I haven't booked anything. And the pandemic will postpone/prevent foreign orders this is so depressing Prob should wait a bit to see if there's 4th one
  12. The holy event that even the pandemic can't kill If you only talk about take-off techniques, his Lz and Toe are pretty good (esp when 90% skaters can't toe-pick now), his Flip edge is kinda flat (I would say Yuzu's Flip edge is even more inside). His edge jumps are average, understandable when his knees are always stiff. His landings, as everybody knows, are all meh.
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