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  1. He impressed me last ss very much. And he's still sooooo amazing here
  2. Sasha and Kamila have very questionable choreo hmmm Btw my favorite part is when they zoom at Sasha's smiling face and Team Eteri at the same screen . I can imagine all their straight faces behind the masks lol
  3. So Satton is no more with Hamada??? Hm is ISU page reliable? I doubt she completely left Hamada. Rika might've had a plan w TCC but COVID made it impossible. Lambiel isn't a great jump coach, I alr forgot why she moved to Team Champery instead of staying w Hamada. I don't think she'll lose her consistency just becuz she's in a more lenient team. She might just practice as she usually does under Hamada.
  4. He's like an excited kid getting measurements for his new clothes
  5. OFC QUEEN OF 3LO Shun seems to injure himself with his 4Lz try. Hope he can recover well. Very impressed with Yuma's nearly clean skate. He skated like in a GP, nothing like a 2-person comp.
  6. WOW I just check the 4rum again and it's sooooooo pretty. U guyz are awesome!!! Really love it THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE. Like he wants to meet Yuzu not to see his OGM but to show his aww
  7. When Trump got it i was like "So it finally happened". Like it is a surprise to absolutely nobody. It is just a matter of time before his encounter w the virus. Will he learn anything?, i dont think so thou. He got the best medical care, he won't be in critical condition, he'll never understand.
  8. His calendar is available on YesAsia
  9. I don't think any Korean idol can admit they like Hanyu, a JAPANESE skater *cough**cough*, they will be questioned why Hanyu but not Yuna Kim??? Disrespect to National hero etc. Can never forget how mean Knetz are to Mao
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