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  1. They uploaded 6 men's FS but ONLY 1 ladies' FS at JPTV WHYYYYY.... I just want to see Tomoe's FS
  2. Yeah they're triples, but don't look much worse than his 4lz3T. His jumps are more or less at same lvl, same technique. You go from +5 to +0 /+1 for the same skater is kinda unreasonable thou, how convenient all the judges behave THAT same way, all incompetent the same way? They might not target Yuzu, just the "highest scoring element". Ofc there's no way to prove the conspiracy, I just feel weird.
  3. OMG talking about JNats I reallyyyyyyy want Yuzu to be there. It has been 4ever. Ofc only if his health allows thou. Yuzu's health is always no.1 priority
  4. I don't know if ppl noticed, but Samarin only got SUPER CRAZY +GOE for his 4lz3T, ALL his other +GOEs for jumps were super small, <+1. OK, ONLY 1 jump got +5GOE, the others only deserved +0. GOE. What is this uneven quality in jumps? It looks to me they intentionally want to rob Yuzu's highest scoring element for their skater. It's not even funny
  5. Why did Russia go crazy about their skaters' bad 4Lz? Samarin got +5 GOE and Sasha got +3.45 GOE. Like it's super crazyyyyy, I saw these GOEs in real time and cringeeee so hard . Even Sasha's better quad like 4T didn't get that +GOE. I saw their agenda here. To boost their skater with "Highest scoring element" records
  6. After Zhenya skated clean, it became clear Bell on a mission to get Murica 1 slot into GPF, but not for her... This situation is quite lol Good for her to complete the mission fighting to hang on to every jump.
  7. I can't help thinking Worlds and NHK 2019 themes are especially made for Yuzu (Cherry blossom for Haru-chan, and Snow flower for Oto-chan). Or are they actually inspired by Yuzu? (I'm not even surprised if it's true, Yuzu even inspired Olympic medals )
  8. The result is especially funny after Rusfed gave THAT statement . I think they can be relieved now as it has become really "fair"
  9. The result alr persuaded me there's nothing worth watching that i missed
  10. I can't believe ppl look at spray of ice. Like you see spray of ice everywhere in Yuzu's SC FS. But well, if you are so sure what can I say? From my experience I can only say only fancams are the most reliable ones to see URs (becuz of their fps), 1080pHD isn't not even a hint of blurring.
  11. Are you 100% sure her toe pick touch the ice at that moment (1st pic), not becuz of blur screen? Like I did this a lot in the past to see URs, but after watching many fancams, it's not really accurate. So now I don't care much about side view camera. (side view camera = film it from left/right side of the jump)
  12. Yeah Wakaba is so underrated, she should be behind no one in terms of PE/IN. Thou TR should be improved. I think Liza is a bit better than Sasha, more or less. Both ss are weak but Liza excels in PE/IN, her TR used to be worse than Sasha, but she gradually adds it now while Sasha's TR is degrading as she jumps more quads.
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