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  1. Twilight was supposed to be her EX, but SP now. The music cut is err, I have little hope they re-edit it, at least they need to adjust the choreo thou. The coat should be gone too. FS music is fine, standard Alena. She talked about her injury and the Twilight program. The idea is extra as expected from Team Eteri lol (turn on cc):
  2. Just discovered this thread. Ppl talked about Sochi, now I realized it wasn't so bad as we got Mao's legendary FS and 2 CLEAN SKATES FROM CARO! The fact the she barely skated clean thru out her career but put down 2 amazing programs in the most important event is awesome! Glad she got an Olympic medal: I also wanted to embrace Adelina in this event! A skater with so much potential but also barely skated clean:(. I really like her skating style, elegant, energetic, beautiful straight body line and powerful ss. Her spirals and spins are to die for. I think she pulled off all her strengths best in the SP here: The non-typical catchfoot to the fan spiral leading to the 2A made me go WOWW. I don't think I've seen any other skater do this cool transition.
  3. I don't think I like the programs as much as I like Yuzu's delivery of them. Like it's his skating that makes it outstanding, the composition isn't as amazing as Ballade/SEIMEI/H&L. But if you talk about refreshing transitions, new elements he included compared to the past, I think they deserve credits. I hope he ditches DW next ss. He ran out of ideas after Notte. HYK, again, makes sense becuz of Yuzu's heartfelt delivery. His skating is so refined, while I would rank it lower than Swan and Requiem but not other older ex, becuz Yuzu has improved a lot in skating and interpretation of music. Requiem remains as the ultimate top ex, I've never been more touched by a FS program. The ss just ended and I'm already thinking about his choice for next ss lol. Now he did enough tributes, it's time to move on with a brand new Hanyu. No more recycle pls
  4. I don't want to think or talk about today's event anymore as there are too many things in my mind that words don't really help. And everyone talked about what's needed to say already. Some closing thought after Worlds this year, somehow I recalled Saitama 2014 and here is some interesting stats (to show how low JSF has gone after 5 yrs lol): 2014: 2 champions, 1 silver 2019: ONE silver Yuzu LITERALLY saved their face.If you look at the current batch, it's nothing lackluster compared to 5 yrs ago: Yuzu is Olympic champ, Shoma is Olympic silver and 4CC champ, Rika is GPF and 4CC champ, Kaori won 4CC last year while Satoko got bronze at last Worlds. ALL of them qualified for GPF this year. Such a strong team yet only 1 SILVER, from a 25 yr-old veteran at his 9th senior year. If they didn't let US and Rus fed blatantly step on right at the home rink like this, the result could've been better. JSF must wake up, cuz I feel they are f*cking up their next generation too (the juniors)
  5. I don't think it's just consistency and reputation that helps scoring. Cuz u must look at where that fame of "consistency" comes from. FS is at the stage that several UR or edge calls can decide someone's medal, you are not called and get the medal -> consistent, you are called and failed to get medal -> inconsistent. If you score fairly ALL comps, are you sure Alina and Evgenia still won all comps that they won and retained that reputation of consistency? What I mean is it's the medal that decides if you are consistent or not, not really what you really performed on ice. And medal could be really controversial in each comp lol.
  6. Congratz Alina to become the only 2nd female skater with a Super Slam. She seems to regain confidence after all happened this season. Btw Worlds in Jpn with no Jpn on the podium. Can I call it tragedy? I'm glad I'm busy working tmr afternoon so I can avoid any heart attack:( Lil bet edged out Zhenya with only 0.96 and Zhenya got the medal over Rika with only 0.31. Anything could've happened! I would say with the score they gave, JSF is dead ass useless and powerless.
  7. Haha anyone expected Anna S and Kaori to win Nats? Both comps were beyond words. Truly worth the money. It was much more thrilling than any GP, really. Kaori is my ultimate fav senior lady i cant put into words how happy and in awe i am. Like her tes and pcs are never no.1 and others did well too, but she pulled off 2 amazing programs and won in such an intense comp. I'm just so proud of her. Mai was FLAWLESS it was so f*cking sad she ended up in that cursed 4th place again. So sad for Mai. I just wanna hug her tell her how amazing she was and she deserved to go to Worlds no less than the other 3. JSF never did anything good for her...
  8. I can live til the day Alyona wins over Trusova in some comp, and it's JGPF... *sob* Except failure of quads I still think it's a great event! It's a bit sad Tarakanova didn't podium but she got her best FS here, she has skated amazing. I had an eye for Kanysheva since Linz and she also skated very well here. It's just her junior debut and she alr medaled in JGPF. She has good basics and good jump techniques, anticipate her future:D. Trusova failed the quads but she skated the rest of the program like nothing. What a competitor. I saw this FS many times and was always in awe when she went for 2A (even 2A3T ) straight from a 4T. Just WOW. I'm not very impressed by Scherbakova all this ss, but her SP here changed my mind a bit. She went to JGPF as very strong medal contender but made some serious mistakes in the SP. She might have been broken inside but she kept her smile and delight to the VERY end. Only 14 years old and so professional, I have nothing but respect for her. Needless to say about Kosto. As a fan and was so sad about her last GP's skates, I'm happy she delivered it all here. Never seen her smile SO bright=)). Btw the video's quality of this event is TOP NOTCH. Best among whatever I see from all JGP events. Keep up the good work
  9. Oh it was an AMAZING event! I think all skaters delivered given their situation. I'm very happy Rika won, she deserved it so much. Hanyu was absent but for his birthday he blessed his TCC teammates (Jun, Gogolev in GPF and Jason in Golden spin) and his Axel child (Rika) SO POWERFUL
  10. It is as frustrating as last Worlds where he wd too. But i cant help laughing at your arts, it's HILARIOUS loll. Hope other fans who had to give up the tickets can be delighted too
  11. Just when I started to warm-up to Origin he's got injured. Such a pity. I've always prefered Otonal from ACI to Helsinki, I think of Origin as a difficult program but didn't feel AMAZINGGG in its content/performance like his previous FS. With his injury, I watched this keeping in mind he couldn't skate his best here. But it was actually GREAT?, jumps aside. It definitely developed well with more nuances and a lot more character! Overall I enjoy it and can't wait to see how it's unfolded in next comps. Too bad this happened. I can understand his frustration cuz apparently he made lots of effort to build the program well here.
  12. https://www.olympicchannel.com/stories/news/detail/ankle-scare-for-yuzuru-hanyu-after-moscow-win/ I love this song
  13. I opened twitter after a very busy working day and saw the result I expected (Yuzu won), but wtf is that cursed injury again Yuzu even emphasized before the comp that he'll be careful not letting NHK thing happen again. Now it happened like a curse Why we can't got nice thing for a f*cking SINGLE season . Honestly I don't care about GPF or Nats as much as I want to see Yuzu's skating more. If he WD that's the only thing I regret. But his health should come first and I support whatever decision he'll make.
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