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  1. Yeah there's so many but at least they're fun to say! ニコニコ ピカピカ グルグル
  2. 6.6 Earthquake off the coast of Miyagi prefecture in Japan 2 hours ago. They sure do get a lot of earthquakes. Hopefully Yuzuru was safe at home. Edit: It was around a 5 in Miyagi prefecture.
  3. For months after he won I would randomly say to my mom "I'm so happy Yuzuru won!" 😊 Even today I'm still so happy. Best Olympics ever!!
  4. I usually watch with my mom. Olympics 2018 I was watching live and was so nervous I don't know if I even spoke while he was skating. But inside I was going "Yes!" And on the almost falls "nooooo!" Lately I've been so nervous about watching Yuzuru that I find out on the planet what happened before I watch lol! Then I'm prepared. Telling my mom during WTT FS "he messes up a jump at some point" But I'm always praying he does well!
  5. Yuzuru seemed to be referring to the fact that he was the only one there skating so he could play his music over and over again. The condition of the ice might be better just because no one else is skating around on it. Still must be hard to be there all alone each day with not much encouragement from others. I hope he can go back to Canada when the pandemic is over.
  6. I had never seen this before. Fun to watch team Japan cheer for Yuzuru in 2015 WTT.
  7. I have so much trouble understanding Yuzuru. I don’t know why...maybe I'm distracted by his face
  8. Haha here in the US, stores start playing Christmas music around our Thanksgiving usually the 20 something of November. Some people don't like it, but I love it! Also you see Christmas stuff for sale after Halloween in a lot of stores.
  9. Do you have a candlelight service? We do that on Christmas Eve. I'm always scared of so many people holding candles! Especially children holding them!
  10. He's one of the few skaters that still smiles even if he didn't do as well as he wanted. I love that about him!
  11. It's a polite verb ending. I’ve noticed he usually ends a sentence with omoimas which means "I think". But any verb can end with Mas. You use this polite way in sentences when you are talking to people that aren't close friends or relatives.
  12. I know it's kinda overwhelming but when you learn one at a time it's not too bad. Try learning on the Human Japanese app it's free for awhile. It's what I used to learn for the first 7 months or so. It's great!
  13. Aww those are pretty and I bet they make the house smell of herbs. Mother's day here is also early May but to me it always seems like summer since it is so hot. St. Stephen's Day reminds me of our Independence Day. We do a lot of fireworks, people either do their own at their house or go to a firework show. I can't imagine getting an appliance for Mother's Day! Yes I think I would be sad if I couldn't eat our Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, ham, rolls, etc.
  14. Anybody have any summer traditions or holidays? We only have Mother's Day in May, Father's Day in June and our Independence Day on July 4th.
  15. I just don't read any of the articles. But it is super hard to watch Olympics in the US on NBC! I about lost my mind last Olympics! So much Nathan will definitely win and how Yuzuru can't do it. That was my first Olympics as a fan. Really happy ending though!
  16. Here lamb is mainly served at fancy restaurants but I bet you have much better food. We'd always buy plastic eggs for hiding in the yard and boil egg to dye. Of course here in the US we want the easiest way so we dye using store bought egg dying kit thay includes the dye, a wire egg spoon thing that helps put the egg in the cup, a white crayon to write on the egg before you dye it if you want and a cardboard egg stand. I bet the eggs in Germany are much prettier. We also have chocolate rabbits and some children believe the Easter bunny comes every Easter to bring eggs or gifts.
  17. This is so very interesting! I am from the US and really haven't heard about any of this. In my area, which is the South, most people go to church on Easter Sunday (we can't though because of pandemic) and have a meal afterwards. A lot of people eat Ham for Easter. When I was a child, my parents would buy me and my siblings Easter baskets and fill them with candy and stuffed animals. We also would have an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Oh and we would dye eggs fun colors too. (Some Christians do not do Easter baskets or eggs as they feel it takes away from the meaning but
  18. And he truly is amazing to think of all he has won with all these things happening! Though they contribute to make him who he is today. Something I read recently, Suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character.
  19. I vote for Charlie White as a new US commentator!
  20. Sadly that's what I've been thinking too. But maybe a miracle will happen or maybe a judge will press the wrong button lol
  21. Maybe he only wants to list the hobbies he's had in the last couple months and found he was only into figure skating
  22. Especially if he was wearing his skates!
  23. I got tired of it too. My skaters never had any quads lol. What's funny is there are many people name Yuzuru Hanyu on that game though they are probably fans.
  24. One of my favorite moments of the 2018 Olympics!
  25. As an native English speaker, I'm amazed how hard it is to memorize each way it is read. Seems like it will take a long time...I'm at 2nd grade kanji. がんばって下さい。
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