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  1. Looks like Plush just announced his upcoming shows^
  2. Hmm... if they do it this way then how are they going to do Grand Prix Final though?
  3. They work for me! Thank you sweetwater!!
  4. Well even if the GP series goes ahead, JSF may ban its athletes from going so... 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, does anyone know where I can watch the full episode of Yuzu on “Kenji’s room” with english subtitles?
  5. Even the commentator was predicting a world record, despite the popped axel and was surprised when the score was so low
  6. haha, I just tried and I have the same problem! Can't seem to takeoff after the pivot. Maybe it's something that will come with practice... let us know how it goes! Good luck!
  7. Maybe I’m not the right person to answer because I am only a beginner skater but I just... kind of got used to it. When I first started learning how to spin I was very dizzy but nowadays I don’t get dizzy any more... although as I said before I am only a beginner doing very basic spins and spinning very slowly I’m surprised though! I thought Shoma’s a pretty good spinner haha
  8. Woah, does 2026 Olympics want Yuzu too? XD Think it’s quite unlikely Yuzu will stay for that long but if he does... he’ll be 31 at that time right? If I’m not wrong, Plushy was 31 at Sochi, right?
  9. According to Plushenko, he met Yuzuru when he was only 8 years old haha, he says it at about the 1:50 mark: In 2008 Yuzuru would be 13-14 years old Hmm, where did you read the spin thing from?
  10. Never seen this before too! What event is this? The axel sequence though 😍
  11. Haven’t tried this yet but it looks like it would help!! Hopefully this will fix our toeloops haha
  12. Yuzu is on the IFS magazine cover!!
  13. I think so! Can’t read the Japanese text but it says 2017 so it seems to be from that year haha
  14. Our Yuzu, always so hardworking... I wonder what does "he hasn't landed it well yet, but has landed it on one foot" mean though...
  15. Haha, a toe waltz is kind of like a failed toeloop, like I end up pre-rotating halfway and taking off forwards, so it ends up like a waltz jump that takes off on the toepick, therefore people call it a toe waltz haha and it's very bad technique T_T But thank you!! I really need to have some courage and fix my technique instead of just avoiding that jump all the time I do find it scary when I attempt the do it correctly but hopefully I'll fix it!! Thanks for the encouragement hehe :3 And woah it's so cool that you took lessons on quad skates!! Maybe next time I'll try it too if I get the chance!
  16. Well, quite often if you want great achievements you have to take great risks, I guess for those 4A attempts, for him at that time the desire to land the jump outweighed the fear...
  17. His Youtube is so adorable!! It’s so nice to see him liking fans’ comments on his first video too 🥰
  18. Amazing video from Nike - Nathan Chen appears for a bit towards the end of the video. He was only there for a second but still nice to see figure skating being represented!
  19. That would be helpful!! Thank you in advance Hmm, I only had them on for like an hour and I found it hard to do even things like forward crossovers, let alone spins and jumps. Also I have no idea how people spin on quad skates, because... where is the rocker? But then again it depends! I know a girl who is a more advanced skater than I am and struggled to use inline skates initially, while another guy who isn’t as advanced as she is who had no problem at all adapting to inline skates so... No idea haha And yes, my biggest fear for skating outdoors is tripping over some stray pebble while I’m preparing for a jump or something!!
  20. That would be the biggest quarantine FS drama XD
  21. Omg how did you do it? And I only ever tried quad skates once in my life... they feel really different from inlines and ice IMO! Haha and yes they are so shiny!! But can you jump and all in those though? I... don’t clean them... please don’t judge me
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