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Favourite program of Yuzur Hanyu (choosing up to 3)  

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Why only 2??? :roll2:


For SP, it's a clear cut for me, PW.

For LP... Seimei and H&L are tied. TIED YOU SEE.... But if I really have to choose one, I guess it would be Seimei, for its energy and uniqueness (very Japanese program, we don't see that everyday)

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I chosed Seimei and R&J.

Seimei is absolute my favourite one.The subtle feeling he showed in the program really fascinated me.I was catched by the exotic music,it's like an old ancient dream.btw,the hydroblading in Seimei is breathtaking.XD

it's so difficult to chose another one from the rest .I love both Notte Stellata and R&J.notte Stellata is so gentle and beautiful without question.

but 16years old yuzu is like real Romeo,the youth,the roar,the sweat.I was always moved while watching R&J.

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I am torn between Seimei and R&J1 but ended choosing the latter.

Hope and Legacy is the gold for me. I kind of rewatch it every time I'm bored.

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Like everyone this is almost impossible- it's easier to pick the outliers that I'm less keen on (NDP &Z) than an outright favourite. If I were going to do it it's probably PotO. I hadn't paid much attention to skating for ages- but I loved men's gymnastics especially team Japan, and I saw translated interviews with both Uchimura and Kato with their reactions to the awful crash at CoC-( basically both said if they'd been coaches they'd have tried to stop him but in his place they would have carried on). So I looked it up, was duly horrified, but backtracked through his career and rediscovered skating. I know it was never skated to his satisfaction but it was amazing that he got it to the standard that he did after all that.

No 2 would be Chopin 2- I loved everything about it. Somewhere someone posted a piece about the costume and the Japanese tradition of kintsugi - mending broken pottery with gold lacquer, illustrated with pictures of a broken blue pot patched with gold. It seemed a good metaphor for the way he pulled round and put it all back together in time for the next dip of the rollercoaster.

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I think requiem would be my favorite cuz it's so emotional especially the boston one, you can just see the strength and sorrow within the program. The timing of everything is just divine. I also love RJ1 as well, he was so young and devoted to the program gave me goosebumps when i watch the step sequence.

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Thank you guys for the poll! It was hard to choose!

I took H&L and SEIMEI because IMO these are his most complexe programs in terms of technical and artistical combo.

Would have been cool to have 2 separates poll for SP and LP. :coffee:

Oh, I forgot the EXes. Is't too much ...

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It's so hard to choose two. Every time I checked two I hesitated to submit because... what about that one... and that other one??? It's easier to pick those you don't much care for.

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I am sorry Chopin, Swan and Seimei. I really love you too


My heart always has a soft spot for our little Romeo but I'm surprised to see so many of you also chooses R&J 1.0 too! :s_drinks Of course, it is not his "best" performance but I really adore his passion throughout the performance -- it was so raw and nothing was held back as if there is no turning point.

I agree, choosing only two was physically painful :cry:

I went with RJ1 (I can't not) and H&L in the end but Seimei, Swan, PW, Chopin..... I'm so sorry :crybaby:

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This is so hard ugh...but I decided to go with Hana ni nare and Seimei. It's just my taste and my emotions for them (all programs are emotional but these two hit right my weak spot :cry: ). For Hana ni nare I totally went nuts for it right the first time I read the lyrics, and his expression was just too precious. I listen to it everyday, make it my ringtone and re listen everytime I feel down because it is so inspirational. I have obsession with sakura spirit, which I believe to be fully and lively portrayed in the program and Yuzuru's life, so I just can't not choosing it. About Seimei, I've having (another) obsession with onmyoji since I read manga like 8 years ago, so I just can't resist the powerful, mysterious and ancient atmosphere the program showed.

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