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Favourite program of Yuzur Hanyu (choosing up to 3)  

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There could always be an option for Others.


I added an option for "Others" - and also enable voters to revote :roll:

Gah, but now the poll reset. :cry:

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There could always be an option for Others.


I added an option for "Others" - and also enable voters to revote :roll:

Gah, but now the poll reset. :cry:


Oh !!! I didn't realize for that :cry:

Doesn't matter, I didn't set a deadline for the poll...but for those that want to vote for Belive, Story this should be better

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The top 3 results before reset:

Seimi: 40

Hope & Legacy 37

Chopin 32


Really sorry for the reset :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: , but up till now I haven't set a time limit for voting, so guys can still vote (with new option added)

And prevent for making same mistake again there is no resubmission of votes :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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It is hard to choose only two. But if I have to... PW because it is the first one I saw. And Chopin because It made me fall in love again. These are the ones I rewatch most of all.

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:cry: :cry: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: OMG don't know why just away from the system for 15 minutes and the poll disappeared :rant: :rant: :cry: :cry: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Anyway I re-entered the answers and hope to include more options that Yuzu fans like this time! Really sorry but this time I don't know what happened... :cry:

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Just a few minutes ago I was thinking "If only we had mone options". Then the poll disappeared and now there are three instead of two :yay:


As so many of us I adore most programs and it's nearly impossible to decide as they are all very different, but I settled for RJ1, Seimei and H&L in no particular order for now ...I think, probably. :crazy:

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Ahhhh it’s too cruel to chose only three!

Upon deep pondering I picked Chopin and Notte Stellata (and I’m already changing my mind :s_blush) because I have a thing for all those spins and because these two are the programs I’d show everytime I read/hear someone call Yuzu “cold” or “not artistic”.:hammer: Also I’m using them to convert the rest of my family into worshipping Yuzuru.:yes: I added Change EX because the video of a 2014 summer exhibition just blows me away and showcases the more upbeat and playful side of Yuzuru.


I also love the passionate RJ1, hearthbeaking Requiem and magnificent Seimei. H&L grew on me till full-blown adoration and now I can rewatch it countless times in loop, it is just so beautiful, calming and haunting at once.

Honestly I didn’t like PW music at first, but the program was just sooooo good I had to know who was the skater who skated it, so it is the one which took me here: he looked like he was flying on the ice with so much speed and so smoothly, and everything felt lively and funny and made me end with a giant smile on my face.:grin: The same with LGC, aat first I wasn’t overly fond of the song but after I saw the GPF sp I couldn’t help but falling in love for that program.

I also like the NDP ex at TEB2013 and White Legend ex at Olympics. Actually, I think I may like all of his programs. :crazy:

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I chose Ballad No.1, H&L, White Legend but I wanted to choose SEIMEI, Notte Stellata, LGC, R&J1, Etude, POTO, Requiem, Hana wa saku, Change (not on the list) too. Why can’t I choose all of them!? Noooooooo :cry:

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Everyone says it's so difficult to choose, but it took me like just the few seconds to find them on the list :grin: Maybe it helps if you regulary contemplate hours about your favourite programs (with watching them repeatedly on youtube of course) :rofl:


I chose RJ1 because first love :love: aaand Chopin + Seimei - it was magical to see them live in Barcelona and made that vacation the best in my whole life!!!


(TBH I love Etude, Believe and Notte Stellata too. AND Hello, I love you when I'm sad and need some cheering up :smile: )

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Definitely have two favorite programs ever of Yuzu:


Romeo and Juliet 1: I love the innocence of his 17 years, the raw skating, the power of his presence and the hungry in his eyes.


Seimei: I love the tradional, the elegance, the perfection.


The third choice was difficult was between Chopin and Parisienne Walkways. I choose Parisienne Walkways because with that I met him and feel in love with his skating.

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It was so hard to choose only two, but my picks are:


Chopin for SP

and RJ1 for FS


because the former has beautiful fluid choreography which Yuzu performed with exceptional elegance, musicality and maturity

and the latter has also a strong choreography and Yuzu was able to interpret it with perfect fire and passion


now that's there is +1 more option I 'll vote for HnL, because it's delicate and detailed and it's about Yuzuru's life, his hopes...and his legacy. <3

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