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  1. Oh that's the reason, thank u, it is my first season following Grand Prix what a stressful experience!
  2. I just looked at the Grand Prix standing, is there a reason why yuzuru has a R (retired), while Patrick they leave it blank?
  3. I was gonna say that too, two trailers for a commercial, it better be good, they get our expectation up.
  4. Yea that's why I have doubt cuz it's SO fresh n fluffy at every competition! Pooh San is as extra as yuzu, looking good in every situation
  5. He has so many sets of skating boots n earphones, maybe he has different pooh for different competition? He might receive some from fans too
  6. Prime Minister Pooh needs to have a serious talk with 4loop. yea I agree we should talk less about p*p, and more about pooh, so that we can generate good energy for him. We should make a list of banned words so the new satellites will be informed .
  7. And I just watched the British uncles' comments on his COR FS, very disappointing, they said he has no content !
  8. I think it does influence him I hope, since it shows our appreciation of the swan program and he would know that fans like it, plus u didn't choose to send him a pooh origami so it definitely has extra meaning
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