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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes... It's too difficult for beginners like us..
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh that's the reason, thank u, it is my first season following Grand Prix what a stressful experience!
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    I just looked at the Grand Prix standing, is there a reason why yuzuru has a R (retired), while Patrick they leave it blank?
  4. No it's not hyping, it's just an enticing headline, but it's true that 4lz impt this season, n after what had happened to javi, we can't take anything for granted, yuzu needs to do a good performance in order to go to the final, which I think was what the article is suggesting
  5. I think we all know how dramatic j media is lol, build up the drama so when he wins it will be all the more impressive to the general viewers
  6. I think it is saying that 4 Lz is key for him, whether he gets into gpf, like a 4lz is his ticket to gpf
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I was gonna say that too, two trailers for a commercial, it better be good, they get our expectation up.
  8. [2017] GP Cup of China - Men SP & FS

    Really I won't be surprised by anything now, ice is so slippery...
  9. [2017] GP Cup of China - Men SP & FS

    Oh ok I totally forget shoma's there well I guess we need to take this as a nice sign for yuzu since javi wasn't at the gpf during 13/14. We need to stay positive!!
  10. [2017] GP Cup of China - Men SP & FS

    ummm so that is a good sign?? But doesn't javi has another comp in france? what if he gets gold, can he still not make it?
  11. [2017] GP Cup of China - Ladies SP & FS

    Yea and u see all the Japanese sponsors during COR u just wonder why jsf has so little power but I think the reason behind it tho might be they want to know who has the strongest mental power n can deliver at the important events, thus the bloodbath for ladies, whoever survive has both great performance n mind
  12. Yuzuru & Friends with Pooh-san

    Yea that's why I have doubt cuz it's SO fresh n fluffy at every competition! Pooh San is as extra as yuzu, looking good in every situation
  13. Yuzuru & Friends with Pooh-san

    He has so many sets of skating boots n earphones, maybe he has different pooh for different competition? He might receive some from fans too
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Prime Minister Pooh needs to have a serious talk with 4loop. yea I agree we should talk less about p*p, and more about pooh, so that we can generate good energy for him. We should make a list of banned words so the new satellites will be informed .
  15. May the person with the right shade of blue win! ( cough Yuzu)