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  1. Proposed changes for next season

    I maybe open a can of worms here. So we know thanks to the high BV that Nathan and Shoma got high PCS. Thats not how PCS works but that’s judges’ reason. Then what happen if they fail to execute such BV? Without the quad advantage, theoritically they should be judged like middle-tier skaters. Reality is different. I’m talking about Shoma’s SP. His layout was 4T//3S2T 3A. That was a very weak layout, relatively speaking. His execution was weaker than usual: scrumbles on the combo (and steps iirc). But look at the score: he got higher PCS than his cleaner SP at pyeongchang. I know Shoma has some nice quality, but that day he wasn’t able to show them, so why his mark didn’t reflect that? And taking out the BV advantage, did he truly deserve a 45+ PCS compared to skaters who have similar BV? Would Mura, Han Yan, etc. get that score if they execute similarly? I don’t think so. Many think that with the change of SOV clean triple programs could defeat quad guys if they make mistakes. But I doubt that’d be the case. As long as judges do not see them as medal contenders, they won’t give them the score that can challenge PCS and GOEs cushion top guys are having. Look at Deniss V., his PCS made me cry a river. His SS/PE/CO/IN were not only overlooked, they were criminally underscored even by normal standard. I think men will continue to pursuit quads. Simply because without high BV that can impress judges and make them think that you are mendal contender, you hardly have any chance to podium even when the top ones make multiple mistakes. The fixed mindset of who is medal contender and who is not, imo, is the most dentrimental thing.
  2. Proposed changes for next season

    Wait there was WC last season? #denial #whatareutalkingabout haha....sad reality when a prerotated underrotated jump got higher score than a missing-less-than-1/4-revolution quad I’ve been afraid of those phantom calls lately. Imo that 4T of Boyang was fine, it missed like 60 degree at most and shouldn’t be called. But i wasnt at the panel so... another victim of phantom calls last season was Mai’s 3F. I just don’t get it why tech panels were overgenerous to some skaters, then went extra harsh for others to the point of making up mistakes they didn’t commit Is this a new trend? Btw hello fellow Polina fan i also live for her delayed rotation jumps. They are so gorgeous when she is on I’m very likely to be in the minority here because I don’t like the new GOE standard. They are even more subjective than the old ones. At least the preceding steps/diff. entry/varied air position/difficult exit can be objective, now 5/6 bullets are purely subjective But you know what, top skaters wont be affected because they already establish reputation in senior circuit. It is middle tier and upcoming skaters that are disavantaged the most, especially if they are from small feds or not having push from their feds. This will widen the gap between top and middle tier skaters imo.
  3. Proposed changes for next season

    I find it so stupid that to level the men field, they inflate the scores of all his rivals BUT Boyang whose jump quality is far beyond Nathan and Shoma. Watch they give Vincent higher GOE than Boyang and my brain would explode. Sorry not sorry I hate when cheated technique is not punished.
  4. Proposed changes for next season

    This is so shit. Did they think that raising marks for underrotated jumps would make tech panels work harder and fairer??? a system benefits faulty techniques. I have no words.
  5. Team Russia

    I guess it’s gonna be Trusova, Scherbakova and Kostornaya. If they are all healthy. I cant help but worry because of those quad attempts. Especially for Anna, she looks so fragile
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    @Floria (Look at that straight free leg, so beautiful )
  7. 2018/19 Coaching changes

    Vaitsekhovskaya, probably: Enemy of enemy is friend she probably supports Zhenya because she hates Eteri rather than loving Zhenya. Positive light is that, if i’m not mistaken, she is one of the loudest voice in russian fs media. It’s nice to have media at your back
  8. 2018/19 Coaching changes

    Crossing my fingers that it would be her...she seems to be protective with her students.
  9. 2018/19 Coaching changes

    @Lilona keep them coming! I want to know more too! (do you mind keeping an eye on Polina’s news T-T girl is so quiet. Would love to see her new coach has some words about her current condition T-T)
  10. General Skating Chat

    @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ unfortunately I don’t have a clear ranking for this one >_< too many factors come into play, it’s hard to analyze them all. Will be interesting to see how young guys would do when Yuzu retires. When the main media attractor is gone, they have quads and nerves to deal with. Would we see more splatfest in the future, or they would be able to develop their mentality and perform 3-4-5 quads cleanly under immense pressure? Time will tell
  11. General Skating Chat

    @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i understand your point. Very interesting how we look at them from different views. i agree that we have to wait until someone truly overcomes the adversity and prove themselves that they can deliver under less than ideal conditions. It surprises me that when yuzu was around others’ age (2nd-3rd year at senior circuits), he was already challenged and showed his fighting spirit (WC 2012, wc 2013), while i feel like for the youngsters those challenges have not come yet. I can see and respect Shoma’s fight at WC (though it left a bad taste in my mouth bc of his scores and result, but that’s not sth he could control), Boyang’s at SA 2017. Those fights hopefully would benefit them in developing resilience and mentality. All of this talk makes me appreciate Yuzu more. Becoming champion is amazing, but continuing to deliver and maintaining as the champion are truly miraculous.
  12. General Skating Chat

    @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hm, i agree with you about not being able to handle pressure is a mental weakness. But it also depends on 1) what kind and amount of pressure 2) how weak is the mentality. Sure, Nathan doesn’t have nerve of steel, his mentality has a lot to desire. I don’t think he is at Yuzu-level, but is he weaker than Shoma or Javier? Probably yes, probably no. For sure he is stronger than Mikhail, who is also a technical strong skater. 1) the pressure Nathan faces is far much stronger than Shoma imo. While Shoma was also aiming for gold, the media did clearly show that PC would be a showdown between Yuzu and Nathan. Japan had 2 medal contenders, and most of expectation was on Yuzu, while Nathan had to suffer whole contry expectation alone. I don’t look down Shoma, but he wasn’t doing well when being put at the spotlight (GPF 2017 was really bad tbh. A couple of his quads were UR, but obviously tech panel didn’t care. 4cc was better, but it wasn’t the best of him too). It is very apparent that he enjoys staying behind Yuzu, or as someone said on this forum before, Yuzu is like a ‘shield’ to absorb part of media and pressure. Nathan doesn’t have that shield. 2) if Nathan is weak, then what could we say about Javi or Patrick? I don’t think Nathan’s mentality is much weaker than them. Don’t forget Javi was aiming for podium, while Nathan wanted gold. That could also create difference. And he doesn’t have much experience too. In short, i neither categorize Nathan’s mentality as weak nor strong. He does well under certain circumstances, and does bad under other conditions. Just like anyone. The current men skater that has strong mentality is, imo, only Yuzu.
  13. 2018/19 Coaching changes

    I’ve noticed Nathan bombed hard when: 1) he goes after a perfect Yuzu (WC 2017 FS, OWG 2018 SP) and is expected to challenge him. 2) he is the leader (SA 2017, GPF 2017) I think the pressure of performing like a leader is much more intense than we imagine. When Yuzu was absent, Nathan and Shoma were seen as top runners and were expected to match up with Yuzu’s glorious pre sochi history (breaking records. Come on, how many of us have prepared to see new WRs? Especially under Olympic inflation). And they couldn’t do that, either due to the upgrade in BV/ unstable layout or pressure. The pressure of leader/ defender is much much more intense and nerve-wracking than chaser/ challenger. Maybe it’s not Nathan who is mentally weak, but it’s the pressure is too much to handle. WC 2018 is different. After his loss at PC, while Nathan is still the favorite, it is undisputable that Yuzu is back as the king, hence put Nathan under ‘potential challenger’ category. And he did well with that position, like anyone.
  14. 2018/19 Coaching changes

    I still remember on friday when the announcement was out, Eteri was like “i don’t want to comment anything” then sunday she went full force on the national tv channel, at prime time, badmouthing Zhenya If she doesn’t want to been seen as a coach who can only teach young girls, she could’ve continue to keep silent and made this split business-like as Zhenya did, then say like “Zhenya and I had conversation and we didn’t come to agreement on certain parts. She now wants to try a different method which unfortunately does not fit with our current one. I wish she luck and health for her ongoing career”. Don’t need to talk down Zhenya and Orser, just be like “yeah their have different approach from us”. She could’ve lie, I don’t care, as long as it preserves good image for her and Zhenya. It’s not like everything they disclose must be true 🤷‍♀️ But instead, she was blaming everything on Zhenya, even disclose private conversations which she must know really well that it would affect Zhenya’s image. Do I believe she was doing it under frustration and she wasn’t conscious of her actions? No. It looks like she had spent two days to arrange this, to destroy Zhenya. Having say that, playing dirt with Eteri will not bring anything good. Just calm her down, give a bit comfort to her giant ego, and hopefully she would shut up.
  15. 2018/19 Coaching changes

    There is no way Eteri didn’t know Zhenya is moving. The head of Sambo club knew, RusFed knew, and she didn’t know? Her group deleted Zhenya’s pics a couple days before the announcement. She must’ve known, she just wanted to portray herself as an innocent coach who was abandoned by her ‘daughter’ 😩 I’m not worried for Eteri. I disagree with the way she treats skaters (current and ex included), and I wish her students could move out of the group before too late. I just think that, in this case, a bit of soft words maybe necessary to avoid drama and criticism towards Zhenya from the public. I’m never for Eteri since the beginning. What i’m saying is being nice to her is better for Zhenya’s image. How could you reduce someone’s anger by keep saying “no you’re wrong, you must admit it”? What Grishin said is like “i understand your feelings, but look, your student has rationales for doing so. I understand your bond and your loss, but now you have more time for other students. This move is benificial for both of you.”. It doesn’t mean he is for Eteri, it’s just a way to calm her down.